The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kyle Jäger and Connor Douglas,

, I found out only a day ago that one of my special artifacts, the Chest of Famine, has had a visit from a potential thief. Now, I’m not an idiot; I installed a defense mechanism so if anyone got their hands on it they wouldn’t just be able to manipulate it. The Chest broke into seven pieces, in all seven different continents. I have chosen you (with a little input from the other gods) to recover my Chest. You will be amply rewarded, but I must warn you that the magic of the Chest will attract many beasts to the locations you visit.


Limos has lost an artifact, the Chest of Famine (a container for starvation) and she wants it back, as if it fell in the wrong hands, it could potentially bring famine to a large amount of the world. Limos, determined to get it back, asks the Olympians permission to organize the quest. Kyle comes up as a candidate to lead it and Aphrodite interjects and asks Connor to go with them. The reason is revealed later on in the Quest. Zeus accepts the fact that Connor will be in the Quest, but only with the condition of him being co-leader. The deal with getting Limos’ artifact is that she can sense it is in several pieces, and the questers must collect each one in order to have the full artifact. Once all pieces are fit together, it would then become the Chest of Famine again. Knowing this, Connor proposes Andrew as another candidate, since he is able to teleport long distances, and Kyle offers Yelena and Tracey for their fighting ability and powers.

Yosemite Park, North America (Lycanthropes) Savannah near Cape Town, Africa (Keres) Balinese Coastline, Asia (Sirens) Machu Picchu, South America (Amicoid) Point Venus, Oceania (Sea Serpent) Norwegian Claim, Antartica (Hyperborean Giant) Ribeira Sacra, Europe (Erymanthian Boar)

Upon gathering all the pieces of the artifact, Limos appears before the questers. She thanks them all for their work and bestows upon them each an enchanted piece of food (to make it more personalized to each demigod? So maybe like give one an apple, another a protein bar, etc.) that always regenerates so they will never starve. Then she clicks her fingers and returns them to camp, telling them that she will investigate who stole her artifact.

A child of hunger, another of lightning,
they shall be sent to retrieve something frightening.
The Chest of Famine that holds all the power,
to hunger, starvation, and urge to devour.

Seven cont’nents, five godlings and only one goal,
the Questers must thrive or else their heads shall roll,
Collect all the pieces for Mrs. Starvation,
And receive in return life’s starting foundation.


Chapter 1: The Gathering

Connor: "Mate, calm down." he said, looking at Andrew pacing around the field they were both stood in. "They'll be here."

Andrew: "But what if they're not? What if they're lost, or they're not coming? I mean, it'll be easier to just travel with you but I don't fancy our chances."

Yelena: "I wouldn't fancy them either," she replied truthfully as she appeared through some bushes nearby with a rather indifferent epression on her face. She wore her bladed leather boots, some dark jeans and a fitting thin sweater on. Crossing her arms as she stopped in front of them, she blatantly checked them out, "Specially if we're talking about two lads like you."

Kyle: He came out of the bushes a few seconds after Yelena did, his hair and face as neat and clean as always. "Calm down Yelena. They're your fellow questers. I assure you you want to get on their good side," He turned to face Andrew and then Connor a few seconds later, a small smile forming on his lips.

Connor: He looked away with a slight smile, trying not to show any emotions. He'd been hurt before, it won't happen again.

Andrew: He fired a cocky smirk at Yelena. "Well, I'm glad you're here to pick up the slack. You look really powerful." The sarcasm in his voice was noticeable.

Tracey: Tracey, who had been the last of the questers to show up, came from behind the bushes just as yelena and Kyle had. "Hey..." Was all she said as she walked out and stood near the group of demigods. In all honestly, Tracey wasn't sure what she was doing here. Every person in the group was a complete stranger to the demigodess but, when she was asked to come along - she really didn't know how to say no.

Yelena: Yelena shot daggers to Andrew with her venomous eyes but then forced a relaxed smile "I understand that perspective you may have given you're less exceptional."

Kyle: Kyle, noticing the girl joining the group, figured that they were now complete but decided to give her a welcoming, given that she looked almost lost to him, "Welcome. If I was told correctly, you're Tracey? I am Kyle." He shot his hand out for her to shake.

Andrew: "Hi," he went forward next, shaking her hand. "I'm Andrew, and this is Connor." He pointed to the Scotsman, who smiled.

