The Dungeons

Prime Pillar






You enter The Prime Pillar and notice a staircase to your left. You head towards it and notice that it is guarded by two demigods. Seeing that you are a member of the Broken Covenant they allow you to walk down the staircase. You walk down some stairs and realize that you are in a dungeon. You reach a door, guarded by two demigods, and before you enter, you look over the staircase.

The dungeon goes underground for several more floors.. You see bridges and staircases, with monsters or demigods guarding them all. You turn and enter the doorway.You walk into a corridor, with cells lining the wall facing you. The floor is paved with stone and the cells appear to be fairly large and not overly nasty. You look to you left and see a doorway on the wall you just came in. You walk over to it, past another demigod and go down another staircase.

You enter a foul-smelling cave. There are black rocks everywhere and the floor is over twenty meters below you. The only way to get to it is through a narrow staircase, carved into a rock wall. You look down the rock wall and see that this cell is open and leads into the sewers. You see many rodents moving below you and decide not to go down the staircase. You look around once more and head back up the stairs.

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