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LB Tracey Covington LB
Child of Aeolus ~ Camper
Owned by: ~The Musician~
Basic Info
Full Name: Tracey Covington
Titles: The Queen of the Winds
Born/Created On: {{{born/created}}}
Current Age: 17 1/2
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Location: Camp Half-Blood
Affiliation(s): Camp Half-Blood
Current Status: Alive
Species: Demi Goddess
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Accent: Neutral
OOC Plans & Info
Inspiration: Wanted to use Nina
Love Interests: None
Active RP's: See Comments
Created Page On: 8/14/2015
Last Updated On: 8/14/2015
Plans: Have her be sad and alone for a bit then find someone she can open up to
Model: Nina Dobrev
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown/ Hazel
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 108 lb
Blood Type: B-
Voice: Soprano
Distinguishing Marks: Ahe has a few scars around her body from training
Body Style: Fit
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Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Miranda Covington
Father: Aeolus
Creator: None
Half-Siblings: Aeolus' Cabin
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: Camp Half-Blood
Schooling: Public
First Kiss: Carter
First Sex: None
First Love: Carter


General Info
Nicknames: None
Native Language: English
Language(s) Spoken: English, French
Character Flaw:
Fears/Phobias: Getting to close to people
Moral Compass:
Most Important Person Before: Carter
Most Important Person Now: None
Dream Job: None Yet
Current Job: Ex-assassin

Tracey is a a survivor. After accidentally killing her boyfriend, she believes herself to be undeserving of happiness or love, and consequently shuts herself out. Emotionally, she's fairly traumatized, however Tracey applies this to her work as an ex-assassin. She's intelligent enough to be able to hide her emotions, to the casual observer she comes across as happy and strong, though she feels the opposite.

It all started when Miranda Covington, a young daughter of zephyrus who lived in Oxford England, was sitting alone at a bar located just a few street away from her home. It was a soft cool night in Oxford, England and Miranda was having a bit of a bad day to say the least. She had recently broke things off with her fiance and was now drinking her sorrows away when she suddenly heard the sound of the door to the bar open and in the doorway stood a man. Miranda turned her gaze to the man’s direction and once her eyes connected with his she couldn’t look away. She felt a strong sense of power radiating off of the man and soon she realized that the man was walk towards her. Once noticing this she quickly averted her stare to the counter and could only hear the seat next to her scratch the wooden floor as the man pulled it out and sat on top of it.

After a few minute of silence the man finally spoke which cause Miranda to look up and answer him. It didn't take much time for the two to engage in a conversation and letting out a few laugh here and there. Time went by and for the time being it seem like all Miranda’s problem had went away. A Couple hours after conversing with the man, Who introduced himself as Enzo, invited Miranda over to his apartment and after a few minute of thinking it over She agreed and the two set off. Once at Enzo’s apartment the two started up another conversation however, the conversation was cut short when the two began to kiss and then proceeded to take things to the bedroom. Im sure i dont have to explain the event of what happened.

The next day when Miranda woke up she looked around to see an unfamiliar room but soon the memories of the night before rushed back to her. As the memories came back to her she looked back to the other side of the bed only to find that Enzo was not there. She thought it was a bit strange so she got up from the bed and dressed herself in the clothes she had wore the day before and exited the room to search the rest of the apartment. It didn't take long for her to search the whole Apartment since it only consisted of a bedroom, a bathroom, and one big room that had both the kitchen and the living room together and during her search she couldn't seem to find Enzo. Thinking he may have went off to work or whatever he did during the day Miranda took this moment to leave. Considering she was a bit buzzed when the event of last night occurred it wasn’t hard for Miranda to forget about enzo, as time went by, and go on with her life. However as time went by Miranda started to show signs of pregnancy so, she took the test and did indeed find out that she was pregnant. Out of fear the first thing that came to her mind was abortion since she was still fairly young, 23 years old to be exact, but just as fast as the thought came to her it went away. She couldn’t nor would she ever be able to take the life of her child so, Miranda decided to move to the united states where her parents lived so they could help support her. Once in the united states and living with her parents Miranda went through the nine months of Pregnancy and had a healthy baby girl who she decided to name Tracey after a good friend of hers who had died a few years earlier.

A night after Miranda had given birth to her daughter, Enzo showed up and entered Miranda’s room. Miranda was surprised and shocked to see him and a bit angry for leaving her to fend for herself but, most of all she was confused as to why he was there. Enzo began to speak and as he did he explained everything. From being Aeolus, The king of the winds, to explaining the danger that would come when their daughter would grow older, and then telling her about Camp half blood. Miranda being a daughter of zephyrus had no problem believing everything Enzo was telling her. Once done Aeolus snapped his fingers and a box appeared at the foot of Miranda’s bed and inside was a white celestial bronze bo-staff, with wind current designs carved into it, and a celestial bronze dagger. Aeolus gave Miranda a small kiss on the cheek before teleporting back to his home.

