In order for your character to get a "point" for having led a quest, the quest must get to a reasonable point. This means that, preferably your quest got through at least one monster attack, and definitely well past having left camp. This is to prevent people from intentionally starting a quests but never putting any work into them, just to be able to have a char count to have "Led" a quest.

Since the quest had already passed camp entrance and a monster attack from two empousai, it is already considered as a "quest led" for Zaphkiel Wu.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kiel,

My son, how have you been? Right, "well." Well, please forgive me. I know you hate small talk but I am sincerely proud of how you've grown. Now, I am asking you for an urgent favor. 2 out of my 50 beloved Nereids have escaped the palace and wandered onto the Pacific region, specifically the Philippines. I want you to find them and return them to Atlantis immediately. Take your girlfriend and other demigods (thirdwheels xD). If you succeed, Ares (girlfriend's father) might finally give you credit, while I shall reward you all handsomely.


The counselor woke up to a dream from Poseidon. He finds a mystical pearl necklace, which glows upon close proximity with a Nereid, under his pillow. The pearls can be detached and still useful; however, only the locket will show the appearance of the Nereid. 2 out of the 50 beloved Nereids have escaped the palace and wandered onto the Pacific region, specifically the Philippines. Being an admirer of the Nereids, who were supposedly under his command, Poseidon asks his son and two other questers to find the Nereids and return them to Atlantis. Normally, he wouldn't be as alarmed; however, it had already been 6 months of no return. After a few searches, the team realizes one of the nymphs (NESO) is merely a supporter of her sisters' choices. Meanwhile, the other nymph (NESAIE) has fallen in love with a pretentious demigod, who is angered at Poseidon stealing his girlfriend. The questers will have to take the couple apart strategically.

  1. Zaphkiel Wu (Poseidon, Broken)
  2. Daphne Wang (Ares, Blue)
  3. Kiara Reiss (Hecate, Ri)
  4. Xing Ai (Apate, Mel)

  1. Camp Entrance: Questers meet and head towards the airport.
  2. JFK International Airport: Questers ride the plane to NAIA (Philippine airport). No complications.
  3. NAIA Terminal: Upon arrival, two empousas disguised as promoters will attack. Team must defeat them.
  4. Sofitel Philippine Plaza: The questors book into the hotel Poseidon had prepared for them. They will sleep, eat breakfast, and wake up to a new day.
  5. Random Locations: Since it is a logical choice to assume Nereids need water, the team will split up and choose one location each. Every member then tries to find the nymphs in areas near bodies of water (but to no avail). This not-so-important section is basically to add more shape to the quest.
  6. SM Mall of Asia: This is another location that is beside the ocean. Here, the nymph-locating-pearls will glow; however, a truck will pass, and the demigods will fail to see the Nereids. Instead, the questors will find two hungry cyclopses.
  7. Sofitel Philippine Plaza: After a long day, the questers return to the hotel. Somehow, the team will split up to enjoy recreational activities. Both groups will find one Nereid and somehow convince them of returning to Poseidon. NESO, secretly wanting to return to Atlantis, is easy to recruit. Drama happens, and NESAIE finds out she's being used by the demigod and happily agrees to leave.
  8. The Sea (Endgame): The team will face the ocean, where Kiel will summon aquatic creatures to bring them to Atlantis. They will then receive memorabilia from Poseidon and return to Camp Half-Blood shore.


Camp Entrance

  • 2 out of the 50 beloved Nereids have escaped the palace and wandered onto the Pacific region, specifically the Philippines. Poseidon asks his son and two other questers to find the Nereids and return them to Atlantis. The team realizes one of the nymphs has fallen in love with a pretentious demigod and will have to take them apart strategically. Meanwhile, the other nymph is merely a supporter of her sisters' choices.
  • Kiel: The counselor woke up to a dream from Poseidon. He finds a mystical pearl necklace, which glows upon close proximity with a Nereid, under his pillow. The pearls can be dettached and still useful; however, only the locket will show the appearance of the Nereid. After informning his girlfriend and another female, three days have passed. The son of Poseidon, who had already sent his luggages to a hotel in Manila, waited at the camp entrance for his questmates. He also seemed to be comfortable in his warm clothes.
  • Kiara: The young brunette walked to the top of Half-Blood Hill, reaching towards the entrance with a bright smile. "Morning!" she chirped waving her hand in friendly greeting. Her attire consisted of skinny jeans, combat boots and a thick blue sweater that she stole from her best friend Lyle. A black beanie covered her long hair, and black wool gloves on each hand, she was prepared for the harsh cold. Kiara had packed lightly (with the very necessary help of her best friend) for this trip, and as it was her first one since coming to camp.
  • Hara: She was looking around still a bit shocked she was picked to go on the quest. She got a list of things she got to do and followed them like a diligent follower Ok... she send her stuff to the hotel like what she was told to do the thought she was picked out of all her 'half siblings' to go to this quest was still shocking her senses What did I got myself into.. she said before looking at the clock she saw it was pass the time that the leader told her to meet up thus she took her backpack placed a few cloths despite most being at the hotel already. She picked up some ambrosia, a notebook (and stationary) and even a first aid kid before heading out but after a few minutes coming back in ops forgot my weapon.. she said as she took her glasses and stared at the knife on the desk ....slowly her hands took the knife I may need it she placed the knife in her pockets as well as the yo yo rykal gave her before heading out again. She wore a long sleeved shirt light blue matched it with some jeans and sneakers with a beanie to match as she headed to the promised spot but as she walked she meet up with tydal whom passed her two boxes of hand bombs and smoke bombs "for luck" she said before pushing hara to the enterance to meet up with the rest of the questors while she pushed she placed some money in her pockets and two pepper sprayers inside her pockets. She like the rest was very worried for hara. Tydal tried to take the knife but failed as she reached the spot before she could Hi ! she said happily scared to be with people she never met before
  • Kiel: Where is she? He grumbled internally, yearning for Daphne. On the other hand, the counselor was happy to see an early bird and another one. "Had a good sleep, girls?" He asked, once they had come into close proximity. Small talk was better than awkwardness, especially since they needed to get along with each other for the trip. Judging from his intuition, they will. "Feel free to share and introduce yourselves as we wait for one last person."
  • Hara: she placed her hands into her pockets showing that she is a bit scared to meet someone new but then she felt the pepper spray and took it off thats weird.. she said slowly turning back to see tydal was gone uhhh she quickly placed the pepper spray back into her pockets sorry I'm Xing Ai nice to meet you she smiled as her mind tried to wonder what she could do with the pepper spray.. soon she noticed another one in her other pockets two.... ...they must be that worried about me... she in her mind
  • Kiara: Kiara looked at Hara curiously, but she wasn't going to ask questions yet. "More or less slept enough," she shrugged, "I would've been late if it weren't for my friend Lyle," Kiara admitted. "Anyway, I'm Kiara, daughter of Hecate." She introduced herself, with just a biiit boisterously, but nothing so arrogant. "Pleasure to follow you on this quest." she added.
  • Hara: she noticed the weird look she as getting from Kiara she felt the need to just run and refuse to go on this quest but she ignored it as she hated letting anyone down being a failure when you were already chooses.Thus she took a deep breath but then she heard kiara introducing herself she felt she did a crime thus with her hands in her pockets she pinched her hips I'm a child of apate and its nice to be in the quest too she said simply not really knowing what else to be said
  • Kiel: Having them respond well assured Kiel of their alertness; well, at least they're not drunk or sleepy. Kiel had noticed Kiara's movements. It seemed like sooner or later, another relationship was about to blossom in camp. "Alright. Let's not waste time." He clasped his hands. "I'm sure you know why you're chosen. Each one of you has a special role, and I don't mean BS." He turned to specific girls to describe them and give them a sense of purpose. "Hara, being a daughter of Apate, you're the lie detector here. Kiara, being the most versatile, you're our woman powerhouse. Meanwhile, the late comer's my girlfriend," he shrugged at the last part. "So, how much of this quest do you know about?"
  • Hara: she blinked a few times the word "lie detector" she was called a ton of stuff when she was younger but that was an absolute first ok... but then she heard kiel ask them about the quest so she tilted her head ummm she paused not really being told of anything other than the fact she was needed you needed a lie detector? she said simply hoping that was the correct answer
  • Kiel: "Yes, I d--" He paused upon realizing that was the answer to his later question. The son of Poseidon resisted fuming by smiling. Kiel turned to Kaira for her response.
  • Kiara: Kiara chuckled easily. "Sounds awesome. I'll do my best!" She promised, "From what I heard, it's these two runaway nymphs, right?" she asked, rolling on the back of her heels just to let loose some of her morning energy.
  • Kiel: "Correct," he praised the daughter of Hecate. "They're supposedly in the Philippines, specifically the capital. Dad's got lodging covered. All we need is scout the nymphs and return them to Atlantis. We need to know their reason for staying and persuade them about a better time in Dad's palace." Kiel then took out the pearl necklace from his jacket. "These pearls automatically glow upon close proximity with a Nereid. " He separated three pearls from the jewelry, leaving 12 more and a locket. He placed one pearl in his pocket. The locket was on one hand, and the two pearls were on his other. "Since it'll be most efficient to split up, your hands, please."
  • 'Hara: she stared at the pearls now doubting her decision ever more so but that didnt stop her from taking out her hand from her pockets it had been a bit red from before she wanted to open her mouth to question his decision but she knew she should just keep her mouth shut
  • Kiara: She didn't question and held her hand out. "Pretty," she commented, looking at the shiny pearls in his hand with interest. "So... what happens if we don't succeed?" She asked tentatively.
  • Kiel: Being a rather extreme goal-oriented individual, Kiel never believed in failure.In fact, he didn't even want to speak of failure. "Failure is never a option," he replied, placing a pearl each on the girls' hands. "We either win or learn," he said, doubting they would have to resort to the latter option. He kept the necklace on both hands now as he turned to the direction of the road towards the entrance.
  • Kiara: "Ooohhh. Okay." She smiled. That sounds like something Lyle would say, Kiara thought. She twisted the pearl around her hand, admiring the smooth color of it. "Can I still keep this after the quest is over?" Kiara asked, hoping he'd say yes.
  • Kiel: "You'll have to ask my girlfriend that," he told Kiara, chuckling at the thought of it. Daphne would probably say yes; however, he wanted to be sure. The son of Poseidon then wondered what sort of reward would be given to them. That was a nice thing to discuss. It was the thought of sweet success. "I wonder what father referred to when he said, 'I shall reward you all handsomely.'"
  • Daphne: After she's done fixing and making sure that her things were finally sent to a hotel in Manila, the daughter of Ares rushed her way to the designated meeting place. When she finally arrived the doll warrior was panting gasping for breath "I-i'm sorry i'm late." she bows in apology
  • Kiel: Upon spotting a familiar figure, Kiel smirked. About time she'd arrive. The counselor, who wasn't a patient person, had confirmed her lateness, "you better be." Shrugging, the son of Poseidon knew he couldn't stay mad at her. "Stay still," he ordered as attempted to place the necklace around her neck. Guess for this mission, Daphne's purpose was to make sure Kiel made the right assumptions.
  • Daphne: The daughter of Ares stiffened and looked at the unfamiliar campers awkwardly-- slightly blushing. "W-what?" she arches an eyebrow as she stammers
  • Kiel: Her question made him remember the goal. "Right. Girls, meet Daphne, daughter of Ares." Once the necklace was fastened onto Daphne, he distanced himself from Daphne motioned towards the van nearby. Kiel walked towards it and opened the back door for the girls. It seemed like their driver was a satyr, not like it mattered.
  • Daphne: Upon being introduced, the doll warrior bowed slightly "Nice to meet you.." her voice trails
  • Kiel: Being the more dominant of the two, it was clear Kiel had done most things for Daphne unconsciously. "They'll be more talks in the van, you know," he said, suggesting they'd enter. Holding the door seemed like a task of eternity for him, since he usually wasn't as polite to his girlfriend.
  • Daphne: She turns her back on the two before looking at Kiel with a pout and rolling her eyes on him as he was being a dick again, however this is something that Daphne's already used to, she just want to sometimes make Kiel a good impression even though he won't lol. Moving on Daphne climbed the van first and greeted the satyr that'd be driving for them
  • Kiara: Hmm.. they make a cute couple. Kia decided in her head after watching their interaction with her forefinger tapping her chin in pretend thought. Guess who's the newest addition to the Daphkiel ship, this girl. After the rest have gotten in, Kiara hopped into the van herself. "So.. what's Manila like?" she asked, to start a conversation.
  • Daphne: Once the other young lady sat beside her, Daphne greeted her with a smirk, shifting a little more farther to give space for her
  • Kiel: Still holding the door for Hara, Kiel sighed. He wondered why Daphne had not replied to Kaira. Thus, to compensate for his partner, the counselor admitted, "I have never been there. It's supposed to be a tropical country." Suddenly, the thought made Kiel worry. He turned to the daughter of Hecate. "You did pack for the weather, right?"
  • Kiara: She nodded, "I have, don't worry." Her bag contained everything that was deemed necessary, so Kiara didn't seem too worried. Even if some things were insufficient, the daughter of Hecate had enough money to exchange and buy clothes with.
  • Hara: she stared at everyone this was a shock to her senses seeing Daphne and kiel being together lovey dovey but then she noticed kiel holding the door for her thus she quickly scatter inside. When she got in she went to check her bag. She packed some snacks and supplies mixed in with her cloths but soon she found it her mp3 player. She didnt want to be a bother so she pop the earbud in and started to listen to her songs hoping the ride would be quick
  • Kiel: "Well," he blinked at how quick Zahara scrambled for music. The counselor didn't want to judge further and closed the door. He then entered the one beside the satyr, and the van wooshed across the streets of New York. Weird. There wasn't as much congestion as on normal days. Well, Kiel wasn't complaining. The radio was playing that annoying I Really Like You, while the son of Poseidon remained awkwardly silent.
  • Kiara: Her fingers drummed against her lap. Kiara was growing edgy with the awkward silence. She decided to break it, "Man, it's been a while since I went out of camp," she said casually, bending forward to look out the window. "It feels nice to be traveling again." she added.
  • Hara: she stared at kiara even if she popped her ears with the earbud she wasnt playing any music she just didnt want people to bother her so that she can asses the situation she didnt want to be "betrayed" again especially when the stakes are high. However so she knew why kiara did such a thing to "blow away" the awkwardness as the americans said said it so she thought on a quick reply to give the girl I know right.. she said slowly she wanted to comment about how the quest was more toward work but she knew that was going to be a bad choice with how kiel was but hey we're not only going off camp we get to see a new country! she said with fake enthusiasm something she learn when she was at school how do you think the people are there?
  • Daphne: "Manila is a busy and quite chaotic place. However there are some places that are either peaceful or historic." She smirks as memories flashes on her mind when she first came to manila. "But really, more on chaotic." She sighs with a ^^" face
  • Kiel: Since he hasn't informed his girlfriend about most of the details, he decided to ask her. "We're checking in...some part called Sofitel. Heard of it?" he asked. The son of Poseidon then wondered about the places near the sea. So far, he's only gotten a mall called SM MOA. "We need to split up the next day. Any ideas on places near large bodies of water? He further asked. Although he could google them at the moment, he wanted first hand ideas.
  • Daphne: "Uhh." She looks at the window trying to ring a bell "I guess i do, i remember the other travelers shifting to there as they heard it was a good place. About the water that'd be Manila Bay." She says firmly resisting the urge to give out unnecessary information about her visit on the Philippines.
  • Hara: when the couples started talking she leans back and started to play her song. Although she looks like an extrovert she wasnt one to bother love when its in the eye. As the songs started playing she started to arrange her bags properly hoping it would be better for her in the future
  • Kiel: "Three more places." He had requested. The following day after their arrival, the three will take a whole day to scout different places. The slightest glow on the pearls would mean the Nereids had been there, so Kiel wanted to estimate their location. Since Kaira was the one who asked, Kiel presumed she also didn't know. Nonetheless, he was curious if she could perceive the future. "Powerhouse, can you see the future?"
  • Hara: she blinked a few times when she heard what kiel called kiara but kept quiet as she turn the volume a bit up hoping she could ignore him
  • Kiara: Satisfied that her attempt had succeeded breaking down the walls, Kiara had just listened to the rest that whole time. "Powerhouse?" She raised her eyebrows at him curiously. That was a new one. "Generally, yes, if I try really really hard." Kiara answered. Kiara was more to combat based spells, but like most children of Hecate, she was versatile.
  • Kiel: The counselor enjoyed one syllable nicknames more, so his other option would be Kio. Sadly, that nickname reminded him of electrical fans, and he doubted it was what he shoul think about when talking to a lady. " Would it be possbielf or you to give us more locations with those skills?"
  • Daphne: The daughter of Ares was admiring Kiara assuming that she's a daughter of Hecate. Hecate kids are so cool. Daphne keeps her point of view outside the van but her ears aren't missing a thing on the conversation that goes on inside the vehicle
  • Kiara: "I'll do my best at that," Kiara told him, "I mean, I'm nowhere as good as an actual oracle, but hopefully I'll suffice."
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon nodded. "Take your time until we land then." He asked her. Since Xing was probably in another world, Kiel didn't bother to ask. He then spoke to Daphne instead, "Snuggle Queen, mind checking Google for me?" He asked her for the favor. Kiel was the type to show PDA. However, if he was alone, he'd be terribly bitter at every single couple he saw.
  • Daphne: Upon being called by that squishy nickname, the daughter of Ares blushed faintly as she isn't used to PDA especially when you get to see up close how the people around you looks like when they watch you and you're partner. "Sure Mallows." she gulps down and managed to say it firmly, without a moment of so Daphne fishes out her Samsung s6 and opened the google app and is waiting for further instructions.

