In order for your character to get a "point" for having led a quest, the quest must get to a reasonable point. This means that, preferably your quest got through at least one monster attack, and definitely well past having left camp. This is to prevent people from intentionally starting a quests but never putting any work into them, just to be able to have a char count to have "Led" a quest.

Since the team travelled well past camp entrance and defeated a monster, this quest is considered a point.


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Cody,

My son, it's been a while since we've last met. I'd love to ask how you have been but I already know from watching you. Unlike before, I now come with a little favor. I have heard about your desperation for an immortal life, and I am willing to give it to you with a price. Two hundred years ago, a certain half-sister of yours (Yeo Chun-hua) had fallen in love with another man (Zhang Dong-Guang); however, due to their financial differences, the child's mother had forbade their marriage and hired mercenaries to rid of the boy after she had already bought a wedding dress. For the next years, your sister refused any male suitor and died in singleness. Even after her deathbed, her spirit still continues to grow bitter and violent. At the start, Chun had used passive means to find her lover; however, as time grew, so did her impatience. Believing the current reincarnation of Dong is a demigod, your sister began to kill mortals who mistreated demigods. Meanwhile, these past 3 years, she even possessed children of other gods in hopes of being closer to Dong's reincarnation. Being my daughter, the other Underworld gods did not want to interfere; thus, word was delayed to me. Although, yes, it is true that Dong is now a demigod. In fact, his soul resides in the body of Arabella, daughter of "Mnemosyne." Details will be under your pillow. Find your half-sister, deliver her soul to me, and you shall be immortal. Good luck, my son. I know you won't fail me.


Two hundred years ago, a certain daughter of Hades (Yeo Chun-hua) had fallen in love with another man (Zhang Dong-Guang); however, due to their financial differences, the child's mother had forbaded their marriage and hired mercenaries to rid of the boy after her daughter had already bought a wedding dress. For the next years, the daughter of Hades refused any male suitor and died in bitter singleness. Even after her deathbed, Chun still continues to grow more aggressive and violent. At the start, Chun had used passive means to find her lover; however, as time grew, so did her impatience. Believing the current reincarnation of Dong is a demigod, the daughter of Hades began to kill unjust mortals. These past 3 years, she even possesses children of other gods in hopes of being closer to Dong. Due to Chun's heritage, the other Underworld gods did not want to interfere. Word was delayed to Hades, and once the Underworld Lord had found out, he sent his son to immediately pacify his half-sister. Once Cody woke up, he found a note and bracelet under his pillow. While the note contained details for the mission, the bracelet was enchanted to give the wearer memories of his/her past life.
(Inspired by Anne Baker's Wedding Dress)

  1. Cody Knight (Hades, Broken)
  2. Kim Soo-Yeon (Themis, Blue)
  3. Mirabel ("Mnemosyne," Mel; it's Aristeus but due to the character's history, the questers presume it's Mnemosyne.)
  4. Eren Cowry (Melinoe, Ri)

  1. Camp Entrance: Questers meet and head towards the airport.
  2. JFK International Airport: Questers ride the plane to Hong Kong International Airport. No complications. Before boarding, the team will experience a monster attack from 2 harpy sisters.
  3. Hong Kong International Airport: The team will travel to the hotel. No complications.
  4. Parklane Hotel Causeway Bay: The team will arrive at the hotel in the evening. They will be sleeping the night off and preparing themselves for the Yeo Mansion.
  5. Yeo Mansion: The will take the train and arrive at the Mansion on foot by the mountains. They will notice a few ghosts, hellhounds, etc; however, having two children of the Underworld, the dark monsters dare not to attack. The team are soon ventured in to find the ghost, who will attack Sooyeon. After a little exorcism, Chun will notice Arabella. The daughter of "Mnemosyne," who due to the bracelet, will be seen as her past life Dong-Guang. Drama happens. The team returns to the hotel for a well-deserved rest.
