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Bella's Friendship-badge

Sooo Yorks! Today I've leveled up and I'm now a full grown up level 5'er! I hope I've not been to annoying, and I hope that I haven't asked too many questions :3 You are the best mentor/big sis ever! If you're gonna have other newbies than me, I'll hope they will appreciate all the help you're gonna give them (Or I'll beat the sh*t out of them.. jk, jk.. No, I'm not lol) You were the first one to say hi and be nice to me, when I was at the chat for the first time. And I appreciate it. You adopted me as your newbie and helped me on my way through the whole claiming and roleplaying thing (It was so confusing)


You and Ash decided to adopt me so I became your daughter and a part of the biiiiig wikia family. You've been there when I was sad, happy and a bitch (I am that often, lol) and you are always nice to me. I'm so happy that you're my friend, and I hope I'm your friend too :3 But now I'm a grown up and I have to take care of myself *sniffles*. But I hope you'll still help me if I need you. Hooray for the best mentor and mom ever! Love, Muzzay :3

The Badge of Ash


If you are the recipient of the badge that means you are awesome. You put up with me when I am annoying and you are a very good friend and I feel you will go far in life. I will always remember you and remember your awesome, kind, and understanding no matter what anyone says. I hope you like the badge.

Thank you for being a great friend,

Ash ( A Son of Hades)

Pixelmango Blessing of Friendship Pixelmango

You, the mortal known as YorkieWolf, have been given the blessing of friendship from the mango goddess herself. This means you have gained her favour by tolerating her... strange behaviour and she has deemed you worthy of her friendship.

The handwriting changes starting here. It looks more cheerful and less stoic than the message above.

Haiii, Yorkeh~! Sorry for the straight-to-the-point and stoic message above. One of my more sour mango servants wrote the message and yeah. >.< But you're a really awesome friend and I love chu. Sure this message might not be unique from user-to-user but my wub for you is def. special and only for u.

____________________________________________________________________Love always,

Tumblr nccb61RLvt1r8cwvzo2 1280
The ruler of all forces of the universe bestows you her gift of friendship. Having a wonderful friend is hard to get nowadays, and so she is thankful that she has found a wonderful friend in you.
You're a great pal.
Want some coffee?

Destroyed With Lazers


This user is gud, so McQuantum destroyed him/her with lazers

Tumblr mpdp54q6Pp1rz9xrto1 400
You see this badge? You have earned this badge, and by having this badge, not only do you have Clay Rose's badge of approval, but you are also my best friend. I love you with all my heart and soul, and thank you for being there for me, thick and thin. Make sure to drink plenty of water and have a good laugh!

You're Cookies Chingu~

You're my Chingu, I love & care for you, and you always have a place in my heart!

Cookies Chingu!

You're my Chingu! You've been there for me through think & thin. Which means you always have a place in my heart, and I will always be there for you unconditionally, because You're the Iris to My Barry; In an awkward brother sister way.

The Panda God's Badge of Appreciation

Because I may be dead, but that doesn't mean I can't think you're a pretty cool not-kid to have c:

If i give you this badge, it means you are now my family. I will always hold you close to my heart and no matter what i will always be by your side. Remember to always stay true to yourself and to live life to the fullest but, most of all remember that family is.... Always and Forever

Pichu&#039;s Friendship Badge
Hai there!

It's seems you have earned yourself the best badge anyone can earn, the Pichu Badge, the badge that shows that even though I'm a bit weird, I still have friends... I think! In other words I think of you as my 'Pichu Brother'

~Pichu loves ya!


Hiiya, Matey!

Congratulations for earning a spot in my heart. You'll always have a place in my heart, no matter what happens to our friendship. Because you're the V to my JungKook, in an awkward blushy idol way.

~Lovelots Fortune


A Well Deserved Paean
Enter Omninsanity

You're probably thinking of something along the lines of "WHAT THE F-?!" If not, then that's great. If true, then, er, still great. You're getting this badge because frankly, you've been awesome to me. Thank you for putting up with my aberrative behavior, aka omninsanity, despite the bumps along the road. Whenever you're feeling down, look up at the sky and remember that the reason I've probably not decided to destroy the stratosphere is because of you. I mean, wait, what? You never saw that.
Please never stop being awesome - which technically is impossible since it's at the very core of your being. No matter what kind of awesome you will be, I bequeath to you my word of honor that I will try to accept you for who you are. Whatever race, orientation, or beliefs you are or have, I care about you; the next time someone decides to be an A-class a$$hole to you, let me know so I can apprise to them on what they're missing out.(I'll try not to go queen of shade on them, I swear. Cross my hearts and hope to die and stew and fry and sauté and broil and bake and every other cooking procedure.)


Before you get tired of reading this, PLEASE HEAR ME OUT. I know I'm horribly annoying sometimes. My Te function occasionally is triggered in the worst possible moments. (that's one of the MBTI ways to say "bitch mode activate", btw.) The mind-in-the-gutter problem expresses itself inappropriately every so often. (I blame my Ne function.) Sorry to disappoint, because I'm in no way a perfect friend, or companion, or all-powerful space deity who controls the entire omniverse human. The sense that I'm human itself already signals the beginnings of imperfection, because we all know humans aren't perfect and have never come close to achieving this idyllic state.

BUT! Here is to a new era/Christmas/year, where maybe I'll stop ramming into wooden trophy cases and thinking that won't hurt, not lash out so much at people (ESPECIALLY THOSE I LOVE, LIKE YOU YOU ADORKABLE DORK), and give a shot at generally minimizing the collateral damage that come with our flaws. I'll help you with yours, and I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask if you helped me with mine. MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA, [MALIGAYANG PASKO]! <3 (I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, [MERRY CHRISTMAS]!)

