시작이 반이다

Name Model Age Parent Status Essentials
Minka Collias Cailin Russo 19 Hades Head Counselor (passed down). Blind because Apollo is an asshole.
  • She's been in and out of the foster system ever since she went back to school.
  • Coping for blindness: had a Hephy kid invent her a reading tool (spits out CB wires that detect ink, graphite, etc. to trace words and feed them back to her through audio; works terribly for people with shit handwriting). Uses echolocation and is goddamn good at it. Dead matter manipulation allows her to stick little bits of dead stuff to people telekinetically so fuck everyone who makes fun of her disability (also used a lot in fights; she pretty much force-shoots dead matter enough to pierce skin and stay there.)
  • She can't 'read' even at night due to a utter lack of schooling. She went into the wild at age, what, six? She doesn't understand a lot of slang and struggles with fancy vocabulary. She doesn't know words like "concession" and it's really embarrassing in counselor meetings. She's about four grade levels below what she should be in.
  • Fuck, man, you don't ever want to meet her in the field. You don't. What she lacks in academics she makes up for through a total disregard for the living. She used to be a little edgy when she first started camp, but now she's straight up gruesome when it comes to killing.
  • To confirm once again: the only thing stopping her from defecting is her fealty to Artemis and the Hunters.
Saga Leggièri Liza Soberano 5000+ Peitho Priestess to _____. Literally the Arrow of the Erotes for the past few centuries. Was also trapped in a clam. Immortal (has a goddamn RESPAWN POINT).
  • Total redo of Taryn; essentially a new character.
Sova Rapp Rowan Blanchard ?? Athena
Invisible to monsters in real life, forced to deal with them in the dream realm. Injuries in dreams are real. Has been forcefully merged with a Mnemosyne child.
Skiddo Ban Ahn So-Hee 16 Soteria The only child of Soteria. Civitas Popularis. Need a new arc for her since Rogue One died. Is a 'spy' for BC to Camp.
Ahseong Son Na-Eun Poine (??/Have to talk to someone to check if she can be something in the upcoming CoO/CHB/BC war)
Potentially the major operating law enforcement in Nearby Town. Cursed with quasi-immortality. Indentured to Nemesis.
Nang Hina
[Im Sodun]
Krystal Jung 18
[699 BC]
Mortal within the crippled body of a faded goddess who was a child of Psyche. String of Fate cut despite cosmic plans and original body permanently unavailable. Mortal champion of Hestia. Ancestress to Park Alice.
  • Connected to Sawyer Dahn (Civitas, Peitho). Was his (online) best friend until he made a very shittily planned confession.
  • North Korean defector. Eros is a shit who revived her in the middle of the fucking DMZ. That's fucked up, dude.
London Lonnie Kingston Ennik Somi Douma 15 Helios Theia Related to Harmony Spall and Nyxil Vane. Can't be killed by mortals.
  • She's only 1/6 mortal. It affects her to the point she frequently forgets that she's mortal and enables an annoyingly malleable personality.
  • Her ADHD is a pain in the fucking ass for everyone, including herself, so she's always got room in her inventory for soda, chocolate, and tea. Fuck coffee. She doesn't care if it's bowing to her name; she doesn't like coffee and she never will.
  • After watching Lights Out, she refused to stop glowing for months. Donovan was distressed because of the amount of monsters this behavior attracted.
  • No one knows how she came out half Korean. She assumes her DNA still contains enough of her first mother's and the power of godly convenience constructed the features attributed to her people's descendants. The "not dying from flu" she understands (thanks grandma), this just plain baffles her.
Woo Hoo
Jo Soo-Mi
Aleyna Yilmaz 10
[c. 1000 BC]
Cursed with unstoppable reincarnation.
Maeng Mi-In-Ae Jeon Min-Ji [JiU] ??? Hyperion

No Stalking Zone



  • Sova Rapp.
  • Her mom is a daughter of Hecate who was split permanently into three bodies through a spell she crafted to disperse her demigod scent and live normally. The spell had this side effect. Each body had a demigod child plus an extra one from Athena. The mom's personality traits were also split between the bodies.
  • Her eldest brother was a demigod son of Morpheus. He fell in love w/ his baby sister at first sight and vowed to do everything to protect her from the coming onslaught of monsters that were destined to come. He kept his promise. At age sixteen, he died fending off a Sphinx that went after all of them. At the moment of his death, he begged his father to save his siblings from the curse of monsters. Morpheus obliged, but tried to make him reconsider. His son did not, so in exchange, Morpheus split his soul into four with the help of Hecate. Three were placed in his siblings, and the last one was sent to the Fields of Asphodel. It didn't end there. Morpheus appeared to Sova and placed a wreath of red poppies on her head. He told her that it was a consolation, for her brother was so stretched out in between worlds that he would never reach Elysium no matter how much good he did in his reborn life. Each poppy that withers counts as a year of the brother's reborn soul. Sova is told that when all sixteen poppies wither, she will be allowed to find his new self and restore his soul.
  • How it works: Monsters consider Sova and her two siblings mortal in real life. Once they are asleep, they are forced to fight dream versions of the monsters and the injuries sustained are reflected on their physical body. This is preferable because they can channel their Morpheus brother's dream abilities and gain an advantage. None of them like sleeping.

