The following message took place during a dream:

“Katherine ...”
The voice of a woman echoed in the darkness. Kitty was unarmed, unprepared and unsure of what was to happen next. But she, for reasons unbeknownst to her, was unafraid.
“M-mother?” Kitty asked the emptiness. “Where are you? Please show yourself!”
“I am afraid I made a terrible mistake.” Persephone continued. Her voice was as bleak and melancholy as a lonely winter night.
The darkness lifted before Kitty, flashes of imagery almost blinding her with their vividness and disjointedness. They were images of her home in Dutchess County. The large chateau that grew to be Kitty’s playground was ransacked. There were deep scratches carved into the masonry of the wall. Their belongings were scattered, shattered and ruined, fragments of glass, marble and porcelain glittering dangerously in the flickering light. The windows were no more; even the wooden panes were reduced to splinters. A sleek, black, electric wheelchair was overturned against the wall and marred with scratches and burns but more importantly, it was empty.
“Where is he?” Kitty’s voice was grave.
“I do not know,” was the solemn reply. “Anywhere. Hades is keeping me prison in the Underworld. I cannot leave and he will not let you in if you try to come and free me.”
“I need to find him.”
“That is why I need you.” Persephone tried to keep her voice level but it was cracking under the pressure of her emotional agony. Kitty did not need to see her mother to know that they shared a mutual sorrow. “I would not ask if I could do it myself. But I fear for his life.”
“Where do I begin?”
“Even if I could leave, I cannot sense him. He is nowhere near the living. But perhaps ...”
The following images formed a cacophonous mix of confusing tricks of light, pictures of cities she did not recognise and landmarks that she had never seen before. Light-headedness washed over Kitty as her brain failed to process what she was seeing quickly enough.
“Find him, flower. And tell him that ...”
The images disappeared. Kitty tried to regain her composure, breathing deeply as she stared into nothingness once more.
“He made a mistake, loving one such as me.”

After 18 years, Persephone mustered up enough courage to go and see Brandon Winters during the first summer Kitty was away to Camp. Persephone told him everything: who she was, why she left, where she had been and in the midst of it all, she recited a litany of apologies which contained every synonym for 'sorry' under the sun. Brandon cared not. He didn't realize how much he loved her still, after so long and wanted only to keep seeing her. Persephone kept making furtive trips out of the Underworld to see him, her visits growing more and more frequent.

Hades, of course, noticed her disappearances during the summer which had escalated until she was gone from his side for days at a time. He learned that she had been meeting with one of her mortal lovers. She had never returned to one of them before, much less stayed with one of them after bearing them a child. In a blind fit of rage and jealousy, Hades bided his time and waited until Persephone was trapped in the Underworld during the Autumn and Winter seasons before he arranged for his Furies (monster subject to change) to take Brandon away to a place where little green grows, where few flowers bloom and where she can't reach him ever again. Persephone, confined in the Underworld, wallowed in her guilt and sorrow for condemning Brandon to whatever fate Hades has decided for him.

There is little joy left in the goddess's heart and it is dwindling with every fleeting minute. With one final burst of hope, Persephone reaches out to her daughter to right what she has done.

This quest will more or less be a nationwide trek through three highly polluted cities in the search for Brandon Winters. Each one will feature a different kind of pollution from it's predecessor and each one with worse monsters. Kitty will probably grow weaker with each location which could be linked to either the lack of greenery and cleanliness in the locations or her mother's growing sorrow.

  • Camp Entrance
  • The Winters' Chateau (New York) - Flesh Eating Sheep
  • AK Steel Factory (near Ohio river) - Karkinos
  • Comfort Inn and Suites (Rockport, Indiana)
  • Chandler Apartment Homes (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Fremont Hotel and Casino (Las Vegas, Nevada) - Lamiai
  • Mexican border - Keres
  • General Hospital (Mexico City, Mexico)

It is no secret that Hades was the one who stole Brandon away and put him in some faraway city but unbeknownst to Kitty and Persephone, Hades asked his lackeys to prepare a draught of water from the River Lethe to wipe away Brandon's memories of Persephone and their daughter, thus removing all connections he ever had to Hades' queen.


