1. Children of Soteria have the ability to see each specific weakness in another person’s armor and are proficient at striking them in order to do the most efficient amount of damage.
  2. Children of Soteria can force an opponent to feel they are completely safe and forget about any possible dangers for a short time, leaving them open to attack.


  1. Children of Soteria can create a dome of protective energy, which is roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Soteria can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  3. Children of Soteria have the ability to teleport away from situations that present intense breaches of safety to the child, or companions of the child. The teleportation can only be used in life-threatening, or close to life-threatening, situations. Automatically transporting them to the nearest area of immediate safety, the user does not select the destination and this power can only be used once during a fight.


  1. Children of Soteria always emit an aura of a desire for safety, people will be at least slightly more careful and less likely to create and take part in hazardous actions.
  2. Children of Soteria wield a “danger sense” giving them a 5 second warning of whenever there will be danger.The danger sense does not always work and the user might not be able to react fast enough to do anything about the danger.
  3. During battle, an invisible protective aura automatically casts over the user, making attacks slightly less effective.


  1. Children of Soteria can curse an opponent’s weapon to make it completely ineffective for a short time.
  2. Children of Soteria are able to act as a guardian for an ally, forming a psychic link with them that will alert the user whenever the ally is in danger. The guardian link can only be activated when the ally endures injuries worse than the child of Soteria and the child experiences an increase in their physical prowess and combat skills, allowing them to become better protectors. The link only lasts for a moderate time and can be broken by the ally or user.
  3. Children of Soteria can force 1-3 animals to act as the user’s guardian for a short time. The animals will only care about the user’s safety and nothing more. They will follow and watch over the user as long as their guardianship lasts, attacking anyone who poses harm to the user. The larger the animals, the more energy is drained.
  4. During battle, children of Soteria are able to utilise their life-force and use it as a protective skin level barrier over their allies. The barrier protects the child's allies for a short period of time, and can be used on groups of up to ten demigods. the more allies the child protects, the weaker the barrier will be. The use of the power is severe draining and while in use the user is completely incapacitated. The allies are able to move and attack freely under the barriers.

3 Month After Character is Made

  1. Since their mother is the goddess of safety, her children wield some control over safety equipment such as helmets and armor. They have the ability to make their opponent’s armor become brittle and rusted for a short time and can repair and enhance their own armor or that of an ally. They can also create helmets, shields and armor out of protective energies, only one item can be conjured at a time. It cannot be bigger than 2 or 3 times the user.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Soteria can penetrate any sort of shield and cancel out any sort of protection of an opponent’s for a short time. This power is quite draining and can only be used once in a fight. When this power is in use, the opponent can still fight and dodge attacks normally, but the user’s movements may slow slightly.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. When a child of Soteria is injured and is at risk of more harm, they can summon a humanoid sentinel made of protective energy. It cannot be bigger than 3 or 4 times the size of the user, it takes the color, facial appearance and one weapon the user desires and resembles the gender of the user. The sentinel will manifest around the user and completely protect them and deliver them from harm. While the user floats in the sentinel’s stomach able to see through it and breathe, the sentinel will stop at nothing to defend its creator and follow their mental commands. After a short time, the sentinel will fade away and leave the user extremely drained. They cannot use any other powers that aren't passive while the sentinel’s present and it’s hide can possibly be broken with sufficient force. Also the sentinel cannot manifest when the user's current location does not provide enough space for it to take shape.


  1. Children of Soteria are normally very protective of themselves and those they care about. They can seem like cowards and are very defensive and worrisome over their friends, family, allies and lovers.
  2. Children of Soteria almost always have an affinity for safety equipment and protective items, such as armor, helmets, bubble wrap and kneeguards.
  3. Children of Soteria often make great body guards.
  4. Most Children of Soteria can easily see how dangerous something is.
  5. Children of Soteria generally have a dislike for taking a dangerous risks that could cost them dearly. As an example, a child of Soteria would reject any offers to gamble with a large amount of money, preferring to play it safe and hold onto their money.
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