  6. Hong Kong Disneyland: The team will help the ghost pass through. She will demand a date to Disneyland. Eren may opt to join Cody and Sooyeon in decorating the mansion for a wedding or to protect Arabella in case of anything dangerous, which is basically overly disturbing displays of affection.
  7. Yeo Mansion: Soon enough, the other two will join Cody and Sooyeon for the wedding ceremony. The ghost then passes over successfully and gratefully.
  8. The Underworld (Endgame): Cody will open a door to the Underworld, where the questors will return Alissa's soul. They will then receive memorabilia from Hades and return to Camp Half-Blood Dining Hall.


Camp Entrance

  • Cody: Today's the day. A week from now, he could finally be immortal. He could finally spend eternity with his Sooyeon. The son of Hades had finally gathered his group of questors for his own quest: The Quest for a Rest in Peace. The lieutenant stood near the Camp Entrance with a Tumi backpack slung on his back. He wore comfortable winter clothing, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive. Currently, Cody, who was deep in thought, could be seen seated on a bench.
  • Sooyeon: After assuring things will be fine in the Themis' Cabin will be fine. She headed for the agreed place for meet up, wearing a plain v neck shirt tucked in highwaist jeans and paired with a black converse and a plain jansport backpack with her necessities inside. Once in there she patiently waits for the others to come.
  • Ara: she had everything prepared in the two carrier bags she brought. She even took the liberty of bringing some extra stuff and putting it in a medium sized back packed. Regardless of how many preparations she made she was still not ready as she lie there on her bed staring at the skyline. She knew she had to go but at the same time she knew she had to answer to a ton of questions. Adding to this was the fact eren was there too. She knew he had his suspicion but she couldn't really admit to them for fear of mnesmoyme wrath ...And plus she was just her slave. She let out a sigh as she closed her eyes awaiting for a sign to make her move from her bed and toward the entrance of camp
  • Eren: Sure enough, a knock on the door could be heard a few minutes later. Eren stood outside in a dark coat over his jeans and sweater, and a black beanie to shield his hair from the snow. Eren woke up earlier than expected, mostly because he wanted to see the sun rise. Then he packed what was necessary before stopping by Ara's place. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he whistled, looking around idly.
  • Ara: the knock woke her up and she promptly got up a bit shock she fell asleep "oh wow eren really and this whole quest really got me..." She said as she tried to ease her headache by messaging her head however so it didn't work and soon enough the demigod gave up and opened the door. She wore a short sleeved blue shirt with a let her jacket, her jeans was was one like the those punk band. Adding to that her hair was a mess nothing like a proper priestess should look like . Yet nothing prepared her to see eren at her door..She took a deep breath and soon pulled her hair back seeing how he had his luggage "I'll be there in a minute" she said simply turning her back against him. Her every existence wanted to smile at the boy telling him hi teasing him like they used to do but she couldn't so she helped both by merely picking up all three of her bags and started to walk out to the door toward eren...
  • Eren: He smirked when she came to view, "Morning," he said. By the looks of it, his friend probably just woke up. So she wasn't a morning person... Ara wasn't a morning person, he remembers, the look on his face suddenly turning wistful as he looked at her. She's not Ara, he scolded himself, snapping back to reality. "Ready?" He asked, shrugging his backpack over his shoulder.
  • Ara: she smiled as she showed him her bags "I'm prepared for a tornado so come on let's go" she said simply although she looked like she was carrying a load it was a small one as the stuff in both bags were merely pictures of the girl. She didn't know if eren knew why she was picked however so she just hope he would know only that part and not the part they were together. "Wait where are we meeting the other two?" She asked being new to camp she was one to fear getting lost in the abyss
  • Eren: "Camp entrance," he answers as they walked. It was true, Eren was pretty curious as to why his friend Mirabel was chosen. Maybe it was her godparent? Maybe. Noticing her luggage, he knew he couldn't let her carry them by herself. "That looks heavy. Let me help you with that," he said, gesturing to the bags.