Prologue (Kitty and Kristoph)

Prologue (Kitty and Astrid)

Later in the afternoon that same day Kitty spoke to Kristoph

Camp Entrance

The Winters' Chateau

  • Kitty: The van pulled up along the paved path of the garden of a large villa, twenty minutes away from the nearest city and surrounded by plants, trees and forestry of all kinds. It was the house of a wealthy family, a mansion built three storeys high with white stone, a balcony in front of each of the second and third floor bedroom windows and a marble fountain gracing the front lawn. The garden was unlike any other, a tribute to Persephone with its huge array of flowering plants and trees. As the van drew closer, Kitty could see that the large mahogany doors were reduced to splinters, planks of wood hanging at the hinges and some of the windows were smashed in. The steps of polished stone that led to the doors were scratched and clawed at horribly and the walls bore the marks of the Furies' forced entry. The van rolled to a halt and she was the first to jump out, leaning against the back of the van whilst she inspected the wreckage from outside.
  • Kristoph: He was sleeping the whole time of the trip, hugging his ukulele case, leaning his back against the seat. Sometimes his mouth would slowly open and immediately close like it was automatic. When the van came to a stop, his body leaned forward and almost fell to the front but he managed to shake his head as he woke up. "Huh? What, where?" He looked out the window and saw the chateau. He raised his shades and stared at the place in awe even though it was somewhat wrecked. He stepped out of the van, already carrying his stuff. "Oh... my... gods..." he said. "This place is huge." But then the sight of wreckage ruined the beautiful view. "Hmm..." He scanned the surroundings and saw Kitty beginning her investigation. "What can we do to help?" he asked.
  • Astrid: She hopped out of the van, glancing around the area. Tucking a strand of hair behind her hair, she went to join the two. Her mouth opened slightly as she looked around clearly, gaping in awe. She stroked a nearby flower, brightening at the sight of such beauty. Then her eyes saw the sight of the wreckage and her breath caught in her throat. "Oh gods," she breathed, glancing sideways at Kitty. She felt bad for the daughter of Persephone as she had said it was her old home. She couldn't imagine how Kitty felt and she dipped her head. Looking up, she asked in reply to Kristoph, "Yeah, what can we do?" She turned to face Kitty and folded her arms. Again, she looked around, as if having not taken in the place completely the two times.
  • Kitty: She solemnly nodded at their gasps of awe. "Yeah, I don't normally let people know of this side of my life. I get mistaken far too often to be a snobby rich girl." She sighed and leaned off of the van, hitting the vehicle twice with her hand. "Thanks for the ride!" Kitty yelled without looking back at the driver and heard the van roll away from the villa. She heard Astrid and Kristoph's question and let her eyes run over the surroundings for another moment. "Let's ... go inside first. I'll figure out what to do then." She jogged forward and up the steps, stopping halfway to get a closer look at the claw marks on the walls and doors. Inside, Kitty turned into the lounge where the wreckage was worse than outside by tenfold. Large deep gashes were carved into the once-stylish wallpaper. Their armoires had been tipped over and smashed; their solid oak coffee table looking like it had imploded down the middle. A grand piano on the corner by the shattered window was missing a leg, some of the ivory keys scattered on the floor. Their couches were mottled with explosions of stuffing. That was just to name a few of the disasters that had happened inside. But all of that went over Kitty's head when her eyes landed on the sleek, black electric wheelchair that had been overturned by the fireplace. "Daddy." She whispered and ran to it, kneeling down by the chair and turning it upright, not caring about the many glass shards that surrounded her knees and that could dig through her jeans at any moment. Bits of the metal spokes on the wheels had been sliced apart, the wheelchair full of scratches and the leather back of the seat had been split open. Kitty rest her arms on the arms of the chair and lowered her head, her shoulders shaking with her unsteady, erratic breaths as she sobbed silently. A golden glint of light made her lift her head and she saw a spot of bronze in the fireplace. She dug in and took out a Celestial Bronze dagger, the very one that her father used to defend her from harpies when she was young. Kitty lifted it and inspected it, seeing the dried streaks of golden ichor that stained the blade. Through her tears, she shook her head. "You put up one hell of a fight, you crazy old man."
