Ichabod and Japheth

Name: Ichabod and Japheth

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Age: Died at the age of 12; immortal

Species: Storm Spirits


Ichabod pretty much loves making jokes especially when he is with his twin brother. They make a very good tandem. Being just a kid (at heart), he still loves to play around. He owns a generous heart and has a special connection with animals. He is also selfless and would take care of others first before himself.

Japheth, just like Ichabod, loves to make jokes. He also has a generous heart like his brother. He dislikes being in debt to anyone, except for Notus who gave them a new life. He would be kind enough to take care of others before himself. He would despise himself if he ever becomes a burden to anyone.

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Ichabod and Japheth weren't their real names. They were names given by those who discovered their bodies in the fields of their homeland.

Their parents used to belong to a certain Native American tribe but did not like the ways of the elders so they separated themselves and formed their own tribe, along with some of their followmen who came with them. Because of this, the elders considered them a traitor and ordered for their "priest" to curse the people who deflected. 

A few days later, the curse finally showed its effect and the deflectors turned into different animals. Some were turned into giraffes, elephants, deers, pelicans and a lot more. Ichabod and Japheth's parents turned into lions. Even though they were turned into animals, they didn't lose their human thinking so the love and care was still there. The twins by that time were three years old. Strangely, Japheth's hair turned light brown and little did they know that it was the mark of a different curse, the twins would die at the age of twelve.

The twins were raised by lions and so they weren't able to learn to speak very well although they felt connections with the animals in the tribe.

The day finally came when they were twelve, foreign invaders conquered their land. The adults, or the animals, of the tribe tried to fight back but they were helpless against the invaders' weapons and technology. They burned the fields and captured every animal. They killed the children which made the animals furious making them attempt to fight back but that just led to more deaths. The twins were brave enough to try to fight the men but they failed and got themselves captured as well and later executed.

Notus remembered the kindness the twins showed him when he changed his form into a mortal who appeared weak seeking help. They took care of him for days but then he just disappeared. Because of their generous hearts, Notus decided to revive them one day and make them his storm spirits.

Now in the 21st century, archaelogists were able to discover bodies of two boys and when they examined them in the lab, they found out that they lived centuries ago which they found strange because their bodies haven't decomposed yet. They thought it was interesting and later, historians found out that they were the royalties of the Native American tribe and immediately ordered their bodies to be preserved and put in a museum.

The twins were put in a glass and became the talk of the town. Weeks later, they just woke up and broke free, escaping the museum surprising everyone of their sudden awakening. Notus did his move--he had revived them. He met them one day and told them of their new form as spirits. The twins were glad to hear the explanation and dedicated their lives to the deity. Notus also told them about camp where they would be safe from the "nosy" people. He knew that the society's curiosity would later result to dangerous acts so he told them to stay at the Nymph Sanctuary.

The twins remained a mystery to the people who witnessed their revival.

Weapons: Blowguns for both of them


Name: Abedabun

Birthday: Year 1528

Age: looks 16 (technically 486)

Species: Demigod

Godly Parent: Prometheus

Mortal Parent: Queen of the tribe


Trained to be strong and tough at such a very young age, she grew up to be an independent lady and knew how to defend herself. She is very courageous and determined to do whatever she has in mind. Being a former princess of a tribe, she also knew how to deal with people well but she would sometimes come off as quick-tempered if provoked. She would rather be working alone than in groups because sometimes, she just finds it hard to trust someone to do the job. 

Note: She was the princess of the same tribe as Ichabod and 

Japheth. She was arranged to marry Japheth but his parents deflected and he died so it did not take place only to find out they would see each other again in the 21st century.

Abedabun was the daughter of the leader of the same native American tribe where Ichabod and Japheth's parents came from. Her parents, at first could not have any child and so they prayed to the gods for their blessing. One night, Prometheus took the form of her mother's husband and they did the thing. Surprisingly, they later found out that she was pregnant. As the princess of the tribe, she was very well taken care of but at the same time, trained to be tough at a very young age.

One day when she was six, she got lost in a forest which led to an unknown field where she found different wild animals which she noticed to have two of the same species. She saw children same as her age, some were younger then later, the two young boys met her and befriended her however they had a hard time understanding each other since the boys did not know how to speak well. Little did Abedabun know that the boys were actually Ichabod and Japheth. Abedabun's parents and the twins' parents actually planned for Japheth and Abedabun to be married when they turn adults.