  • Ara: she bites her lips as she stared at the boy. She knew from past experience he would insist so she merely pass on one of her bag and smiled. "Your a true gentleman" she teased "like Sherlock and some other British dude" she said forgetting that was from her past however so she hoped eren didn't catch her little mix up
  • Eren: "Doctor Watson," he told her with a smile, taking the bag in his free hand. "Thanks, I guess," he said with a slight chuckle. Silence settled as they walked to their destination. Mirabel reminded him of Ara, he knew. He knew they looked nothing alike, but somehow..
  • Ara: she nodded "yes that dude now come on we need to move on" she said as she placed her free hand onto eren's shoulder "move it snail" she said simply giving the boy a smile as she started moving her feets and headed toward the entrance with the boy in tow
  • Eren: Eren raised an eyebrow at her, "Snai- hey!" He did not expect to be pulled like that. Nope not at all. Nevertheless, he quickened his pace after his friend. The entrance came to view soon enough. Cody and another girl were the only ones there, so Eren assumed that was their group.
  • Ara: she smiled as she went ahead and stood in front of Cody "mirabel shields calling for duty" she said simply giving him a salute and a smile
  • Cody: Meanwhile, upon spotting the two, the lieutenant whispered a "Those two lovebirds will be a fun addition" to Sooyeon, chuckling. "Mornin'," he greeted the two. Once they had reached the front of him, the son of Hades extended his hand towards Eren, who he hasn't met. He had asked Ara to bring a friend, and it seemed like it was a boy. Perfect. "Cody Knight, son of Hades." He then gestured to the female. "Sooyeon Kim, my girlfriend," he introduced with a toothy grin.
  • Eren: He gave a friendly wave, as he stood a little behind Ara. "Eren Conwy, son of Melinoe," he introduced himself, seeing it was the polite thing to do. ".... not her boyfriend." He added, just to clear things off.
  • Ara: she laughed hearing his words and nodded her head "he's just someone I know" she insisted knowing it would be dismissed regardless of he words
  • Cody: "Yet," he teased. The lieutenant wanted to dib the one of the uncle spots of their future child; however, that might creep them out. The son of Hades then handed a paper bag of two sandwiches to the two. "Hope you guys didn't have breakfast, or you're going to be fattened with me around," he chuckled, walking towards the exit of camp, where a van was parked. With his back facing the rest, he motioned for them to follow.
  • Ara: she took the bag and saw it was bacon her least favorite kind so she tried to spy on erens choice hoping it would be something better wanting to trade. Even in the lives before bacon.was never her favorite food on anything
  • Eren: Eren grinned at the prospect of food, "You're already awesome," he said, gratefully taking the bag from him. Eren didn't eat that morning, and he was starving so. He opened his bag, finding peanut butter. Eren wasn't picky with his food, so he was content either way. The son of Melinoe noticed Ara trying to look into his paper bag, prompting him to say, "Yes... ?" questioningly.
  • Ara: she smiled simply as she showed him the bag she just received placing her bag down to enable movement "trade?" She said simply hoping for a yes as like eren she missed breakfast thinking about the quest but then she turned to Cody "sorry but I'm not a fan of bacon" she said simply she forgot that eren knew her from the past however so she was hungry enough to make a couple of mistake today
  • Eren: A little surprised at first, he just shrugged and handed her his bag. No complaints. Bacon was just as good. Ara didn't like bacon, he remembered, staring at her strangely before shaking that thought off. Can't be. Its just a coincidence, he told himself.
  • Cody: The son of Hades turned to find the two still frozen there. He laughed. Guess Winter didn't just affect the plants. tongue emoticon Anyways, he replied them from afar, "It's cool. Mind eating in the car though?" He asked them. The lieutenant had his own breakfast in his hands, along with Sooyeon's.
  • Ara: took no time for her to switch the bags. "Just like old time" she said simply not really realising her words but upon hearing Cody orders she nodded and smile taking both her bags and headed to the car leaving the three
  • Eren: "What?" He asked, having not heard her properly. Then she walked away, leaving Eren more intrigued, "Okay..." he glanced at the others before walking over to the car with his bags, and food, in hand.