Tracey’s Early Childhood:

Through the years of growing up Tracey lived a fairly normal life. She began walking by the age of 2 and only half a year later, when she was 2 ½, she began talking in small sentences. At the age of 3 ½ Tracey could already speak in full sentences with the few minor pronunciation mistakes of some words. Once she turned four her mother Miranda placed Tracey in an elementary school located in LA, which was were Tracey and her family lived. Once reaching the age of 5 Tracey’s life was turned upside down. Jeffery Covington, Tracey’s grandfather, associate himself with a chinese gang known as the Black Dragons. Jeffery was a bit money hungry so even though he was rich from his many hotels, he need more so he began trafficking drugs. On one of the many deals he did with the the Black Dragons things began to go wrong. Thing were said, people were threatened and there was even a few punches thrown but, the worst thing was Jeffrey pulling the trigger on a small hand gun and killing one of the Black Dragon’s main leaders. After a few seconds of shock everyone began firing shots and all hell broke loose. Luckily Jeffrey was able to flee the chaotic scene and make it back home to his family (His wife,Miranda,Tracey,Few other family members).

Once arriving Jeffery frantically told his family to pack a few things. He explained the events that had occurred and the family quickly began to pack. sadly the Covington family weren’t able to pack fast enough because soon Members of the Black Dragon’s showed up with gun and stormed the house killing anyone in their path. Minutes later everyone in the covington house was dead except for Tracey, her mother, her grandmother and her grandfather Jeffery. All four were taken to the living room where 4 men in suits stood(Other Black Dragon leaders). The four men spoke and minutes later they decided to kill the rest of the Covington family members except for the young 5 year old, Tracey. One of the leader looked at Tracey and thought of the idea of taking the girl with them and training her to be a loyal member for their gang. The other three leaders agreed since this was something they did often anyways. Tracey still being young had no idea what was going on so, she easily agreed to let one of the members take her out of the house and to a car waiting outside. Miranda of course tried to stop them but with the number of members standing around them she had no chance.

Another Demi God joins the gang:

After the day Tracey was taken from her home she was taken to the Black Dragons HQ (A abandoned factory that they fixed up and made their HQ). Of course the members of the Black dragons hadn’t told Tracey that they were the ones to kill her family so, as she grew older she began to trust many of the members and even saw one of the leaders as a father figure. Living in the HQ wasn’t so bad for Tracey. There were other kids her age there some were other kids taken away from their families and other were kids some of the members had so Tracey wasn’t bored most days. Around the age of 7 a women member of the Black dragons known as Silver, Her real name was Jackie, Began training Tracey. Silver taught Tracey how to be skilled in the fighting form of martial arts and also trained her in using a bo-staff and dagger. The one leader who had decided to take Tracey those years back had found the Bo-staff and dagger, that Aeolus had left for Tracey, when the house was raided and decided to gift them to her.

At the age of 10 Tracey was getting better and better with her fight skills and weapons. As she grew up in the HQ she had many friends who were in the same situation as her and of course none of them knew about it. They all simply thought that the Black Dragons saved them and took them into their home. Once reaching 11 Tracey one day was walking and passed an office of one of the leaders of the Black Dragons. Just right when she was walking past the door a boy came out and ran right into her knocking both of them to the floor. Tracey sat there for a few seconds before looking to the boy and finding him quite handsome. The boy began to apologize but she stopped him and introduced herself. The boy to introduced himself as Carter Abrams (A son of Ares but he doesn't know). Since that moment Tracey and Carter grew closer. They trained together, played together, hung out together, they even had the same friends.

First monster attack:

Time quickly passed by and the two were both at the age of 12 and their lives were fairly normal well, as normal as living with a gang can be. One day Tracey and Carter were walking outside of the HQ when the heard a sudden loud screech. Both demigods looked up, Which was the direction they heard the sound, and spotted two monsters that like like a mix between a woman and a bird (Harpy). Tracey who was already hold her bo-staff got into fighting position and Carter pulled out a long samurai sword he said he had gotten from his parents before coming to the gang. The first harpy swooped down at Tracey and instincts kicked in for the both of them. Tracey rolled to the side to dodge the attack and at the same time the second harpy came down to attack Carter. He to quickly dodged the attack and swung his sword aiming to hit the harpy’s wing but failed. As Tracey stood there staring at the harpys, she could feel her heart pounding. Although she trained for many years for moments like these this was technically her first fight and she was terrified. Once again the two harpy’s came down at the demigods. Tracey once again rolled out the way and quickly got up swinging her Bo-staff and hitting the harpy’s wing and Carter decided to take his chances and swing the sword right when the harpy got close enough but, once again failed and was picked up by the harpy. Tracey who had her attention on the other harpy didn’t notice Carter being picked up. Noticing the other harpy on the floor Tracey took this chance to charge at it and swung her bo-staff hitting it in the face and causing it to disintegrate however, before she did the harpy was able to give Tracey a few scratches and bruises. Finally after the harpy was dead Tracey looked around only to find Carter and the other harpy were gone. Well at least until she glanced up and saw the harpy and Carter in the air. She let out a soft yelp before pulling out her dagger and throwing it up aiming for the harpy’s wing. Luckily the dagger hit it’s target but, Tracey hadn't thought of what would happen once Carter was let go.