Remember Granger&#039;s Sage Advice

Remember to read, roleplay, and NEVER stop loving. (ugh, please don't kill me for that cliche.) Emotions are what makes you us human and it's OKAY to not be in control all of the time. You We were born to make mistakes and trudge onward at every so-called "failure." Just note that you don't have to trudge onward alone. cx

Street IQ Lowered

You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think.

–Christopher Robin

P.S. Don't you forget it.

A1a7295b718c9784e460ebc8e973fca2 bp

HAPPY Un-Birthday!

In all honesty I tried to make one sappy note here to make you cry...

Some thing nice to say, something to make you smile and make your day

But guess what I suck at words and your stuck with this!

Still let me just say ....There's 365 days of the year and I'm here stuck with you..(or your stuck with me which ever one work best) (and plus I dont know if this is a curse or just a blessing soo yeah..)

And I dont wish it any other way... cause there's only one of you and your special to me...

So happy 2016! May the dreams you dream come true..

May the hopes you have comes alive..

And may our friendship be forever written in your hearts...

So enjoy New Year, Happy Easter, Good luck on Valentines, Spooky Halloween & Happy Birthday,happy haunakah, good thanks giving! happy 4th of july and every other holiday you celebrate! Now bug off and don't annoy me for the next 12 months cause I already wished you on everything!

Fireworks WebPic

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
You're my friend, and you deserve this badge.
- Riri ツ

Cookies Not so Valentines Valentine!

I'm not very good with personal messages, so bare with me. Valentines day is very marketed and it sucks, but why can't it be about friends chillen and relaxing? It probably will be this year. Anyways, I wanted to let you know I love you like a younger brother and that you're very much loved by me and everyone else. BUT I LOVE YOU MORE IN A PLATONIC WAY. I hope you have a lot of fun hanging out and chillen with the fam, plus I hope you watch a ton of soppy romance movies and eat tons of candy, because you deserve it. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Hinata Lumo's Friendship Badge Hinata


This might not mean much, but you're a friend to me.
I'd take you to the moon and give you the sun
Love, Lumo

Stuff cx 5
Stuffs cx

You're my best friend and I absolutely love you! I wanted to wish you happy birthday on your lucky 17th birthday. I hope your day is aces and you get everything you want! I'm really not good at this, but I love you ~Chase

Happy 17th Birthday, my dude! May you have a joyful birthday and many more to come!!! (P.S: We should totally hang out sometime when I'm 18.) ~Clay

Dearest darlingest Manolo, happy happy birthday!!! I just wanna tell you that I appreciate you so much for all the help you gave me, and for being an amazing friend. I'll love you till the end of time. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and an awesome time. Cheers! - Migi

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU CUTIE. MAY SOLAR BLESS YOU WITH MORE BIRTHDAYS TO COME. Also, I love you so much you dork and i'm inviting senior moriarty over for fiesta. ~Mint Sput

Happy legal day jkjk go forth in your wolf animagus form and keep being you ~Sheep

Nice hat ~Sparkles

Happy Birthday, Yorkshire Terrier ~Carno

Happy Birthday! I hope this one is the best one so far. Be good! You can be bad too, but just a little. ~Scarlet

생일 축하해 ~Peaches

생일 축하해 ~ Strawberry

생일 축하해 ~Whiskey

Yo Manolo. Happy Birthday. Congrats on officially corrupting my little innocent soul. Pls don't kill rin bc he is A+ and Pyrrha needs him. Okay, but ily. You gotta know this b. ~Neo

Stuffs cx 2

MAXIIIII even if we don't find each other on chat that often nowadays, you should know that you have always been an awesome friend to me, and that I greatly appreciate all your advices. Even if they seemed insignificant to you, they meant a whole lot to me. Have an awesome birthday! I wish you the best! ~Xaxy

Hey Yorkie! Happy happy birthday! I hope you the best of wishes on another year of life! :) ~Hyu

Happy birthday dude. Don't get too drunk and if you found a snake or something in the mail, I swear it wasn't me ~Jammy

Happy Birthday to you York's. In all honesty I don't even know what to say to you for everything we've been through. You went from that timid kid to a wonderful adult I would see in any circumstance. I'm glad to see you grow happier and I was glad I could help. I'm thankful I'm your friend. May your birthday give you many warm hugs and everything good that can be given. ~Mel to Lord Boxer

I hope you have a great birthday, you are awesome Yorkster ~Shadow

You've heard of manolo, now get ready for: 17!!! Happy birthday ily very much we should go to a mamamoo concert together in the future pls! Have a great birthday 💕 ~Mint Smut

I haven't known you for long, but I already know you're a great human being who deserves nothing but lots of love. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and an even more wonderful 17th year of life! Te quiero mucho!!  :D xx ~Cinder

Have a Wonderful birthday ~Wonder

Manolo, I remember when we first started talking in kpop tinychats where Clay would hold up the bible and we'd all die of fanboying. We'd listen to bops such as Excuse Me, Be Natural, Automatic, and things of the sort. It was truly an iconic moment. So I am happy to be writing this and wishing you a happy birthday. Reading (and fanboying over) the fic with you is so much fun because whenever I die over something, you die over the same thing. Now this wont be a long ass ride like I would have wished, but nonetheless I would like you to know how much I care for you as a friend and a person. You're so funny and talking to you is never a dull moment. I hope you have an amazing birthday and I'm sure we'll fanboy more very soon about long ass ride and yunho's you know what (that pun tho). ANYWAYS, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANOLO 💚💛💜 ~Brocky

Stuff cx 3

May your birthday bring each special thing that you have waited for and everyday ahead holds lots of happiness in store


Stuff cx 4

Well, you're another year older and you haven't changed a bit. That's great because you're perfect just the way you are.


P.S. Don't you forget it.

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