The Recording Studio

Apollo Studio

The Recording Studio is located aside the Apollo's Cabin on Camp Half Blood. It was a gift from Apollo to his children. Here the Apollo Cabin and other demigods with permission from the Apollo Cabin can record music and make records. It is a small building with a big sign saying "Apollo Recording Corps". Inside is a sound booth and an editing panel, inside the sound booth is an enchanted cupboard that can pull out any instrument.

This is not only for Apollo kids. If you are interested in playing please get permission from an Apollo kid, enjoy. Also, the studio has a security system to stop vandalism.



Adam Solarius


Maia Ashman

Music Editor

Noella Maron

Additional Help

Blake Ramirez


The Kings of Kings

The Street Motion Muses


If you recorded a CD, put it here.

R&B Covers by Deirdre Hunter

Pop Covers by Deirdre Hunter

Suzanne Vega Cover Album by Marie van der Pol

Idealistic Cover (By Digitalism) By Adam Solarius

The Band Perry Cover by Alanis Davies

Ellie Goulding Cover by Lyra Duran

8-Bit Tuna Roll by Digital Sushi

2 single Elliot Yamin Tracks by Nolan Collins

Panic! (Panic! At the Disco cover) by Logan Weston

The Graveyard by Monster Mayhem

Crazy Train cover by Dorian Solrus and Tyler Drape.

Seven Covers by Troy Lee

Heart Attack Cover by Maia Ashman and Kylie Shay

J-Pop Covers by Hoshiko Sato

R&B Covers by Domonick Farmer and Theós Hampton. Produced by Lena Charleston.

Note From Apollo

Note from Apollo

Inside there is a note from Apollo


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