JFK International Airport

  • Kiel: Once the car had stopped in front of the airport's main gates, the satyr had opened the door for the girls. Kiel stepped out of the front seat, stretched, and thanked the kind goatman. He then checked their tickets and his passport. All seemed to be set. "May I have your passports?" He requested from the group of females. It'll be faster to leave as a group with a head.
  • Daphne: She climbs out from the van and passing her passport and all the other necessary things to her boyfriend before stretching out slightly as well while waiting for the others to be ready
  • Kiara: She slid out the car, "Thanks, Mr. Goatman!" Kiara called to their driver, only to receive a glare in return. Kiara didn't notice as she handed her passport to Kiel. She made a relieved sound as she stretched her hands out, before recoiling back almost immediately. "Cold," she mumbled meekly, forgetting that it was snowing for a moment.
  • Hara: she noticed the van stopped thus quickly packed her stuff she took off her earphones and started to get out of the van. She stared at the driver and giving him a nod not really use to saying thank you but nonetheless she passed kiel her passport. She started to look at the structure remembering the first time she was there unconsciously she began to rub her arms as a sign of fear how long till our flight? she asked wanting to just buy something before they take off
  • Kiel: After receiving the passwords, Kiel heard Kiara's complaint first. He took off his scarf and wrapped it around the daughter of Hecate, not realizing it could cause possible jealousy from a certain female. Soon enough, the son of Poseidon had noticed Hara rubbing her arms; however, he assumed she was cold. Kiel somehow used melted snow to attempt gliding Hara quickly into the heated entrance. The counselor couldn't have one of his men (well, women) down. "Here. We'll be leaving in an hour or so. I'll take care of it," he replied as he entered the building, expecting the other two to follow.
  • Daphne: As she was waiting and uh, watching, the young daughter of Ares scowled at the scene that happened in front of her however, she's not the person who shows jealousy that much so, before Kiel can even glide Hara towards the heated entrance, the daughter of Ares already entered first.
  • 'hara: she quickly move aside not really liking being "glided" thank you but no thank you she said quickly going inside she made her way to the shops looking for something to buy that could be useful. She remembered someone telling her that the place their going to is a tropical climate so she bought some hats and sunglasses taking with her some chocolates as well for the trip
  • Kiara: While it was very nice of Kiel to give her his scarf, Kiara had noticed Daphne's expression. She felt bad. So Kiara shook her head and gave it back to him. "It's alright, thanks," Kiara said, nodding her head towards Daphne with a small smile, knowing he'd get the hint. "Hecate kid, I'll just use my powers," she says nonchalantly before following after the others.
  • Kiel: Kiel received his scarf again, wondering why it wasn't accepted. Nonetheless, he didn't bother. After passing through a series of immigration checkers, the demigods finally had more than half an hour to relax before boarding. Kiel had disseminated the passports and tickets before their separation. Since Hara was nowhere to be spotted, Kiel assumed she'd know how to find their plane and board. The son of Poseidon rested on a bench, wore his shades, timed his phone, and went in for a nap. All the girls had one post to enjoy describe their little adventures before meeting each other on the plane in one row. The business class seats were divided into 3 sections, with two seats each.
  • Daphne: Daphne had already gone to the stores that she could visit. Even though she could buy anything, she only managed to buy a couple of sunblocks and a couple of clothes for herself, before she can realize the young lady didn't knew where she is at that moment, even though she's been in this airport a couple of times, she got lost in her thoughts and forgot where she is. Moving on the daughter of Ares managed to get someone to escort her on the designated plane. Upon arriving the escort asked the young lady for a selfie bc she's cute and i also want kiel to be jealous af but it won't work bc i'm so sleepy lmao. Daphne agreed in exchange for the effort that the escort gave her just to get her back to plane.
  • Zahara: she looked at the watch and saw she had a bit of time thus she bought a few more things one is three wrist watches (each withstanding water) can never be too careful she said slowly setting each one up with a corresponding clock. One was for camp to check if they're asleep when she calls one was for when they land to Philippines so that she would still know whats the time when she's there while the last one was for a compass in case she got lost Ok this is north... she said slowly before looking for more useful items she saw a hoddie and a small electronic fan picking those two up as well as a small stuffed electronical teddy bear I'll take these.. she said as she passed the cashier her card Slowly she looked at her three newly bought wrist watches she saw she spends approximately 15 minutes buying stuff thus started to walk to the promised spot as she knew she should not keep anyone waiting anymore but then she passed by the information booth she thought it was the appropriate time to bulk up on the countries information thus bought a few tourist guide from the place oh dear she said as she tried to read up on how to talk their language she may have a photographic memory but to speak is totally new to her Might as well keep this.. she said pulling a translator app from tagalog to english hmm what else... oh yeah my presence ,,, she sigh as she headed to where kiel was ...she saw he was alone thus decided to walk around nearbye until somone (most preferably Daphne) to come
  • Kiara: Kiara was missing her best friend. Its only been a few hours but it felt weeeeeeird. So she decided to go somewhere that reminded her of him. So she found a bookshop, and she remembered Lyle liked books. Less than five minutes later she was walking past different sections, searching for that book Lyle had been talking about the past month. She knew it would be somewhere in a bookshop.. but it was hard to find. Every book here is so huge, Kiara thought with wide eyes, "How does Lyle read?" she muttered to herself, running her eyes over book after book before she glimpsed at a thick red book. Actually, her green eyes missed it over first before Kiara paused and gave the book a second look. ".... aha!" She plucked the red book out the shelf with a victorious grin. This was the one her best friend wouldn't shut up about. "Gotcha," she said smugly. Lyle would love this.
  • Their individual time was up. The team had been escorted to their seats by the flight attendants. Daphne and Kiara's tickets were for window seats, while Kiel and Hara sat beside the other two respectively. The business class seats were divided into 3 columns with 2 seats per column and 6 seats in a row. The middle section was occupied, so that divided Kiel and Daphne from Hara and Kiara. The plane had shortly departed from New York and was now headed towards Manila. The usual safety video was play by the airlines. The flight was 18 hours in total. Soon, after an hour, a meal was served (salmon, prawn or steak coupled with a salad appetitzer and a cake for dessert). Every two hours, there was a snack (ice cream, bread, candy, drinks) served. Once it reached their 12th hour, the team was given another meal (pasta and bread or a rice meal coupled with an appretizer and a dessert. Since they were in business class, the team had special ugrades and privileges.
  • Kiel: From his seat, the son of Poseidon had noticed Daphne's antics and immediately shrugged. The man who took a picture with her was suddenly doused by a mysterious hole-less leak in the plane. Nonetheless, the counselor was glad. Meanwhile, Kiel also spotted Hara avoiding him. As long as she served her purpose, it didn't bother him. The counselor didn't give much notice to Kiara, although he was intrigued by even more blooming her happy vibe. Meh. He placed on his earphones and enjoyed himself to the new songs. Had it been this of a while since he had relaxed? These songs were not familiar to him; however, they were still good. He had been beside Daphne; howbeit, she was giving him the silent treatment, which irrtated him silently. He'll have to deal with her later, avoiding the urge to lay on her beloved shoulder. After enjoying a meal of salad, lemon garlic prawns, avocado cheesecake, and champagne, Kiel had opened his phone for emails. He had replied a few messages before taking a nap. The next time he woke up was to his next meal, which he delightfully chose a simple bake mac and cheeeze coupled with other delicious courses. The counselor then maximized their business class seats by playing a plane game or two. He had also checked the magazine for gift ideas. Hey, Valentines was coming up. Soon enough, with work and play incorporated in his trip, Kiel had used his time pretty well.
  • Daphne: It was nice to know that Hara was beside her however, she felt the need to be silent thus plugged her earphones and took a nap before the meals come. After eating the daughter of Ares excused herself for the comfort room passing by her boyfriend without a glance to him. XD
  • Zahara: she didn't complain when she was seated next to Daphne despite her heart wanted to be seated alone faaar from people she noticed her starting to listen onto some tune thus decided this was a good time to just clean up and check once more her bag. She opened every nook and cranny of the bag she found many things that she didn't put in.. Like the book titled "and idiot abroad" she opened the book to examined and found only the front page had writing saying "when your lost be an idiot and travel like him!" She grinned as she placed the book aside soon finding more "hidden treasures" like 2 fully charged power bank, a battery charged hair dryer (compact size) and even an Apple. She wanted to check more of the content of the bag but the flight attendant stopped her asking if she could placed her bag in the appropriate place. Zahara being how she is agreed yet she left the book out so she could read. She even took the liberty of using the headphone the airlines provided to start listening to the flight in-house entertainment.when it came time she merely took the salmon thinking it was the cheapest for her. She refused to have cake not wanting to kill her budget when they haven't even land yet. However so she didn't miss the chance of snacks picking candy each time and only eating some while leaving the rest for later. A habit she picked up from the monastery. When the second serve came she took the liberty of picking the rice dish a dish she missed when she lived in mainland China. Hmmm she said slowly as she let the spoon hit her lips. The taste was not like camp. As it was given by the gods yet it was better than the ones she was given when she was in the monastery. At that thought her mind wondered if everyone there was still ok... were they still angry at her? Before she could continue that thought she noticed Daphne getting up .She made hassle to let her go without any complications which in a way woke her up from her daze. When she left she stared at the food not really knowing what else to do as she lost her appetite..thus wanted to ask the attendant to throw her food away yet then the thought of her kind monk came to mind. His teaching and words... reminded her of how bad it was to waste food.. So with a heavy heart she continued munching the food she clearly didn't want sometimes in life you just have to accept it... she told herself when she finally managed to finished the course. She lean back and started to fall asleep hoping to dream of a far reality
  • Kiara: The plane ride made her restless. Two hours in and she was already tapping her feet against the ground and her fingers drummed against her armrest. Are we there yet? Being the type to constantly move about- she had ADHD- Kiara herself tried walking around the plane a few times, using the excuse, "I need to use the bathroom", which was weird seeing how frequent she kept leaving her seat. Another thing that kept her occupied was the view out the window. That was the perks of a window seat. The view was nice to look out at. Kiara did multiple things to sate her boredom by counting the clouds outside, occasionally taking a pic or two with her own iPhone, or simply staring and admiring the sky. Two hours in. Four hours in. Six hours in. They still weren't even halfway through the flight yet. Kiara sighed, knowing she won't be able to sleep for quite some time.

