In order for your character to get a "point" for having led a quest, the quest must get to a reasonable point. This means that, preferably your quest got through at least one monster attack, and definitely well past having left camp. This is to prevent people from intentionally starting a quests but never putting any work into them, just to be able to have a char count to have "Led" a quest.

Since the quest had already passed camp entrance and a monster attack from a cyclops, it is already considered as a "quest led" for Haze Ryong and Daphne Wang.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Haze,

"Let's skip the formalities, shall we? I have a small favor. I want you to find a certain childhood favorite of mine. I would retrieve it myself; however, a cult of mine has become an obstruction. They have constructed a barrier to prevent the immortals from entering to always keep my attention. This is where your mortality comes in." Zeus then handed his daughter a brown envelope which contained the necessary details. "Read and depart at once. I'd also prefer you go solo, considering Athena will send reinforcements once you reach Crete. Good luck! Do me proud as always, my daughter, and be rewarded."


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Daphne,

"How's my little pretty warrior?" He asked, immediately cutting her off. The tough lover didn't give a sh*t about his daughter's feelings, only using her like her twin brother Leighton. "Listen. I heard Zeus has sent his daughter to Crete to retrieve a certain artifact. I want you to grab a partner and get your ass straight to that cave. Help that chick out before Athena gets her living thought bubbles there. Here are further details of your mission." The war god handed her a brown envelope, which she'd find beneath her pillow once awokened. "NOW! GET UP, SOLDIER, and make daddy proud! Come home for prize or with your head on your shield!" Ares ordered, dead serious about punishing his Daphne if she failed to redeem his lost honor.


Eons after his birth, the king of Olympus had suddenly succumbed to regression, a form of defense mechanism; thus, he asked his daughter Haze to retrieve a certain childhood artifact to relieve his stress. The artifact is hidden by Rhea in his birthplace: Cave of Zeus, Crete. His members want to continually have the attention of their leader; thus, as much as Zeus wanted to claim the artifact himself, his cult had created a barrier to repel the immortals. The lieutenant will be given reinforcements through two sons of Athena, who will be NPCs (nonplayable characters).
Haze's goal: claim the artifact alone -- at least without the other questers knowing what the item really is.
Daphne's goal: reach and claim the artifact for Ares. Meanwhile, after constant failures, Ares again wanted to impress his father. The war god then asked his daughter Daphne to follow Zeus' daughter to Crete and find the artifact before the Athena team.
So, yes, there are technically two quests that have joined together to form one bigger team.

  1. Haze Ryong (Zeus, Broken, Co-leader)
  2. Daphne Wang (Ares, Blue, Co-leader)
  3. Ariana Hale (Nyx, Miggy)

  1. Camp Entrance: Questers head towards the airport.
  2. JFK International Airport: Questers ride the plane to Crete. Before boarding, Haze and Daphne's group will coincidentally meet to defend themselves from a monster attack from a cyclops.
  3. Eleftherios Venizelos Airport: Haze will ignore orders and recruit Daphne instead of the Athena children. The two groups decide to merge and travel to Crete together. No complications.
  4. Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa Crete Island: The demigods will rest for the night and research on the cult of Zeus. The next morning, the questers will see and avoid the Athena kids before traveling to the Cave of Zeus. The Athena children, regardless of seeing Haze or not, will also head towards the area.
  5. Cave of Zeus: This part will be dependent on the responses of the questers. Obviously, they'd have to either outwit the occult members or paralyze them through combat. The team will then find out about the cooperation between the occultists and Athena children. The sons of Athena had helped guard the artifact so they'd be sent to aid Zeus and rewarded by their mother. Thus, if Daphne's team does snatch the prize, the opposition would have their efforts wasted. A battle begins, and the heroines win.
  6. Olympus: Questers may finally claim their rewards.


