The Sanctuary


You walk through a dense forest along the banks of a small stream. Your mind focuses on one thing: A getaway. Your thoughts become reality, and a doorway appears amidst the brush. The door leads through a long tunnel which eventually opens from a hillside into a small clearing. A path stretches into the trees.

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When you reach the end of the path, you find a large gateway before you, closed and seemingly unguarded.As you put your hand on the doors, and they slowly open; groaning upon ancient hinges.

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Welcome, to The Sanctuary, home of the Broken Covenant.On top of the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains, hidden in the mist, is The Sanctuary, home of the Broken Covenant. This serene asylum was originally built by an unknown group with unknown origins. Over time, it was rebuilt to fit the Broken Covenant's needs; protected and well hidden from all, making it extremely difficult to even find.


Located at the heart of the complex is The Prime Pillar which serves as a hub for all Broken Covenant activity and allows access to areas like The Forge and The Dungeons. On top of this the sanctuary offers many other exterior places to relax or train.

The Prime Pillar

Ortu Justitiae HQ

Civitas Popularis HQ

Veritum Unitum HQ

Opus Superum HQ

Liberi Superum HQ

Proving Grounds

Old Ruins

The Pond

The Forge

The Dungeons


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Broken covenant
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