Ares The Goat.JPG
Ares the goat




Domestic-bred Goat


Terrence Smith



Spec. Powers

Small horns,Bleating

Current Location

Camp Half-Blood,Nemesis cabin

Current Age

1 year old


Ares is an Domestic Goat.He looks fairly young as he has not developed a large body or pair of horns.Ares is 93 lbs.He has a fairly grey body with a black long stripe through the middle.His face has spots of grey, black and brown.


Terrence one day was out of camp one day doing something most likley getting something to eat until dinner,anyways he was walking near the outskirts of a farm nearby town when he heard a call that sounded like a goat and he went to investigate after looking for around 10 minutes he found a small baby goat that looked sick and starving Terrence seeing himself in the small animal, weak small and unable to do anything held it up and started walking to camp.Terrence made it to camp after a short walk and started walking to the Apollo cabin to see if they could heal the baby goat as it looked like it had some sort of sickness.Before long the goat was up and walking again and seemed to think of Terrence as its mother.Terrence named the goat Ares and adopted it as a pet.


Ares's small horns can leave nasty bruises if given the chance.His bleats are fairly loud and he bleats at anything that agitates him so he can make a good "watch goat" if tried.

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