Hecate's Spellbook has been stolen by a rouge child of hers, if the child can decipher the spell's secret codes and use the book's spells. He can use Hecate's powerful spells and use it to help in his plans to overthrow her. Lady Hecate was furious at her son, realizing he must've stole it from two of her torchbearing nymphs. So she send a rather powerful son of hers,Drake to go off with a small group of demigods and to retrieve the book.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Drake,

"Son, now I know you have alot of work to do. With running my cabin and taking care of your siblings, but one of your half siblings Roland has stolen one of my spellbooks. He hates me and wants to use the book to overthrow me. It's only a matter of time before he deciphers my encryption and managed to learn my spells. He was last spotted in Canada, so I need you to lead a quest to find my spellbook. Perhaps taking another one of your siblings would be a good idea, Uriel seems rather powerful." The dream abruptly ends



  1. (CHB) The questors will depart and head off for the quest.
  2. (Bus Station) Drake and company arrive to the bus station where they intend to head off to Canada, but a small Hydra quickly attacks the trio.
  3. (Canada) After getting off the bus and heading off towards a source of magical energy Drake and Uriel detect (they must fend off a harpy attack along the way, they are surprised to see it was a trap left by Roland (The rouge Hecate child) The trap being a spell circle that quickly summons a Manticore that attacks the questors.
  4. (Roland's Hideout) After defeating the Manticore, Drake manages to use the spell circle left by Roland to find his hideout. The trio manages to fight off Roland and his powerful spells and reclaim the book for Hecate.


  1. Drake Cooper (Hecate, Owned by Hydro)
  2. Noella Maron (Apollo, Owned by Kane)
  3. Uriel Cohen (Hecate, Owned by Bowen)



Drake: He sits back the entrance of camp, he wears a blue hoodie and jeans. On his back is a large backpack, Drake leans against the sign. He hopes his half brother and the Apollo girl Adam suggested don't end disappointing him.

Noella: This was it her first quest, the chance to go out to the real world. Strapped around her body is a messenger bag containing clothing, drachmas, ambrosia, and her prized bow from her father. She takes a deep breathe before making her to the entrance.

Drake: He looks up at her "Uhm Noella right? Adam told me bout ya" He keeps his arms crossed, seeming mildly friendly.

Noella: She nodded swiftly trying to not make eye contact and patiently waits for the other son of Hecate to arrive so they could depart.

Uriel: He runs up to the entrance excitedly. This was also his first real quest. He came dressed in a black trench coat, slacks, and boots. He was also wearing a leather belt that had many different pouches around it, filled with rations, weapons, and assorted materials for first-aid. He also had his sword, dagger, and wand sheathed to his sides. When he finally makes it up the hill and meets up with the rest, he smiles to the both of them. "Hey Drake, nice to see you. And you're Noella, I'm guessing." He turns his attention to her.

Noella: She examined Uriel carefully before giving him a small grin. "Yes I am Noella,and I'm guessing you are Uriel?"

Uriel: "You would be correct. Nice to meet you. Well, I guess we should be going then?" He turns towards the camp exit.

Noella: "Y-Yeah, we should." She looked at Drake. "D-D-Don't want to make the m-monsters wait."

Drake: He ignores Noella as he quickly chants a few words in Greek, in a purple cloud of smoke all 3 demigods disappear. They all quickly reappear in one of the vans, in the driver's seat is a satyr dressed up a shofur. Drake sits next to him in the front, while Noella and Uriel sit in the back. "You know where we're headed" He said coldly as the satyr began to drive towards the bus station.

Noella: She gasped in surprise as they were transported into a van. "S-So about this quest, there is this child of H-Hecate who stole your mother's book of s-spellbooks?"

Drake: "Yeah, the bastard's name is Roland. He went to camp when we were in diapers, I heard the dude was pretty psycho.

Noella: "I-I c-can see, no person in t-their right m-mind would steal from a goddess." She stuttered.

Uriel: He places his head in his hand, completely unsurprised by being teleported away. He notices Noella is nervous, so he tries to calm her. He whispers to her, "It's okay, I'm sure we'll do fine." He then turns his attention back to Drake. "It makes me wonder, though, how exactly he got her book in the first place. If he can do that, he's obviously dangerous."

Drake: "Well every nymph and demigod that went after him in the past got a one way trip to the Underworld. So f*ck yeah he's dangerous." He says plainly.

Uriel: "I have faith in our team, though. We're all plenty capable in combat." He says that to reassure Noella, since he isn't sure if she is alright or not.

Noella: She clutched her bow and nodded at Uriel, but still was very nervous.

Drake: He nods towards Uriel, having faith in his half brother's and his own fighting abilities. Since Adam could'nt really give him a good assessment of Noella's skills and judging by her fear, he considers her the weakest link. "Yeah I'm sure we are." He looks towards the window before tossing Uriel a spellbook. "It's nothing like our mom's, but I wrote it myself. Full of spells I worked on. Hellfire, intangibility, some gravity spells and way more."

Uriel: He smiles at Drake, accepting the gift. "Thank you. I'm sure this will come in handy. That hellfire spell would've left me fried had I not been ready for it. At least now I can dissect it to understand it's fundamentals."

Drake: He smiles a bit "Yeah, you gotta teach me that freaky flame shield. Interesting stuff." He says as he remembers the match, normally used to his signature hellfire spell easily tearing through opponents and burning them.

Uriel: He laughs. "It's not really that hard. All you have to do is learn how to gather energy from both the environment around you and yourself. Then you have to run around, doing a few things like configuring the energies of ghosts and—" He stops abruptly, noticing that their nerd-talk is getting a little out of hand, "Er- but I guess we can talk about that later. Right now, we need to focus on the quest at hand."

Drake: "Yeah you're right, but we really need to talk spells sometime bro."