NAIA Terminal

  • Once the team had landed, they had to cross through the immigration propers. Soon enough, they were at the last gate of the terminals, ready to board a hotel bus; however, their son of Poseidon decided to take a bathroom break, and two stunning females approached the other three.
  • Empousa #1: "Hello, ladies! May I invite you to our Globe Telecommunication services?" She smiled kindly at Kiara, eyeing her soon-to-be-dinner. This woman had bright brown eyes, tan skin, slender and tall build, and a rather alluring appeal. She would typically be considered as a Filipina beauty.
  • Empousa #2: Meanwhile, the other empousa turned to Xing and Daphne. "We have sim cards as low as 30 pesosssssssssssss," she accidentally hissed, hoping her dinner were as kind to ignore that and follow them. Meanwhile, this woman had black eyes, charcoal hair, and fair skin. Normally, she'd be considered as mestiza (half-blood) gorgeous.
  • Kiara: Blue green orbs looked back at the lady with a stare. But Kiara took in the whole situation once the empousa had pretty much blown her cover. Empousai, deadly women creatures.... uh... Medusa's sisters who like having demigods for breakfast by luring them with veiled disguises! Or at least, something like that, Kiara remembered in her brain. Lyle and her had dealt with empousai in their past adventures before camp. So she smiled easily, "Hello there miss! I'm sorry, but the three of us have to leave soon. Our ride is coming in.." she looked back at her two allies like, When was he coming again?
  • Empousa #1: "Oh dearie. I'm afraid you'll never get to ride it," she said, glaring at her friend's failed attempt. This time, the empousa had further used her ability to charmspeak. Even though the opposite party was full female, her abilities could at least paralyze them for a moment. She cursed that their male companion was absent. If he were there, things would've been much simpler.
  • Suddenly, the two women shifted their forms. They grew flaming hair, white skin, red eyes, fangs, one prosthetic bronze leg and one donkey leg. The two emmpousai used middle ground to separate the team. The first empousa aimed to devor Kiara, while her companion had to handle the other two.
  • Empousa #1: The first one lunged itself towards the swordless daughter of Hecate. She was the more experienced of the two. Unlike her companion, she was determined for a kill, not a beauty contest. Due to their close proximity, she aimed to bury her claws into the girl's arm flesh and attempt to swiftly impale her teeth to Kiara's neck.
  • Empousa #2: Meanwhile, this Junior empousa was rather fiesty but incompetent. Being overwhelmingly jealous of the female team's looks, she easily succumbed to her lust for beauty and her pride. "No one can be prettier than me!" She screamed at a defeaning pitch to distract and warn the demigoddesses. Wow, someone's burning--literally, too! The empousa chimed in the middle of the two. The sort-of-still-a woman pounced at Xing Ai, attempting to stab her thigh for paralysis and bite her adominal sides for the kill, while as Willow Smith's song goes, she whipped her flaming hair at Daphne to disarm her.
  • Kiara: Uh-oh. "Well, that sucks!" Kiara yelled back, her body turning ethereal. This would make the empousa's attack past right through her body, kind of like a ghost. She moved forwards, till she was right behind the empousa. She quickly turned around and aimed an intense beam of magic at her neck, potentially distracting her with the burning pain before squatting and kicking her leg out in a single sweep, hoping to trip the monster over. When was the last time she fought a monster like this? Not since she entered camp. The thrill she was feeling was awesome, like always.
  • Zahara: the sights she was seeing scared her as she slowly stared at kiara trying to defend herself. She wanted to help but then she notice the other empousa lunging itself toward her being an acrobat she did a backflip landing herself onto the hard airports floor this is new... she said as she bended her glasses making it into a staff to enable her to attack the monster better
  • Daphne: She clicks her tongue at the monster indicating that she's alert and wary to her surprise the empousa was by far quick however not quick enough. Daphne was able to dock and dodge the attack, after doing so the daughter of Ares grabbed her pendant as it shifts to her sword. Daphne just looks for a timing whereas Hara would be far. After finding the right timing since the Empousa had her back on her, she runs toward it aiming to decapitate the monster.
  • Empousa #1: Without her seduction powress, an empousa was practically useless. The empousa sideswept from Kiara's Archeronic beam. She hissed at the demigoddess before being toppled by the kick on her leg. However, since one of her feet was made from Celestrial bronze, that's gotta hurt Kaira. On the ground, the woman reached its claws out in attempt to grab and bite the daughter of Hecate. If her attempt were to fail, she'd use her upper limbs to flip back to standing upright and whip her hair to burn the demigoddess.
  • Empousa #2: The flaming woman, being a creation of Hecate, was able to somewhat "see" Daphne's attack; thus, she ducked the stab, which could hurt Xing if she didn't avoid. From the ground, she tried to hug both girls' legs and twist them to dislocation. If she were even luckier, time would be fortunate enough to allow a bite on the war child's calf. Clearly, the one with a sword, which could disintegrate her, must be dealt with first.
  • Kiara: Kiara's face contorted in pain. "Celestial bronze, I forgot," she spoke meekly as she drew back. That was a stupid move, but Kiara managed to stumble backwards. She hobbled on the other leg as she hopped on the ground as the enemy proceeded. Kiara, being quick on her feet, and believe or not, tried to cast a levitation spell on her monster so that it would hang upside down mid air before she could try anything. And with that hopeful attempt to be successful.. "Right, weapon," she remembered with a ping in her head. Kiara's right hand glowed briefly before a large war hammer took place between her fingers. "Sorry for this," she said with a cheeky grin at the empousa before yelling "KIARA SMASH!" and slammed the weapon right into the she-monster's ribs, right at the same time.
  • Empousa #1: As commanded, the empousa, before she could even lunge at Kiara again, was lifted in midair. Thinking she'd distract the daughter of Hecate, she screamed deafeningly. The she-monster, however, was wronged. The empousa was crushed into a pulp by the spikes of celestial bronze hammer.
  • Zahara: when she saw Daphne blade she tried to avoid it. It escaped her skin but her shirt wasn't as lucky receiving a tear near her shoulder however so when the monster duck under she made haste to touch the lever making the staff turned into a spear. The blade was coated with cb thus she tried to stab the monster with the blade hoping her fear won't take her down
  • Daphne: After the empousa had docked, Daphne was able to jump over her but almost stabbed her companion, however time for apologies will come. Daphne hisses and whips her head back to the monster before sending her sword out flying towards the empousa clearly out of irritation. She steps away from Hara before grabbing her earring that soon turned to her bow and arrow preparing for aiming at the monster if ever their blow was to miss, however Daphne was confident that at least one of it would damage the monster, being sure won't hurt anyone anyway pacman emoticon
  • Empousa #2: Seeing her sister die such a cruel death, the empousa was worried for her own life. After receiving a grazes from Daphne and Xing, the wounded empousa tried her best to flee from the scene with a fake leg and a donkey one. Is it too late now to say sorry? Yeah. Clearly, it was a dumb move. For such, she deserved a sweet jab of Celestial Bronze, and she did. The she-devil burst into golden dust, leaving a few jewelry she had worn earlier.
  • Kiel: "Nice work, ladies!" The counselor commended, clapping his hand classy-ly as he approached the team. Kiel was especially proud of the team's she-Thor. "Sorry I couldn't join you. I rather not extinct rarity (beautiful girls)." Ah~ Any healthy man's weakness~ Seeing the injuries were only light, he decided to cater to them in the van. The ever-prepared boy had brought dozens of ambrosia cubes with him. Plus, he could always ask Kiara for healing spells too. "Let's get to the van for some ambrosia and healing spells, alright?" The son of Poseidon then gestured towards the door, especially eyeing Daphne for cuts. If the women noticed, their luggage were not by the benches anymore. During the fight, Kiel had them placed inside the hotel's black Hiace. The counselor was careful enough to seal their bags with coatings of boiling water to prevent possible robbery. Outside, a driver had already opened the van door for the ladies.
  • Daphne: After such a fight, the daughter of Ares grabbed her sword back before combing her messy hair back as she passes by her boyfriend without a glance again of course. Daphne was somehow frustrated that a simple monster made her almost hurt Hara. Daphy climbs at the van grabbing her sling bag that has a couple of ambrosia for herself. She wanted to ask Hara if she was okay but she feels embarrassed
  • Kiara: She let out a whistle, "I wish that lasted longer," she admits, swinging her hammer over her shoulder before it glowed, and disappeared from sight a second later. After that devastating blow to the empousa, Kiara came out of the battle without a scratch, except for the ache in her calf. I can't wait to tell Lyle about it, she thought with a grin as she hops to the car.
  • "'Zahara: the scratch she received was minimal thus she merely let it go as she opened up her bag and went to search for the hoodie she bought I'm gonna go and change she said simply as she walked to toilet planning to change quick before people see her scars. it didn't take her long to change then she saw them waiting for her thus she scurried to.The can keeping her mouth shut trying to get a grip of the situation.
  • Kiel: Once the team had settled in the car, Kiel had offered a pack of ambrosia cubes to the girls. They needed it, nonetheless. "Take some," he suggested. The son of Poseidon then used the in-car wifi to research for more water locations. "After separate breakfast buffet, we'll parting ways. Daphne, you take Manila Bay. Hara, take Manila Ocean Park. Kiara, take Solaire Resort and Casino. I'll take Manila Hotel. Your pearls will glow upon a ranged perimeter close to the Nereids. Snuggle Queen, the locket you have will show the face of the Nereid." The counselor then passed on print outs of each location to the girls. He noticed some weren't able to get as much sleep, so he allowed them to take the night off. "Oh yeah. Dad's paying, so enjoy." Clearly, the counselor had great trust in everyone's abilities, and it was especially evident in Kaira and her given location. Yes, by trust, that also included the insecure Chinese girl owned by Mel.
  • Hara: she made a O.O face when kiel said she was gonna be alone in a new country. Despite not knowing even a single word of the national language hell she didnt even know anything about this place he was trusting her to be here in this country without guidance. However she slowly took the piece of paper and stared at it as if it was her death certificate. After a long paused he let out a sigh as she stared out of the window wondering what to do about this
  • Daphne: After receiving instructions and information, the daughter of Ares drifted to a short nap once they've everything settled. Daphne's has been in the Manila Bay, there wasn't anything special about the place thus wanted to switch with Kiara but since the head of poseidon wouldn't let her do that with no doubt, she plans to switch with the daughter of Hecate in secret. hihi lol
  • Kiara: "Yaaay." she grinned and took her map. She was gonna explore later and no one could stop her. She'll avoid getting lost, hopefully. Kiara could always teleport back to her room if she thinks she's stuck on a foreign street somewhere in town.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel

  • After an hour of travel, the van stops in front of a large resort. The driver opened the door, and Kiel stepped out of it first, extending his hand for any lady who needed it. The team will enter to a grandiose lobby still in Christmas theme. The lobby assistants will be easy to talk to. However, since they were Poseidon's guests, the son of Poseidon immediately received the room keys from the Caucasian head manager. He then distributed each key to a lady. Meanwhile, their luggage were sent to their respective rooms. Their two rooms were beside each other. While Kiel had a luxurious room all to himself, the three ladies had to share one large room. Guess the ladies will either have a night of gossip or sleeping. Dinner will be delivered to the rooms.
  • Kiel: The counselor, without another word, took the elevator and closed his room shut. What he didn't notice was the key card he had given Daphne was to his room. Nonetheless, if Xing or Kiara used theirs, there would be no complications at first. He ate his dinner, watched a few shows on TV, and replied a few emails. He'll take a shower later. Although he wanted his snugly queen closely, this was the best precaution possible.
  • Hara: Upon arriving first thing she saw was the big hotel room in front of them. In all her life she never been to a hotel and even if she had never as luxurious as this one. She saw the bustling city from her window in the van but when she got out her senses with numb trying to take everything in. I think I'm gonna walk.. She said simply not wanting to go inside the hotel as she started walking aimlessly knowing fully well she might get ambushed or worse attacked
  • Daphne: It was weird that Kiel gave a card that's different from her room, either way she doesn't want to complain as it means talking to Kiel. Once entering the room, their luggage were placed infront of the beds. The daughter of Ares took the bed beside the window and looked for her bath necessities. "I'm going to take a shower." She says to Kiara.
  • Kiara: "Okay," she replies as Daphne went in the bathroom. Kiara walks over to her bed and flops onto it. The mattress was soft, so fluffy that Kiara felt like she was sinking into the fabric. "I can get used to this," she murmured, closing her eyes. She almost dozed off a few minutes later, but then she remembered something. Kiara quickly rolled onto her stomach and grabbed her bag. She sat up cross legged on her bed as she pulled the bag's zip open. Among her clothes and other necessary items, there were spherical vials filled with unique, glowing colours. The biggest vial was the size of her pinky, and was filled with clear, sparkling blue liquid. She took that one out of the others. Kiara held it at eye level, looking at the cobalt substance somewhat expectantly, "It's been three days," she hummed, "Just a little longer and it'll be ready for battle." Kiara confirmed. What was the blue liquid inside it? It's a special potion that she has yet to experiment with. But that time will come soon enough.
  • Daphne: She nods at her roommate before walking towards the bathroom which was also luxurious.
  • Kiara: The daughter of Hecate spent by her time productively by: levitating a piece of fruit from that fruit basket to her hand, and walked out to the balcony to check the view, which was amazing. She leaned forward, dangerously tittering over the edge of the railing. Her brown hair fell over her side, dangling in the air as she examined the view. The balls of her feet dangled mid-air, so she was positioned almost horizontally over the railing. While that position looked incredibly dangerous, Kiara knew what she was doing.
  • Daphne: After a few minutes or so, Daphne comes out of the bathroom drying her hair with her towel, she noticed the sliding door towards the balcony was opened, upon looking further she saw Kiara on the rails which sent her heart beat to increase. "Y-yah!" She points to her "That's dangerous!" She shouts
  • Kiara: "Whoops," she turned her head around, not realizing that only made her tilt even more over the edge. "What's danger-" and so Kiara fell over the edge.
  • Daphne: The young lady screamed her lungs out and ran towards the balcony looking down then scans the area thinking of a way to help
  • Kiara: "Sorry about that," a sheepish voice came from behind Daphne. Kiara stood there, looking completely unharmed. "I'm okay." This rascal was too hyper for her own good. The daughter of Hecate had teleported back to the room the moment she was a few metres below their room, and had reappeared behind the daughter of Ares. Fortunately, this sort of situation had happened to her before, so she was prepared. Kiara had thought of levitating instead, but that would have taken up more energy.
  • Daphne: She gasps as she turn her body to fave the source of voice before sighing in relief placing her palm on her chest "You gave me an heart attack." She rolls her eyes
  • Kiara: She grinned guiltily, "I tend to cause things like that a lot, unfortunately." She walked towards her bed and fell back on it. "If my mother weren't Hecate, I would have died a million times already," she admitted. Kiara was a reckless spirit by heart, as you could see. She just can't "not" do it.
  • Hara:' she was out and about in the city exploring the sights and taste it provided her. Obviously language was a barrier but considering how hara bought a translator when she was at the airport before departure it became less and less of an issue. Adding to her "photographic memory" and how she was sorta reading the book she could pretty much pass as a child speaker. Note to self only go to places where they speak english or mandrin... she said tired from all exploring she was doing. She mostly walk as she hope to maybe meet up with the nymph sooner. However as she walked she noticed how the decorations for Chinese new year was up. The redness of the streets matched with kids holding up their ang pau. That send her to a trip down memory lane as she thought back on her youth. I feel old... she said with a sigh as she tried to remember her way back ok... I'm lost... she said after realizing she failed to take note of the hotel they were staying in she tried to remember and even opened up the map she bought with the translator but to no avail.. and considering she didnt have anyone's phone number she was stranded
  • Daphne: After the mini-heart attack, the daughter of Ares decided to come out and see the swimming pool on the deck even though it's already mid night, daphne assumed that no one would really be around however, once she got outside, her light clothing quite inappropriate. A footsteps was heard in the hallway, when she tried to open the door once again it was already locked.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon takes a friendly shower in his bathroom. The large room was left to his own, which satisfied him. On his table was his phone, which was left unlocked due to sending a large file. There were dozens of messages from female names. His bed was left untouched. His meal cart had already been taken away. What Kiel didnt expect this evening was a lovely visitor, who he accidentally had given the wrong key to.
  • Daphne: The daughter of Ares, whom was locked away by her room mates felt anxious once she heard foot steps on the hallway, acroos their room was Kiel's. It took a minute before she finally fished out the key that's been with her all the time. She enters the empty room with her light clothing, her neon green bra was eye catching and it looked like she wasn't wearing any shorts as her shirt was oversized. However she stays on the room eavesdropping on the door to see if there's no footsteps to be heard anymore.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon, who was in the shower, was not aware of any new presence. He didnt expect it. Kiel realized he left his clothes on his bed; thus, he reached for a towel and wrapped it around his lower half. The counselor opened the door to the bathroom and walked towards the bed. His reaction to Daphne would be on his next post.
  • Daphne: Once a door opening was heard, Daphne's eyes widens but she covers her face once the half naked Kiel showed himself, she wasn't sure if she'd go out now bc the foot steps is still heard
  • Kiel: "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The son of Poseidon, who saw a lady in his room, screamed. Like, with his low voice, he screamed. The other girls probably heard that one from across.
  • Daphne: Once he screamed the daughter of Ares did the same blushing madly trying to cover her chest with her arms
  • Kiel: Well, this is an awkward moment. The towel had suddenly dropped to the ground, and he stopped screaming. The counselor immediately picked it up and wrapped it around his waist; however, he held it this time. The scene made Kiel blush madly at the situation. He was even stuttering, hoping she had saw nothing through those holes between her delicate fingers. "W-WHAT DA FUQ ARE YOU DOING HERE, WOMAN!?" He asked franatically.
  • Daphne: She blew a fuse and turned her back on him as she screamed more louder this time. "WHY ARE YOU DROPPING YOUR TOWEL DOUCHEBAG!!!!" She shouts without looking back
  • Kiel: Since she had knew about the towel falling, it mustve meant she looked. "HOW DID U... YOU MUSTVE..." Instead of throwing a fit, the counselor laughed miniacally. He wasnt ashamed of being well-endowed physically. Why, he'd have a glorious body akin to the Lord Apollo himself! The counselor, who still held his towel with his left hand, approached her. "Naughtly little girl." Each step probably made the war childs heart thump louder. The AC was already closed, so he had no problems. The counselor leaned down to her. His face on her shoulder. His mouth nearing her ears. He whispered, "What did you see?" He grinned widely at his innocent tease, enjoying how much naivity he's going to corrupt.
  • Daphne: Upon hearing his statement Daphne stayed her back turned and once she felt his presence, after talking the daughter of Ares shoved the counselor with his face, exhanging position with him but then that means her neon bra is now more visible, the shoving was more actually like a shove and a slap which will cause him to habe a red palm on his cheek now. The daughter of Ares never ceased to blush as she holds Kiel's head to look at just the door "D-don't look back!" She says warning him
  • Kiel: At first, the slap angered the son of Poseidon. Well, he did deserve it. The counselor, before he could utter his colorful range of vocabulary ceremoniously, had heard Daphne's order. "There are reasons why sheep are warned not to enter a lions den." He immediately dropped onto his knees and attemped to scoop her up by placing her legs around his neck. The room had high ceilings, and a water orb fastened the towel now. If Kiel failed, well, tune into the next post.
  • Daphne: "W-what!" Kiel's head suddenly escaped her grasp and was suddenly lifted to the air. "Y-yah! Zaphkiel! Don't even dare to turn sudeways or I'll swear I'll leave more than one mark!" She says with a tensed and fast voice,
  • Kiel: The counselor didnt look sideways. Instead, he looked up and grinned suggestively. "Better?" He taunted, clearly seeing her features from below. Part of him wanted to ask the reason for neon. It just begged for trouble.
  • Daphne: She holds the boy's head down once it moved upward "Yah! Please!, Omygod! " she pleads with her face still heatened up
  • Kiel: "Arent there such things called 'exchanges'?" He pressed tauntingly, having his head lowered. Normally, he wouldnt like that; however, with his hands on her thighs to support her above, he was too... entertained to be irritated. Kiel bended his hair dry, leaving a soft patch of dark brown meadow.
  • Daphne: she keeps herself together by controlling her breathing. "What do you mean?" She furrows her eyebrows still pushing head down. "When are you going to put me down?" She voice out exasperatingly trying to wriggle to escape
  • Kiel: "I mean... for seeing sides youre not supposed to," he smirked. "You need to pay your debt." The water around his water regrouped to his lower area. After the towel had fallen, a seemingly comfortable pair of shorts appeared around his lower abdoment to knee. "Also, now." The counselor simultaneously pulled her legs and bended backwards, flinging Daphne onto the bed. If successful, he'd attempt to lock her down.
  • Daphne: "It was your fault." She states firmly about seeing his ukno hahaha. The daughter of Ares suddenly squealed once she was dropped on the bed and out of reflexes she covered her chest with her arms
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon cornered her body with his hands. He gradually leaned in and smoothly kissed areas around her neck. Unknowst to his little plaything, he was going to let himself off in a bit, since rape charges arent on his new years resolution list (not like he has one). The son of Poseidon felt her disliking; however, he was one post away from satisfaction. All he had to do was sensually collect a debt.
  • Daphne: "What the--" her eyes widen and suddenly laughed at the kisses for the neck, she tries to push the guy away but her ticklish and the butterflies in her stomach makes her weak. Hah.
  • Kiel: The counselor's dominant hand trailed down her body and gracefully made its way around her back. At the moment, he was enjoying her defined collarbone. Suddenly, he stopped and retracted. Kiel didnt take her heart. "Debt paid, kiddo," he confirmed, rolling off her. The counselor was more than satisfied for the next 5 years. He didnt want to push her any further. The king sized bed was large enough to cater the both of them. Still on the bed, the son of Poseidon, who was seated like an Indian, took his nearby shirt and wore it. His shorts were carried back to his luggage by a water orb. He flopped to his side and faced opposite to Daphne, covering himself with the thick blanket. Water orbs turned the AC back on and closed the lights (except for Daphnes bedlamp). The curtains were already closed. "Goodnight, snuggly queen," he greeted sweetly.
  • Daphne: The young lady was somehow both relieved and quite disappointed however, her face showcased a stoic aand blushing madly face-- whoch obviously means hiding something if Kiel has noticed it. Moving on, the young lady covered herself under the duvet before turning her bedlamps off and dozing off to sleep rather than think again v.v