Tracey: After shaking the hand of Kyle, she went to shake Andrew's and smiled at the three of them. "Tracey... Daughter of Aeolus." She stated as she looked around and spotted only one other girl in the group. "So... where are we heading?" She asked, letting her eyes wander around the group.

Kyle: "I was told by Alexander that we should go to the airport and that there we would receive further instructions. I do not know what we means by that but I can only suppose he's not lying... Shall we get off?" He added at the end by clasping his hands together once conclusively as he looked at all the questers.

Yelena: Yelena shrugged "As long as we don't stay standing here, I am fine with whatever."

Andrew: "Is it far?" he asked, fiddling with the potions on his belt, "I can teleport us-"

Connor: He interrupted, shaking his head with concern, "We need you at full strength. Especially if we can drive there instead."

Yelena: "We can take a cab," she offered, "I can trick people into seeing these as dollar bills," she got out a generous stash of blank pieces of paper out of her purse. These pieces of paper, however, were the size of normal dollars.

Tracey: Upon hearing Yelena's suggestion Tracey smiled and nodded in agreement. "Thats sounds like a good plan... save our powers for when we really need them." She voiced while looking to the other questers.

Andrew: "Alright," he agreed, frustrated at being sidelined but understanding the reasoning. He inspected Yelena's paper and nodded to her, "Nice trick. I'll be impressed if it works."

Yelena: "When it works," she corrected him with a smirk to her devilish expression.

Kyle: "So. We need to start getting off before daybreak. Which should be in a few minutes, so, come on guys." He gestured them to follow him as he started walking towards the exit of the camp. It had been almost a year since he'd gotten out of camp. For over a day, anyway.

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Tracey: Now that they were leaving, Tracey looped the other strap to her back pack over her other arm, so that both arms would be supporting the bag. With this she nodded her head. "Lets go then..." She said in a tone that my not have been audibale to the other questers.

Connor: They set off walking, travelling quite a way before he managed to hail a cab. Trusting in Yelena's abilities, he handed some of paper over, anxious for it to work.

Yelena: She pushed Connor slightly to the side as she then turned towards the cab driver and smiled, using her powers over deception "that should be enough money to take us to the JFK airport." She then made the man believe the paper notes were actual money and he, as if on a slight trance, nodded, "Sure guys, hop in."

Tracey: After tossing her bag into the trunk of the cab, Tracey climbed into the back seat. Once inside and buckled up she stared out the window - waiting for the other members to get in.

Andrew: "Dibs!" he called, before jumping into the front seat. He kept his ovestuffed backpack on his lap, giving a slight glance at the quizzical driver.

Connor: Reluctantly, he slid in next to Tracey. He hadn't packed anything to take with him, realising that was a slight oversight as he observed everyone else. As the others piled in, he kept his eyes straight ahead.

Kyle: Kyle got into the cab after Connor, naturally being next to him, and leaving Connor in between him and Tracey.

Yelena: She rolled her eyes at Andrew's immaturity before squishing into the backseat, leaving the four of the demigods in the backseat uncomfortable from the need of more space. "You're fat," she remarked at no one in particular, but rather just saying it to point out her lack of comfort.

Kyle: "Well, I have certainly gained a couple of pounds the last few months," he smiled at her, to which she only shook her head in unamused disapproval and turned to face the driver. "Go on. Drive. We're in a rush." He did as told without saying anything. Kyle went in to face Connor who sat next to him, shoulder against shoulder. "You are not the fellow to speak their minds out, now are you?" He inquired formally in his German accent with a slight and amused tug at his lips.

Tracey: Tracey continued to look out the window, only slightly listening to the others conversations.

Connor: He made eye contact with Kyle and immediately changed to look back down. "I got hurt recently. Let's just say I have trouble with spilling my feelings." He went to push him slightly with his shoulder, as much as the cramped seat would allow. "Thanks for caring though."

Andrew: Willing to take the presssure of conversation off of his friend, Andrew turned in his seat to face Tracey. "So, you see anything interesting out in the wilderness?"

Kyle: "Do not mention it. That is what I am here for. Besides, we are fellow quest leaders. We should get along, or at least know something about each other. Agree?"

Yelena: "You definitely seem like an interesting animal. Unfortunately, you're not out in the wilderness," Yelena muttered under her breath at Andrew as she saw outside the window, even if she knew the message was not meant for her.

Andrew: He just smirked in response. "You know, one day I'm gonna break through that wall you put up around yourself."