  • Kristoph: As soon as Kitty gave her instructions, Kristoph nodded once and asked no more, following Kitty inside. Chills went down his spine once he got inside, the scene of total ruins right in front of his very eyes. He stood by the door and examined the surroundings. He imagines the place to be an almost perfect haven but then the picture was completely destroyed after seeing the aftermath of chaos. He walked further and saw all the possessions of the Winters, which seemed all to be so expensive and yet... what a waste. He went to the couch and they didn't seem so comfy anymore with all the stuffing coming out. All of a sudden, everything felt dull and got even more lifeless... silent. Even Kristoph didn't have time for his jokes because the situation called for his seriousness. He checked outside the shattered windows, careful not to hurt himself with the broken glasses by their frames, to see if there was anyone or anything outside, perhaps a clue that might lead them to who did all this. There was no one and nothing. He whipped his head when he heard heavy footsteps and glasses breaking then saw Kitty running to the wheelchair. "Kitty--" he tried to call out to warn her about the bits of glasses on the floor. He trotted up to her but by the time he reached her, she already got to the fireplace and saw her take out a dagger from it. Out of the corner of his eye was the wheelchair, which he assumed to have belonged to someone dear to her. He saw her cry... or perhaps just lower her head for no apparent reason. He was unsure but then sadness went to him and he just felt his heart sink. He looked at Kitty and heard her talk. She seemed to only be keeping the tough facade for the rest of her companions, or even for everyone in general, but he knew she must have somewhat needed a bit of comforting from someone and so he walked towards her and held her by the shoulders gently squeezing them for reassurance. "Hey," he said with a gentle smile. "We'll find him." He let go of her shoulders afterwards and said, "Whoever did this--" He hit his fist on his palm that met in front of his chest with a slap. "Will get some real hard beatin' from team Kitty." He chuckled trying to lighten up the solemn mood.
  • Astrid: "Tell me about it," she murmured, in reply to Kitty's statement about being judged as a snob. She stepped in hesitantly but stopped once she caught sight of the inside. The whole place made her feel lightheaded. She glanced around the area, clenching her shirt. The wrecked piano reminded her of her piano that she used to play with her father when she was little and felt feelings of nostalgia. She wondered how hard it was for Kitty and felt guilt at she was feeling when someone else would be feeling a lot worse. She heard the glass break and turned to Kitty; upon seeing her, she stepped towards the demigod but Kristoph was already there. Exhaling, she stopped and stood off to the side, examining the place and it's entirety. She walked around more dodging shards of glass lying around. Whoever did this must have been pretty desperate, she figured. Her hand felt the wallpaper and she let it slide across, the ripped portion fixing itself in place, and then falling, lifeless. Astrid inhaled, then exhaled slowly her whole body moving with the process. She knew there was no way someone could escape this alive, no way in all the world, none, But there had to be hope. She walked back to the two demigods and kneeled down in front. "He's out there and like this guy said, we will find him. But we need to hurry in case....... anything happens," she says, a warm look on her face to try to reassure the girl.
  • Kitty: She stood, nodding and turning away from Kristoph to wipe away what tears had stained her cheeks. "Thank you both. You're right. We'll find him." Kitty gripped the dagger and turned to face them. Astrid's words registered in her mind, hearing her address Kristoph as 'this guy' and Kitty gave a small chuckle. "Oh, how very rude of me. I didn't actually introduce you two at Half-Blood Hill. Kristoph, this is Astrid Faye. A daughter of Melinoe that I asked to come with us. Astrid, this is Kristoph Winchester. The son of Morpheus that I told you about who's helping me with my dream." she motioned to respective people as she spole and her eyes widened for a moment. "My dream …" Kitty repeated. "Yes, that's it. That's all we can do now. There's nothing else here. Kristoph, we'll take a seat and you do what you need to do to help us figure out where to go next. Astrid …" she crossed the room, crushing the shards of glass beneath her feet and opened a small wooden cabinet on the wall, taking out a set of car keys. "Through that door at the back, you'll end up in the garage next to the stables. These are the keys to a red convertible. There are like four cars there but it's the only red one. We could be driving for a while and that's the only car I know for a fact that will have a full tank of gas. My dad bought it for me but he hates it, he won't be caught dead being driven in it." She tossed her the keys and sat on the ruined couch, unzipping her boots to take out her sketchbook and a pencll. "Could you start it and open the garage door? The door should open out in front of the stables. As soon as I figure out where we're going, we are out of here." With a sigh, she looked around at the home she once loved. Her playground as a child. "I don't want to stay here any longer than I have to." she added quietly.