  • Cody: The son of Hades opened the van door for the team. He made Sooyeon enter first, of course. Afterwards, he motioned for the other two. He'd have to be last, being responsible for the other campers.
  • Ara: she placed her two bags in the trunk before going into the car with her backpack and brunch "thank you" she said simply going straight to the back seat as she took out her note book.
  • Sooyeon: one by one the others came and none of them was familiar to the counselor none the less she gently elbowed cody on the abdomen indicating for him to refrain teasing the couple however, she does agree with cody. She wanted to introduce herself but her boyfriend did all the thing so, she just politely nodded and smiled at the other two. Moving on when she got into car, the young lady was slightly disappointed as Cody didn't sat beside her, which made her sulk. A bit.
  • Cody: Seeing his girlfriend sulk, the son of Hades made his face into a >.< expression. Assuming that everyone had entered, Cody hopped into the van last. He sat beside Sooyeon and affectionately laid his head on her shoulder. "Sorry for the wait," he told her, hoping for forgiveness. The lieutenant also gave her a paperbag of her favorite sandwich. He made sure to make it with all the love his morbid father's got for his Persephone.
  • Ara: she was alone in the back seat as she scribble some words. She started to write a story a habit she developed.. maybe inherited from a mother she never met. Unconsciously she began to hum a familiar tune a song she was thought in her youth
  • Sooyeon: Once Cody settled beside her, the daughter of Themis smirked in please with him and the sandwich. "Don't even try to leave me... Alone." Her face shows a sarcastic face and ruffled his hair. Aww she already got used to Cody being beside her all the time, having him far from her can result to great feeling of loneliness. Moving on she holds the sandwich and waited for everyone to eat theirs before she can start with hers.
  • Eren: He was staring out the window, until he heard her voice. Eren turned his head around, finding Mirabel writing her thing. Her voice reminded him of a certain someone, deja vu. He turned around, not wanting to he a creep, and kept his shocked face looking out the window at the scenery. Her voice was sending him back to memories he didn't want to remember.
  • Ara: she felt eren gaze and looked up but she missed his eyes as she saw him looking away. She stopped humming as she placed her book away. She felt weird for the silence for she was use to Anna and the rest singing songs on long journey. Thus she liked eren resorted to looking out the window wondering to what to do or say
  • Cody: The son of Hades merely stared at the two, wondering what was keeping them so silent. "So, how's camp for you two?" He asked, knowing at least one of them was a newbie. Cody continued to devour his sandwich, waiting for an answer.
  • Ara: she upon hearing the question she looked up to Cody and shrugged "camps been fun!" She said giving him such generic answer as that's what mnesmoyme would want...praises "made a few friends here and there some are hot some are cute" she commented on her views "some are even worth giving up my priesthood for" she joked she paused for a bit looking at eren was it her heart telling her to tell him the truth or was it the guilt of leaving him behind? "Still joking of course cause I can't just give up my priesthood like that" she looked away as her hands moved she felt the sandwich bag and picked it up and started to eat "still enough about me do tell me what your lives is about" she added soon enough as she didn't want things to get awkward when the quest haven't even started yet.
  • Sooyeon: she nods awkwardly on how the other girl explained her experience in camp, which was quite straight forward, nonetheless she found it amusing. "I assume you enjoy it than you ought to?" She smiles warmly at her as she also assume that, 'that' man, whom she'd be willing to give up her priesthood is eren. "Nonetheless, i find camp a safe haven." She smiles at Cody. Ayeeee
  • Eren: "Well, am I worth it?" He asked playfully, and found himself doing so realizing it. Oh well, he inwardly shrugged. What's done is done. For good measure, Eren even glanced at her with a smirk, as if he were expecting an answer.
