Liberi Superum Headquarters


Liberi Superum

Upon entry into the Sanctuary of the Broken Covenant you can see five paths splitting off into the distance. You see a sign that points to the different paths naming each faction where it points. Upon closer inspection you see the sign pointing down the path straight ahead, with "Liberi Seperum Head Quarters written on it. You begin to make your way down the path.


The path leads up the side of one of the mountains and upon looking up you see 50 feet above a cliff with a large building near the edge. You follow the path and as you do you come to flat land. The path then leads to the front where you see a decorated fountain and benches around it. When you walk up to the main door you see a rather tall automaton standing in a guarding position such as a night. As still as a statue it slowly begin to creak its head slowly turns to you. "What is your name and god parent?" As you answer you are allowed in.

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As the door opens and you walk in you are greeted with a large Gothic styled room. You see a staircase and several doors wondering where to go first.

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There you begin to further inspect the room?


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