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

  • The next morning...
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon had a difficult time sleeping. Being beside a female agitated him. Waking up from a dream, he re-tucked Daphne with the blanket at midnight then prepared a voice message for the other girls. It will be played during 7:20 AM, twenty minutes after their wake-up call from the concierge. "Morning girls! Have breakfast downstairs and get going. Let's meet at 7:30 PM tonight for dinner to discuss our findings. If any of you do manage to get a glow, IM me. Take care!" He fell asleep again. The next morning, Kiel woke up early and left a note for Daphne on the table beside her. "I'll go first. Take care." The son of Poseidon assumed Daphne was going to be a good girl and not enter Kiara's location, which was a casino; little did he know the two trade places. The team had a complimentary pass to the international buffet downstairs, and the counselor, who had already passed his instructions, now exited his room for breakfast then his location (Manila Hotel).

Manila Bay (Kiara)

  • Kiara: She struggled to get up at first. Kiara groaned as the alarm set of, and from the human sized bundle on her bed, a hand crept out of the blanket and searched for the alarm, slamming her palm all over the table in search for the alarm clock. "Five... more.. minutes," she mumbled sleepily, successfully finding the annoying alarm. She pushed it off the table, and it stopped beeping. Thinking that settled it, Kiara turned to the other side, and carried on sleeping for maybe another hour or so. Less than five minutes later, the alarm went off again and the daughter of Hecate groaned loudly. Ugh.. About thirty minutes later, the girl finally found that morning cheeriness, and got ready in ten minutes or so. Her outfit for the day was a simple white crop top and blue shorts, paired with white sandals, and her hair tied in a ponytail. After grabbing a backpack and her map, she walked out to the dining room. She may have taken about one too many different types of food at the buffet table. But hey, Lord Poseidon was paying, so Kiara was gonna eat as many chocolate eclairs as she liked. After that, the brunette took off to Manila Bay, map drawn out in front of her. She walked, may or may not have taken a taxi, asked a few people for directions, and almost encountered with a few harpies, but she managed to dodge that situation. The first thing she thought was: lots of murky water. But aside from that, Manila Bay was pretty. Kiara carried out her task at hand, but got distracted here and there, she searched and looked at people, wondering if one of them were the two runaways, but saw nothing. So she took a break and found lunch in a local restaurant. The people were friendly, much to her delight. The food was just as good. So she gave the staff a nice tip before leaving with a smile. The daughter of Hecate walked off her lunch by going to the edge of the dock, crouching down to get a closer look at the water. Curiously, she poked at the cloudy liquid, only to be splashed in the face. Kiara blinked. Lucky for her, she has just poked a water nymph in the eye. Whoops. Anyway, she walked around Manila Bay for a few more hours before she realised it was getting late. The sun was setting over the horizon, and while it made a pretty sight to stop and sstare at, Kiara had to head back. Day 1, no sightings, no clues, evidences, nothing. Kiara shrugged, "Guess I'll try tomorrow."

Manila Hotel (Kiel)

  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon, who again was dressed finely, walked out to the breakfast lounge. He was greeted by an array of breakfast meals, and Poseidon, did they look appetizing! Thank whatever deity that they tasted great too! Kiel helped himself with a heavy breakfast, so he'd be energized for the rest of the day. Once he had finished his last plate of a peach mango crepe, the counselor tossed an apple and a banana into his Tumi backpack. He then entered an on-call cab.

Somehow, Kiel was able to explore a part of the city through the short trip. The amateur photographer saved a few sights worth considering. To save himself from traffic boredom, he mentally pointed out the places he saw on his virtual map. Once the cab stopped, the counselor paid the driver and ventured into the Manila Hotel.The son of Poseidon sauntered into the lobby, where he was welcomed by a Filipina in a Filipinina. Guess his simple but expensive clothing had attracted good attention, which he had already expected. The counselor noted the traditional theme the place carried and somehow liked it. Waiting for his pearl to glow, the counselor sat for a cup of tea and wondered about the local's traditions. Kiel soon had a little chat with the staff and other guests, discussing about the management and Philippine culture. It was a good thing he was also able to connect to the hotel's wifi and spend his time productively.The son of Poseidon then positioned himself to the back of the hotel, which was a beautiful view of the sea. He sat on a bench, had the fruits for lunch, and again waited for the nymphs. For another 5 hours, nothing but a sea nymph approached him. The female was luckily heads over heels for the egotistical Taiwanese ,giving him more information about the country and assurance for their next location. Two more hours passed, and Kiel decided to consider the trip as a lesson learned. He fetched a cab and returned to his hotel for the night. Sadly, Kiel's status all day: nada.

Manila Ocean Park (Hara)

  • Zahara: she was asleep in her room. Her mind thought back of last night. Before shegot back after at least 4 hours looking for the hotel. She almost ended up crying and the furthest she got was the place kiel told her to go to. Considering the time it was close thus she sat there almost crying. Some kind passer by did stop to ask but many got lost in translation as she clearly lack both English and Tagalog. However soon enough when the child of apate pulled herself together and put her hand in her pockets she soon found the card kiel gave her to her room. With that she was brought back to the hotel and the first thing she did was fall asleep not even bothering to change. After a few hours she did wake up hearing the noise of her roommate she didn't make a sound hoping they wouldn't notice her. Upon hearing the door finally closed she quickly got up and went into the shower. She went in hoping to "cleanse" her body from all the drama before changing into something proper. She took her short sleeved blue shirt with some jeans matching it with some sports shoes,she also picked up her weapon and the pearl so that she could just drift off as soon as she finished her breakfast.She did a final check list in her head of what she should take before going downstairs to breakfast. She was obviously late but the waiters still gave her food a gesture she thanked for. She didn't eat much as there wasn't much left . She took some cereals and she was off to the to manila ocean park once again. Considering she went there already last night but even that didn't prepare her for the amount of people that was there. Like everything it rocked her senses. However so she continued to move around trying to squeeze through the exhibits hoping the pearls would shine. It didn't but that didn't stop her from being amazed at all the animals there. She took at least 3 rounds before going back to the hotel hoping to not face kiel's wrath

Solaire Casino and Resort (Daphne)

  • Daphne: When the sunlight finally prickles her skin, the daughter of Ares finally woke up, finding the note on her lamp table which made her eyes roll regardless of the note irritating the lady, Daphne phoned the customer service to bring new key upstairs for her and yada yada. A few minutes or so she finally went on to her quest after eating. Daphne went out with v-neck white shirt tucked in high waist black jeans with a gym sack as her bag and a Dr Martens boots. Since the sofitel wasn't really that far from solaire, she was able to arrive in no time at the bayview villa that was reserved for her. Daphne has been in manila but she still bought a map for safety she knows a few words that are necessary when lost. The compound was rather nice, since the villas costs a fortune she was the only one in that time plus it wasn't pick season in this month. She bumped into a few guys that has cleaning work to do while walking as she looks for what she seeks for the quest. Sunset has arrived and the child of Ares never thought of missing a single glance on the pearls. Before leaving, Daphne enjoyed the view of the setting sun and took a couple of pictures of it before going back to Sofitel without any clues or evidences nor a glance of what they seek for.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