  • Cody: The lieutenant was rendered defenceless from Sooyeon's sudden smile, which gleamed in beauty. "Yeah... it's been better," he referred to camp. He blushed and turned elsewhere. It was slightly hard for Cody to believe they were finally together. He was lucky, no? This trip was definitely going to be interesting. The son of Hades first slipped his hand into the Themis counsellor's and then leaned closer to her. "What do you say in playing Cupid?" He asked her, trickling his breath at her earlobe.
  • Sooyeon: she furrows her brows when she blushed slightly at Cody. "I've never done that but, it seems interesting" she grins wickedly
  • Ara: upon hearing eren words she tried her hardest to stop herself from saying 'your the only one capable of doing so....' she bites her lips in hope those words never escaped as she turned to him pulling her hair behind her ear smiling her fake smile before turning her attention back into her sandwich. Her mind was obviously occupied with thoughts of the past and wondering the 'what if'
  • Cody: "So, why a priestess?" He casually asked, quite unsure why the daughter of Mnemosyne would actually do such a deed. As far as he knows, those who turn back from their celibacy are punished horribly, and this fact became an impediment to the Aren/Era ship and possibly the mission of her seducing a ghost. The lieutenant then bit his sandwich, chewing as he waited for a reply.
  • Ara: she stood silent trying to think of a reply. She was tempted to just tell them honestly on how she was a slave and such but she knew that would cause more drama. "Lets just's the role I was meant to play..." she said simply. Technically it wasn't a lie as it was true she gave a weak a smile and turn to the boy "my part was meant to be a priestess and I'm gonna play it well" she added.

JFK International Airport

  • The team soon arrive at the JFK airport. The satyr, who was their driver, had helped the team and their luggage out of the van. After thanking the creature, the team enters the airport, checks in their bags, and awaits departure. There was only little time left for the team to disseminate and explore the airport; thus, Cody had advised them to stay together. Twenty minutes before the flight, the team, who was seated together in the airport lounge, can see two women eyeing the two men of the group flirtatiously. In fairness, they were aesthetically well-endowed. The lounge was quite comfortable as only people with business class tickets could enter. There was a small buffet table in case the team wanted more of breakfast.
  • Ara: she was reading her magazine she felt the gaze even if it wasnt directed at her thus turn to the two woman having a bad feeling. Following her gut she took out a piece of paper and her pen tried to view the two womans past hoping to get some sort of indications to whom they were
  • Cody: The son of Hades had ignored the gazes, fearing Sooyeon might be angered if he catered to their affectionate gestures. Since he was an actor, the lieutenant had a hard time dividing the fangirls from the monsters; thus, he merely drank his coffee peacefully. He sincerely hoped the stares would go away.
  • Eren: He simply looked toward the two women before gazing out the window. Eren tried not to be too concerned. While he wasn't devastatingly terrible at dealing with the opposite gender, he wasn't particularly interested. There had only one girl truly on his mind for a while. Besides... those two gave off a suspicious air towards him.
  • Woman #1: One of the women stood up, went to the buffet table, refilled a glass of wine. She then passed by the questers' table, tripped, and "accidentally" spilled wine all over Eren's shirt.
  • Women #2: Since her sister became speechless, the other woman strode towards the team's table. She then bowed apologetically at the team. She had beautiful Eurasian features. "I'm so sorry," she said, looking at Eren.
  • Eren: He didn't say a word at first, just gingerly holding onto his shirt so the damp fabric won't stick to his skin. "It's fine," he brushed off easily, getting a few pieces of tissue to wipe off the excess liquid. He avoided looking at their faces, for some reason.
  • Ara: she saw the girl as she spill the drink feeling bad for eren she used her powers on him to clean up the stain "one of the times when being a nerd is good" she said simply
  • Women: Once the women had realized that the team was indeed a group of demigods, they were very satisfied. The second lady placed her hands on Eren's shoulder. "Is there some way we may compensate for it?" Meanwhile, the other lady had led Cody to the washroom in order to help her.