Carter began to quickly descend to the ground once the harpy let go of him. He scream as the cement floor came closer and closer. Tracey watched as her friend fell and started to panick. She wasn't sure what to do and as she saw Carter getting dangerously close to the ground she shouted and lifted her hands up. This caused a strong gust of wind to hit Carter and slow his fall down so he wasn’t hurt. After using her powers Tracey’s eyes began to shut and a few moments later she was on the floor. Hours later Tracey woke up in the infirmary that the HQ had. She was a bit confused as to how she got there until she saw Carter and he explain everything. He then proceeded to tell her that he lied and said they were jumped by a few other kids and Tracey nodded her head understanding why he had done so. She didn't want people think that they were crazy and get kicked out so the two agreed to keep things a secret until they knew more about the situation.

Sorta Finding out they are demigods: Months passed and Carter was able to forget about the encounter the had with the mosnters however, it wasn’t so easy for Tracey. She continued to look into every sort of myths and legends to try and figure out where those creatures had come from. She didn't have much luck but, one day she finally found a book on all the Greek myths and monsters and in there she found a page on harpies. She read more and more into the book finding out that the gods had children called demigods and red about other monsters and how some of their children had special powers. Tracey then remembered the strong gust of wind that came when she lift her arms. Tracey soon began to believe that she and Carter were demigods and began trying to create more strong gust of winds to prove it. She didn't have much luck with her effort of trying to prove this so she gave up and tried forgetting about it.

Through the years:

Tracey and carter’s lives went on and they began to live normally again that is until they were once again attack by another set of monsters. This time they were at the park during the night when a pair of young hellhounds jumped out the shadows. After sometime the two demigods were able to kill the beast and that was when Tracey told Carter what she had found out about a year ago after their first monster encounter. At first Carter laughed and didn't believe her but after reading into the book he soon began to believe it himself and they both began trying to prove it to themselves but, sadly had no luck. They had no way to know how to use their powers or how to find more monsters or any sign of the gods so proving it was a bit difficult for them. Through the years of growing up they were attacked by various monsters and with the amount of training they did they were able to get by. Finally one day at the age of 14 when tracey was trying hard to cause a gust of wind she was able to do it. She was excited and from there she learned to use her powers more and more. When both Tracey and Carter turned 15 they finally admitted to each other that they liked each other and began dating

Finding out the truth about her family's death:

(Both 17 now and have been attacked through the years.)As they grew up in the Black Dragons HQ Carter was being his sneaky mischievous and looking through a few folders he had found left alone. In those folders he found out that his family had been killed by the members of the Black Dragons and went to the leaders to confront them. the leaders tried lying once again to Carter but, he known knew the truth and threatened to tell everyone. The four leaders worried that he would actually so it so they called Tracey in and told her the truth about her families death well, not the exact truth. The four leaders lied and told her that her Family was killed by one of the leaders of another gang and that they would be sending her to go kill him. Being apart of a gang Tracey knew that one day she would be asked to kill someone and she had been training for it her whole life. Now that she knew the semi truth of how her family was killed she had no problem taking the guy out. She prepared herself and soon it was time to go out and do the job. Before leaving Tracey was notified by one of the leader where the guy would be and that they wanted it to be quick and fast which she agreed to.

Tracey made her way over to the location the leader had told her about which ended up being a park. By the time she got there it was already dark and no one was around except for a figure standing alone under one of the street lamps. Anger boiled iside Tracey as she stared at the shadowy figure. She then quietly made her way over to the man jump from bush to bush and hiding behind anything she could in order to stay hidden. Once right behind him she pulled out her dagger and tapped his shoulder causing the male to turn around. Without looking at his face Tracey sliced his throat. The guy slowly began gagged on his own blood and finally Tracey looked up at his face. Tracey screamed filled the air. She saw that the man was Carter. Carter fell to the floor and Tracey kneeled down next to him holding his throat trying to keep it from bleeding. She cried and apologized and explained to him that the leaders had tricked her. Carter soon died from blood loss and left Tracey devastated. She returned to the HQ and confronted the leaders who then told her the actual story of how her family was killed. They also explained how they told carter to go to the park to work out some kind of deal with the leader then sent tracey to go and kill him.