  • Later that night...
  • Kiel: After 30 minutes, the son of Poseidon was returned to the hotel. He walked towards the lobby lounge, where guests were served light meals. He chose a table for five overlooking the the swimming pools and local dancers, who were outside. The counselor had already ordered their appetizers; however, he had asked the waiter to serve them once they girls came. Cold club sandwiches aren't as greatly appreciated as a warm one. Of course, the quest was in his mind; however, he didn't want to push the girls. He was slightly disappointed none of them called him, meaning none of them found anything. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day. For now, the counselor stared at the other people taking evening swims, contemplating whether he would join them tonight or not.
  • Kiara: This girl, being sneaky, had decided to snatch a few french fries from the buffet table before walking over, "Hey," Kiara greeted him with a friendly wave, taking a seat. "Sorry I didn't call. I searched everywhere, but I found nothing," she told him with a small, disappointed huff. "Did you get a clue?"
  • Daphne: Before she even makes her way down for dinner, Daphne left her things on the room then proceeded for the Dinner, seeing Kiara and Kiel once again. She rolls her eyes and though of ignoring the son of Poseidon, not like it matters to him anyway. She walks to sit across from Kiara, greeting her a good evening. "To my dismay, i found no clue or anything." she sighs as she talks to Kiara while placing the table napkin on her thigh for table manners
  • Kiara: She waved at Daphne when she arrived, "Same, how was the place though?" Kiara asked Daphne, while munching on a french fry. Seeing as they switched places..
  • Kiel: "I had a sea nymph help me," he replied. The son of Poseidon had he waiter bring an array of thick clubhouse sandwiches with sides of fries plus glasses of champagne.
  • Daphne: "Manila Bay was great." she smiles at her with her eyes quite widened indicating for Kiara to avoid any reference to their exchange of locations. "Yours? If i may ask." her eyes turns to soft glance at Kiara, ignoring Kiel hihi xD
  • Kiara: Kiara took a second to get the hint before she nodded her head quickly, "Oh, yeeeeeeeah the casino," she sais with a small grin. "Fun place. Would totally go there again," she added. As their food came, Kiara's stomach growled quietly, but she eyed the glasses of alcohol in surprise. "But... we're not legal yet," she said slowly, pointing at her glass of champagne.
  • Daphne: she nods with a smirk of triumph like OH YAS I GOT AWAY HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA... She purses her lips to avoid any suspicious acts that might cause the other to question. Daphne have tried red wines however it never lead to any unwanted situations, in order to be neutral she waits for Kiel to answer
  • Zahara: as like before the girl got lost and took her sweet time to just find the hotel once again. However so unlike before she got lucky that some kind Filipinos took pity of her and pointed her out to the right direction. When she finally got there it was already dinner time so she merely sneaked into the hall and made her way to the table she took a seat and merely looked down. "No clue .... "was all she wanted to say as she refuse to show her happiness in the day. As despite her failure she did have fun but she knew if she showed it to kiel he'll slaughter her alive with his comments and after receiving 3 of it she refuse to give him another chance to open his book of complaints.
  • Kiel: Unlike what Hara had expected, the leader merely kept his cool. Why? A little sea nymph gave the answer to his problems moments ago. "Welcome back, Hara." He greeted, gesturing for the waiter to come in with more plates, utensils, and club house sandwiches. "Tomorrow, we're checking out this mall called SM MOA. It's beside the sea, and a little helper had told me it was a sea nymph's hangout. Perfect."
  • Zahara: she was actually shocked she didn't get scolded but upon hearing the next part of his speech she merely nodded knowing she didn't really have a choice with this...
  • Kiara: She beams, "That's great! How far is it from here?" She said happily, but truly it was also a futile attempt of distraction so no one would notice the little finger movements she was making to change the flavor of her drink to mountain dew. Kiara tasted the champagne beforehand, but she didn't like the taste so much. Her taste buds hadn't matured yet, apparently.
  • Daphne: She remains poker faced but the thought of coming home to camp-- which is quite a boring place for her, esp she's someone who likes to travel. Moving on, Daphne is slightly sad that this quest might end soon but she's also happy that Kiel is close to achieving his goal. Wow contradicting emotions
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon had noticed everyone's reaction and nodded to himself. "The place isn't that far. Possibly less than an hour's drive," he replied Kiara. The counselor then gestured the ladies to eat, as he did pick up a sandwich and ate it. Kiel then wiped his mouth with a napkin before proceeding to talk. "How were your locations today?"
  • Hara: she stared at her dishes in front of her seeing how luxurious each of them were. She gulped as she was still trying to get use to camp food now she had to eat something very different from what she was use to "ummm" when kiel invited her to eat she merely took the soup as she think that's the only thing she could eat however so when she heard kiel question she nodded "it was interesting" she said simply as she thought of other words to use "some animals were actually cute... " She added soon after "and smart..." She continued nodding her head hoping that would satisfy the question
  • Daphne: Daphne upon scanning the table which was filled with countless of foods, she reached for the rice and the meat with orange sauce and sesame seeds, which turns out to be chicken teriyaki and a tempura. After such a tiring day, the daughter of Ares seemed to eat alot than usual. After gulping down few of her food Daphne decided to just listen to the others before she can state her experience
  • Kiara: Kiara took a bit of everything. All this food looked so good. She was glad she came for this quest. "Interesting." She answered. Seeing as she and Daphne switched places... it was going to be hard for the daughter of Hecate to retell the tale. Nevertheless she gave it her best shot. "The sunsets are amazing," Kiara added, before taking a bite out of a spring roll.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

  • Soon enough, the team had finished their meal and night's rest. It was time for Day 3.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon, who was dressed readily, had stopped at the lobby. He had already finished his meal and getup. The counselor was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo shirt accompanied by orange folded shorts and boat shoes. The boy also had a small bag slung on his back. He waited for the girls.
  • Hara: she's been awake since 6 and been rummaging her bag to find something proper to wear. She obviously never been shopping before so she doesn't really know what to wear. As the clock strike 7 the young child of apate opt out to wear a long pink sleeved shirt (which is obviously too big for her size), some jeans matching that all with some sports shoes.She also took this chance to wear her three watches not wanting to be late again . She took her small backpack filled with ambrosia and some bandages and first aid. Before she left she also took a small notepad, her phone,the pepper sprayer that tydal had gave as well as a mirror as well as her purse in case she wanted to buy something . She headed out but like before came back in as she just realized she left her weapon. She took both her knife and glasses before heading down to meet kiel this time deciding to wear her weapon than keeping it in her pocket considering how full it is deep in her heart she feared judgements but still she knew she had to go for the quest. She ran out of the door not wanting to be late and soon saw kiel. "Am I late?" She asked looking at the boy before looking around for the others
  • Kiara: Kiara would have been late again if it weren't for literally falling out of bed. She didn't even realize she fell until her head hit the floor with a loud thud. "OW." After ensuring she didn't have a concussion, Kiara had a quick shower and brushed her teeth, yada yada. She threw on a sleeveless white blouse and mint green skinny jeans, pairing them with white converses. She stuffed her backpack all the necessary items (including her beloved war hammer). As for the pearl Kiel had given them, Kiara decided to tie hers on a piece of string, and slung it around her neck. It's not like anyone would know what it was, besides their group. Kiara was fond of the magical precious stone. So she left, and came into view of the other two within a minute or so. "Morning.." she yawned, waving her hand tiredly. There wasn't anything wrong, Kiara was just.. still adjusting to the different timezone.
  • Daphne: As a wanderlust, the daughter of Ares woke up way earlier than them. She took a long bath but came out replenished-- it's 5:30 and since it's like summer in manila she wore laced shorts and a plan v neck black shirt paired with a dr. Martens white boots. After that she made the pearl to a collarbone necklace before she makes herself a coffee and spent the morning at the terrace waiting for sunrise
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon shook his head at Xing, while he greeted Kiara a "Morning." Once Daphne was in sight, the son of Poseidon directed them towards the van parked outside, gesturing that they enter as soon as possible to proceed to their next location.
  • Kiara: She enters first, wanting the window seat. Kiara liked long drives- not too long of course. She liked watching the view pass by the window as the car moved.
  • Hara: she follows kiara in taking the last seat as she liked the privacy it gives her
  • Daphne: She brings a gymsack with her and sat on the end before closing the door with her free hand.

SM Mall of Asia

  • In an hour or less, the group had finally arrived at the SM Mall of Asia. The location was exactly like the pictures in Google---except with less photoshop. The taxi dropped the group off the other side of the road. As the team were planning to enter the mall, their pearls suddenly glowed. Simultaneously, a truck had passed and parked in front of them. The glowing stopped. Instead, two hungry cyclopses eyed the demigods from the other side of the road. They were particularly interested in Daphne's pearl necklace, as if they were commanded to guard something.
  • Kiara: "Eh?" The daughter of Hecate whipped her head around, confused. Weirdly enough, when her piece of the necklace glowed, it sent a jolt through her nerves. And then it stopped. She turned back to her crew. "Did you gu-" Kiara paused. The daughter of Hecate could see in all directions, and she spotted something lurking behind. That was bad news. Her green eyes narrowed, "Lay low. We got company." she muttered, her hands flickering with light.
  • Hara: having never experienced water traveled she was still shaken with the thought but she was quick to pause her playlist as she heard kiel order to which she reply with a nod. She took one look at the mall and sigh as she wonder where she could find the two nymphs.
  • Kiara: Kiara waved her hand in acknowledgement of the plan. She followed after Hara, using her 360° vision as best as she could to locate the two nymphs as well. While that was a plus, Kiara did not have the power to see everything. Those two nereids could be anywhere.
  • Daphne: Everything happened in speed that Daphne wasn't able to catch up most of it however but the young lady after arriving at the mall made her slightly fidget. Ah this is a really huge place. How will she ever find what they're looking for?
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon continued to stroll around the malls, often entering the shops and comparing the prices. Kiel remained alert, often glancing at his pearl and hoping it would glow. The counselor managed to buy himself a shirt, and once he exited the boutique, Kiel bought himself a cup of milk tea. Well, he wanted to know whether the quality was worse in another country. He sat on a bench and took a sip. The difference was not too far.
  • Hara: Not knowing where to go she put up her phone and just followed what the gps says as she checked up on the pearl regularly. Soon enough she found herself in a music store a place where she bought some CDs and and an MP3 player in case of Stymphalian Birds attacking them
  • hara: getting the orders she looked around not really knowing where to go or what to do. Soon enough she found herself in the middle of the mall looking up and down wondering on how to occupy her time
  • Kiara: No she isn't lost she swore. Actually.... maybe she is lost. She didn't know, the mall was so huge and everything looked so cool she may have gotten a little distracted..? Oops. Kiara stood in the center of the mall with the most confused expression on her face. Her hands tightly gripped onto the map she was holding, as her head swerved back and forth and around, trying to search for something familiar to exit out the huge shopping center.
  • Zahara: she was busy looking at her phone but for a moment she sense a disturbance in the air thinking it was some sort of monster she looked up however so she merely saw kiara looking around aimlessly. Not knowing why she let out a yell "kiara!" she said simply out of impulse to just ask her about the quest and how she was progressing
  • After a few hours, the team's indivudal times were up. The rode a cab and returned to the hotel.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza

  • Once in the lobby, Kiel gave orders for them to disperse and enjoy themselves. It was mid-afternoon at the moment, and the pearls didn't glow.