Bus Station

Drake: They arrive at the bus station, Drake quickly opens the door and exits. Ignoring the satyr's pleas for a tip.

Uriel: He feels a little bad for the goat-man, so he leaves a decent sized tip for him in Drake's stead. He then hops out of the bus, and stands next to Drake. "Here we are. Er- Where are we again?"

Noella: She hands the stayr a drachma before setting foot at the bus station. "We are at the bus station to go to Canada." She said in a steady voice.

Drake: "Pretty much!" He pulls out three tickets and hands two of them to Uriel and Noella. "Freshly made from the Apate kids! They know their shit." He said as he lead them to the check in station.

Noella: She grabbed the ticket, and still clutches her bow hard looking for signs of monsters before following Uriel and Drake.

Uriel: The group begins to walk towards their next destination, when suddenly Uriel feels a strange, magical presence nearby. "Hey, Drake, do you feel it too? Something really strong is nearby." He begins to rummage through his bags, searching for something.

Noella: Feeling quite wary she slips her quiver of arrows behind her back and a bottle of ambrosia and nectar in her pocket ready for a battle.

Drake: He already has his twin blades drawn "Dwarf Hydra, it's 10 feet to our right." He announced as he quickly lead the others towards it.

Noella: "Awh Crap." She muttered under her breathe getting out her bow and positioned an arrow, ready to launch at the monster.

Hydra - Monster: The beast, masquerading as a woman with 7 little hippy dogs suddenly walks up to the questers, "I seem to have. lost my cell phone... Will you young little children help me find it?" The woman gives a sweet smile then explains. "I can't exactly search for my phone and hold down these little yipping puppies."

Noella: She looks a little suspiciously at the lady and decides to ignore her, whispers to Drake. "Any sign of the monster?"

Uriel: For a moment, he almost believed the illusion too, but then he remembered the power of the mist. Its strong presence encircled the woman before him, and he could see that she was not what she appeared to be. He draws his sword and dagger. "Drake! Noella! Keep away from her, she's the monster!"

Drake: "No shit sherlock!" He was about to call Noella a moron, but he's glad Uriel was wise enough to detect the trick. Drake casts a gravity spell on the hydra, before trying to impale it on his swords.

Hydra - Monster: The beast suddenly leaps backwards, immediately removing itself from the mist, one of the heads comes up causing Drake's blade to cleanly remove the head from its growing body. A loud screaming roar, erupts from two of the beasts 7 other heads. Yet just as soon as the head disappeared, a head replaced the old one with an extra one to boot! All the heads on the beast roar, aside from one, which holds back from the other heads which are snapping at the questers. The head held back begins to froth fire from its mouth, and it begins to spit flames from its mouth, casting a rather demented and flaming toothy grin at the campers.

Drake: He quickly considers a redirection spell, but doubts the Hydra would be harmed by flames. He quickly summons an arcane spell which protects him and his allies. Drake hopes that Uriel and Noella will take the initiative and attack.

Uriel: He decides it would be best to put out the flames, so he concentrates on manipulating the water in a nearby fire hydrant, allowing it to blow up and release a torrent of it. He then leads the water to the Hydra, commanding it to envelop the head spitting flames from its mouth. Then, he causes the water to slowly freeze around the head, hoping it will trap it.

Noella: She thought of a plan. She had read about how Hercules and his nephew defeated the hydra by igniting the headless tendons to stop the growth of the replacement heads. She rummaged through her bag and found her lighter, she grabbed her bow and her lighter and charged at the monster.

Hydra - Monster: The hydra sends a head down to swoop a gaping maw at Noella, coming directly at her as the beast continues to grow in size. The head with the flames simply moves its head back some more and toasts the ice flow, causing it to melt and pour onto the floor into a massive puddle. Two of the heads (6/9 are being used now) come towards Drake, and another two come towards Uriel. (4/9) The pairs of heads coming towards Uriel and Drake act in the same manner, one head finds its way behind the quester while the other head, which is in front of the camper keeps them occupied. The head that has melted the ice flow suddenly spits flames like a flame thrower, and then suddenly the flames become an almost concentrated beam. The fire breathing head slowly turns its beam of fire towards Noella, hoping to turn her into a demi toasted slice of quester.

Drake: Since he can easily see the head behind him along with the one trying to occupy them. Drake uses one of his blades to try and drive into the left eye of the distracting head. While Drake tries to stab the other one in his tongue. He stands so his blades are facing both of them, so he can equally fend them both off.

Uriel: He gathers the Mist, attempting to fool the heads into thinking they had actually succeeded in swallowing him whole. All the while, he moves out of the way of the two heads. He tries to the story of how the Hydra was beaten, but like usual, the information refused to come to his head when it was actually needed. He decides it best to attempt to support his allies while he can, and notices the Hydra attacking Noella. He quickly draws and throws two knives at the head firing at her, in hopes of getting it to turn its attention away from her.

Noella: "Decapitate the heads, I've got an idea." She hissed at Uriel waving her lighter around. She grabs her two knives from her belt and throws it at the monster in a desperate attempt to come closer to the monster.

Hydra - Monster: The head that was distracting drake took a sword to the eye, causing it to rear back, and all of the heads retreat with it, suddenly all of the heads start shooting flames from their mouths, attempting to light the questers on fire. Uriel's knives hit the beast and do little damage, merely enough to cause a faint trickle of blood to drip from the neck below its jaw line. 5 of the heads begin to concentrate their flames onto the walls and surrounding area of the bus station, hoping that it can bring down the entire place to crush the demigods.