  • A Mnemosyne kid got sent on a quest [preferably something that involves the Titans (ask people for CoO connections)] ages ago. Doomed from the beginning, it was more of a willing sacrifice.
  • A Titan(ess) who owed them a favor saves their life... by cocooning them in a stabilizing shell of their own powers. Their existence is wiped from the books n' everything, only specific immortals remember. Titan(ess) forgets about them as well until they get into a fight with Athena and use it for their own gain. They plant it in an Athena kid, because their minds are v easily open to stuff. Consequences aren't immediate so Athena finds out too late. Kid is now an Athena child capable of tapping into only Mnemosyne-related powers.
  • Over time the second soul convalesces and takes over. Titan(ess) specifically made it so that the original soul suffers and is slowly crippled into nothing. There would be no afterlife, because there isn't an afterlife for things that don't have enough soul to believe in one. I wanna do the quest thing but too mainstream let's make the shit go down at camp tm
  • Blackouts are too common. what about open ended convos of both souls answering shit at the same time and confusing everyone?
  • They're both terrible at keeping the body uninjured so every morning starts out with "goddamnit when did I twist my ankle"
  • No way of communication.
  • Titan(ess) has a demigod ally in camp who is the kid's only/closest friend and they mislead them a lot to worsen the situation
  • "How about when one sleeps the other wakes up so they are always tired" - Z; physically but like mentally they wouldn't be does that make sense
  • Recollection of everything from the other one is there but large parts (of the body talking etc); p much vague memories of "this is the path from your cabin to the dining hall"; PERMANENT STATE OF DEJA VU
  • DATEMATE FROM COO idk if i'll be able to do this one anymore since i get toxic regarding ships so nah ://
  • A quest can't be sent bc Athena is hoping it will be sorted out on its own
  • Figuring it out because hyperactive imaginations and they're not fucking stupid
  • datemate trying to help only makes it worse bc both fall for them
  • gets resolved w/ some bad ultimatum

  • OG Athena kid: headstrong, willful, bruised knuckles, bloody lips, so serious you could sink your teeth in it. strong silent type. small smirks, coolheaded lies, undeterred. won't egg your car, will smash your face into the windshield. not easily taunted or baited. "want me to beat up your feelings?" finds it impossible to find the right words. bad at understanding jokes. as sweet as a jawbreaker.
  • Mnem kid: incapable of shutting the fuck up, opinionated, gutsy, bright minded. interrupts people too much, enjoys a good meme, "guess i'll die now" humor. a sly, smooth little shit, both in love and in war. careful about stepping on people's toes, steps on fingers instead. Chooses their battles, defects at wars.

Sanya - Pari - Ro


Matalino ang aking pinsan. Lahat ng matatanda tuwang tuwa sa kaniya. Sabi ng magulang ko, dapat magsikap ako para maging kagaya niya.
Madaling ngumiti ang aking pinsan. Baliwala na kung di naman kay gandahan ang kaniyang mukha o ngipin. Kapag ngumingiti siya, OK na ang lahat.
Maputi ang aking pinsan. Nakakainggit talaga yun. Di niya kailangan nang kung ano-anung produkto.
Marunong makipagsabayan ang aking pinsan. Di siya namimintas.
Walang kapatid ang aking pinsan. Di niya kailangang makipagaway para sa laruan, pera, o kahit ano. Mahal siya ng magulang niya. Halos spoiled na nga eh, isang himala na hindi siya matapobre.
Tumanda na kaming lahat. Ganun parin ang aking pinsan. Parang nga mas maliwanag ang ngiti niya ngayon.

Isang araw, nagising ako sa waiting room ng ospital
Isang malaking accidente ang nangyari, Diyos ko po
Wala na si Tito at Tita
Pinaalam sa akin na buhay pa ang aking pinsan
Sana hindi ko na lang sila pinaniwalaan
Sa mga sinunod na buwan, nag-PT siya
Ngumingiti parin siya
Kaso lang
Iniwan nila siya sa mataas na floor ng mag-isa

Di ko alam
Na naghirap pala siya bago pa noon
Laging nakikita lang naman lahat yung ngiti niya
Kahit minsan man di ko inisip
Sana na lang nakatulong ako
Kaysa puro inggit lang
Wala nang makakapagbalik ng ngiti niyang yun

Not all people are born parallel, equal, but some are born on parallels. Born is used loosely here - an unconscious daughter of Psyche was tossed squarely into existence atop the 38th Parallel. The MDL was far from an auspicious place to land, but not hard to swallow considering Eros' vicious streak. Love does not forgive so easily, and so were all the parties involved. Nang Hina chose her new name, the previous owner of her new body chose her path, and Eros and Hestia chose for their fates to cross. No, that would be factually incorrect to say. The two were matching souls, so identical that all supernatural laws regarding body swaps and soul transfers were rendered negligible. It was convenient, so the gods took it. Eros clearly found the MDL landing convenient as well.

Hina did not.

Fate was on her side. Not something she was rather proud of, but useful for getting out of that shitstorm alive. She was - is - a mortal. Her twin soul, she would later learn, was not. Life was balanced that way, she'd be told. But she knew none of that as she found guns shooting at her as she ran. Every single bullet missed. She would put it down to a godforsaken miracle, until Hestia explained herself. The most wonderfully satirical part of all? Not just having the ability to walk and run again, oh no. She sprouted fucking butterfly wings straight out of Mariposa. At that point, she was sure she was having the "life flashing before your eyes but more hallucinatory" moment. It was not. It was real for her to fly out of there and end up crashing who knows where. A nightmare, she decided before bluescreening. One last hell to go through, and then she could walk into death's quiet, waiting embrace.

That was not the case.

Villains For Heroes [ Invisibility ]

We call ships 'she'. We call our war machines 'women.' We compare women to black widows and vipers. And you're going to tell me it's not lady-like to scream, to take up space, to fight and demand respect and do whatever the hell I want. You've looked at nuclear bombs and been so in awe that you could only name them after women. Don't try to downplay my power.



Lonnie Kingston

Nang Hina

Maeng Minae

Vaughn Yeo


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