  • Cody: Being as kind as ever, the son of Hades stood up from his seat and offered a hand to the fallen lady. She had a bleeding scratch, which he wanted to assist her with. He had accompanied the lady to the bathroom. Once outside the comfort rooms, he was immediately alerted when the woman's hand shifted into a claw, crushing the lieutenant's hand. The son of Hades shadow traveled to the back of the second woman. Just as he was about to knock the monster unconscious, she sprouts her wings, flinging the lieutenant away. Obviously, the guests were screaming as they left.
  • Women: The first woman, upon realizing her prey had gotten away, had spouted wings and flew towards the table, hoping to claw and crush Ara's skull. The second woman, who had her hands on Eren, had transformed them into claws. If Eren doesn't do something soon, those toxic nails won't feel nice buried 3 inches in his skin.
  • Eren: What a good day. Birds were chirping somewhere below their level, clouds formed various shapes, and this lady was actually some sort of demon succubus; empousa, actually, but God. Eren turned intangible and disappeared, before appearing behind her once again. There was a small CB knife he kept in his pocket at all times; now it was out, and as quickly as possible he pierces her neck with it before she could retaliate.
  • Ara: as she saw the monster hurling toward her she wrote a shield to protect herself against the monster. As she did that she read out a sword made from celestial bronze to use as an attack. "I knew you were too pretty to be human" she commented simply as she took a step.back preparing an attack or at least defend
  • Sooyeon: Once they've arrived, the counselor excused herself for the washroom however, once she had finished, she found the other guest screaming their lungs out, the first person her eyes caught was Cody who was thrown away by the monster with it's wings, Sooyeon immediately joins the battlefield thus automatically creating the laws for her, since the first law forbids the enemy to attack her, Sooyeon aided Cody first but the montser lunged with her longs nails attempting to bury and rip Sooyeon's skin but before her nails could even touch her skin, a forcefield imprisoned the monster as a punishment for disobeying the law but Sooyeon can't attack nor can the monster escape. She turned to Cody "You should avoid this kind of situation you know." she offers him a hand and refers to either it will cause this (the monster attack) or her being jelly lol xD
  • Ara: she heard sooyeaon comment and laughed "if it's any consolation I think we should avoid this type of situation in general cause you know we should Try and not die?" She added as she turn to eren seeing he didn't have a weapon she passed him the sword she made "here to fight off your fans" she said simply making a hand gesture with the word fans "I swear every girl that falls for you is either inhuman or dead!" She said before making herself a new set of weapon. A long samurai sword made from celestial bronze as well as a shield for protection
  • Sooyeon: She simply laughs adorably at Ara and Eren making her cheeks heaten a bit, she looks at the imprisoned beach lol and bore her eyes on her, she actually wants to kill and tear the monster apart for taking advantage of Cody but she's forbidden to do so
  • Cody: As he slammed on the walls, the lieutenant gritted his teeth in pain. Nonetheless, he was fine. "Damn it." The son of Hades was quick to notice the situation: a trapped harpy and immobile lover. "Thanks, love," he grinned, looking at Sooyeon. Gods, was she totally adorable when jealous. How he'd definitely pay to see this side of her everyday! Welp, time to take advantage of the situation. Using his shadow travel skillz, Cody, who traveled at the speed of light/shadow, appeared beside the counsellor to plant a kiss. He disappeared to reappear at the back of the beast, stabbing her to death. One harpy down. Another to go.
  • Harpy #2: Upon seeing her fallen sister, the harpy screeched in anger. Was she a banshee? No, but at the moment, her high pitched voice felt like it. The bird lady flew to the sky, avoiding the stab to the neck. Instead, she was slightly cut by the blade, causing her to wince at the burning sensation. The beast then threw expensive glassware at the nearby duo (Eren and Ara).
  • Eren: Eren channeled his power, letting it flow through the cup and gain control over it. The item paused right in front of him and Ara, and shot back at the harpy like a bullet. He looked over at Ara, "Are you sure it's just dead or inhuman girls that like me?" He asked with raised eyebrows.
