The Quest To Rescue An Endangered Lion

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Beau,

Hello son, I hope you arrived at camp safely. Now I know you have only been there for a few days. But this task is urgent. A few years ago a child of mine, joined the Broken Covenant. He swore to get revenge on me after his father made some huge deal about how I couldn't stay with him. So his son had went to a lion reserve I started a few years ago that houses many of the white lions. White lions are almost on the brink of extinction, and as I can not afford to see one of my beloved lions be wiped out fully. I need your help to rescue them, the only problem is, my son who has captured them, has thought of everything. He knew I would be sending another child of mine and he has an army of manticore, Cyclops, fire breathing horses, you name it guardian the temple the lions are being held at. He has went to great measures to get the lions to my temple in Greece, knowing that would be the place that would have the greatest affect on me. Please take a few of your friends from camp along with you. Thank you, and I hope you can help me with this. There is a key to the lions cage hidden somewhere in Africa, he had left the key in the reserve where he had taken the lions from. This is all the information I can give you, best of luck!


  • Camp gates
  • New York airport
  • African lion reserve
  • Airport in Greece
  • Cybele's temple in Greece
  • Back at camp

  1. Two manticores are guarding the lion reserve in Africa
  2. Empousia attack in the airport in Greece
  3. The giant monster battle at the temple
  4. Defeating Cybele's child who joined the BC

The Quest

(Posting Order: Brocky, Hyu, Oli, Royal, Kevo)