Camp Entrance

  • Ariana: Ari is excited, to say the least. It's been a few months since she got to Camp and if she's being totally honest, she's a bit bored. Aside from her blooming friendship with Cody, there wasn't really much going on with her Camp Life. In light of that, she decided to join a Quest just so she can develop her skills more and just so that she has something to do. It's currently winter, so she's wearing a fur coat (with fake fur, she's not rich at all), warm sweatpants and winter boots. She has a travel backpack slung on her shoulders with her Celestial Bronze sword attached to it. She then climbs up Half-Blood Hill and waits for the other quester before they go meet the leader in the airport.
  • Daphne: Daphne stepped out of Ares' cabin with her hands colder as ever. Although this isn't her first quest, the daughter of Ares was feeling nervous as hell since she'll be one of the leader and not to mention she badly wanted to appeal to her godfather. She has her daily needs packed in her wool and oak weekender bag, which was quite convenient for the lady rather than having a stroller. She is also wearing a plain gray hoodie, an acid-washed skinny jeans and a running shoes. Once she arrived at the designated meeting place, Daphne saw a young lady, maybe the same age as her waiting. She greeted her with a smile. "Hi, could you be.." she narrowed her eyes trying to remember the name
  • Ariana: "Ariana, hi." She greets. "It's nice to meet you. You must be Daphne?" She extends her right hand for a shake.
  • Daphne: she nods and took her extended hand for the handshake. "Yep, i'm really sorry to keep you waiting." she withdraws her hand and placed it on her nape sheepishly. "But, if were all good should we go ahead now? I think Haze is already at the airport."
  • Ariana: "It's fine." She says, nodding. "And yes, I think we should not keep her waiting."
  • And then they call an Uber and head for the airport.