  • Ara: the girl didn't notice the harpy attack as she gave the shield to some passengers that didn't manage to escape she smiled and tried to calm them from the hectic mess. However when she turned she saw the attack and was half glad that eren saved her. Yet upon hearing his comment she laughed "are you suggesting a priest of my stature would give up my status for you?" She asked innocently "I agree your hot but too hot for my taste" she added "get some muscle and may be I'll think about it"
  • Harpy #2: Obviously, the woman was caught off-guard as the glass shattered upon contact; however, since they were not made of Celestial Bronze, the freaking beast was still alive. She had been damaged greatly and can be seen breathing heavily. The woman, who actually felt terrible for the boy, then attacked the priestess. Pursing her lips, the harpy used her strength to fly overhead Ara and attempt to slash her back and head in an arc with her claws and chest of protruding glass shard.
  • Cody: As much as he wanted to help the two, the lieutenant wanted to stay out of the way. It was a time where a man must redeem his shattered pride, and Eren clearly needed that at the moment, or so Cody thought.
  • Eren: The celestial bronze sword Ara had given the young man could be seen being slashing the harpy's head, before she could come close. "You're pretty lucky I'm merciful, you know that?" he tells Ara, pulling her body towards his and out of harm's way.
  • Ara: she saw eren saving the her and all she could think about was to how the boy grew up from the time she knew her till now. She slowly smiled at the thought and came closer to the boy giving him a kiss on the cheek with a mischievous grin "I'm lucky your too hot you mean? " she asked playfully as she silenced her own heart wails wanting to give the boy more than a peck. However so she ignored the feeling before and went to the front of the plane. She started using her powers to try and repair the broken pieces taking full advantage that now it was up to her to decide the outlay of the place. "Now we should be thankful we're alive and pray for no.more surprises..." she looked up and secretly prayed "please let them rest a bit mnesmoyme..." she said in her heart
  • Sooyeon: After the planted kiss, the daughter of Themis was left frozen and blushing madly up to her ears, however she snapped to reality when the other Harpy was so close to Ara that made her close to screaming but was relieved to watch as Eren takes his move. Ah he's so cool, she thought but soon shakes it off and looked at Cody but refused to have any eye contact, omg it's their first kissssssssssss >//////<
  • Cody: The lieutenant, upon sighting the duo's victory, gave Sooyeon a wink. It was clear he was shipping these two. Then again, he loves shipping others together. The boy wanted everyone to experience the wonders of love. For some reason, the semi-kiss made Cody blush. Moving on, he looked at Eren and smirked. "Good job, kiddo," he praised. Brushing off the dust, the son of Hades was suddenly alerted by the announcement through the airport speakers. Apparently, they must board the plane now if they don't want to be left behind. Before gesturing to the direction of their plane, he asked concernedly, "Anyone hurt?"
  • Eren: He smiles, and his skin gets a mild red tint. He looked at her for a moment, the same feeling of deja vu spilling over him. Then Cody snapped him out of it, "Ah, thanks," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm alright," he confirmed, as he willed his sword away. "Mira?"
  • Ara: "other than some hurt pride?-we're fine" she smiles as she glance at eren poking him for the event
  • Eren: He smiles, and his skin gets a mild red tint. He looked at her for a moment, the same feeling of deja vu spilling over him. Then Cody snapped him out of it, "Ah, thanks," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm alright," he confirmed, as he willed his sword away. Out of instinct, he pokes Ara's nose in retaliation. "I might not save your butt next time, then," he teased, although, he probably would still do it if the situation called for it.
  • Ara: she press her hand on her chest as she made a shocked face " how ungentleman like" she said sarcastically "and here I was gonna say something cool about you but oh well I'll save it till next time ghost boy"
  • Sooyeon: She puffs her cheeks as she sass over Cody, unsure of why she's acting so. "O-ofcourse i'm fine." her ears turned red and walked beside Ara avoiding Cody lol.
  • Cody: The son of Hades wanted confirmation from his beloved before he continued. "You ok too?" He asked, respecting her answer.
  • Ara : she saw the girls reaction thus felt the urge to save her from her distress "the redder you are the more fun it is" she whisper to her

Hong Kong International Airpport

  • Well, soon enough, the team hastened their brisk walking pace and boarded the plane together.
