immediate stuff

  • London Kingston: daughter of Helios and Theia, actually the last Titaness to ever be born but who's counting.
  • Nang Hina: daughter of Psyche, ex-Huntress (now on their Kill on Sight list), blessed by Hestia; actually semi-dead and a mortal soul is keeping her company


bolded is top priority. anything else is probably not.

  • Look at this and work on it.
  • Updating the 101 on Claims
  • A 101 for Claim Checkers note: Z and Lemon are helping w this. super imp.
  • Decide on what the hell to do about excess, un-RPed characters and too many character spots. (wiki is massively outbalanced due to the nigh unlimited character spots. it's ugh.)
  • Working on power variations?? + recog for powerset makers
  • Make a list of powersets that really, really need to be reworked?
  • (?) Update Getting Started in regards to 2.0
  • can someone please fucking clear up the whole cb guns because it's driving me crazy
  • oh god theres so much more but in subsets ahhhhhhhhhhh


  • I don't think we should set a requirement for them to be (insert Level) to be able to use popular models. That will discourage new users. We can't have that for now, but we may be able to review this when CHB's more active.
  • We need a character limit. For real. Some users are running around with 10+ characters and never using them.
    • 8 is the Level 5 number a user is originally given, right? I don't know yet but maybe something on that? If you exceed 8 characters (major AND minor), (something????)
  • For an FC switch to be allowed: 1. a valid IC reason that is integral to plot and development, 2. to be more ethnically accurate (i.e. a French character using a Russian face claim, user wants to change the FC to a French FC), and 3. a character growing physically older and needing another FC.
    • Urge and request people who change FCs to reupload or make a list of the now unused photos and have them deleted.
  • I want to update and spruce up the Monster Encyclopedia to reflect the new information on Riordan Wikia. I'm shit at coding but I was thinking of a mobile-friendly, clean, precise, but aesthetic way to recode everything.
  • There aren't many coders around but it would be fantastic if we could get new people to update the general character page, etc. (the kind of coding Bach did and made) to be more user friendly and pretty.
  • Update stuff in regards to 2.0 policies and any upcoming policies.
  • Could we have the God/Goddess of the Month possibly be linked to something instead of just being a feature on the main page?

Claim Things

  • If the claim does not mention any weapons in the history but notes that the character has weapons, don't bother extending the process if that's the only issue. Claim them and IM them that you claimed it under the pretense of the character receiving the weapons at camp.
  • If I hear one more claim checker tell the newbie to "organize your claim", I'm going to throw something out the window. Can we please authorize the claimers themselves slamming the Enter button to make clumped paragraphs more readable? Yeah? Thanks.
  • I honestly don't know what happened to "claims are deleted if they go a week without edits from the owner" and how it turned to "if a claim isn't finished in a week, they're deleted lolz." Last I checked, claims are only deleted (WIP OR NOT) if the claim owner doesn't edit anything within a week. If you have to delete a claim, save the details of the claim and IM them to the owner, as well as inform them of sandboxes. This is what you signed up for in claims. Do it.
  • Double check your information. I don't care how long you've been in claiming, I don't care if you've been doing it since the beginning of the wikia, I don't care if you're an oldbie or a New Era, I don't care if we're friends. I literally don't care. If you have doubts, ask your fellow claimers and root around the policies. If you fuck up a claim, that's OK too. No one has the right to condemn you for that.
  • Minor note: Weapons that conjure unlimited ammunition are considered OP and unrealistic. Self-replenishing with a time gap is allowed. Theoretically, unlimited ammo won't be of much use in generic fighting situations anyway since you wouldn't be given a chance to fire more than above average (taking into account agility n' skill power enhancements) before your opponent finds a counter. A better alternative would be to have the container magically reduce the weight of the ammo while carrying them around.
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