The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Parker,

You probably didn't expect to see me. Well, I'm just here to give you some help with something.

You see, your girlfriend has been kidnapped by Plutus. Why would Plutus kidnap her, exactly? He's in love with her, that's why. Plutus told Juliet about your plans to go back to Korea, in hopes that she would go with him and break up with you. She refused, but went to talk to you anyway. After you both finished talking, Plutus took her the second she walked outside. Plutus is now holding her hostage.

Now, Juliet harmed a tribute to me long ago, so as payback, I won't make finding her easy. I'll leave you with some clues instead to see if you truly love her. To start, go to the very same Pizza Hut where you had your first date. From there, you will find clues that will be harder to decipher. Good luck!


Juliet was kidnapped by Plutus some time ago, and now Parker and 3 other campers have to travel to Germany to go retrieve her. There are clues hidden at a Pizza Hut, an airport Starbucks, and a KFC. Along the way, they encounter various monsters including flesh eating sheep (>.<), a cyclops, giant scorpions, and hellhounds guarding the mansion that Juliet is in. Once the campers retrieve Juliet, her curses are broken and they all get teleported back to camp by Aphrodite.

  1. Parker Choi (Healing Spirit, Leader, this thot)
  2. Baek Hae-jin (Wine Nymph, Apricado)
  3. Jung Kyuri (Daughter of Demeter, Wiki Slut)
  4. Diana Diamond Renee (Daughter of Morpheus, Queen Whoredolf)

  1. 3 Flesh eating sheep behind Pizza Hut
  2. A cyclops at the Berlin Airport (there are actually 2 airports in Berlin so >.<)
  3. 4 Giant Scorpions outside the motel
  4. 2 Hellhounds outside of the mansion

  1. Camp Entrance
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. JFK Airport - Starbucks
  4. Berlin Airport
  5. Motel
  6. KFC
  7. Mansion
  8. Back at Camp

Sly Plutus had a sight
That he knew would break Juliet's heart
After a serious fight
Two halves of a couple split apart
Now Romeo and his three friends
Must follow the clues laid out by love
In order to make amends
With the girl trapped by wealth above

The Quest

  • Parker: He stands at the gate of Camp tapping his foot somewhat impatiently. The impatience isn't directed at those joining him on his quest, but the fact that he can't help but think they're in some sort of deadline. He's wearing a hoodie with some jeans with a bag slung over one shoulder. In the bag it has the basic essentials - ambrosia, food and drink, toiletries and some money (both Drachmas and American).
  • Hae-jin: She walks towards the gate, dragging a red wheeled duffel behind her. Her hair is tied up out of her face and she wears a comfortable white t-shirt and navy leggings with a pair of black combat boots. She looks tired, like she really didn't get enough sleep the night before, but she thinks that she won't end up just randomly falling asleep in the middle of the path.
  • Diana: She has a PINK! mesh backpack with the essentials inside it and some average cute hiking outfit. She had black shorts with a pink elastic top. She was wearing a pink and black training tight top and a black hoodie. She was pink and black from bottom to top basically. She has black nike sneakers with white laces. Her socks were black, with a no-sweat fabric. She smelled like lilies and had her hair up in a ponytail, high and slicked. She had a dark blue scrunchie and was officially ready to go. She had a dagger hanging on her shorts and she was perky drinking a smoothie as she was walking towards the two.
  • Kyuri: She walks up to the three of them wearing a black cozy sweater and white-ish blue jeans that are ripped near the knees and all up her thighs. She is wearing moccasins and her hair is tied up in a ponytail. She has her fluorescent purple duffel dangling from her shoulder, she seems to be in a bright mood although her face gives off a tired expression. When she stands with the three other questers, she gives them a nod and then a smile.
  • Hae-jin: She looks up at the three people around her and gives a tired smile, "So, is everyone ready? I'm pretty sure we have a lot of stuff to do today."
  • Parker: He nods curtly and brushes some of the non-existent dust from his jeans and cracks his knuckles before shaking his hands slightly, "Yeah, the sooner we leave the sooner we can save her and get this whole thing over with." His tone is seemingly dark for Parker, and he looks serious and determined (as oppose to goofy or confused).
  • Kyuri: She nods in the direction of the other three as she grips one of the straps of her duffel bag. Her facial expression changes from a tired expression to an anxious/worried one, she then shifts her weight and waits for someone to say something.
  • Diana: She nods too, sipping her smoothie quietly. She looked as perky as always, trying to keep it upbeat. For Parker of course. "Then let's go. Where to first?", she says seriously but upbeat. She wanted this to be cool and calm so she was trying her best to hide her worried facial expression.
  • Hae-jin: She glances at Parker questioningly, biting her lip to suppress a yawn. She sways a little bit, having trouble staying upright and alert but trying very hard so that she can be an active member of the quest.
  • Parker: He thinks for a moment, trying to remember the dream Aphrodite had appeared to him. As he thinks, he furrows his brows before snapping his fingers, "Aphro said something about...Pizza Hut?"
  • Kyuri: She perks up when Parker mentions pizza and a smile crosses her face, "That's a great place to start a quest. Maybe we could even get a pizza for brunch..." The idea sounds crazy, but do to her not eating yet, she was starving.
  • Hae-jin: She shrugs, "Ok, I guess. Pizza sounds like a weird choice for brunch. But also, why did Aphro mention Pizza Hut out of all places?"
  • Parker: He shrugs for a second before becoming somewhat shy, "Me and Juliet... we had our first 'date' at Pizza Hut. I think there has to be a clue there...maybe Plutus took her there to taunt her with food?"
  • Kyuri: She smiles, finding Parker's reason to be sweet, "Well if you think there will be a clue there, then we might as well get going!"

Timeskip to Pizza Hut

  • Hae-jin: She tows her duffel to the entrance of the Pizza Hut, stopping at the door to wait for everyone to reach her. She peers through the glass of the door to inspect the place while she waits.
  • Kyuri: She appears beside Hae-jin, also looking through the door, inspecting it quickly before spotting pizza. She then unintentionally smiles at the sight of the delicious food.
  • Diana: She comes in a timely manner eyeing the pizza. She didn't want the carbs, but pizza is yum so what the hell right? She has all her stuff and is ready, waiting for the others on what to do.
  • Parker: He strolls up behind the group and walks past, asking for a table for four and sitting down, waving the server off to give them time to 'order', "Does anyone see any clues or something that could help us?"
  • Hae-jin: She wrinkles her nose, "Is the said clue just gonna magically appear in front of our faces? Because if not, then no."
  • Kyuri: She looks around the room, scanning ever part of it, "Since I'm not necessarily clear on what we're supposed to be looking for, I haven't found any clues as well."
  • Parker: He shoots a half playful glare at Hae-jin before shrugging himself and looking around somewhat, "Well it is the Greek gods after all. You never know, Aphrodite might just be nice to us."
  • Hae-jin: She returns the glare to Parker and smirks, "Might doesn't mean she necessarily will."
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