  • Kristoph: A genuine smile was formed on Kristoph's face as Kitty said her thanks. "No problem," he replied. When they finally got introduced, Kristoph gave his casual salute and said, "Yo. Nice name there, Astrid. Much badass." He laughed a bit then stopped after he heard what Kitty said next, confused. "Wait... uh-- Me? Your dream? Aw... shucks, Kitty..." he said with his hand on his chest, now feeling all demure. "I didn't know that--" Again, interrupted by Kitty's continuation. "Oh... that dream," he said with a flick of his index finger indicating that he finally got it. "Okay." In a second, all his feelings of flattery were washed away. He nodded now with his serious face on. "Let's do this." He rotated his head to stretch them, releasing all tensions and even cracked his knuckles and shook his whole body. "I'm ready."
  • Astrid: She nodded politely at Kitty, and looked at Kristoph. She rolled her eyes at his comment about her name and looked back at Kitty waiting for further instructions. Astrid caught the keys and nodded in understanding. "I'll be waiting," she said, waving slightly. She followed Kitty's instructions, taking her bag, and went out the door to the garage. Her eyes immediately caught on to the convertible and she opened it, tossing in her bag. She leaned over the drivers seat and inserted the key and started the car. She opened the garage door immediately following and leaned on the back of the car, waiting for them to get over with their work. After about a minute, she got bored standing there and decided to walk around the estate. Just after walking a step out of the garage, she saw the stables and decided to walk in and see if the horses were still there and possibly feed them while she was waiting.
  • Kitty: She gave Kristoph a pointed look when he began misinterpreting what she said about her dream and nodded when things clicked with him. Astrid disappeared behind the door to the garage and Kitty zipped her boots back up, putting the graphite tip of the pencil to paper. "If you could send me into that dream without making me fall asleep, that would be preferable. I'll draw or write down anything I can remember. Now, like I said before, the pictures in my dream hurt to look at so don't push it. I need you to be alert and still with your wits about you when you're finished. So focus on one picture that Persephone gives as clues to my dad's location and just hold it long enough for me to gather enough details about it. Don't try to get any more. Okay?" she turned away from and looked at the paper in front of her, taking a deep breath and bracing herself for diving back into what had haunted her for too long. "I'm ready. Go for it."
  • Kristoph: He nodded as Kitty enumerated her instructions and with a final nod of assurance he said, "Alright." He took out his hands and offered them to Kitty, expecting her to hold onto them. "I hope you trust me," he said with a confident, but at the same time, playful smile. Kristoph closed his eyes in intense focus as he used his ability to make a person daydream. He concentrated hard on one specific image but Kitty had to be fast because the longer he continued to use his power, more energy was drained from him. Not a moment later, he was able to enter into Kitty's dreams but the images were quite fuzzy and hard to determine what they were as if Kristoph was merely standing on a space of a blurred world. "Okay, Kitty. I need your help," he said. "Focus."
  • Astrid: Astrid sauntered over to the barn, taking her time to get there. The stable doors were closed, though the right door was slightly open. She pulled on the door, the wood creaking as it moved. As soon as she opened it, the dank air and the rotten smell hit her. The demigod pulled her jacket side over her nose, her face cringing which caused thin lines to forms to form on her forehead. She coughed into the jacket and walked in, coughing every so moment as she looked around. Her feet softly kicked at a horseshoe lying on the ground, and she bent to pick it up, examining it. It was slightly rusty, the original color appearing to be almost gone. It was a regular old horseshoe. What caught her about it, though, were the specks of blood on it. She looked around the stables, taking out her machete which was on her back. Stepping forward to the first stall, she peered in it and gasped. In the stall was about five