Drake: He's glad that Adam had taught Drake about diseases, which helped him come up with a line of disease related spells. In Drake's Spellbook they can all be found in a chapter called, "The Power of Nosos". But anyway, he cast a spell which would hopefully cause the hydra to develop pain in all of it's throats. In theory, fire breathing would only increase the pain. Drake charges and charms his two blades with electricity, trying to cut off the main head and spit out a fireball which would burn the stem.

Uriel: He picks up on their plan, and begins to attempt to decapitate the Hydra's heads with his sword. When he finds that it tricky to cut them off, he decides to try another approach. He pulls out five knives in each hand, and throws them at the various heads, and then commands any that he had thrown beforehand to shoots back up and cut the Hydra's necks. He leaves the next step to Noella, hoping she can pull it off.

Noella: She drove her way to the hydra and pulled one of her knives and threw it to monster's neck. The knives then make their way to the Hydra, cutting their neck. She then passed her lighter to Drake hoping he'll take over.

Hydra - Monster: The knives bounce off of the Hydra, both Uriel's and Noella's. The hydra steps back from all of the questers, throwing a foot down into Drake's path. The Hydra suddenly feels a burning sensation in its throat, but chooses to ignore the fact that its throat is suddenly scratchy and burning. The beast focuses all nine heads to shoot a massive fireball at the ceiling, causing the ceiling around the questers to begin to collapse. Large chunks of rock rain down from the ceiling, as well as showers of concrete dust and concrete chips the size of small rocks fall down around the hydra. The beast shrieks...

Drake: He sighs a bit, knowing what he's about to do will drain a lot of energy. He whispers words in Greek as his left blade begins to envelop in red magical energy. He turns his right into a pen and places it in his pocket. "Be ready to teleport us all the hell outta here..." He says to Uriel as he tries to finish his spell. The magical energy extends the blade to five feet, somewhat like a lightsaber. He hopes the hydra will be distracted as he advances, trying to decapitate the main head and has hopes that the energy will be enough to burn the stem.

Hydra - Monster: Drake's attack works, as the hydra is still busy trying to quench the flames in its throat, as the burning has become massively painful, yet a new searing sensation suddenly reaches the hydra's attention. A searing sensation that brings death in the beast, as the main head is cut from the base of the body and the super heated blade seals the stump. Causing the hydra to begin to fall, as each head falls down, the head and neck removed from the body though, falls towards the questers, threatening to crush Drake if he does not move out of the way soon enough. The beast.... Is dead...

Drake: The magic quickly fades away from Drake's blade and along with it a good amount of Drake's energy. He manages to jump back enough to avoid becoming a demigod pancake. "Uriel!" He hopes his half brother will be able to cast the spell as the walls collapse around them.

Uriel: Right on cue, he raises his wand above his head. A purple light envelops the three demigods, whisking them away from the scene into an alleyway across the street. If he had been a millisecond slower, the debris would have smashed the three of them along with the Hydra. As they finish manifesting in the alleyway, Uriel speaks, "Excellent work, you two." He stares at where the Hydra once was, and now all that remains is a pile of rubble. "The mortals are probably in a panic after that. We should probably get out of town fast... Drake, I'd give you a minute to rest, but I'm afraid we don't have a minute."

Drake: He pants, feeling rather tired. But knows he tends to be far more drained after matches. "Yeah, our bus leaves in a few minutes. So if we sneak back to the bus station and get on, we'll be good." He said as he walked briskly back to the bus station, since he wants to get there on time but 3 teens running around could arouse suspicion.

Noella: She offered Uriel and Drake some ambrosia and nectar. "C'mon we need to get to Canada to stop your half-brother." She wiped off her sweat and gave them a pained smile.

Drake: He wanted to make a snarky remark like "no shit sherlock". But he's somewhat flattered by her gesture "Nah I'm fine, gotta save that crap for later. When we really need it." He said as they arrived back at the station.

On the bus

Drake: They give them the fake tickets, which are quickly accepted by the workers. They enter the bus and take their seats. Drake tries to sit next to his half brother.

Noella: She was pushed around on the bus and plopped next to a little girl who looked adorable with her sunshine dress and ponytails. She then quickly sparked up a conversation with the girl about her fashion.

Uriel: He sits down next to a window, and watches Drake sit next to him. He decides it's a good time to check up on him. "Hey, are you injured any? I could heal you discreetly. You should also probably rest up, I imagine we'll have a whole heap of fights ahead of us."

Drake: "Nah I'm Fine, but that was pretty tiring thought. You did great out there bro." He rests his head on the seat, sighing a bit.

Uriel: "Thanks. But, I could have done more." He looks a little dejected, turning to look out the window. Police cars and firetrucks race by, probably, no definitely, heading towards where they slayed the Hydra. He decides to speak to Drake again. "That was a cool move you pulled off back there, though. With your sword, I mean."

Drake: "Oh that? I call it the Arcane Blade spell. It's pretty simple really, if you have a decent understanding of pure magical energy. I never wanted to use it against another demigod, it's pretty deadly but a demigod who knows what their doing could dodge. So it's strictly for monster slaying lil bro." He explained.

Uriel: "Heh, I'm fairly certain I'm a more than a few months older than you." He laughs a little. "But that was pretty cool, even if you can only use it in certain situations. I might just come up with my own version in the future." He takes out his wand, which would appear like a normal tree branch with a leather handle to the untrained eye. He turns it in his hand, as if he were inspecting it. "I'm just glad that I'm on this quest. It's my first one, and this is my chance to prove myself to mom, y'know?"

Drake: "Whatever bro and I'd love to see what you come up with. But yeah, I guess that's true for both of us. And by the way wands are pretty lame, other campers tend to think we ALL use wands. Don't feed the stereotype.

Uriel: He frowns a little. "I use it less for battle, and more as a reminder. Hecate gave it to me way back, and it's the only thing I have from her." He stops for a moment, and looks at Noelle to make sure she's alright and then continues to speak. "And if you let yourself be defined by what others might think of you, then you're only a slave to the world. I learned that a long time ago." The subject seems to be uncomfortable for him, by the way he looks out the window again.