Kiara and Hara

  • Kiara: Eh? Who? Me? Kiara turned around, and heaved a huge sigh of relief. Someone she knew. Kiara practically ran to Hara's side within seconds. "Oh my God, I thought I was lost forever." She admitted with a smile, glad to find a fellow ally of hers. "What now?" she asked, looking at her.
  • Suddenly, the two's pearls glowed. It signalled a nymph was nearby, To couple their suspecions, a lady dressed in a spring blue dress walked passed them. Yes, she was indeed gorgeous... too gorgeous, like a goddess.
  • Kiara: Kiara paused from saying whatever she wanted to say when her pearl glowed. She noticed the young woman walked pass them, and suddenly her mouth gapped open. It wasn't just because of her beauty. It's her. Then she composed herself and exchanged a glance at Hara, wondering if she was thinking what Kiara was thinking.
  • Neso: The goddess had noticed the pearls nearby glow, suspecting these people to be Poseidon's agents. Although she really wanted to return home, she couldn't betray her sister. The lady had allowed Fate to decided. She strutted towards the hotel gym swiftly. If she were caught, then she'd talk. The boy her sister was with didn't seem right; however, who was she to interfere with happiness?
  • Hara:before she could say anything she saw the pearl glows and turn to.look around for anything suspicious. She saw a woman in blue running from them seeing that she followed her gut and turn to kiara"Come on let's go" she said following the girl hoping kiara would follow suits
  • Kiara: So they quickened their pace after the nymph, once they reached close enough they had neared the gym entrance. "Excuse me!" Kiara called after the woman, hoping that she was friendly and wouldn't ignore them like some nymphs did back at camp. She looked kind from the outer appearance, but Kiara wouldn't put her hopes up yet.
  • Hara: she let kiara catch her from behind as she quicken her pace in hope to surround her. She used her gymnastics skills and managed to just get in front of them
  • Neso: The goddess was shocked by the acrobat in front of her. She paused and turned to Kiara, who was at the back of her. "Y-yes?" She asked.
  • Hara: when she finally got ahead of her she was gasping for air as it's been a long time since she did most of her acts.However so she took no time to stare at the nymph. "You owe us an explanation" she said simply
  • Neso: "Excuse me?" She asked, quite shocked by Hara's words. The nymph, though nice, still believed she owed no one an explaination, especially two strangers. "Have I met you two?"
  • Hara: she was still breathing heavily not really knowing how to tell the nymph who she was. That was until she remembered the pearls showing it to her. "Do you know us now?" She asked once more now a bit more confidence
  • Neso: The nymph had already knew who the others were. Its just she wanted to protect her sister. "No."
  • Hara: she stared at the nymph seeing she gave no signs of lying however so her gut says otherwise so she took a deep breath and stared directly at the nymph. "You do know I'm a child of apate right?" She said simply it was a first for her to mention her mother's name as she was so use to denying her. Yet today she needed her to finish this quest "and I know your lying" she took a step forward wanting to scare the nymph a bit more " and you do know the punishment you have if you lie and protect your sister... "She said those words simply knowing they were lies "cause your here and you don't know where your sister is "She took another deep breath hoping this bad cop persona would stay "and we do..." She lied once more hoping her powers would be useful
  • Neso: "No, I do not," she reponded. The goddess was not threatened at all; however,she didnt appreciate Hara's attempt of it. The nymph knew how she was in a bad position at the moment, especially in facing Poseidons wrath. The last portion of Haras little speech was a mistake. A big one. "I know my sister's wherabouts, child. Now, quit the tone and sass, lest I shall drown you in these polluted waters," she warned seriously and glared at Hara. The lady was not kind to those who assumed to be more powerful than the immortals. Hopefully, Kiara was more humble. Nonetheless, the secret was out.
  • Hara: she smiled at her words "I thought you said you don't know us?" She asked simply knowing fully well she was gonna be in big trouble
  • Kiara: Kiara blanched. Maybe it was a bad idea to let Hara talk. This is definitely not what we we're supposed to do.... The situation already didn't look good, and this was coming from a troublemaker. Since she didn't really want to drown in the waters of Manila, Kiara laughed nervously, hastily intervening by gently pushing Hara away by her shoulder, "Forgive us, my lady!" she apologized quickly, smiling kindly. "My friend is just a little... antsy." she decided, hitting Hara on the shoulder.. lightly but in warning. "We just want to talk," Kiara said earnestly, hoping that would ease the tension in the air.
  • Hara: upon hearing kiara words she stared at her but then getting a nudge she sigh once more. "I'm gonna get some food.." She said simply as she went away not wanting to ruin this quest for her bad words
  • Neso: The goddess didnt know them. She never admitted to anything, further fueling her anger. Water around them started to harden into little bullets. "You... are forgiven. She, on the other hand,... will be given due punishment." The goddess, who initially had other plans, was blocked by this daughter of Hecate. The two were demigods, so they were expendable. However, for the lack of apology, Neso thought of cursing the demigoddess once she was done with Kiara. Though she was nice, she was not to be spoken with no respect. She returned her gaze at the daughter of Hecate, waiting for her to begin.
  • Kiara: She heaved an inward sigh of relief. Crisis avoided. However, hearing the words, "punishment for Hara" caused a bead of sweat to drip down her forehead. She wanted to speak about that, but she decided that now wasn't the best time. "As you can already tell, Lord Poseidon had sent us here," Kiara started, remembering to use the formal suffixes and respect. Immortals expected that kind of thing from regular demigods. "Milady, he's very concerned for you and your sister." she concluded in that simple sentence. "He wants to know the reason behind your sudden leave." Boy, Kiara had no idea how she was able to talk so formally. Lyle would be so proud. Anyway, she stayed in her place, hoping she didn't say anything wrong. She didn't, did she? She was just delivering the message from Lord Poseidon.
  • Neso: "Child, I am not a prison keeper. Speak freely." She requested, noticing the imaginary chains on Kaira's mouth. "As for the reason for my stay, it is my sister."
  • Hara: she sigh as she headed out of the gym and to the store nearby. She knew she was wrong and she didn't know why she was so obsess with this as this was not her or how she would usually react. She looked at the stores rack as the items pile up. However so she merely stared at them not knowing what to buy. Yet she knew she had to make things right. She had to apologise. So she bought a hand full of chocolate and candies some lollipops, taking a bouquet of flowers as well and some mineral water. She paid for them all as she headed to the gym once more. She wanted to make amends as she wanted to survive... no wait she doesn't want to survive what she wants is to stop causing harm. She took a deep breath as she sprinkle the chocolate and candies onto the bouquet. "I'm sorry" she said as she gave the flower to the nymph. "I'm very sorry for my sudden impulse it's just I'm..."She paused not really knowing what to say "worried ...for your sisters well being as I've heard many stories about guys..."She paused for effect as she took another breath "some would kill and sell people for parts and I do not wish such fate on your sister"
  • Kiara: She was interrupted by Hara's sudden blurt of apology. She looked between Neso and Hara, nervously biting her lip. Please don't kill her please don't it won't look good. she prayed in her mind with crossed fingers. However, hearing the other girl's explanation, Kiara's eyes widened. People would do such thing? That's just sick..
  • Neso: believing the stuff suited hara more than herself, the goddess didn't accept the flowers; however, she nodded at Hara. The offering meant well but the words that coupled it werent all necessary. "She had fallen in love with a demigod, thus perlonging our stay." The nereid explained. "I do not feel pleasant around him."
  • hara: "well maybe thats your heart telling you he's not the one for her cause people say love blinds you and only those closest to you would know when something is wrong..." she looked straight at the goddess knowing this was a fact she was even prepared to show her some physical evidence
  • Neso: "Who am I to obstruct her from happiness?" She asked. "I have not caught him yet." She emphasized on the crucial last word, which meant she had been trying to find proof.
  • Kiara: Ooh... a boyfriend. Kiara hummed thoughtfully. "By any chance, is there a way to catch him? Like... does he go off to a certain place on his own every once in a while?" She asked curiously. "If you don't mind me asking, of course." She added.
  • Neso: She held her temples, massaging them. "I have a feeling I shouldnt be telling you two any of this,"she admitted, feeling extremely guilty of her betrayal.
  • hara: she paused wondering on what to say she didnt want kiara to be put in the spot again so she stared at her. "maybe so but have you ever thought we were send to help you?" she said pointing out how they could help "maybe thats why the gods sent us? "she suggested trying to play the strings of fate "so we can help you find the evidence you need to show your sister how bad the man is for her?" she prepared a whole lecture knowing she could be wrong..."I know we just met but do you really want to risk it?" she put in some emotion in her little lie knowing it would be bad if she was ever founded out
  • Kiara: We may have pushed too far. Kiara thinks. "Hara," Kiara called to her comrade, "He might not be as bad as we're thinking." she murmured. Honestly, it was just a way to prevent her from insisting further. The demigod didn't want to place pressure on Neso. Kiara smiled understandingly at the nymph. "It's alright though. We're just concerned for your sister's safety." Kiara answered. "However... Lord Poseidon does wish for the two of you to return home," she informed the nymph.
  • Neso: For some reason, the goddess believed in fate, though irrational as it may seem. "I do not know. She had met the boy 7 months ago, and we have stayed in a nearby hotel ever since. This one is guarded by Poseidon." The reason they entered this hotel was Neso's yearn for rescue. She turned to Kiara. "So do I, child, so do I." She referred to going home. "They are currently outside for dinner." The goddess wanted to find evidence so she may finally go home.
  • Kiara: It was like a lightbulb had popped over her head. She had an idea. "Well then.... why don't we go over and check on them right now?" she suggested, already brainstorming on what to do. It was a change of mood, but Kiara had been craving for some action. She looked at Neso hopefully, wondering of her opinion.

