The Banished God

For Jordan Terraemotus Tempestas

Tensions strained with sky and sea

Four called to stop catastrophe

Go west towards the windy city

The children must beware the maiden’s pity

What you seek is in the land of one-thousand years

To bring the greatest of thieves to tears

The Mountain of Fire

For Rowan McCleod

Head to the west, six beings of youth

Search the heart of the land to discover the truth

The creatures of darkness unleash their wrath

They key is found in the monster king’s path

The quest shall end at a mountain of fire

The true story, the son of sleep, shall acquire

The Rising of the Beast

For Tristan Carter

On five heroes, swarms of death shall prey

The monster of riddles blocks the way

The great stone seal shall be released

To prompt the rising of the beast

Journey ends on snowy mountain high

With ancient song of lullaby

The Ties that Bind

For Brooke Keitha

Children found and children lost

Children light and dark are crossed

Betrayer's fangs test ties that bind

In the dead man's valley the path you will find

Queen of stone shall beget mourn

Quest ends with a love forlorn

The Missing Titan

For Abigail Chaste

Titan of Stars falls from the sky

Head north through trials to discover why

Beasts of light descend to spread woe

The king of wrath unleashes the ultimate foe

The cage of pain seals the missing titan

Only through sacrifice will the stars once again brighten

The Locked Door

For Ainsleigh Biordus

Travel to the Underworld to seal the locked door

A twenty day limit, not a second more

Head west then north to Hell's Gate

Face down stingers, riddles, flocks of hate

The ancient jailer rises to command

The door must be closed by bloody hand

The Legions of Doom

For Palimius Thymomaste

Fly to the north to find the Titan of Poles

Beasts of sky work for balancing goals

The stallions of the west soar through the air

A quest across the sea, fruitful answers shall bare

The titan controller looses legions of doom

the journey comes to end with the sobriquet's loom.

The Missing Sister

For Truno Roberts

A dark master manipulates a situation dire

Child of Athena heads west to trial by fire

The beast of spines brings nightmarish pain

The piercer steals kin for personal gain

A hidden lair in the mountains of stone

Rescue the girl, and leave for alone

Keeping the Order of the Throne

For Rogue Slayer

Tensions strained with hearth and wine

Search the realm of the gods for answers divine

Head south to the sea of many beasts

Giant sea monster is soon released

On twisting roads an enemy is shown

Find the goddess, restore order to the throne

The Stolen Sword

For Ethan Harrington

Son of Hermes gather four

Retrieve the stolen blade of war

Head southwest to find what you seek

A duel atop the captain's peak

Beasts of sky and land attempt to hinder

The thief tries to burn the world to cinder

The Chosen Child

For Robbie Dalton

Chosen child called will pierce the night

The children of darkness join the fight

Five follow allies diving sight

Campers overcome monsters might

In giants forest display your might

The call of the earth shall quell the blight

Seek Out The Thief

For Sam Dilling

Lost possessions of godly acclaim

Search the land of the sun to find who's to blame

Battle serpents, scorpions and monstrous others

Face the wrath of the one true mother

Seek out the thief in the realm below

When heroes and beasts clash the answer you'll know

The Destruction of Winter

For Thomas Quest

Titan of destruction has stolen the cold

Beasts of sea and aky unleash powers untold

Travel south to frozen isle of the sun

In the titan's palace undo what was done

Destruction of winter ends if the god is reclaimed

Powers combined lead to a titan shamed

Rise of the Phoenix

For Victor Halen

Bird of flame is gone from sight

Five go west to serve the forge's might

The children's scent draws beasts of lore

Search the city of angels for answers galore

In the dead land, find the source of the theft

Steal back the bird and leave the rich one bereft

The Stone Mirror

For Alex Garvey

Head west to the titan's land

Face hydra head and cyclops band

To the Underworld to make answers clearer

Serpent queen gaurds the stone mirror

The mirrior lies near the pit of dread

Free messenger and god of the dead

Case of the Rogue Demigod

For Scandal Kane

Follow the path of the rogue for quest to begin

Head south then west to cities of sin

Swarming horde and indestructible beast

A three headed demon is unleashed

A soul lost in darkness, must be saved

Campers reseal a soul depraved

The Apple of Discord

For Maine Atticus

Head out to halt a third world war

Fight beasts of dark and god of boar

Receive blessings of goddesses three

To help overcome trials and vanity

On ancient grounds fight monstrous horde

To bring an end to true discord

The Call of the Sirens

For Reese Baldur

Five heroes join forces to overcome trials

Fighting hellions along conquered isles

Travel through the all-encircling sea of the brace

Driven away are the fowls who soared through Thrace

Combine strength to slay the monstrous choir

Defeat wretched demons on a calling so dire.

Quest for the Staff of Dreams

For Daniel Lucid

Master of Dreams, take four to find

the staff that gives you power to bind

The final point will bring you in

But the curse of the building will seal you within

Fight your way to the state of luck

But be aware, for the jig is up.

The Search for Cerberus

For Cole Lombardi

Younglings of Magic, Death and Commerce galore

Travel to the Dark World to find the Beast of lore

Words of wisdom are spoken true

Be wary of bonds that are made with you

Battle is certain to cause you much strife

Borne of the River to steal your life

An unseen aid comes from whence you came

Follow a path of deception and the Beast you will tame

Search in all shadows to find the Shades

And collect the Queen's souls and end their raids

Duel to the Death

For Matthew Clark

Four unite to find stolen souls

Travel between worlds to stop evil’s goals

Ladies of misery shall walk the land

The king of thieves lends a helping hand

Finding the mother of death provides the key

Duel to the death at the bridge of memory

To Save One's Mother

For Matthew Clark

Be prepared son of death, you be presented with hard tests

You must pass them all to continue on, for you must save you mother, this will be a contest

Take four friends, one of memory, the other of smart

Then depart from home, go find sleeps seed, this won’t be very short

After your troubles, find the place where your mother could reside

You will have to face them, and beat the one whom you are allied

Now it is time, to meet you sire

Be ready, face some beasts who will deliver dire

Finally, it is time for you to find her

Equip you brains, and good luck sir…

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