Drake: "Oh sorry" he looks away too. Thinking about his older brother's wise words and feels like he insulted him. It remains an awkward silence before Drake's falls asleep.

Uriel: He sighs, and turns back to talk to him, but finds him asleep. He decides it would be better for their leader to be fully rested anyway. He glances over to Noella, and thinks it best to check up on her. While the bus comes to a stop at a light, he quickly moves to sit near her. He smiles at the little girl, saying "I hope you don't mind me interrupting, miss." He then turns to Noella. "You did great back there. You should rest a little though, since we don't know what's up next."

Noella: She smiles at him. "Thank you, at least someone appreciated me." She then glared at Drake for a moment before turning back to Uriel. "Okay, but if something happens just wake me up."

Uriel: He nods. "He's not that bad. I think he's just a little on-edge since this is his first quest... But nevermind that, I'll make sure to wake y'all up." He heads back to his seat next to Drake as the bus stops. He really needed some rest too, but he thought it a bad idea to do that and jeopardize the mission. So, instead, he closes his eyes and begins to meditate, calming his mind and rejuvinating himself.

Noella: First quest? This was her first quest too and you didn't see her snapping at anyone or blaming them for acting stupid. She wanted to slap her brother for suggesting her to go here in the first place seeing that Drake showed no respect for her. Slowly, she closed her eyes and pressed her face to the window and silently fallen asleep.

Red Leaf Land

Uriel: As the bus finally reaches its destination, it comes to an abrupt start. The driver, over the intercom, announced the name of the destination, but it was far too French for him to catch it. He opened his eyes, and breathed deeply. The rest of the team was still asleep, so he went and woke them up. He gives them both gentle shakes, motivating them by saying, "Hey, brother, we're here... You too, Noelle. We don't want to get stuck on this bus, do we?"

Noella: She wakes up from Uriel's shakes and her eyes flutter open and were greeted by sunlight. Yawning, she grabbed her bags and stood up to exit the bus.

Drake: He slowly wakes up, yawning loudly as he collects his bag and exits the bus. Rubbing his eyes as he does so.

Uriel: He double checks to make sure that they have retrieved all their belongings, then walks down the aisle and gets off the bus. He stands next to a map of the town on the side of the bus stop, trying to gather his bearings.

Noella: She quickly exited the bus and looked over the map that Uriel was holding. "Got any idea where to go?"

Drake: "Well he was last seen in this location, our best bet is for me and Uriel to set up some tracking spells. If he's casting powerful spells, finding him would only be easier.

Uriel: "Aye." He goes first, taking out his wand and keeping it close to his body. An unseen, sonar-like pulse goes out from his position, allowing him to scope out the area. However, he does not have a sufficient range, so stops to ask for assistance. "There's nothing in the immediate area, but there's still some of the town outside of my range. Mind helping me out, Drake?" He tries again, and waits for Drake's assistance.

Drake: "No prob" He makes a fist, trying to gain focus as he tries to add his energy to Uriel's spell. Which in theory would increase it's range. "Getting anything?"

Uriel: "Yes, there's something a couple of blocks to the North East of here." He places his hand on Drake's shoulder, and transfers the information to him. "See it? It's not much, but it could be the Mist concealing something. It's our best bet."

Drake: He nods and walks in that direction, expecting the others to follow him.

Noella: She follows Drake and prepares her knives and her bow just in case a monster just happened to by.


Drake: They've been walking for a bit, Drake looks up. He hears a loud flapping in the air. "Something's coming..."

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Monsters – The Locust Harpies: the black cloud appears in the questers vision. The cloud soon moves close enough that the questers can see individual bodies. Ten of the harpies hit the ground running, screaming, and blistering towards the demigods. While the other ten are still flying in the air looming closer and closer to being over the heads of the demigods.

Uriel: He comes up with a plan to deal with the harpies, but he would have to first give Noella the opportunity to get to high ground. He spots a ladder on the side of a nearby building, perfect for her. "Noella, I need you to get on top of that building and shoot them down! Drake and I will cover you!" He then waves his hand in front of Noella's bow, imbuing it with electrical energy that will only shock the intended targets. He then draws his sword and dagger, bracing for the incoming wave of harpies.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: The 5 harpies come to a hover above and around Uriel, and 1 drops down behind Uriel, and the other 4 drop around Uriel in a surrounding formation. Each placing 6 feet in-between themselves and Uriel, they start to scream, spit and swipe at the air, not wanting to get close enough to Uriel to be in range of his sword and dagger. The Harpie behind Uriel, hoping it's unnoticed flings itself towards Uriel's back, with its madly swinging in hopes to hit Uriel. 5 of the harpies fly towards Noella, hoping that they can create the same problem for her as they did for Uriel. 5 more harpies attempt to do the same to Drake. While the remaining five hover in the air above the demigods, spitting and hissing as they hover a few feet out of reach.

Noella: She nods at Uriel before sprinting to the ladder, while climbing the harpies surround her, grabbing her knife from her tool belt she furiously throws them at the harpies, hoping to cause some damage to them while trying to climb up to the building.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: Of the five harpies that went after Noella, two of them fly up behind Noella and try to pull her off of the ladder. They swing their claws at Noella's back and attempt to lash onto her so that they can use their wings to fly her off of the ladder to drop her to the ground which is 15 or so feet below. The knives that Noella had thrown were easily dodged by the horde of harpies. NOTE: the harpies that are encircling Drake and Uriel are still encircling them. The remaining five harpies that were hovering about, are still hovering;

Drake: "Dammit!" he cries out before he quickly begins a brief chant. A powerful surge of fire encircles him. The flames then shoot out towards all the harpies, Drake hopes this will all roast them. Drake quickly then levitates up "Uriel! Help me out with this spell!" He begins saying words in Greek, the words "Zeus" and "Lightning" come up alot. Drake hopes Uriel will catch on and assist him with this spell.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: Two of the harpies that were surrounding Drake are scorched to death. The remaining three leap back, and one of them takes a flying leap, launching itself at Drake, in an attempt to knock Drake out of the air and keep him from casting this spell. The harpies enclosing on Uriel come closer, finally deciding to get close enough to lash out and try to hurt Uriel. The five that were hovering in the air, continue to hover out of reach.

