The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Luthren Marks,

Luthren, this is the first time I have spoken to you, but I have been watching you from the underworld. I'm very busy collecting the souls of those who have passed on, and some mischief souls have broken free of Tartarus, and fled with the help of some demigods. I need you to lead a group to go and collect these lost souls, and send them back to Tartarus for me. There will likely be monsters that pick up your sent, so be careful...


Some demigods, possibly BC members had snuck into Tartarus and set free some souls that are now lost and haunting the Earth, Thanatos being to busy with his normal job sends Luthren to go find these spirits and bring them back to the underworld.

Luthren Marks - Son of Thanatos, owned by Hidden

Alexander Sombre - Son of Hades, owned by Jay

Alex Shield -Son of Hades, owned by Link

Natalie Coceancig ~ Daughter of Cybele, owned by Birdie

Cody Segumaya - Son of Athena, owned by Demyx

Bryson Hawkins - Son of Apollo, owned by Kevin

x3 Hellhounds, leaving the Underworld, (first encounter)

x1 Chimera, Utah Mountainous region (rocky and elevated ground) (will occur depending on quest)

x2 Fire Breathing Horse, Iowa farmland (will occur depending on quest)

x5 Leukrokottas, Old town in Nebraska, inside abandoned appartment (will occur depending on quest)

x1 Kere, Ohio, Luthren's hometown, in his old (now empty) house (Will occure last)

Turns out it was a Kere let out the souls in order to lure out some un-suspecting demigods to devour. Souls are returned safely, and all is well for now...

Spirits, released, by a monstrous disease, Their haunted rampage unable to cease. Demigods, called by the son of Death, Will find their travels take them west. Beholding a location that haunts the puppet’s mind, Yet fate, while bold, is never kind.


Preparing for Quest

Heading to the Underworld

Entering the Underworld

The camper's van arrived in California, and then soon Los Angeles. They moved along until they pulled up at a studio... Dead On Arrival recording studio to be exact. The studio acts as a cover for Charon, and his ride to the underworld. The floor, and walls are a very plain metallic gray color, and black furniture is placed along the room. Spirits, that couldn't afford the trip, flood the room. Most of them ignore the demigods, but some look at them, others pay special attention to Alexander, Alex, and Luthren. Mostly Alexander and Alex as they can sense their more prominent Underworldly connection. Charon is standing on a small podium that opens to an elevator. The elevator that would take them down to Charon's boat, and then to the Underworld.

  • Luthren: Luthren walks along the group into the room, glancing at some of the ghosts as he moves along, but mostly trying to ignore them. He begins to wonder if he might even see his mom. He gets up to Charon, and digs in his pocket for the drachma.
  • Alexander: "No worries bro, I got this." He walks over to Charon explaining to him how he and Alex were children on Hades. He explained their quest and why they needed to get to the Underworld.
  • Natalie: She stands nervously behind the group, unsettled by the surroundings. She subconsciously rubs her twig bracelet, think of home to comfort herself while waiting to be let on to Charon's boat.
  • Cody: He stands calmly at the back of the group observing his surroundings while waiting for Charon to allow them onto the boat to the underworld.
  • Bryson: He leans back against a wall. to enlighten the dark and gloomy environment, he throws some flare into the air creating bursts of light, similar to fireworks but the brightness to a significantly less extent in the room.
  • Charon: He nods silently and holds out his hand, expecting a coin to be dropped into it for passage.
  • Natalie: She gets a slightly panicked look on her face as she glances around the group, silently trying to ask if the all need to pay, of if one coin will get all of them through. Amidst her silent pleas, she glares at Bryson for making the flashes, thinking they may have annoyed Charon.
  • Charon: He turns his head, which creates a slight creaking sound. He doesn't answer Natalie's question at first, as he continues to lay his hand out as if he requires drachmas before he will agree to allow them on his boat, en route to the underworld. Finally uplifting his silence, he says in a course voice, "While I suppose that I may set up a fixed price... how many coins do you have in your possession?"
  • Luthren: Seeing that Alexander's explanation didn't satisfy Charon, Luthren finially finds the small pouch of darachmas given to him before the quest. Inside Luthren found enough darachmas for two different trips into the underworld.for each person on the quest. Counting out enough for everyone, he turns and drops them before Natalie, into Charons hand. "This is for all of us... it's enough correct?"
  • Charon: He takes a look on the number of drachmas before closing his cold pale hand with its long fingers. "I suppose this should suffice." He gazes upon them intently, implying that they should board the boat.
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