Abedabun was able to teach the twins how to speak little by little. Eventually, they understood each other. 

When the twins turned eleven, Abedabun brought them to her home and the leaders were shocked to see foreign individuals. They immediately thought they were dangerous and separated the princess from them and they were ordered to be executed. The twins were smart and were very swift knowing various animal movements, the men weren't able to keep up to their pace and so they were able to escape safely back to their tribe. Unfortunately, they never saw Abedabun ever again.

Being a demigod, monster attacks started when she was thirteen. She was by the river to bathe when all of a sudden, a telekhine emerged from the water and charged at her. The creature was unfamiliar to her and so immediately backed away a unsheathed her dagger ready to attack anytime but when the telekhine reached the shore, it became so slow and seemed lethargic. Something was shot at it and the telekhine just disintegrated. A man approached her and it was their "doctor". He used a blowgun loaded with Celestial Bronze darts then he explained that he was actually a son of Apollo and that there was a possibility that the princess was also a demigod seeing the monster wanted to kill her.

The doctor gave her a bow and arrow with Celestial Bronze tips to protect herself from monsters and also a handy blowgun, along with a Celestial Brinze dagger, for back-up.

At the age of fourteen, she came out to hunt when she spotted a hellhound. Being good with different hunting tactics, she was able to sneak up on the hellhound and stab its back before it even attacked her and it disintegrated. Right after, she saw smoke from afar and she sensed that her tribe was in danger so she rushed back and she was met by panicking people with burning houses and fields, murder everywhere. The scene infuriated her and provoked her to attack the colonizers. She was able to attack and hurt some of them but she was later captured and brought to the men's ship to be one of the slaves.

It took months before they reached the foreign land and as soon as she stepped foot on the alien soil, Stymphalian Birds came and rushed to attack her. The doctor was with them and he knew what to do. He bumped into various things especially metal to make annoying sounds so the birds would be distracted. Abedabun managed to break free and immediately shot arrows at the birds until they disintegrated. That all happened a few days after her fifteenth birthday.

She had lived the life of a slave and she had many attempts to escape from the foreign men but failed many times until a boy of the same ethnicity as the men saw that she was suffering and helped her escape. He led her to a forest where he thought she would never be found. She was sixteen by that time.

Abedabun roamed aimlessly around the forest until she just fainted and something warm touched her. She woke up to see a gray wolf and beside her were fruits. The wolf was actually a gift from her father, Prometheus, which he hoped would stay by his daughter's side. Later, while Abedabun was eating, a harpy appeared and the wolf immediately rushed to it and bit its wings. Abedabun found that the chance to attack so she quickly took her dagger out and threw it at the monster. Bull's eye.

Few days later, Abedabun could hear the sound of galloping horses and shouts of men. They were there for her. She immediately climbed a tree and hid while the wolf just disappeared. She jumped from one tree to another in the hopes of escaping them until she accidentally stepped on a weak branch and it produced a crunching sound which alarmed the men and helped them to spot her and the pursuit started. She planned to get back to save her people but she found herself cornered when she fell down a tree and a cliff was behind her. She was surrounded then the wolf emerged from the dark forest and attacked the men's horses in an attempt to help the princess but Abedabun was shot in the shoulder making her lose her balance and fall off the cliff. The wolf ran to her and jumped down the cliff as well. When the men rushed to the edge, they saw them no more and thought they were dead for good.

Abedabun thought it was her end but then the place all of a sudden shifted into something even more foreign and she fell on a pavement. Loud honks and beeps startled her and almost deafened her. She caused traffic. Unbeknownst to her, she accidentally fell in an undiscovered portal from the past to the present. In other words, she time traveled through the mysterious wormhole which brought her to present day New York. She got the attention of everyone around but no one tried to approach her seeing how odd she looked and an arrow was still stuck on her shoulder. The wolf was surprisingly still with her and stayed with her. Night fell and she stayed in the dark alleyway. She lost too much blood and she could feel her life being drained. The wolf barked strangely but she just got unconscious. A clay man made by her father came to her aid and brought her to camp where the demigods took her to the infirmary to get her healed.

Weapons: CB Bow and Arrow, CB darts and blowgun, CB Dagger

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