Uriel: He listens to Drake's chant, and immediately recognizes what he has planned. He realizes that the attack would require him to assist, or it would not be nearly as affective. Before he can do so, however, he needs to dispatch the monsters surrounding him. He leaps into the air, levitating away from the group. As he does, he casts a spell on the spot where he once stood; causing a small tremor. Rocks jut out of the ground, threatening to impale the harpies. He flies over to Drake's side, and attempts to destroy the monster attacking him with a swing of his sword. He then begins to chant with Drake, hoping that they'll be able to pull it off.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: 2 of the 5 harpies that were attacking Uriel are impaled. The other three fly after Uriel, and 4 harpies are now in the air attacking Uriel and Drake. Two of the hovering harpies join the harpies on the ground beneath Drake and Uriel, and now 5 harpies are underneath Drake and Uriel, leaping up and swinging their claws at the two demigods. The remaining three hovering harpies go after Noella, meaning that there are now 7 harpies after her. The harpie that Uriel tried to slash, dodges his attack and continues flying past him, slashing at Uriel with its claw's as it passes. 3 of the harpies begin sweeping attacks from above and below Drake and Uriel, trying to keep the two from casting the spell. There are now 16 out of 20 harpies left.

Noella: Noella actually dropped a few feet down from the attacks of the harpies but hung onto the rope to keep from dropping again. It was hopeless, no way could she shoot without her other hand, and all her knives were thrown at the harpies. She then quickly unleashed a burst of light, hoping to blind the monsters.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: 3 of the harpies attacking Noella are blinded, they fall to the ground below, with the sound of wings and bones snapping. these three harpies run away only to be hit by a dump truck. The remaining four harpies continue to hover about Noella. –Those three harpies are never to be seen again– The other harpies continue to harass Drake and Uriel. They continue to dive and slash at Drake and Uriel hoping to keep them from casting their spell. –There are 13 Harpies left–

Drake: After gaining a number of painful cuts, Drake manages to cast the spell with Uriel. A large black cloud forms in the air, causing a large amount of lightning to fall down to the ground. They threaten to electrocute all of the harpies around Drake and Uriel.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: 7 of the harpies surrounding Drake and Uriel are immediately in need of butter or a trash can, because they're burnt worse than wasted toast. The remaining harpies, which number 6 total, 4 are still hovering around Noella, and the two that are near Drake and Uriel look at each other in rudimentary disbelief, they begin to scream and do whatever else harpies do when they make noise. They immediately try to slash Uriel to pieces. –There are 6 Harpies left–

Uriel: With the storm brewing above them, he decides to take advantage of the situation. He calls up a strong wind to surrond Drake and him, swirling at speeds so fast that the winds turned razor-sharp. He attempts to use the force of the wind to pull on the harpies, as if by gravity, and tear them to shreds instead of being shredded himself. Knowing that Noella was still in trouble, he sends a lightning bolt at one of the harpies surrounding her, hoping to set of a chain-lightning affect in to hit them all at once.

Monsters – The Locust Harpies: The two harpies are sucked into the vortex, and are lacerated to pieces, they fall out of the winds as their bodies become limp. The other harpies are hit by the chain lighting, causing all of them to die, yet two of their bodies fall and are falling in such a way that they will fall on top of Noella. –Congratulations, you've killed all the Harpies–

Noella: She was about to congratulate Drake and Uriel,she didn't see the harpies fall on top of her, the impact caused Noella's hand to loose contact with the ladder causing her to fall until she crashed on the ground, shattering her leg.

Uriel: He witnessed the Harpies crash down on her, and her crash down to the ground. He tried to fly over to save her, but he was too far away. She hits the ground, and he hears bones shatter. He lands next to her, falls to his knees, and immediately begins to help her injury. Light covers her leg, like a shawl, and he begins attempting to heal her leg. He murmured apologies as he worked frantically to heal. When he realized there was no more he could do, he hung his head low. "Noella, I can't heal this completely. It'll take days-with a splint-to heal. You could use some ambrosia, but it'll still take some time..." Then, he was silent, and he tried to help her up, letting her lean on him.

Noella: "Crap.." She muttered as she tried to stand with the help of Uriel. From her backpack she pulls out a bag of ambrosia square and chews on it.

Drake: He lands next to them, already able to make an assessment of what happened. "Just great, now we have this to deal with. He mutters a spell which forms a temporary empathy link with Uriel. Since he wants to talk to him, but doesn't want Noella to hear. "Dude she's even MORE useless now! How the hell are we supposed to get the spellbook if we have to play nurse?"

Uriel: He speaks through the empathy link, "I understand your frustration, but you cannot treat people like you do. Will it kill you to be a little more compassionate?" He then speaks out loud to Noella, "Noella, I hate to tell you this, but I think you should head back to camp. Even with the ambrosia, it'll take some time to heal. It would be incredibly irresponsible of Drake and I to take you along, injured, to a powerful sorcerer and gods-know-what-else. I won't force you to go, it's your decision, but I seriously suggest you do." He looks at her sympathetically.