sheep eating a horse, the contents of the body of the horse out on the floor of the stall. She felt a pang of nausea. Those couldn't be sheep. She stepped back, stepping on a thin bone behind her which made a loud noise. The sheep's heads snapped up to her, and peered at her with these evil eyes. She felt frightened, but she could take them on. She was ready to take the first one out, when one of them made a grunt or something. She heard rustling behind her, and turned, eyes wide. She was surrounded by a whole ton of them. They all made a large sound and lunged at her, but she was ready. Astrid stabbed the one nearest her and jabbed the next one, pushing and kicking and stabbing. They were doing their best to bit her, and one successfully bit her jacket sleeve but not her arm, thankfully. She knew she wouldn't get rid of all of them, there were too many. She just need to get to the door. She finally reached the stable doors and opened them. She sprinted to the garage and did her best to close the garage, succeeding. Before she closed the door, she caught sight of how many sheep there were running after her and her heart stopped mid-beat. There was at least a thousand, no ten thousand, a whole like two herds! She had to get to Kristoph and Kitty.
  • Kitty: Kitty's breathing slowed and everything around her blurred until it was nothing but darkness that consumed her. She knew she wasn't asleep, but she wasn't present in the room. She was on the breaking point of hyperventilating, her subconscious fearing being told about her father's kidnapping despite already knowing. It was like Kitty was panting while waiting for her mother's voice.
    She heard and fell still. It was a vicious cycle of emotions that never eased up no matter how many times she experienced it happen. The pictures of her wrecked home, despite being in the middle of the devastation, sent her into a fit of erratic breaths that only calmed when they faded into the blackness. Kitty made the conscious effort to not let her fears cloud her determination to find him. She asked where her father was and braced herself, her fists tightening and snapping the pencil in her hand. The pictures flew past her subconscious mind and Kitty took a deep breath. 'This is my dream. My mind. I can control it.' The images began to slow but her willpower alone did not suffice. This was why she needed Kristoph
  • Kristoph: In Kitty dream, he kept just the right of distance from her so he won't distract her concentration. He just kept his guard on in case something unexpected would happen. In the midst of silence, he could clearly and loudly hear Kitty's breaths and heartbeat that would sometimes go faster than normal and so he would try to vary each scene which he thought would be too much for her to take in. Looking through the different images that flashed, he himself became rather confused of what Kitty's mother wanted to show them. Kristoph closed his eyes in order to manipulate her dream and attempt to focus each picture that came by quickly. It became a bit difficult for him. He sense the urgency and the need to show multiple scenes in so little time. He could already feel himself getting drained for using his power but he continued until they were successful to slow the flashes down enough for Kitty to hopefully remember the details. After a few more, Kristoph mostly saw pictures of what seemed to be a factory and a river then the rest of them flickered and darkness took over. With a gasp, Kristoph finally opened his eyes, feeling his legs getting wobbly that he almost lost his balance but managed to maintain it. He felt a throbbing pain in his head, making him press his temples and rub the back of his head. He then looked at Kitty and said, "I hope you were able to remember that. Sorry I can't continue further."
  • Astrid: Astrid swung open the door to the chateau, bursting into it and disturbing Kitty and Kristoph from their dreamtime. "We got to go now! Zombie sheep ate the horses!" She exclaimed, going to the nearest window and glancing out it, hoping to make out a route to escape by. Astrid looked back at the two and corrected herself, "I mean flesh eating sheep, I think, not sure though." And she continued to look out the window. Sadly, she couldn't see clearly given the window was blurry and all she could see outside was red and white and a little black. "Are you guys done with the dreaming or did I disturb you?" She asked a bit harshly, squinting at the window. Astrid wanted to go, but she was afraid that she stopped the two from their dreamtime and felt guilty. She shook the thought away and stated again, "We got to go before one of their bigger monster friends come along."
