Now You See Me, Now You Don't
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Welcome, welcome, <insert name here>! I am AliasKit but you can either call me Alias or Kit for short. You can even make up your own nickname for me if you want :D

I am an administrator from the Administrative Services Department and I check claims. I can approve them too but please avoid trying to ask me a million times to check your claim. I work even when I am not told so please just be patient. Sometimes I need a day off too.

Anyway, so according to Kitten, I am the Ghost of the Wiki since nobody really knows much info about me. I refuse to reveal any personal info and I try to be as anon as possible. So you do not go askin' me where I'm from, how old I am, who does my work for me, who I am (mostly this question is a no no) and etc or else I'll give you the z-snap aka the sassy snap.

I won't make this long (oh wait I just did) and so you may now proceed, earthling.

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He/she should be back whenever I have the time.


Real life demands to be paid attention to but I'll be online to make dept edits
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