Camp Gates

  • Beau: He's waiting at the front gates of camp. He is wearing a long sleeved shirt, jeans and Nike running shoes. His backpack is pretty much full of drachmas, clothes and a map. He is sitting by a tree playing X's and O's in the dirt.
  • Audie: He's literally dashing his way for the camp gates, his mouth half-full of Koko Krunch, and he's actually eating from the cereal box itself. He's clad in a green raglan shirt, khaki shorts, and black high-cut converse shoes. On his shoulders hang a small black day pack, which mostly contains an assortment of sweets and another box of Koko Krunch Choco-Caramel. As soon as he arrives, he sees Beau playing at the dirt. Assuming that he's one of the questors, he greets him with a loud, "HEEEELLLOOO!!!"
  • Cel: He walks from the direction of the nymph sanctuary with an orange backpack which mainly contains money, both drachmas and dollars, clothes and some food. He's dressed in simple jeans and a loose hoody. Both article of clothing's pockets are stuffed with food and more money. He's wearing headphones which connect to the iPhone in his shirt pocket underneath the hoody so he can't hear anything really. He stands a small distance away from the other two, concentrating more on going through his social media.
  • Aria: She comes careening down the path to the entrance, screaming gibberish in joy. She is wearing her hair in a high ponytail, with pink overalls, a blue shirt, and little black slip on boots. She is also wearing a white messenger bag on her right shoulder, and the head of a giant purple gummy bear pokes out of the flap. The toe of her boot catches on the path, and she falls slowly with her arms windmilling, until she lands flat on her face. To alert everyone about her current state, she screams "I"M OKAY!"
  • Colton: He skateboards down the road towards the entrance, while doing so he has his iPhone in hand. He comes to a stop and holds his skateboard in his other hand as he approaches the group. He wears his hoodie with a white shirt underneath, and a pair of blue jeans. His duffel bag contains his necessary clothing, money, and some other personal items. He has his dual scimitar strapped to his side and his bow and his quiver of arrows in his bag. The scimitars give off a slight glow.
  • Beau: He bounces up and down as he finally realizes that everyone is here "YAY!!! We can starts deh quest now!" He runs up to everyone and gives them each a small hug, before stepping back in his position and looking down to his watch, he discovers something "Wellsh, deh car ish gonna be here very soon. So get compafy (comfy >.<)."
  • Audie: As soon as he hears the word "car", he starts whimpering and wheezing and scowling and running around in circles and and >.< "No no no no no no no! Me ish dun like c-c-car!" He starts stuffing his face with more Koko Krunch to ease himself, because he gets carsick with a 80-90% chance every time he rides any vehicle (any sort of cars, buses, you name it).
  • Cel: He takes his headphones off and rolls his eyes, wrapping his headphones around his phone and putting it in his already stuffed pockets. He walks up to the group now, "I could get a blindfold so you can't see it?"
  • Aria: She pushes herself from the ground and brushes herself off. Completely ignoring the other questers, she drifts off into her own little world. "Ooooh, cars. Do cars make a vroom vroom sound?" She stares off in to space and twirls her hair around her finger, imagining little pink and purple cars driving in clouds filled with unicorns and rainbows >.<
  • Colton: He puts his Beats headphone around his neck and pauses the music he was listening to. "Audie, you'll be fine," he says with a smirk. It was awkward at first to hug a guy but he's cool with it. He takes his skateboard and starts riding it in circles around the group. Almost bumping in Audey and then Aria he does an Ollie (Oli ;3) to move around him behind he tackles both of them onto the ground >.<.
  • Beau: He pauses and looks puzzled at the situation, before realizing what he got himself into with this quest and these people. "Wellsh, we should get going." He finishes a package of skittles and jumps into the drivers seat "Lezz go!!!"
  • Audie: Some of his Koko Krunch spills into the ground, making him yelp and eat more, as if he's trying to rescue the remaining ones from falling. He gets up from being tackled, reluctantly following after Beau, and into the seat directly behind the driver. His teeth seems to chattering as he eats loudly, stammering the words, "No no no no no no cabbie!"
  • Cel: He grumbles something about being surrounded by immature people and quickly decides that Colton is the only one he could hold a normal conversation with. As he gets into the car he turns his music up louder in an attempt to drown out the noise of the other questers.
  • Aria: She hobbles up from the ground and jumps into the car in one flying leap. Once inside, she huddles up in her seat and starts to pet her gummy bear, as one would pet a dog. She stares forward blankly and begins to take nibbles out of its head, completely unaware of what she's doing.
  • Colton: "Oops sorry. My bad," he says giving a chuckle, brushing the dirt off his hoodie after tackling Audey and Aria on his skateboard. He leaps into the car and takes a seat. He uses the gravity to turn down the music, he then says in a cheerful mood to enlighten up the environment, "Let's go!"
  • Beau: He drives off, although sometimes getting distracted, he manages to drive on the right side of the road for the majority of the time. They eventually get to the airport after driving for awhile
  • Audie: He scampers off the taxi with a really pale and detested face; he has his hands buried on them, as if he's thinkin that he's still in the vehicle. His way of walking is also wobbly, kinda like a semi-topsy turvy person who just came from a bar. He seems to have left his Koko Crunch box in the taxi out of terror.
  • Cel: He seems to have fallen asleep in the taxi and as such he's snoring lightly in the back seat. His music is on a loud volume making it clearly audible for anyone else remaining in the car. He does however, turn slightly in his sleep, a small indication that he might stir in a few minutes.
  • Aria: She places the gummy bear back into her bag, the head chewed up and the ears bitten completely off. She leans over and taps Cel multiple times, trying to find out if he was awake. "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo, is anyone awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?" she chides.
  • Colton: Colton has his Beats headphone over his ears listening to some dubstep as he closes his eyes, soon about to fall asleep. He opens one of his eyes, giving a chuckle, "I am now." He sits up straight, and grabbing his stuff, leaps out if the car. "Just saying, you're am awesome alarm clock!" He says giving her a thumbs up.
  • Beau: He stands outside making sure Audie doesn't throw up, eventually he goes to wake everyone else up finding Aria and Colton already awake "Oh, haidere." He smiles, looking at Cel as he begins shaking his arm trying to wake him up.
  • Audie: He's still scampering and whimpering around, so yeah. He's in no shape to wake up the others as well. OOC: Not lazy to post, but that's what he really is >.<
  • Cel: He wakes up with a jolt and glares at Beau, "Five more minutes..."
  • Aria: She leans back, almost tipping herself out of the car. "Ooooh~! You're speaking," she muses, clapping her hands together with glee. Noticing in the nick of time that she is falling, she slides out of the car, landing unsteadily on her feet.
  • Colton: He was leaning against a wall, the surrounding noises being covered by the music played through his headphones on his phone. He glances at Aria as she land unsteadily on her feet, he slightly uses gravity push of the moon to steady her.
  • Soon they all walk to into the airport and eventually all get situated waiting for the plane


  • Beau: He takes out his ipad and begins playing 'Don't take the white tile'. After a few minutes of playing it rages and puts the ipad back his his bag. He looks over to the group and then down to the floor, unsure what to do
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