The Oracles' Cave

You walk up to a path, littered with bones and swords. Along the path, purple banners depicting green snakes, and torches that would be lit during the night stand. As you reach the end of the path, you find a cavern.


As you go in, the cave suddenly becomes larger. Multicolor lights fill the room. There are three paths you can go on, titled "Δελφοί" (Delphi), "Λεβαδείας" (Levadeia) and "Δωδώνη" (Dodona).


This is the Oracles' Cave and residency. The Oracles serve as the foreseers of the future of camp, and modern representations of the original Oracles. The three paths each lead to two rooms, one for every Oracle and its apprentice.

These are the current Oracles and their apprentices; feel free to ask them for a prophecy.
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Oracle of Delphi

Reserved for User:Brocky292


Reserved for User:EvilhariboMadness

Oracle of Dodona

Jocasta Adrienna/User:Flopfish3


Petal Johansson/User:Margaery Tyrell

Oracle of Levadeia

Mavis Alberona/User:KMØ


Reserved for the winner of this contest

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Abilities (Passive/Traits)

  1. They are able to speak prophecies, as well as see the destiny of others, however while they are able to see the future, they do not always remember what they said while they are being possessed by the spirits
  2. They are able to see through the mist
  3. They are able to read auras and sense spiritual essences, as well as a minor ability to soothe them.

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