The Dream

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ami,

Hey, you're right, Ami. Lina isn't here or anywhere near here and that's not right as she's suppose to be at camp like what she should be. Soo I did a bit of meddling and I found out that there's been an abundance of woodpecker at the Fiordland which is quite bizarre so my best bet is she's there and now ami I want you to take a few campers to go with you to ensure there is no danger can you do that comes okey?

From Your Loving Master


The Quest in General

Erlina is missing and out of worry Ameli asked her master, hermes to find her. As he cant interfere fully with erlina being under ares and all but as it was Zeus order to send most of the animal nymphs to camp Hermes managed to find some information about her whereabouts as he got information about the abundance of woodpecker at Fiordland, New Zealand so he sends Ameli and a few friends to get lina back.


1.Ameli Animal Nymph of tortoises

2.Evander Reed Child of Ariadne

3.Cody Knight Son of Hades

4.Halia Rhodes Memory nymph

5.Empty spot (either fill or not as its for those who are interested)

the prophecy

the quest ..

  • ameli: comes to the entrance with a huge backpack fill with things. soon after a few step she sigh of exhaustion thus placed the bag next to her awaiting the rest of the questors
  • evander: walks to the entrace awith a small backpack, packed with what he thinks is the essentials. he yawns then sits down, reaches into his backpack and pulls out an apple. when evander sees ameli he gives her a smile and a wave.
  • ameli: smiles back at him but sees his small backpack comparing that to her own is that enough???
  • Cody: Wearing a white v-neck over a turquoise short sleeve, turquoise converse, and black jeans, Cody comes up to Ameli and Evander. There is a black backpack hung over his back and a reversed cap on his head. His throwing cards are strapped and hidden around his legs. He runs up the hill and waves at them. Cody Knight, son of Hades, at your service.
  • Halia: she comes to the entrance with her usual clothing with a bagpack hanging on the left side of her shoulder and waved at the other questors Heeey~.
  • Cody: So.. I guess we're all set? He smiles reassuringly, wanting to get to the quest area for some thrill.
  • 'ameli: looks at the two that just arrived and their backpacks are you guys sure that's enough? we're going to the woods not stay in a hotel...
  • Cody: Never underestimate a Hephaestus kid made backpack. He smiles.
  • Halia: "erm, let's quit the blabbering. Should we go now?"
  • Evander: he takes a bite from his apple and shrugs If nobody else is coming I guess we should start.
  • Cody: Great! He says cheerfully. First off, do we use one of those camp vans to get to the airport or do you guys wanna call a cab? He smirks. I can drive illegally.
  • 'ameli: she blinks a few times to cody soo its either we have enough money for a cab or we get busted by the police???
  • Cody: Cody laughs. Pshh. The police won't be able to find a car cloaked in darkness. So, who's up for it?
  • Halia: "Uhm, if you don't want to smell like a vinegar or something inside the car, drive carefully."
  • Cody: Deciding not to ask what Halia ate, Cody responds with a nod. He enters the van, keeping the door open. No promises.
  • ameli: she makes a 0.0 face darkness? don't tell me your planning to use your powers .....she asked before going into the van looking at cody as that's gonna take some of your energy....she said quite mature
  • Cody: He smiles at the thought of Ameli's concern. I'll only use it when I need to. Now, come on, let's go! He says, quite excited about the quest.
  • Halia: "Great, finally. It's so hard to stand here for a long time." she crosses her arms
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