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This template creates a "word bubble" that you can use on talk pages and wherever else discussions take place. An example can be seen both above and below.


To make your own version of this template you first must create a template with your username in it. For example, if your username is "User", then you make your word bubble at "Template:User". Next, on your template page ("Template:User"), add the following code.

{{Word Bubble 
|image      = just the image name, no file: or brackets
|color      = top bg color
|color2     = bottom bg color
|textcolor  = top txt color
|textcolor2 = bottom txt color
|line       = middle line color
|fonttype   = font style
|charname   = * how you want their name to appear
|charpage   = * page with char info, (actual page/character name)
|cabin      = * cabin name (i.e. Athena's Cabin)
|godparent  = * name of god parent
|title      = * title, counsellor, teacher, etc
|time       = * text under name and sig
|text       = bottom text

You can fill in the fields to whatever you want, with the colors either being in hexadecimal notation (e.g. #FFF) or in words (e.g. white); a list of colors can be found at Wikipedia's List of colors article. Note that for the image field, you have to leave out the "File:" part of the filename. Once you have filled in the fields, your word bubble is ready to be used. On talk pages, you can now include it with this code:

{{<name of template>|text=Blah blah blah.|time=~~~~~}}

Alternatively, if you don't want to always add the "text" field whenever you use your template on talk pages, go to your template and change {{{text}}} to {{{1}}}, which does not require the "text=" field. Instead, you just need to use the following code:

{{<name of template>|Blah blah blah.|time=~~~~~}}


More examples can be found by looking through Category:Word Bubble Templates.

{{Word Bubble 
|image      = Birthday bouquet.png
|color      = #5e0074
|color2     = #000074
|textcolor  = #ffffff
|textcolor2 = #ffffff
|line       = #000000
|fonttype   = Monotype Corsiva
|charname   = Elena 
|charpage   = Elena Charisteas 
|cabin      = Hecate's Cabin
|godparent  = Hecate
|title      = Head Counsellor
|time       = ~~~~~
|text       = I am the head counsellor of Hecate's Cabin.
Birthday bouquet

Elena -Child of Hecate
-Head Counsellor

 – 21:37, May 4, 2011 (UTC)

I am the head counsellor of Hecate's Cabin.

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