JFK International Airport

  • Haze: Meanwhile, the lieutenant was already on her way to the airport. She liked her pace fast, quite excited about her victory. With her stroller in the trunk, Haze had a little chat with the cab driver, who had told her about his travels in Greece. She wore simple clothing, fit for efficiency. Her attire composed of a white v-neck shirt, maroon hoodie, black skinny jeans, and a pair of classic black & white high-cut Converse.
  • Ariana: She gets off the cab and turns to Daphne. "So uh, do you have her number or something? Cause I have no idea where she is and JFK is fucking enormous." She has the '>.<' face.
  • Daphne: she follows Ariana out of the cab before laughing softly at her reaction. "Well, were supposed to meet at the entrance..." she scanned the area before immediately spotting Haze. Daphne smiled and turned to her colleague before pointing out Haze and started to walk towards Haze.
  • Haze: "Hey!" With her phone on hand, the female was about to risk attracting monsters and call Daphne. Fortunately, the situation became uncalled for. The female, who now wore her olive green and brown faux fur coat, tucked her phone back into her jeans and jogged up to Daphne. She had pushed a cart towards the two to place their stuff on. Part of her still couldn't believe she disobeyed orders. Nonetheless, being her, it became obvious when her dongsaeng had been her other option.
  • Ariana: "Oh." She smiles, relieved and then runs along towards Haze. She greets her with a grin and much like what she did with Daphne, offered her right hand for a handshake. "Hi, I'm Ariana, daughter of Nyx. Pleasure to meet you."
  • Daphne: "Wah, it's nice to see you immediately. I was afraid that we'd have to use our phones and suffer the consequence later." She sighs in relief before placing her backpack on the cart.
  • Haze: Haze shook Ariana'/ hnd firmly, coupling her introduction with a warm smile. "Haze, daughter of Zeus. Pleased to be your teammate." The female embraced her Daphne for a shortly. "Alright, ladies, we'll get extra breakfast then... to Greece!" She grinned excitedly, leading the group to the baggage check-in. Somewhere along the way, a tall male guard seemed to follow them closely.
  • Ariana: She smiles and then places her rather large travel backpack on the cart and opts to be the one to push it, following her teammates into the airport. Her face brightens at the sound of the word breakfast. She might not seem like it, but she loves food and eats a lot. "A caramel macchiato and croissants sound nice. Are there any cafés nearby?" She asks Haze and Daphne.
  • Daphne: A grin makes its way on her face when she heard the word 'café' since she's been fond of them recently. "I hope there is, i badly want waffles and coffee too." she gestured towards the entrance before takking the cart with her and leading the way
  • Haze: “Thanks,” she told the two instead of wasting her time protesting about who pushes the cart. “It’s just through this station.” Once they have shortly arrived, the group had to lift their bags onto a machine, which would scan their items for any contrabands, and Haze volunteered to do so, gesturing the two to have their bodies scanned already.
  • Guard: Once Daphne's bag had passed through the machine, a red light coupled with an alarm had been triggered. The officer stopped the group from proceeding into the deeper terminal halls with food stations. "Excuse me, who owns this bag?" The tall man asked the group. "I'm afraid she has to come with me."
  • Ariana: She seems alarmed, scared of what might happen to Daphne, though at the same time, also suspicious of the guard. She's pretty sure her teammates aren't carrying drugs or anything of the sort, which somehow prompts her to get her guards up. Her right hand is hovering over the bracelet she has on her left wrist, which sprouts a number of bladed throwing projectiles when activated.
  • Daphne: She arches an eyebrow when the alarm was triggered at her bag. Despite feeling afraid, suspicion was dominating over her senses thus causing her to be alert. Daphne made her way towards the guard while brushing her fingers on her ring, prepared to snatch and turn it into her sword in a split second. "What could be wrong?" she spoke with confidence in attempt to intimidate the guard.
  • Guard: The computer screen showed 5 bullets in her carrier. "Please wait here. We'd have to inspect her bags for firearms." The male guard couldn't possibly be intimidated by three, adorable little girls. He disregarded the female's tone and led the way, expecting her to follow him into a closed interogation room.
  • Haze: Meanwhile, the daughter of Zeus didn't bother asking. She knew a rejection would cause the other security team to care for them. Thus, the female feigned to be leaving off with Ariana. Haze hoped Daphne trusted her enough. "Alright. We'll go first then. Meet you at Starbucks!" She smiled, taking the approved bags along. Once they were meters away from the two, she led the daughter of Nyx towards little boutiques and leaned closer to her. "We need to follow her, or I'm good as dead." The lieutenant pictured an angry boyfriend.
  • Ariana: Though unsure of what Haze meant when she said she'd be as good as dead, the daughter of Nyx nods in agreement. "I can conceal us in shadows, so we can follow them undetected. What do you think?"
  • Daphne: Meanwhile, the daughter of Ares followed the guard obediently. It didn't took long before they've reached the interrogation room but the hallways they passed by was utterly empty which heightened her senses but she was slightly relieved that the room was marked as the interrogation room however, Daphne didn't let her guard down and entered the room with the guard.
  • Haze: "Perfect." The female could spot the duo gradually getting nearer to the closed room. Awaiting Ariana to do her magic, the female had her eyes remain glued to the guard and Daphne's backs, just to be safe.