Kiel and Daphne

  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon, once the other two have gone elsewhere, extended a paperbag for Daphne. He had bought her a simple dark blue and white stripped dress. "For you," he said, hoping his peace offering would work its magic. The counselor didn't look at her. Instead, he placed his free hand at the back and stared at the chinese lanturn decor.
  • Daphne: Ofcourse she's left with Kiel. The daughter or Ares sighed once she realized that she can't argue however once he offered her a paperbag with the brand of a clothing store marked on it, the young lady blushed faintly she bit her lower lip and looked at Kiel quite confused but he wasn't looking
  • Kiel: "I'm heading over for dinner later... want to join in?" He asked her ever-casually, returning his gaze back at her. For tonight, their meal wasn't together.
  • Daphne: Still blushing faintly the doll warrior turned her gaze into a random pace but she was puffing her cheek , trying to pull herself together. Daphne held the paperbag with her both hands "F-fine. Thanks." She stammers still flushing
  • Kiel: "Great. Meet you here at eight then." He replied. The son of Poseidon then rode the elevator back to his room for a shower. If it was one thing he had gotten used to, it was the custom of frequent baths. The weather was killing him. He hated heat.
  • Daphne: She sighs in relief once Kiel was out of sight. She really can't stand blushing in public, thanks to lip biting she's able to hide her stupid cheeky smile, moving on the daughter of Ares soon went back to her room to prepare for the night
  • Kiel: In the middle of his shower, the boy couldn't help to think of Daphne. What was happening to him? He was investing every single moment with her, and if she were irritated at him, he couldn't handle it. The counselor draped a towel over his lower half and walked towards the sink, where his phone was. He wanted to text her; however, he ended up not doing it. Once it was seven, the boy went towards the lobby. He wore an attire to match her dress, expecting she'd wear it tonight. Kiel didn't even concern himself with fashion before, unless he were meeting others. Now, he cared about how he looked for her. Gah. Anymore of this, and he'd probably pull his hair out. It's irritating, confusing, but desiring to be in love. Kiel waited at the lobby for Daphne.
  • Daphne: After shower, Daphne was blow drying her hair when she bit her tongue luckily she didn't bit it badly, then the first thing that came in her mind was how the filipinos think when they bit their tongue, for them it means someone is either thinking of them or talking about them. Which was weird lol. Daphne after few curls went on to wearing the dress. Since she wasn't still an expert at fashion she paired it with the pearl as a collarbone necklace wore a navy blue doll shoes that has the same design as ballet shoes and a wristwatch in with black leather strap and last but not the least a purse strapped to her shoulders. Once done she came out and headed to the lobby.
  • Kiel: Upon seeing her, the son of Poseidon's eyes dilated. Nah, save credit for sometime later. It's too early to compliment her. He approached the beautiful lady and smiled softly. "It's dinner. Not a runway," he teased, offering his hand towards her.
  • Daphne: Before she can even spot him, she already heard a compliment, her forehead creased on the comment considering she tried her best to look plain and simple lol but moving on she held into his hands with a smirk in acknowledgement xD
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon, well their waiter, had guided her towards their seat. The venue was beside Manila Bay, and they could see Filipinos dancing their traditional Tinikling. Meanwhile, beside their table was a man on the phone. He was absolutely rude as he talked about a woman. Kiel tried to ignore him.
  • Vince: Meanwhile, another well-dressed demigod sat on the table beside theirs. He was drinking a glass of iced tea while conversing on the phone. His expense clothes was one of the reasons others didn’t bother chastening him, ”Hey, bro. I'm tellng you. This is the real deal. She's head over heels for me, thinking I actually give a fuck about her," he laughed comically at the phone. “For a nereid, she’s stupid.”
  • Daphne: Daphne was also trying to ignore him as she didn't want to ruin the night but she really want to knock the lights out of this guy. Daphne tried to smile at Kiel but her eyes was fiery whilst reading the menu
  • Kiel: The candle on their table flickered as fiery as Daphne's eyes, which Kiel had noted. He assumed she was looking at the drinks section, since their dinner tonight was an international buffet with more Filipino cuisine than the rest. The counselor told Daphne in Chinese, "Ignore him." Suddenly, Daphne's necklace glowed, signalling a nearby nymph. This alerted Kiel. "Take it off." He said in yet another language. "She might suspect us."
  • Daphne: Once her pearl glowed she snatched it from her necklace and hid it on her palm. She stayed calm and alert once she placed the menu down and looked at Kiel. "What's the plan?"
  • Kiel: The boy drank from his glass of water, which was weirdly placed into a wine cup. He looked around for any noteable figure, seeing a beautifully enchanting woman stride down to the table beside him. He was grateful Daphne had hid her necklace oh so swiftly, even if she had over 12 glowing pearls on hers. She did have the original afterall. The counselor couldn't believe it was this easy. From tying the previous conversation with the current situation, it could be said the two are dating. "Well, what do we have here?" He asked in Mandarin, quite amused of the man’s guts.
  • Daphne: she looks at him with o-O face as she was expecting for a plan however she assumed that the neried is just around them. The daughter of Ares forced a smirk at him.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon is surprised at how Daphne had controlled her emotions, initially expecting her to explode at the sight of a woman being played. "Easy. We need to break them up," he answered obviously to her previous question.
  • Daphne: She looked back to the guy that she wanted to kill loljk and now he's with a beautiful young lady, ah she's so pretty daphne can't help to feel insecure lol hahaha. She gulped trying hard to control herself. "How do we suppose we can? He mentioned her head over heels in him" she says back in mandarin
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon, who was busy conversing with Daphne, had asked a waiter to bring in food from the buffet tables. "Well, we need to let the lady know she's dating a bastard," he replied. Kiel was slightly irritated what had made a Nereid ignrore her duties was love. He wouldn't be the same, right? Hopefully not. If the man was the reason for her stay, they had to eliminate him. The server laid food down, and Kiel dipped a prawn in butter & garlic sauce and popped it into his mouth, savouring the flavors.
  • Daphne: Before eating she wonders how and thought that they can only split the two if ever some another attracting young lady goes by and seduced him and there's no way Kiel would do anything regarding that. She pops a prawn in her mouth calmly and ladylike-- prim and proper while still thinking seriously, this quest is for her love after all.
  • Kiel: That look uneased her. If she had that game face, it meant there was a plan unshared. "What's with that smile?" He asked, revealing a slight uneasiness in his tone.
  • Daphne: She snaps back to reality and looked up to kiel. "What smile?" Shw raised her left brow did she smilel? Ah she's unsure bc she was thinking too much}
  • Daphne: She shrugs "I won't make such promises." She pursed her lips before taking a piece of the calamares


  • Vince: The man, who had a personality shift, talked to the goddess in such a charming manner. He then told her he'd leave for the bathroom; thus, he stood up and headed straight towards the toilet. Of course, he might meet a few changes of plans.
  • Neso: The goddess guided the demigods to the pool/bay/garden area. Traditional filipino music filled the air. Beside the table of another gorgeous woman was Kiel and Daphne. Her date seemed to be nowhere in sight, probably since he visited the bathroom. The trio was hidden by a few posts and greenery.
  • Kiara: "Coincidence? I think not." Kiara comments, noting Kiel's and Daphne's figures across from where they stood. "You and your sister are both very pretty," Kiara couldn't help but mention. What? She had the tendency to say these things bluntly, and it wasn't like the statement was false..
  • hara: she was standing there with them a bit shock her little lie work she didnt know what to say as she merely stared at the other nymph and the two figures. "should we go and check on the guy? or do you just want to stay here and.." she paused knowing not to be rude "never mind forget it..."
  • Neso: "Thank you. You both are blessed with good lineages too." She complimented. Well, Neso was a Nereid, goddesses Poseidon had admired all the time. They were the Sea Lords eye candies. "To be frank, I do not know," she replied Xing. "I have been trying to find proof of his relationships. There is another person I see from his contact list; however, it is male."
  • Kiara: That seemed to strike a thought in Kiara's mind. ".. do you think he's gay?" she asked suddenly, folding her arms as she glanced at the pool.
  • Neso: The goddess shook her head. "I doubt. He constantly notices other women too. My sister dismisses it, believing it is a hobby of all men." She shrugged.
  • Suddenly, on the glass doors beside them, a man can be seen talking to another woman. They seemed very friendly to each other.
  • Hara: she blinked a few times and stared at the two.. "if this was a drama that would be a climax.. "she commented simply but upon hearing the nymphs words she looked away "Bisexual is a thing... "she noted seeing a man against the glass door talking to each other. "is that any chance the man? "she asked pointing at the man hoping for a yes so this can be over with.
  • Kiara: The daughter of Hecate didn't need to turn around and watch the exchange. Her eyes were already narrow in suspicion. She was glad for her 360° vision, since she'd never need to be discreet. "Looks like it to me," she muttered.
  • Neso: The goddess' eyes widened. She had asked her sister to meet her lover here tonight, so she may see the party he is meeting. Maybe... it wasn’t a man after all. What if, it was an alias? "Y-yes!" She exclaimed. They wouldn’t be heard anyway. "That is him!" She scrambled for her phone, realizing she had left it. She turned to the demigods. "Is there any way to capture this moment!?”
  • Hara: Upon hearing her reaction she looked around hoping nobody would hear such loud words before passing the nymph her phone. "you can have it.. "she said not really liking her phone for many reasons. She passed the nymph the phone and the strap with the camera function turned on.
  • Kiara: She was glad Hara had her phone with her. Kiara almost panicked when she couldn't find her camera. "Quickly," she said urgently. By the looks of it, Kiara could predict they didn't have much time left. She'd cast a spell to block the man's way, but that would cause too much trouble.
  • Vince: After pecking the woman on the cheek, Vince had finally finished his transaction with his partner. He played this woman as well, being sheltered and fed by her as he slept around.
  • Neso: The goddess had received the footage she wanted. "Thank you," she told the two before Vince ran away. "How dare you fool with my sister!" Her temper fumed.
  • Vince: A hand of water had crushed the demigod. He was taken out to the gardens, specifically in front of the other two. "I can explain!" He exclaimed, hoping to reason with the angered goddess.
  • Nesae: Meanwhile, the other sister stood up from her seat, believing there was a disturbance in the waters. She slowly approached the trio, still being a post away from them. The goddess wondered what was taking so long to pee. Seriously.
  • hara: she turns to kiara "is this the part where we run so that we dont get run over by two angry nymphs?" she asked kiara semi seriously
  • Kiel: Meanwhile, the counselor was alerted by the moving nymph. He followed her with his eyes, prepared to water travel any moment.
  • Kiara: She looked back at Hara, "Honestly, I'm with you on this one sister," she whispered back, already taking steps slightly away from the potential battle..
  • Hara: she took a few steps back fastening her movement wishing with all her heart she brought a life jacket or at least a change of cloths ..
  • Neso: The goddess was about to drown the demigod in a fury of torrents until she spotted her sister, who didnt understand the situation. "I can explain!" She said, looking at Hara or Kiara to hand the goddess the footage.
  • Kiara: Quickly enough, Kiara obtained the phone and quickly walked over to hand it to Neso. "Don't get it wet, otherwise it'll spoil," she added quietly before moving away.
  • Nesae: Frozen, the sister, on the other hand, was clearly confused. "Sister, I know you miss home but... this isnt..." the goddess ran out of words. All she could end with was "release him!"
  • Kiel: Well, it took enough water disturbances for the counselor to finally agree to his theory that drama was happening. He water traveled beside Neso, took the phone, and handed it to Nesae.
  • Nesae: After watching the video, the goddess' heart was shattered. Tears swelled in her eyes, and they flowed freely. "...TO THE OCEAN!" She screamed, asking such an unfaithful man to be drowned.
  • Hara: she was obviously scared but she was no betrayer as she went closer to the crowd knowing this could might as well be her last act of brilliance. She turn to both kiel and kiara "I'm open for suggestion ... " she said simply not really knowing what else to say and considering the situation no clue on what to do
  • Neso: "No, sister, I have other plans." The man was engulfed in water. Just as he was going to die from suffocation, the goddess turned to Hara. "And that would be?"
  • Kiara: Well someone pass her some popcorn, this ish was starting to get exciting. But Kiara kept her mouth shut as she watched. "If I could have a turn... I'd turn him into a toad." She murmured randomly. She didn't know. A toad just seemed to fit him best.
  • Hara: She smiled staring at Neso before passing the two her bouquet again "for two beautiful woman who makes fishes forget how to swim" she didnt really know why she was doing this again but still its better than getting curse...again.
  • Neso: "I love that, child," she told Kiara. Once she released the water prison, no more was the man. Instead, a small toad croaked and leaped towards the shrubs. "Perfect."
  • Nesae: "Sister..." she embraced Neso lovingly. "I'm sorry," she cried. Tears wouldnt stop overflowing. How blinded she was by love. Nonetheless, it took a few salt droplets to clean her eyes.
  • Neso: The sister rubbed Nesaes back affectionately. "Nothing is to be forgiven." While holding her crying sister, she took the flowers and also gave it to Nesae.
  • Nesae: The goddess wiped her eyes. Though she wanted to cry more,she would be drained of water. She turned to the demigods. "For your service, let us all return to Atlantis," she said. The team was at the edge of the bay, so the dolphins suddenly appeared beyond the small safety barrier.
  • Kiel: "Good work, ladies." The counselor jumped onto the wall. His height gave him an advantage. He extended his hand for the girls, so they may climb up and jump down for their ride. "Now, lets claim our prizes."
  • Kiara: She fistpumped the air victoriously. "Yes," she said, accepting the help offered by Kiel.
  • Hara: She looked at kiel then at daphne she remembered how she gave her a glare so she merely used her wits as she took out her knife and used that as an edge to help her climb up. She stared at the distance down below not really knowing whether to jump now or wait for the rest
  • Kiel: The first one to jump into the waters was the counselor. He had dragged his girlfriend into it by pulling her arm.


  • Once the questers had arrived in Atlantis, King Poseidon and Queen Amphitrite warmly greeted the demigods. Having returned his eye candies, the Ocean Lord was especially grateful towards the team. The children were given dinner, selfie turns, a box of goodies, and a good time. After resting in a room in the ocean, the team, accompanied by a few hippocampus, was returned to Camp Half Blood shore.

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