The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kylie,

You must find it odd how I am the one speaking to you and not my reckless brother. You have nothing to fear; you have done no wrong. I would just like to... ask for your help on a certain matter.

A while back, a huntress of mine asked to temporarily leave the Hunt in order to see the world. A... vacation, if you will. I granted her that request for she had served me faithfully in the years despite her titan parentage. We parted ways in a forest in Maine. However, she did not return after a few weeks. I know for certain that she is neither dead nor on the verge of dying. I am, thus, led to believe that she either has no further intention of rejoining her sisters or has been, in some way, detained. Since very few people have been able to detain any huntress of mine, I believe that the former is correct.

Now, normally I or another huntress would search for her but as it is, I need all the Hunters I have with me right now in hunting for yet another beast. This is where you come in. Of course, you may wonder why I have chosen you, of all people. It is for the simple reason that this Huntress had served your father for a time before she joined my Hunt and because you are, if I am not mistaken, the leader of your cabin. Now, last I heard, she had been accompanying a demigod across the border of Massachusetts. I feel that, along the way, this half-blood has managed to convince her to return to the service of her father, Hyperion.

Therefore, I want you to find her and bring her back. What I know is that she's currently in West Concord, Massachusetts, camping out in one of the abandoned cemeteries there and it won't be long until she leaves with the other demigod.

Bring her back with or without her new companion. Good luck.


A huntress of Artemis has asked to leave the Hunt for a few weeks but never returned. Fearing that the huntress had gone rogue due to a demigod whom the huntress had been escorting, Artemis sends Kylie to search for the said huntress and bring her back. Kylie will bring 2 other half-bloods with her.

They will travel first to Marlborough, where the nearest airport can be found. After arriving in the said place, they will be attacked by two hellhounds. After the hellhounds are defeated, the group hails a taxi cab and drives to Concord. Once they get close to Concord, however, the taxi is attacked by a flock of Stymphalian Birds and the group is forced to proceed on foot. When night falls and they have successfully reached Concord, they are attacked by a number empousai. Afterwards, they search for the huntress' location, finding her in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. There, they will confront both the huntress and the demigod with her. Once both are subdued, the huntress and the enemy demigod are taken back to Camp.

NOTICE: Hyu and Demi have permission to rp Dani for the quest. Similarly, Hyu and Riri have permission to rp Kylie for the quest.

  • Camp Entrance
  • JFK Airport
  • Marlboro Airport, Marlborough - Two Hellhounds
  • Road to Concord - A flock of Stymphalian Birds
  • A Park in Concord - Four Empousai
  • Sleepy Hollow Cemetery - Enemy Demigod; child of Lelantos
  • Marlboro Airport (again)
  • Forest Near Camp
  • Camp

  • While traveling back at Camp, the enemy demigod manages to escape but the group does not attempt to give chase.
  • Before the questers arrive back at Camp, Artemis sends a message to the group, stating that the huntress will stay at Camp to ensure that neither the enemy demigod nor Hyperion (the huntress' father) will disturb her.

Three shall bear arms to the half-blood moving unseen,
In the land of the dead, on the territory of the living.
The Virgin's lamb shall beacon the father of the brightest skin;
Light, ghost and sorcery shall extinguish this cause, too unforgiving.


Camp Entrance

JFK Airport

Malboro Airport

Road to Concord

A Park in Concord

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Part 2

  • Meanwhile, at the campsite beyond the willow tree...
  • Agnes: She sits on the grass beside a tombstone, not wanting to disturb the resting departed, as she stares intently at the full moon observing the Earth far below her; the glowing satellite makes her reminisce her days as a huntress: accompanying her "sisters" and Artemis herself, hunting down monsters, and even staying at a silver cabin back at camp. Now that she is on her way to do "the right thing", she only hopes that the moon above will watch over her.
  • Cesar: He is laying down a few meters away from Agnes with his head resting against his backpack. He is looking at up at the stars and wishing this whole mission he was sent on was over already. He then begins questioning whether or not he is doing the right thing. Eventually he rolls over so he is facing Agnes "How are you doing?" His voice seems to have a bit of concern in it.
  • Agnes: Still looking at the moon's radiance, she speaks softly, "I'm doing fine, thank you. I have nothing to fear of; that's why I'm feeling that way." Finally, she averts her eyes towards him. "And you? How are you doing?"
  • Cesar: He shrugs slightly "I'm okay, a little stiff from all the walking, but other then that I'm fine." He tends to the fire (assuming there is one) and places another log on, there is barely any smoke coming off of the fire and the light coming off of it is very dim. A few sparks fly into the air as he places the log on the fire.
  • Agnes: "We'll be walking more miles once we leave our camp, so I hope your legs' stiffness make it once we arrive there." She peels her eyes away from Cesar and stares at the very faint and dim embers pulsing from the bonfire (or whatever it is).
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  • Cesar: He nods "They'll be fine by then probably." He sits back down, this time closer to Agnes, but instead of laying down again he grabs a blanket from him backpack and hands it to her "You should rest up a bit."
  • Agnes: She pushes the blanket gently and slowly back to him. "Thank you, but I don't feel like resting now. Besides-" She cuts off her words as she abruptly stands up, her noticeable blue eyes shifting from a peaceful look to a fierce glare. "Cesar, I think someone's coming. No, wait; I think more than one person." As she warns him, she clenches her fist as a silver bow solidifies in it, and a quiver of arrows strapping across her back.
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  • Dani: With her tracking spell still taking place, she manages to latch onto the presence of both the huntress and her ward as soon as the group was close enough. She slows to a stop, just as the group reaches the aforementioned willow tree. "I think... the hunter knows we're here. I can practically feel the tension in the air."
  • Kylie: She nods, taking an arrow and resting it against her bowstring, ready to be shot at a moment's notice. "I would be more surprised if the huntress didn't sense us approaching." Her gaze flickers five mausoleums down. "Split up and attack from three different directions, or go as a group and charge in from one?"
  • Casper: He flips his coin for one last time for the final fight, which transforms into the celestial bronze labrys. "I think we'd better stick together on this one."
  • Kylie: She nods for the umpteenth time that night before stretching her bow string taut. "We'll go two mausoleums down, then Dani, you cast whatever spell you think is appropriate. You're the magic expert so I'll leave all spells to you. Then Casper, as soon as Dani does her tricks, we go in."
  • Dani: She rubs her hands together in anticipation. "Roger that."
  • Casper: He does a thumbs-up as he swings his labrys in the air to test. "Got it, leader!"
  • Meanwhile...
  • Agnes: She notches a gleaming silver arrow on her bow as she takes continuous yet cautious steps forward. She glances at Cesar and beckons him to follow after her. "I'm dead serious, Cesar. Someone is closing in on us."
  • Cesar: He leaps up and begins cautiously walking behind her. He unsheathes his sword and eventually reaches where Agnes is, so they are now walking side by side. "Are we sure its a someone and not a monster? I don't think anyone else would venture into a cemetery."
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