  • Ariana: She nods and begins bending the shadows around them, her hands swirling around as they get concealed in total darkness. They start to cautiously follow Daphne and the guard towards the closed room. As they inched closer, Ariana unsheathed her Celestial Bronze sword and prepares herself, just in case.
  • Daphne: Since she was the last to enter the room, Daphne left the doors opened and kept her distance at the guards while she remained standing. "Let's get this over with." she feigns exasperation by a sigh. "How should we handle this?" Daphne placed her hands on her back while playing with the ring.
  • Haze: The two of them were about to be locked out of the room; however, the lieutenant who soon carried Ariana beated the the other couple by a few seconds. The concealed two who entered first ended up sticking to the walls. If she remembered correctly, celestial bronze goes through mortals. Thus, she turned to Ariana with her sword, as if to signal her to slash and stab.
  • Guard: The cyclops, who has not showed his true form, gestured to the monoblock chair for Daphne. "Please, sit and remove all jewelry and mobile devices from the person." He said formally under the excuse of airline security. "Then you may explain why you were carrying 5 bullets in your bag."
  • Ariana: She nods, fully understanding what Haze wanted her to do. If the guard were truly mortal, then her sword should go through him just fine and leave him unharmed. She takes a deep breath, concentrating very hard because she also needs to keep their shadow cloak up to avoid detection. She counts in her mind,, and then proceeds to slash diagonally towards the guard's backside.
  • Guard: Luckily for the monster, his forward step had caused him to unconsciously evade his death. In fact, the male felt the sudden swoosh behind him. Part of him already realized what was happening. While growing to his original form, security immediately attempted to grab hold of Daphne's shoulders and fling her towards the other girls.
  • Daphne: Regardless of the current situation, Daphne already felt the excitement as the battle starts on. Daphne ducked to dodge the attempt of the Cyclops before tugging her ring and as soon as it turned to her sword, she attempted to slash the monster at it's ankles.
  • Ariana: Her eyes widened when the guard managed to dodge her attack. She then winces before seeing Daphne jump into action, prompting her to drop their shadow cloak and help out in the fight as well. Not wanting a repeat of the guard's evasion tactic, she summons tendrils of shadows from the ground where their opponent was standing and wills the shadowy constructs to wrap themselves around the guard in attempt to bind him in place and make it easier to attack.
  • Guard: Though he avoided Daphne's slash on the knee, since he expected her to hit from under the table, the giant succumbed to Ariana's shadow foot binding. The lack of balance toppled him towards the daughter of Zeus. Well, being a giant in a relatively small interrogation room, the door and its wall were bound to be destroyed.
  • Haze: "Timber -- oh shoot!" The daughter of Zeus charged herself in eletrical current to evade the giant. Simultaneously, she used a gust of wind to slam the man into the ground at a faster rate to promote pain and further immobilize her victim. "Ariana, Daphne! Stab!" She called, beckoning them to use the perfect opportunity.
  • Ariana: She doesn't waste the opportunity and quickly goes for the kill, thrusting her sword forward in a stab-like manner. She is aiming for the Cyclops' torso.
  • Daphne: She hisses once her attack missed but after the command, Daphne went in for the neck, slightly aiming on the other side where the monster would roll if ever his reflexes are faster than they thought.
  • Guard: The male was simultaneously stabbed by both demigods, causing him to roar in anger and defeat. The cyclops had finally turned to dust; however, the demigods had garnered much attention, considering that the door is broken and the mist allows human to see the guard's corpse.
  • Haze: "Great job, girls!" She beamed in delight, proud of their team. Upon realizing they were to be seen, Haze approached Ariana for a favor. "Ummm... this would be the perfect time to conceal us with your shadows please."
  • Ariana: She smiles and them pumps her fist in the air in victory. She then turns to Haze. "Oh, gladly." She bends the shadows around them and conceals them from mortal vision, giving the chance to sneak out of the office undetected and be on their merry way.
  • Daphne: The daughter of Ares sighs in relief then meets the other two member with a smile. After the short celebration of victory, Daphne then goes with them in escaping the scene.
  • Haze: "Thanks," she chuckled at Ariana's enthusiasm, believing she'd really enjoy the trip. Once they were escorted out of sight, the female had held up her side of the bargain by treating the two girls to breakfast in the terminal's Starbucks. The team would also receive another meal in their plane ride, considering that their ticket had covered for it.
  • Broken OOC: Could I please have a post tha describes the meal and them boarding the plane before posting on Day 1 about their plane ride? So, yeah, two posts.
  • Miggy OOC: Roger that.
  • Ariana: Ariana enjoyed the breakfast they had. She had her favorite, an iced caramel macchiato as well as a purple yam cheesecake that she devoured in delight. Having a wonderful meal like this before a long journey ahead of them could be great help, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, as well.
  • Daphne: Even though Daphne was keeping her distance with desserts because she cares for her diet, the daughter of Ares couldn't afford not to order for two waffles and a venti of dark mocha frappucino. It was free afterall XD plus she likes to think she deserves it now but she can't help the thought of Kiel slightly scolding her but, he wouldn't know so..