  • Kitty: Kitty snapped back from her dream , panting and shaking her head. There had never been a clearer picture in her dream. She put her hand on Kristoph's shoulder. "I got it. You did good. Thanks. Now it's time to actually fin-" She stopped talking when Astrid burst in, a life-threatening level of urgency in her voice. "Zombie sheep?!" Kitty repeated, launching to her feet. She quickly grabbed what was left of the pencil she snapped and shoved it into her boot, her sketchbook quickly following after. Astrid quickly explained further, venom in her voice that Kitty knew was not misplaced. Astrid was left outside whereas Kitty and Kristoph were literally stuck in a dream. Kitty only nodded and ran to one of the drawers, sighing with relief as she took out a smartphone. Her dad's. She was fortunate that he didn't have it on him. They had to rely on the Internet to find the factory now, not what knowledge the three of them had. Kitty quickly ran outside, to the garage, scowled and ran back into the lounge. "The herd's blocking the garage door! There's too many to blow past, we'll just get stuck. We'll have to thin them out and I'd rather not get surrounded." She gripped the Celestial Bronze dagger and pulled on the whip handle that was strapped to her bag. The two-metre long cord's barbs gleamed dangerously as the whip sprawled out on the floor. Kitty turned to Kristoph. "You're drained. Don't push yourself to fight if you can't. Astrid," she paused, turning to the daughter of Melinoe. "Ready to kick some flesh-eating ass?" She grinned, spurred on by a greater sense of purpose. Kitty wasn't only fighting to find her father now. She was fighting to keep her team alive. She left through the door, disappearing into the garage and ready to take the monsters on. The air smelled dank, of rotten flesh and she knew that the smell could easily be her friends if they weren't careful.
  • Kristoph: He only held Kitty's hand on his shoulder and patted it to show that it was all okay then the moment was suddenly interrupted by the slam of a door, making him whip his head to that direction with alertness, Astrid bursting in the room out of the blue. He listened to what she had to say and looked outside although it was quite difficult to make out what was happening. Only one thing was sure--they had to get out immediately. When he was about to make his move, he was stopped by Kitty but he shook his head and showed a tight-lip smile. "You can trust me." Without waiting for any further instructions, he ran straight to the garage hoping that he plan would work if what he needed was there. It's a garage, there has to be one, he thought as he rushed to herd of flesh-eating sheep and used his ability to make the monsters day dream for a short while so they would not want to attack him. "There, there. Good sheep." He made his way through them and rummaged the stuff piled in the area. "Come on, there has to be something," he muttered under his breath in a hurry to find whatever could kill those beasts because he knew that what he just did wouldn't last long.
  • Astrid: She nodded at Kitty, readying her machete, but soon jumped back by Kristoph's suddenness. Astrid regained herself and gripped her weapon tightly, grinding her teeth in the process. "Idiot," she murmured, stomping into the garage. She glanced at the sheep, and gaped, before frowning at Kristoph. "What now? You don't have a weapon?" For a reason she didn't know, she felt annoyed at Kristoph and stood there gritting her teeth. She glanced at Kitty, the leader of the quest, "So, after Mr. Moron here gets something to defend himself, what's the direct plan?" She asked, tightening her ponytail.
  • Kitty: Her mind turned back to when they were at the camp entrance. There was no hint of a weapon on Kristoph. Only his ukulele case, and she had assumed there was something in his bag that was worthwhile - what with all the metal that was clanging around in his pack. "Whatever you're looking for, it better not be your only plan. We need you. And we need you not to waste time. Take these if you have nothing else!" She reached for the small of her back, taking out the sheaths of her twin daggers and throwing them in his direction. "All we can do is clear a path." She glanced at the convertible behind her before looking in the direction of the graveled path. The sheep would be all over it. She dropped her backpack in the backseat of the car. "Come on, dump your things. There's a path leading out of the stables and to the main road which is no doubt overrun by the sheep." Something clanged against the metal door and Kitty stopped short, glancing up at the sheet of corrugated metal that temporarily served as their sanctuary from a flock of ravenous sheep. "We get them to clear the path and I can drive the car up to you guys to get us out of here. Unless one of you, when the path is clear, can make it to the door faster and can drive."
  • Monster (Sheep): The metal clanging became more frequent and even the angry bleating made their way into the garage. The metal groaned at their collective weight and pressure against the door.
