Welbie ~ Torchbearing Spirit

“Those who don't know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.”
Character's Bio

 Age: Immortal  Height: 5'10  Weight: 130 lbs
 Sexuality: Pansexual  Relationship Status: Kinda seeing Kipton
 Birth Place: Olympus  Main Weapon: Powers
 Accent: Neutral
 – “After you take out all of the unnecessary worry and over thinking, life gets pretty good.”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Torchbearing Spirit:

  1. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  2. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs
  3. They are stronger when in the underworld
  1. They can shadow travel
  2. They can cast a levitation spell on themselves for short times, the longer they levitate the more power it drains.
  3. They are able to use some healing spells to heal minor wounds.
  4. They can curse objects and make them ineffective for a short time, or they can bless objects and make them unbreakable for a short time
  1. They have innate knowledge about the Underworld.
  2. They are able to read and interpret tarot cards.
  3. They are able to use crystal balls to interpret future events.
  4. They can read someone's aura

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