Drake: He replies to him on the empathy link "Fine, I'm sorry dude..." He shuts it off and begins to speak out loud. "But how would get her back to camp? Even if something like a hellhound catches her scent, she's screwed. Maybe we can call a satyr or something?"

Noella: She glared at Drake. "I can handle my own f*ckin self. With that she grabbed her backpack and hobbled swiftly away.

Uriel: He sighs, and pulls out a drachma and a spray bottle. He makes a call to camp, to send a satyr to make sure she makes it back safe. He then looks at Drake with a depressed look in his eyes. "I feel horrible for having to do that to her."

Drake: "Come on man we did her a favor, now we don't have time to worry about it. We have some magical energy to track down.." He said as he turned around and ran off expecting Uriel to follow.

Uriel: "I hope you're right..." He shakes his head, deciding not to think on it any longer. He runs to catch up with Drake.

A few hours later

The source brings them to an old abandoned warehouse....

Uriel: They enter the warehouse, and he immediately gets creeped out. "Great, an abandoned warehouse. Nothing bad ever happens in abandoned warehouses..."

Drake: He sighed, knowing how right Uriel was as he walked into the warehouse. "Gimme some light?" he asked as he stepped on an arcane symbol, it was large and had a 6 foot radius. It began to light up. "Aw crap..." he said as a portal formed from the symbol and a figure began to crawl out.

Uriel: "Just our luck!" He unsheathes his sword and dagger, and gets into position to fight.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The Manticore's body is actually in the form of a human at the moment, the man acts as though he is a worker, and walks towards one of the pieces of heavy machinery in the warehouse. Upon reaching the piece of machinery the man climbs into it, and suddenly the machine, a backhoe, turns into a Manticore. The beast is as large as the backhoe was, it's tail being 14 feet long, and its wing span is 24 feet. The mouth of the Manticore is almost the same size as the front scoop on the backhoe – A gaping 3 and 1/2 feet of glistening, curved, sharper than razorblades, devil's grin, teeth. The Manticore roars and it is ear splitting, as the beast hopes to cause momentary deafness for the beings that it is charged with killing.

Uriel: Thinking quickly, he decides they need to move quickly. "Drake, cover me for a moment, it'll be well worth it." He says as he attempts to cast a spell on their position; he points a finger towards the ground, and a magical glyph appears below. The glyph is in the likeness of a clock, with the hands spinning around furiously until the big hand points towards the chimera and the smaller hands towards Uriel and Drake. It would vanish, but not before creating a pocket in space wherein time flows unnaturally. For Uriel and Drake, everything would move at half the speed it would normally. For the chimera, everything would move twice as fast.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The beast runs towards Drake and Uriel, it gets past the clock hand, but nothing changes... The beast frantically swings its massive spiked tail at Drake, as it lunges forwards with its toothy mouth to try and bite Uriel into kitty food.

Drake: He barely manages to knock back the beast's tail with his twin blades. He conjures a steady stream of fire towards it's feet. Drake hopes this will cause it to jump back and give them some breathing space or at least cause it some damage, the time flow spell increases Drake's reaction time. Making his attacks swifter than normal.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The manticore shoots spikes out of the side of its tail, hoping that they will pierce Drake in the back. The manticore leaps forwards its sudden leap puts it (i dont want to gm and say it knocked uriel down but thats what i wanted to happen... it didnt bite him, it just threw all itself foward and as a result it knocked down Uriel, but im still not going to god mod...)

Uriel: Luckily for Uriel, his spell finishes just as the Manticore turns to face him. He points his open palm at it, and a smaller version of the glyph appears between him and the creator mid-air, signaling it's completion. He approximated that the spell would last for about ten minutes in real time—plenty of time to turn the tides of this battle. As the glyph disappears in a flash of light, the manticore charges at him with a bloodthirsty ferocity unlike that he has seen from a monster in some time. With his increased speed, he easily sidesteps out of the way of the beast. He hopes that it would crash into the wall behind him as he runs back towards Drake. Before he reaches him, however, he creates a small fireball in his hand and throws it like a grenade at the Manticore's feet, hoping to set it alight.

Drake: He fires two exploding fireballs towards the Manticore, the time spell making it far easier to focus and take proper aim. But unfortunately for him two spikes strike his upper back. He pulls them out as his back begins to bleed slightly.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The manticore simply lowers its wing, effectively stopping any of the fire from hurting it. The beast turns around more than quickly and charges towards Uriel. As it charges towards Uriel, it fires 15 spikes, each a foot long, at Drake, hoping to severely hurt Drake. The beast then turns towards Drake, and as it turns, it swings its tail out towards Uriel, hoping to impale Uriel on the now regenerated spikes on its tail.

Uriel: He knew full well that, even with his increased speed, he would be unable to dodge the Manticore's tail. As he did not have a shield, blocking it was out of the question. Instead, he gets a little creative. He waits for the tail to get near, and when it is close enough he attempts to grabs hold of one of the spikes in each hand, while simultaneously levitating backwards in order to alleviate the blow. His plan is to then electrocute the beast through contact, hopefully incapacitating it's tail. If all else fails, and he is unable to grab the tail, he already has a second plan to fall back on.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The beast shoots spikes at Uriel as the tail gets right up to Uriel. It hopes that it can impale Uriel and keep him from grabbing onto its tail. The manticore then leaps towards Drake, his head turned sideways and his jaw open, so that he can bite into Drake's flesh, or swallow his midsection.

Drake: He panics a bit, taking a quick second to conjure a form of attack. He places a curse on the Manticore, which would make it's teeth soft and brittle. As he does this, he attempts to drive his two blades down it's throat.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The curse works, and its teeth are now brittle, as hit closes its mouth, Drake's swords go into the beast's mouth, making the teeth fall out of its mouth like powder.