Tracey: Traey would have answered andrew, more than willing to talk with her fellow quest members but - the moment seemed to pass. The conversation had shifted to another subject, causing Tracey to stay quiet as she just smiled from Yelena's comment.

Yelena: She simpered at his comment, "And that day, Zeus will be faithful to Hera." Just then, a thunderbolt struck near them and it started raining. "Coincidence? I think not. Both of them hate me. The reason why I am even in here is unkown to me." And with that, the car continued, now almost getting to the airport.

Connor: He glared up at the sky, knowing that it was probably his dad's doing. It's not like she's wrong, he thought, knowing that Zeus could hear him. Whether by coincidence or not, the rain started coming down that much stronger.

Andrew: "Thanks, you broke it," he aimed at Yelena. "Anyway, Tracey was it? You alright? You just haven't spoken much."

Tracey: Tracey had been watching an intense race between two watter droplets when she heard the sound of Andrew's voice directed at her. "Huh?" She first said, being slight caught of guard by the question. "Oh yea i'm fine... I just don't have much to say if i'm being honest." Tracye was finally able to say as she smiled at Andrew.

Yelena: The daughter of Apate snickered and glared at Andrew, "Let her be, you perv-dude. Some people are just more reserved than others." She then turned to Tracey, "Don't mind him."

Cab driver: He pulled over the side of the road, now in the Airport. "Served. Here's the JFK Airport. Thanks for your generosity." And with that, Yelena kicked the door open and went out, as she was the one closest to the sidewalk, "You are very welcome, sir. Do not even mention it."

Kyle: He faced Connor and nudged him with his shoulder, "We are up, pal. We should get out now," Kyle said as he followed Yelena.

Connor: He stepped out of the taxi, feeling refreshed as the heavy rain drenched him. "So, what do we do now guys?"

Tracey: She only smiled before stepping out of the cab. "Gods the rain is really coming down." She said to herself. "I'd suggest we get out of this rain for starters." The daughter of Aeolus said to Connor.

Kyle: Kyle nodded as he hugged his own body to keep warm. "I agree. Follow me," he said leading the group into the airport. At the entrance, a small red and unnaturally bright and shiny apple stood over a trash bin. Given that it emitted a strong light and that no human seemed to notice it, he ventured, "Do you think it is being hidden by The Mist? If so, do you think it could be what we're supposed to find for a clue to know where to go next?" Kyle asked and wanted to discuss with his fellow questers before even getting near it.

Andrew: He looked around to see hesitation on everyone's faces. Impulsively, he set forward, before taking the apple into his hands. As soon as he held it, his eyes rolled back into his head and his body convulsed. After a few moments, the apple vanished and Andrew fell to the ground, dazed. "That...was educational."

Tracey: Her eye widened as she watched Andrew fall to the floor. "Are you ok?" She asked while looking down to the male.

Yelena: "I'm willing to bet he is, otherwise, he'd be dead." She then turned to face Andrew, "Don't be a sissy and stand up."

Kyle: Kyle looked where the apple had been and below there was a folder. Warily, he picked it up and opened it, finding fake American passports for each one of them, and a plane ticket to San Francisco for each, "Guess this is our lead." He passed the folder to Connor so he could know what he meant.

Connor: "Looks like we're going to America," he said, looking down at the folder. After observing his passport, he grabbed Andrew by the collar and pulled him to his feet.

Andrew: He brushed himself off, before turning to face the group. "Are you saying I spasmed for some plane tickets?" He said indignantly, ignoring the light buzzing in his mind.

Yelena: "All I can say is that it is a good thing that it was you and not any of us." She shrugged.

Tracey: Tracey softly smiled at Yelena's comment. "Should we get going then?" She asked.

Connor: "Let's," he said, before patting Andrew hard on the back and setting off towards the airport check-in.

Kyle: Without thinking, he took Yelena's hand in his left hand and Connor's in his right, pulling them so they could move faster.

Yelena: Kyle wasn't grabbing them hard, or anything, but Yelena yanked her hand away either way. "Do not. Ever." She warned him as she sped up her pace, managing to get first to the check-in. "Conrad,or whatever your name is, give me the boarding passes... please." She demanded and forced her lacking etiquette as she looked over her shoulder at her fellow questers.

Connor: He walked over and pushed the passes into her hand, making sure to put some force behind it to show his disapproval.

Tracey: Tracey follow closly behind, staying quiet along the way.