  • Cody: Well, Cody didn't unedrstand why Sooyeon acted that way too. Nonetheless, now being left with Eren, he shrugged and looked at the bo. "Women," he uttered loud enough for only the two of them to hear, chucking afterwards. "Alright. Plane time." He told the group, leading them into the business class section. There were four seats reserved. Two seats in one row and column and another two behind those two seats. Cody gestured for the girls to choose their seats first.
  • Eren: He couldn't help but agree. He chuckled along, and followed after everyone. His seat was most probably next to Mirabel, but he didn't mind.
  • Sooyeon: "I-it's not like i'm b-blushing because of C-cody!" she shuts her eyes and held onto Ara's forearm "Ah, nevermind." she puffs her cheeks and walked with her towards the designated plane, once they have arrived and waited for Ara to ask to sit with her lol bc she might want to sit with Eren and so it turned out like that and she was left to sit beside Cody
  • Cody: Due to the obvious patterns of the group, the son of Hades had gestured for Sooyeon to take the window seat. For some reason, he believed women had more appreciation for aesthetics; thus, they'll be happier seeing clouds, birds, and other avian sights. "After you, love."
  • Ara:As she walked with sooyeaon she looked back at eren withholding any urge to just walk with him and hold his hand. Her heart was yet again wanting the impossible as she was reminded at the fact "a few more mistake and mnesmoyme would have absolute proof that she wants.." she kept on telling herself that as she knew what was at stake. Her freedom and for her that was the last thing she wanted. As she was in a daze walking to the plane she saw sooyeaon waiting for her. She expected to be asked to sit together and imagine the thought sitting with her with the two eyes gazing over them for 7 hours wasn't a ride to have. Yet before she could say anything she saw Cody cutting her off ".so they were right... love does make you faster in every thing.." she commented before turning to eren "flip a coin?" She suggested wanting fate to decide whom would get the window seat
  • Sooyeon: without hesitation, she took what's offered for her and stayed silent until the flight starts and her eyes stayed either on the window or just at the back of the seat that's infront of her or a random book or random pace, just not on Cody xD
  • Eren: Eren shrugged, "I guess why not," he answers. He had his wallet with him, conveniently enough. He pulls out a 50 cent piece, balancing it on his fist before flipping it upwards. "Heads," he dibbed, watching the coin spin in the air.
  • Ara: upon seeing the coin she laughed "I see your habit of having everything and anything in your reach is still there ghost boy" she teased the boy as she attempted to give him a light punch in response to his pinch on her nose that was stop when she heard his announcement she rolls her eyes " Hey! I didn’t say I agree to that!” she whined as she saw the coin being flipped in midair she once more used her powers to make the coin fall into her palms “you’re supposed to let the girl pick first…” she said playfully trying to teach the boy manners that never existed as she showed the boy the coin she ‘caught’. “Anyhow you should at least give me a chance to examine this coin” she complained once more “Its common curtsy cause I need to know if I’m getting trick or not ghost boy” despite knowing eren was never the type to trick people but still she wanted to just check. No harm in that right? She convinced herself as she passed the coin back to the boy “your safe for now, casper…” she claimed giving him yet another nickname. “I want tails btw” she said simply without any feelings as she was now trying hard not to faint as she did use a whole lot of energy today when fighting the monster. She took a deep breath as she tried stop the dizziness hoping nobody would notice that tiny little fact.
  • Cody: Cody was seated beside Sooyeon, and he could never understand why he was being avoided. Just as he was going to place his arms around the counselor, he remembered something, making his arm return to him. Well, the lieutenant didn't notice dizziness; however, he wanted to be sure his questors were in good shape. He took out a pack of anti-motion sickness pills and casually passed them to the back. "Anyone easily dizzy?" He asked concernedly. Since Eren was seated closer to the aisle than the window, Cody was able to pass it to him first. In a way, this is how you impress women, no?



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