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I want to live life as well as I can. I want to put smiles on the faces of all the people I have and will meet. I want to inspire, to aspire, to dream, to achieve, to fight for what I love and believe in, and to be the best that I can be. I want to achieve all of this and more, because that's what he did and so, so much more. In memory of him, I will stand and stay strong, for myself and others. In memory of him, I will go through hell and high waters with a smile, and hold my arms out for anyone and everyone who is going through the same as he did. In memory of him, I will live.

The world lost a bright star, but the skies have gained a new one.

김종현 안녕 모든 것에 감사드립니다 우리는 너를 사랑해

AceOfBlysen — Jihan


OCCUPATION Suffering student pls help

AGE 15


GENDER & PRONOUNS Female / She/her.

ORIENTATION Asexual panromantic

This was me btw hi I'm back

Hi I'm Acie/Catty and I am the wiki's maknae and resident coding nut. My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw, my MBTI is INTP and I'm always sleepy/hungry. I'm in high school and I want to get out please I'm willing to sell my soul. I love Seventeen and Joshua Hong more than I hate myself but I'm also deeply in love with Adachi Yuto, Lee Siyeon, Park Jaeseok, Kim Jungeun [ Kim Lip ], Jo Haseul, Chae Hyungwon, Kim Jisoo and Suzy Bae. I may look chill but I'm not chill, will never be chill. If I were a cat, my catnip would be the one and only Joshua Jisoo Hong because he can step on me and I'd feel blessed and ascend to the highest plane of paradise. (if you're reading this, nokia, i'm so sorry but it's the truth)

Anyways I live off memes, puns, sweets, and the existence of my biases. Coding helps me breathe and I procrastinate too much for it to be considered healthy but I had long since accepted that my future is doomed since the day I entered high school. Also I disappear for extended periods of time but don't worry I'm not physically ded lol

AceOfBlysen — Hyungwon
AceOfBlysen — Yuto
AceOfBlysen — Jisoo

AceOfBlysen — Minghao


OCCUPATION Guardian of Leopards

SPECIES Animal Nymph [ Leopard ]

GENDER & PRONOUNS Male / He/him.

ORIENTATION Demipansexual panromantic

MODEL Xu Ming-Hao [ The8; SEVENTEEN ]

Blake is the creation of Dionysus, tasked to protect the leopards native to China. A little twist had him end up in Camp, where he's now residing in the Nymph Sanctuary and has bimonthly returns to China so he can still keep up his work.


Maristela Moon — Bottom Image

Maristela Moon

OCCUPATION Big sister :D

SPECIES Demigoddess [ Cybele ]

GENDER & PRONOUNS Female / She/her.

ORIENTATION Asexual biromantic

MODEL Jung Eun-Bi [ Eunha; GFRIEND ] (will be changed to Kim Ji-Woo [ Chuu; LOONA ])

Maristela is the adopted elder sister of Tomé Ângelo Moon and is the boy's primary guardian during their time at camp. She's cheerful and friendly, but she will turn sour once it concerns her younger brother's wellbeing.


AceOfAegi — Doyoon

Joshua Yeo

OCCUPATION Camper; lieutenant counselor

SPECIES Demigod [ Notus ]

GENDER & PRONOUNS Male / He/him.

ORIENTATION Graydemisexual graydemiromantic

MODEL Jang Do-Yoon

Joshua Yeo, or Joyeo, is a recent arrival at Camp but was granted the lieutenant counselor position not long after he was claimed. He suffers from a hereditary curse from Aphrodite; he will forever feel a physical ache in his heart unless he is able to find the one he is destined to, a One True Love, something that Joyeo really isn't interested in.


AceOfAegi — Joshua


OCCUPATION Guardian of Deadly Nightshades

SPECIES Flower Spirit [ Deadly nightshade ], former demigod [ Hades ]

GENDER & PRONOUNS Male / He/him.

ORIENTATION Pansexual panromantic

MODEL Hong Ji-Soo [ Joshua; SEVENTEEN ]

Born 40 years ago, Shade was once a son of Hades but a series of unfortunate events and misplaced trust cost him his life. Through the help of Persephone, Shade was given a new chance at life. But because of the circumstances of his death, he's now less likely to trust someone easily.


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