Veritum Unitum Headquarters

Veritum Unitum SymbolVeritum Unitum
(United in Truth)

After ascending a steep flight of winding stairs you find yourself high above the rest of the sanctuary and looking out over a massive valley separating some of the highest peaks in the Blue Ridge mountains. Then, after walking some way above sheer cliffs a wall looms and, through a pair of large oak doors, offers salvation from the fierce cold.

Waking light by andreasrocha-d370aez

As the doors open you are greeted by a blast of warm air and, despite the harsh conditions outside, the interior apparently remains quite temperate. Now you find yourself standing a grand hall and, although it's clearly seen better days, various demigods mingle under its arches and between columns as their voices echo in the rafters above.

VU Interior

You find several passageways leading to other sections of the fortress.

The Meeting Room

The Mess Hall


The Library

Mysterious Stairs

On the far side of the entrance chamber you see a large plaque attached to the wall and covered in writing.

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