Eleftherios Venizelos Airport

  • Haze: The lieutenant's plane ride was rather... uncomfortable. Not expecting to ride with the two, Haze ended up sitting beside a spacious man who snored inconsiderately. Guess her ice cream, k-pop playlist, and that window view will have to keep her preoccupied and grateful.
  • Ariana: After their breakfast, they headed to the gate and handed their boarding passes. Ariana opted to take the seat by the aisle, because she hates being by the window. It makes her nauseous, somehow.
  • Daphne: After all the necessary tasks before boarding the plane, Daphne felt a bit anxious that Haze wasn't at her side but she's also felt a relief to have Ariana near her. Daphne took the seat beside the window, spacing out for a couple of times because of the view outside.
  • Hours later, the plane had landed, and the questers were requested to unboard the plane, take their belongings from the respective luggage terminals, file in immigration papers, and hail a taxi.
  • Haze: The lieutenant, who was slightly traumatized by her seatmate, merely hugged Daphne during the whole process. "I never want to book alone again -- ever." She told them while they were all waiting for the cab. Part of her wanted to hear their experiences as well, even if it were better than hers.
  • Ariana: Ariana is feeling a bit disoriented. She never liked going on planes, and it's not like they had the money before to enable her to get used to it, but she shrugs it off. Instead, she turns to her fellow questors. "So, ladies. Where to now?" She asks.
  • Daphne: She giggled slightly at her unnie and patted her head with affection "There, there it won't happen again." she smiles at her before turning to Ariana. "Is it at the beach resort?" she turned back to Haze, quite unsure.
  • Haze: The female smiled. "Well, we're first getting a cab there, and we'll do a bit of digging before going to the cave tomorrow." Being briefed about their competition, the two, or Haze thought, know their required tourist-like behavior and help hide her. At the moment, a foreign man had hailed a cab for them and opened the door. The lieutenant took the front seat as to ask and direct the driver.
  • Ariana: She nods at Haze's instructions and gets into the backseat of the car. She just hopes her acting is good enough that she can pull off being a cheerful tourist when in reality, she's a demigod who's in the constant danger of being detected by a monster. She sighs, nervously, hoping things will be good for them for the rest of this quest.
  • Daphne: She nods in response before going with them. Once she had gone to the back seat with Ariana, the lady noticed her companion's nervousness. Daphne patted gently Ariana's shoulder ignoring the fact that the daughter of Nyx could be older than her and what she's doing might be inappropriate. "We got your back." she smiles at her warmly, hoping that it would reassure her the safety she's hoping for.
  • After the trio had entered the cab, they were safetly taken to their destination. However, there was an instance where they had passed through a few plains, and a group of flesh eating sheep had chased their ride. Luckily for the demigods, their unknowing driver had a knack of dangerous speeding, so they were ironically safe.

Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa Crete Island

  • Haze: The lieutenant appreciated the driver's initiative to speed their ride and get their bags out of the trunk. "Alright, girls, I'll take care of the check-ins. Let's meet in the lobby in about fifteen minutes?" With her eyes following their bags and the bellboy, Haze barely paid attention to the clean, white decors; however, knowing the daughter of Zeus, she'd snap a few pictures later.
  • Ariana: During their cab ride, Ariana was thankful for Daphne's attempt at comforting her. It worked, and she's feeling a whole lot better. She then nods at Haze's instructions after they've arrived at the hotel, and she takes a look around, amazed of the place. "Well, wow. A room in this place probably costs a lot, huh?" She says to Daphne.
  • Daphne: A while after they had arrived, Daphne's wanderlust heart was thumping at her chest on how beautiful this place is. Daphne nodded at Ariana's feedback with twinkling eyes. "The perks of having a rich quest leader." she grinned from ear to ear, referring to her unnie, Haze. She sighs dreamily at the place "I could get use to this."
  • Haze: Unfortunately for the lieutenant, she, having her father recommend (arrange) their lodging, couldn't refute the two's claim. A few minutes later, the smiling Haze returned. "So, how do you girls like the place?" She asked, walking towards them. The daughter of Zeus had their eyes explore the area a bit while doing so. "We're staying at room 608, by the way. Our stuff's there already, supposedly." She then extended two card keys for Daphne and Ariana to take.
  • Ariana: She greets the daughter of Zeus with a smile before taking the key card. "This place is amazing, Haze. It's kind of a shame we're only staying for a while, but hey, any time spent on this paradise at all is already worth to be thankful for." She says, grinning.
  • Daphne: Meanwhile, Daphne's brows were drew together at the thought of her boyfriend which is Haze's cousin. She took the card before a grin made way onto her face. "I bet Kiel's going to be nuts when he sees this place, more over that i'm in a paradise without him." she chuckles.
  • Ariana: "Ooooh, who's this Kiel guy? Boyfriend?" Ariana nudges Daphne teasingly, a huge grin on her face.
  • Haze: The daughter of Zeus pouted, being reminded of her pay from her communications start-up with Kiel. "Likewise, Ariana. I'd love to stay longer if I had the money. Dad's the one who got this covered for... us." Her father wouldn't accept Daphne's team after Ares' last screw-up. "Even in hell, Kiel's going to flip as long he is not with you." She teased. The lieutenant then clicked on the 'up' button and waited for Daphne's reply.
  • Daphne: she laughs softly at their girl moment. Daphne's hand travels sheepishly on her nape. "Yeah, he's also Haze's cousin." she can't help but imitating the grin on Ariana's face. "Well, i just hope he isn't having any fun right now without me" Daphne's logic; she can have fun without Kiel but Kiel can't have fun without her. "None the less" she clasp her hands infront of her "I hope you guys plan to make the most out of this opportunity in--" she clears her throat for a moment before composing herself as if she's advertising the place "Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa Crete Island." she winks at them
  • Ariana: "Well I don't know about you guys, but I could sure use a massage." Ariana announces, a smile appearing on her face. She is tired, and maybe agreeing to Daphne's idea to take advantage isn't so bad, after all.
  • Haze: After chuckling at her dongsaeng's adorable gesture, the female grinned back at Ariana. Since they arrived early, why not enjoy their stay? "You're right." She tucked her key back into her pocket, knowing the two would feel guilty if she decided to research. "How's about a nice time in the hotel spa for you girls?"
  • Daphne: She fidgets excitedly. "I would loooove to!"
  • Ariana: She nods, a huge grin on her face. "Oh totes! I definitely need to relax." She says while cracking her knuckles and stretching, indicating her sluggish state.
  • OOC: (1) One post to describe their whole spa experience and skip to dinner OR (2) RP for about 3 posts each?
  • Haze: After asking for directions, the female had then led the two to the spa. With a list of services being provided, the lieutenant flashed the menu to the other two. "A facial, body scrub, sauna treatment, and full body massage?" She grinned, waiting for the two to agree, add, or disagree.
  • Ariana: She grins excitedly. "Oh yes, totally."
  • OOC: I vote for option 1 ~Miggy
  • Haze: After the relaxing treatment, the lieutenant felt all her tensions unwind. At the moment, she was in the changing room waiting for the other two to finish. After all, dinner was waiting, and it was then they'd discuss their assignments and data gathering strategies. Obviously, each of them had to split up the next day to study the village protecting/robbing Zeus' rare item.

Cave of Zeus

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