Yelena: Noticing his disapproval, she glared at him and yanked them away, before smirking. She liked being dared. She turned at the woman in the check-in. They were asked if they would be taking any luggage that couldn't go on board and Kyle shook his head. The woman wrote some things on the computer before turning to face them all, "You're set. Your flight leaves in an hour. The hangar is 32C and your seats are..." she pointed at the boarding passes and examined them closely, "16A, 16B, 16C" for three of you... and... "16E, and 16F for the other two. Have a great day!"

Andrew: "Dibs on 16C!" he exclaimed, before plucking that ticket from Yelena's hand. "I love the window seat. Wait, but what if I want to go to the toilet?" he started to worry, looking up at the others as he seriously considered his options.

Yelena: "Then too bad, you already picked it," She feigned a sly grin at him before she continued walking towards the security-checks.

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Andrew: As the airport doors open, Andrew strolls out of the doors, bag in hand. "Hey Connor, give a quick thanks to your dad. You know, for not blasting us out of the sky or anything."

Kyle: "I am relatively positive it is somehow related with Limos letting him co-lead the quest," he said in a rather gloomy fashion. He'd been trying to reach out to all the Questers, specially Connor, but he apparently didn't want to befriend Kyle, so the son of Hunger figured there'd be a small feud between them instead.

Tracey: Tracey came out just behind Andrew and Kyle, Her eyes wandering around the area as she did so. "So where are we again?" Tracey asked, her gaze looking towards Kyle but, any of the other questers were welcome to answer.

Connor: "Judging by what I could see on the plane," he said, "California, or somewhere around there."

Andrew: He was about to offer a witty comment, but suddenly a strange sensation gripped him, causing him to hold his head in his hands whilst he groaned.

Kyle: "Woah, there..." He remarked as he gripped Andrew's head between his thumbs and rest of his fingers, looking straight at his eyes, "You okay there, mate?"

Tracey: Tracey's gaze shot towards Andrew and Kyle, an mixed expression of confusion and worry planted on her face. "What's wrong?" She voiced, not exactly expecting an answer.

Andrew: The sensation went almost as quickly as it arrived, but it left an imprint on his mind. "Woah, um, I think I know where we need to go."

Yelena: She rolled her eyes,"What do you mean with that? Are we supposed to believe you just had some sort of epiphany about where we need to go?"

Andrew: "I can't explain it," he muttered, seemingly staring in tot he distance. "It's a bit like a compass in my head, I think anyway." With that, he started walking.

Kyle: He turned around to face Connor and Tracey with a puzzled expression, silently asking them if they should believe Andrew or not.

Tracey: Tracey softly shrugged, unsure if Andrew was right or not. "Do we have any other idea on where to go?"She asked.

Connor: He'd already set off to follow Andrew, muttering something about "Best lead we've got."

Yelena: "You better be right about this, or I'll chop your nuts off, Magic Mike."

Andrew: "Look forward to it," he said with a wink, before resuming on his path.

Tracey: She felt out of place, so she limited herself to walking next to the questers.

Yelena: She hurrid up so she was next to Andrew, "So. Do you know where a are going? Or are you just leading us by this "compass" of yours that "guides" you?"

Andrew: "Right now, I'm leading us." he said, gesturring to everyone except Yelena. "So you can come with, or you can sass your way back to camp. I'm sure they'd love you."

Kyle: "Guys, guys." He chided, feeling like a babysitter, "Lay it off. We do not want to be in bad terms just as we start this quest." He said to both, although it was clear that it was mostly intended to stop Yelena from talking back something offensive by the way that Kyle was staring daggers at the daughter of Apate.

Connor: "Thanks," he said, smiling at Kyle, before directing a glare at Andrew and Yelena respectively. "Aren't we just the perfect family?"

Yelena: She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she looked back at Connor, "I am sorry to say your sarcasm would have been appreciated in a comical fashion, but it wasn't really comical at all, ergo, I declare your phrase thereby futile to make any impact on our current situation. Shame."

Tracey: She turned to give Yelena an odd look of confusion, but didn't really day anything about it.

Connor: He laughed, before directing a zap of lightning at Yelena and looking in the other diresction, faking innocence.

Andrew: He snorted, but tried to stay quiet.

Yelena: She noticed the zap right in the last second as she jumped backwards just before it roasted her. She gave out a short and high-pitched shriek of shock. "Connor!" She yelped and then ran towards him to jokingly hit him several times with weak fists against his chest. "Don't scare me like that again."

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