Uriel: With the spikes flying at him, he decides it is too dangerous to attempt to latch onto the beast. He is able to deflect a few of the spikes with his blade, and avoid some altogether. However, two of them are successful in puncturing his right leg. The pain was incredible, but he decided to press on. He used his fall back plan; he quickly got low to the floor, and placed both hands on the floor in front of him. Another glyph appears, this time it had a yellow tinge and the ground trembled slightly around it. Suddenly, pillars of a kind of mixture of earth, metal, and whatever other minerals were below them, shot up in the form of earthen hands. He attempted to use these five pillars to restraint the beast; one arm to restrain its tail, and the four others to restraint its legs.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: The post/hands catch the manticore by the legs and near the beginning of it's tail. The Manticore begins to fire spike after spike in all directions as it swings its tail wildly in an attempt to get free from the hands.

Drake: He feels his energy waning, he knows he needs to finish this quickly. A spike lodges itself in his left arm, before he generates a reflection shield around him and Uriel. The flurry of spikes hit the shield and quickly rush towards the Manticore, threatening to pierce it's eyes and forehead.

Manticore – The Winged Scorpion Lion: As the manticore cant move the spikes drive into its skull through its eyes, causing an immediate death for the beast... The beast falls limp in the hand...

Uriel: As the Manticore grows limp, his pillars turn to sand and dissipate. He immediately runs to Drake's side to make sure he is alright. "Drake!? You okay? Here, let me help you..." He begins to attempt to heal Drake, even though his magical reserve was frightfully low. It didn't matter to him, because Drake's safety was far more important.

Drake: The cuts and injuries he gained manage to fade away, but the battle has left him quite tired.

Uriel: "You'll be fine, but I think we should rest before continuing on... We're at our limits as it is." He says, still analyzing Drake's body for injuries. He suddenly feels very embarrassed once the situation dawns on him. "I-uh-guess I should check my own injuries." With that, he steps away from Drake and begins fixing himself up.

Drake: "Uhm okay..." He's weirded out, but oblivious to reasons behind Uriel's embarassment. He sits back and tries to regain his strength.

Uriel: After a few hours of recovery, he rises to his feet. "We should continue our investigation. That beast didn't just appear out of nowhere." With that, he turns and begins examining the factory. Claw marks, melted steel, and cracked floors were all around where they fought the Manticore. He begins to walk ahead, not wanting to be near Drake at the moment.

Drake: He gets up as well. "Well we definitely sensed some magical energy here. That symbol is stepped on must've been some summoning rune, I think it's obvious who made it.."

Uriel: He nods from a distance. "Exactly. Our brother has left a link right to him. Whether or not he is aware of it is the question." He examines around the area that the rune should be. "We could tear the portal back open, and take ourselves right to him. The trouble is whether he is expecting us to. It could be a trap." He says, feeling the ground below. "What do you think? You're the leader here."

Drake: "It's our only lead and besides maybe he thought the manticore would get rid of us. Now come on help me out with this." He said as he placed his hand on the symbol, trying to reactivate it.

Uriel: He nods, and then begins to assist Drake. He stretches out his hand, and a surge of light pours out of it onto the symbol. Their powers combine, and they are able to reopen the portal; a black void comes slowly into existence. The other side of which could not be seen, but Uriel had a feeling it was in the right spot. Once the portal grows full, he speaks again. "It's now or never." He says, as he walks into the void.

Drake: "Damn right." He follows Uriel into the portal, where they arrive in an underground bunker 30 miles away from their location.

Wizard Duel Time~

Uriel: In retrospect, perhaps jumping headfirst into a black hole was not the brightest idea considering Uriel's fear of the dark. When they arrive on the other side, he gasps as if he had been chocking and fell to his knees. "Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods..."

Drake: "Relax.." he said in a soothing tone as he tried to help him up. "Keep your voice down.."

Uriel: "I'm okay. I'm okay. Just give me a second..." He says, as he trys to calm himself. "It's okay, we're out of it..." He looks around, and realizes they were in a pretty dark space anyway. "Oh gods... Why can't these kind of places be properly lit..." He stands on his feet again, and stands close to Drake like a young child. "L-let's go."

Drake: He enchanted his eyes to have the power of nightvision. He can easily see everything in the bunker. Old boxes and other junk can be seen. In the distance a man can be heard, muttering to himself.

A Wizardly Enemy – Child of Whats His Face (Hecate) – Roland: Roland sends an electrical pulse through the metal floor grating, of the bunker, towards the direction of Drake and Uriel. On the way, the pulse hits a generator and becomes greatly amplified. Roland sends out a few more pulses on the grating, sending them in directions that are just to the left and right of where Uriel and Drake are. These secondary pulses are not amplified as much as the primary charge was, because they did not touch the generator. Roland then turns and walks down a corridor, opens a door. "Heh, those little pissy girls won't know what's going to kill them," he mutters. After the door is open, he steps inside, and dawns an exosuit like armor. The armor is magically enchanted so that the user is barely affected by what would completely drain a normal demigod. Roland grabs a sword from the rack in the room, it is also enchanted so that at a word it lights aflame with a blue fire. Roland grabs a shield that is enchanted as well, and at a word it creates a barrier that feeds off of magic not casted by the person wielding the shield. The shield also acts as a magic block, keeping Roland from being spied on by other children of Hecate and magical means... He laughs, and awaits the two "girls" arrival.

Drake: He yells out in pain, feeling the electricity surge through him. He grabs tight onto Uriel and levitates a few feet into the air. He groans in pain and breathes heavily as they rest on a wooden crate. Which is thankfully not conductive.

Uriel: He was electrocuted as well, but due to Drake's quick reflexes was able to survive without much injury. He watches as who he presumed to be Roland run away. As he does so, he attempts to redirect the surges of electricity after him. He places his sword on the ground, but instead of the electricity surges up the blade, it repels away from it in a circle. The circle grows larger over time as all the electricity is redirected towards Roland.

