Ortu Justitiae


Ortu Justitiae

(Justice Rising)

You follow a path into a dark forest. You keep walking in the dark, there are some noises but you ignore it. It's better to ignore it than to think about whose voice they belong to. Then suddenly you come into a bright clearing. As your eyes focused to the light, you saw a big, cathedral-style building.


Two automatons are guarding the door. You speak your name, and if it's on the list, you'll be allowed to come in. But if not... Well, they will handle you in a rather painful way.


You walk through the corridor. Until you saw a brightly lit room.


Welcome to the Ortu Justitiae Headquarter. If you proceed you can go to the Sitting Area, Conference Area, Dining Room, and head to the Garden.

If you ascend the stairs, you will find the Dorms and Marina's Chamber.

Do you want to relax and enjoy some Martini? Head to the Lounge.

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