Animus Pheadra

aka The Dark Guardian

  • I live in Earth
  • My occupation is The guardian of darkness
  • I am Male

|name = Kendrick Mack |gender = Male |nicknames = Big Mack III |status = Healthy |height = 5'9 |eye color = Brown |hair color = Black |Race = Black |languages spoken = English, Level 3 Spanish |D.O.B. = June 25, 1998 |Age = 15 |Nationality = American |hobbies = Playing trombone, video games, watching science documentaries or anime, and reading


I think therefore I am. That's a tough one to explain. I'm philosophical, hyper, weird, insane (who isn't, even if just a little), Confusing, kind, respectable, introvert in person, and more.

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