aka posey

  • I live in sports anime hell
  • I am female


formerly Poseidon Child and FabuLouis Poser
joined: Sept 28th, 2011

Hani wave

I'm semi-back. I go by Posey, and I used to be Poseidon Child/FabuLouis Poser. I remade mainly because I couldn't stand my old username anymore. I'm found on twitter more often, however, I will be on here, sometimes(?) Anyway, here's some stuff you might want to know:

Basics: cis female, pan, from hk || she/her pronouns

Likes: kpop (bigbang + girl groups), sports anime (knb, haikyuu, diaace, yowapeda), intersectional feminism, hugs

Dislikes: people who fetishise, people who don't believe in non-binary, racist people, cucumbers, meninists,


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