Out of anger Tracey grabbed a small chair and threw it to the window, causing it to shatter. She then concentrated and made a strong gust of wind come through and hit one of the leaders and making him fly across the room. The other leaders looked at her in shock and they all stood still. Tracey then ran toward the window and leaped out making herself softly float to the ground. She knew that now that she knew the truth they would want to keep her prisoner so Tracey ran and ran until she was on a bus going out of LA.

Getting to camp:

A few weeks had past since Tracey ran away from the Black Dragons and ever since then she has been on the move going from city to city. One day while She was in a store buying a water to drink, some kids rushed in and grabbed a few thing, Paid, then ran back out. Tracey got a bit curious and followed the 3 kids, wondering why they were in such a rush. Maybe they were hiding just like her, Tracey thought to herself. She continued to follow them and when they turned a corner Tracey followed closely behind. As she turned the corner she was pushed up against the wall by one of the 3 kids and was asked why she was following them. Tracey couldn't seem to answer them so she stood there quietly. Then one of the other three kids walked up to her and began to sniff her. She felt awkward by the kids action and as he pulled away he said that Tracey was one of them. The other two looked at her and pulled her along explaining that they were also demigods making their way to a camp for others like them.

Tracey then decided to tag along with them. She thought maybe this place would be safe from the black dragons. So the 4 made there way to camp taking multiple buses, trains, walking and would run into the occasional monster or two. after a few week of traveling they finally made it to camp and once entering the border Tracey was claimed as a daughter of Aeolus. Tracey has now been at camp for a few days and is constantly being haunted by the memory of killing Carter.


  1. Children of Aeolus have the ability to create a small tornado, about the size of the user, which can be sent across short distances to knock opponents off their feet or used to send small debris flying at opponents.
  2. Children of Aeolus are able to use air itself to slice objects, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the caster launches at foes. Although this attack does usually slashing damage, some users are able to focus it into single piercing stab like a bullet.


  1. Children of Aeolus have the ability to create a dome shaped torrent of wind, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Aeolus have the ability to create powerful gusts of wind, however, the stronger the gust, the more it drains them. The gusts can be used to block incoming attacks.


  1. Children of Aeolus feel stronger when they are touched by strong winds they did not create.
  2. Children of Aeolus are innately able to lower air resistance and move faster on the ground, granting them an enhanced level of speed.
  3. Children of Aeolus can contain more air in their lungs than the average human, allowing them to survive longer when they cannot gather oxygen.


  1. Children of Aeolus have the ability to hover or fly, however, the longer they fly the more it drains them. Due to their rare ability to lower air resistance, users are able to fly faster than anyone else with the ability to fly.
  2. Children of Aeolus have the ability to call upon the winds to speed their movements or attacks; conversely this can also be used to slow the movements or attacks of others.
  3. Children of Aeolus can use the wind to either surround themselves to block enemies and projectiles or to surround an enemy trapping them within the winds. The longer they maintain the wind, the more it drains.
  4. Children of Aeolus can curse an opponent by draining some of the air from an opponent’s lungs and make it somewhat hard for them to breathe for a short time. This leaves them vulnerable to attack or giving the user a chance to flee.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aeolus can create a massive tornado, about five times the size of the user, which can be used to violently assault others with strong winds and debris.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aeolus can turn the air into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence; however, only up to 3 combative/non-combative items or 1 semi-living construct can be conjured at a time and it cannot be larger than roughly 3 times the size of the one that conjured it. The longer they maintain combative/non combative items and semi-living constructs, the more it drains their energy, so they are more limited for the time they can keep these things cohesive.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aeolus can shed their flesh and turn into pure wind, while in this state they are immune to attacks, can fly even faster than before and receive enhancements in their existing aerokinetic abilities. Once the transformation subsides, they are extremely exhausted. Barely able to move and could possibly faint.


  1. Children of Aeolus are known to grow up to be amazing meteorologists, as they know all the current weather going on in a certain area.
  2. Children of Aeolus typically enjoy flying and high places, enabling them to become astounding pilots and hot air ballooners.
  3. Children of Aeolus are often claustrophobic when in tight places or underground.
  4. Since their father presides the four directional wind gods, children of Aeolus have what could be described as a mental compass. Able to tell where the four main directions are most of the time.

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Miranda Covington Mother Doesn't remember her time with her
Aeolus Father Would love to meet him
Carter Ex-Boyfriend (Dead) Loved him and feels terrible for what happened
Black Dragon Leaders Ex-Bosses Hates them for making her do what she did
Black Dragon Memebers Co-Workers Some of them were like family

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