  • Kitty: "We need to do this now. We'll be overrun and we won't be able to drive out of here." She ran to the garage door and opened the garage door panel, switching it to manual. Grabbing hold of the metal chain that would lift the door, she turned to her team. "When this opens, we need room to get out of here. We cannot let them into the garage. Use attacks that would push the lot of them as far back as you can manage. Or ones that would freak them out and/or make them confused and useless. That's the priority here. We need to clear the path, not waste energy taking out as many as we can. But if you can manage to bring down some of the sheep that ate my beloved horses, I'll take it as vengeance and be appreciative." She added a slight humourous line to ease the tension before the battle had even begun. She placed a foot on the wall to give herself bearing and gripped onto the metal chain tightly. "Line up by the door, guys. Attack as soon as you can manage." She took a deep breath and began to open the door.
  • Kristoph: "Woah, wait!" he exclaimed in surprise when Kitty threw her twin daggers at him and thanks to his reflexes, he was able to catch them midair. He just held the weapons close to him while he continued to look for the thing. "AHA!" He grabbed the orange gallon container that was covered in thick sheets of cloth. He knew that what he was about to do might do a bigger damage than he expected but that would be the most effective way to get rid of the monsters. "UMMMM KITTY!?" He shouted in the midst of the ruckus, hoping Kitty would hear him. "PERMISSION TO BURN-- UM-- SOME AREAS!" Kristoph knew that fire was the best thing to make those monsters vulnerable. "KITTY! AN ANSWER IS MOST APPRECIATED NOW!" he added with an increase of urgency since the effect of his powers to make the sheep friendly to him might wear off any minute.
  • Astrid: She gripped her machete tightly as the garage door started to open, letting in light and making the bleets of the monsters louder. Astrid glanced at Kristoph and figured he was going to use something in that container, possibly magic. Her mind flickered to the possibility of her using powers to help them clear the sheep, and her grip loosened. She bit her lip hesitantly. If she did, she would drain much of her energy; if not then she would either be stampeded, eaten or it'll just take a long while to clear out the herd. But they need to find Kitty's father quickly or something might happen. As the door lifted, Astrid coated her machete with ectoplasm and waited readily for the herd.
  • Kitty: "Ah, genius! Go on, do it!" She yelled, pressing her foot down on the wall of her garage and yanking down on the metal chain. The corrugated metal sheet screeched as the rust slowed its opening. The sheep bleated even louder and some even began to peek their heads through the thirty-centimetre gap between the door and the ground. Kitty held the door at its current height which was not big enough to let the sheep through. With one hand, she summoned a small tornado of leaves and foliage, spinning around and around on her palm. She removed her foot from the wall and started kicking the sheep away from her as the tornado picked up speed. When the leaves spinning in her hand became razor sharp, she shot across it the floor, cutting at the sheep heads as it sped past, causing them to back away in pain. "Go on! Keep them away!"
  • Kristoph: He quickly opened the container and poured out the gasoline as he ran out and shouted at his comrades, "QUICK RUN OUTSIDE! GO! GO! GO!" He continued to splatter the liquid around the area. When he was out, the gasoline also ran out so he just threw the container back inside and even hit one of the sheep on the head. He pulled something out of his pocket, a lighter. "GUYS! WHENEVER YOU'RE READY!"

OOC/Alias: I'm not sure if my assumptions of them still in the garage are correct. I got confused with all our long replies haha sorry and it's been a long time since I last read this so I forgot some details. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

OOC/Bey: No, you're alright. They were still in the garage :P I has a question though. What's your opinion on calling it quits? I mean, all three of us have been really busy but we've been at this for months and are still only a third of the way through. I have no problem with keeping it going but it seems unfair to ask you both to keep your characters away from RPing with other people for so long. We know the endgame. It might just be easier to say that it had already finished, that way, we can talk to other people and keep other storylines going. If it helps, I can write something that would detail what I had planned to happen during this quest, like a short-ish story. But no doubt you guys have other plans for your characters as well. What do you both think?

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