Roland: Because the electricity was redirected rather than cast by Uriel, the barrier does not reject it as it surges toward Roland, causing him to be electrocuted. He resists the pain as well he can, but the attack drains him enough that he can no longer maintain the energy field.

Drake: Drake was about to cast a tracking spell, but he heard the whispers of some nearby ghosts. "The one you seek is straight ahead.." said in a creepy feminine voice. He merely pointed Uriel in that direction and walked off, careful not to make loud footsteps. He doesn't seem completely worried about stealth for two good reasons as he advances on.

Uriel: He took the hint, and runs down the corridor that Roland had previously. He finds the room which Roland had used to put on his armor, and began to search for something that could help them. He finds nothing of use, so continues his search for Roland while Drake is god-knows-where. He finds Roland not too far from the room, only down the corridor. He attacks on site, sending a volleyball sized fireball straight at him, hoping the explosion will be enough to knock him off his feet.

Roland: Roland sprints down a coridoor but stops when he sees Drake just a slight distance ahead of him. he furiously conjures a fireball and attempts to launch it at his exposed back.

Drake: Since children of Hecate can see in all 4 directions at once, he can easily see the feeble fireball. He mutters greek words one of them, a powerful jet of water surges towards Roland. With the pressure of a firefighter's hose. It easily extinguishes the fireball, leaving a small amount of steam.

Roland: Roland quickly raises his shield to deflect the torrent of water. 'His vision impaired by the steam, Roland decides to abort his plan of charging toward Drake. Instead, he decides to hold his shield in front of him in a one man phalanx with his sword right next to it aimed forward. With this stance assumed, Roland slowly treads through the steam toward Drake.

Uriel: He had pursued Roland when his fireball missed him, and turned down the corridor where he and Drake now faced off. He witnessed Drake launch the stream of water at Roland, hitting him on the shield and dispersing in a star shape. Uriel, taking advantage of the situation, manipulates the water to form around Roland as a bubble. He then attempts to freeze Roland inside the bubble, hoping to subdue him.

Roland: The water surrounds Roland, but he quickly tils his head and turns the water into harmless sprinkles before the freezing can take affect. With this threat taken care of, he continues advancing toward Drake. 

Drake: He cursed under his breath, knowing stopping him wouldn't be an easy task. He quickly dashed towards Roland. He muttered a quick curse on him, which would slow down his movements for a brief time. He drew both of his swords and struck Roland's blade, hoping to knock it out of his hands.

Roland: Drake's spell stagnates Roland's mobility but his arms are unaffected so he is able to use his sword and shield to block Drake's attack. As their weapons collide, he tilts his head and behind drake a sizeable pool of water and a large octopus suddenly appears. He quickly commands the octupus to attack Drake and the octupus complies, grabbing Drake's legs with its tentacles and attempting to drag him into the pool and drown him. Confident that the octopus will keep Drake occupied for a sufficient amount of time, Roland then turns toward Uriel and slowly advances toward him. Internally, he worries about his energy level, which has suffered a sizeable dent as a result of his latest spell.  

Uriel: He realizes this man before he was the enemy, but he couldn't bring himself to actually attempt to kill him. He decides to keep trying to subdue him somehow. For his next trick, he place he right hand on the ground before him. A silver glyph appears beneath his hand, and suddenly he felt as if he of one mind with the metal in the building. He commands the metal from the corridor walls to shoot out, from chains, and attempt to tie Roland up. Six chain in total attempt to coil around him.

Roland: Due to his restricted mobility, Roland is unable to react to the encasing chains in time and he is quickly incapicitated. For the moment, it appears as if he has finally been subdued.

Drake: He's quickly tangled in the tentacles of the beast, but he conjures two explosive fireballs would that collide with and explode on the octopus' head. Drake manages to break free of it's grip and try to electrify Roland's chains.

Roland: Roland is able to tilt his head and all of the sudden the metal chains are transformed into rubber outergarments that cover his armor. As a result of this, the lightning attack is completely ineffective against him. Deciding to turn to his backup energy supply within his armor, Roland conjures a spell that creates very miniature skeletal warriors within Drake. These miniature warriors begin climbing around Drake's body, attempting to stab at all his innards with their miniature swords. 

Uriel: Oblivious to the fact that there were tiny skeletons running around inside Drake, he continues to attack Roland. He sets five of his knives aflame, and then throws them at Roland. He hopes to pierce his rubber armor, and damage his actual armor.

Roland: Roland quickly turns toward Uriel and raises his shield again. The fiery knives embed themselves in the shield and he is protected from harm. Rather than attempt to strike him with this sword or use magic, he takes out a dagger and throws it at Uriel. This dagger is no ordinary dagger as it suddenly splits into three separate daggers that all attempt to strike different areas of Uriel's torso.

Drake: He yells in pain as he feels a light pain over his ribs. He shrieks in panic as he teleports every skeletal invaders from his innards. "Gods.." he muttered as he breathed deeply. He looked towards Uriel, knowing he'd need assistance. He conjures a reflection shield in front of Uriel, that redirects the knives right back towards Roland. Drake then charges and makes a swing for Roland's back with his swords.

Roland: Roland turns and is able to block the attack to his back, but he is unable to stop the knives which embed themselves in his left ankle. With his mobility empaired, Roland decides it's best to find somewhere to recover. Casting a large wall of fire between himself and his opponents, Roland attempts to limp away. 

Uriel: He didn't quite understand why Roland thought the fire would be able to deter them, as he was able to easily manipulate it so that he could pass through unharmed. He chases down Roland, who was limping away at a much slower pace, and attempted to tackle him before he could get away.

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