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You may know me well or not so well, so I will introduce myself. My name's Minx and I'm an older user (compared to the users now) of this wiki. I joined in a rather progressive timed and helped the wiki grow as I grew as a user.

As you may know, I did get auto-demoted, this was because of my health issues. I got stuck with bronchitis, then after I got bronchitis, I came down with sinusitis.. A few days after I was cured, I was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to be hospitalised. The recovery was long and boring, but with all these things going on, I had to catch up on school. As a result of all the chaos, I forgot about the wiki. I apologize, but I was rather burnt out already, there was no work to my name anymore, and I felt like the torch and hunger had been passed to younger or rising users.

You all may know me as the cheery, happy-go-lucky user, and that is still true! I did have a depressive bout that I'm still dealing and coping with, but I'm mostly okay. I can still be the old me because I haven't changed much aside from growing up and being much more emotional.. (yes, more emotional than I was before)

This wiki raised me, and a huge part of who I am and what I'm good at is because of this wiki, which is why I decided to return.

After I left the wiki, I became an avid gamer and esports follower. I don't "game", I guess. I only play League of Legends. I'm not very good at it, but my knowledge of the game and how it should be played is pretty up there. I've been closely following the Chinese scene and hope to one day be involved in the esports field. My favorite teams is EDG.

I'm not sure what I'd like to do after high school... Right now I'm thinking about being an esports journalist and writing about the LPL for ESPN :").

If you need me for some reason, you can send me an Iris Message!

Basic Info
Likes League of Legends
Chinese pro league scene
Fears/Phobias Demons
Being attacked by a spirit
Colour Coral
Music Alternative/Indie pop
Food Italian
Animal Hummingbird
Drink Strawberry lemonade
Song Telethon by Emily Haines
Movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Sport League of Legends (lol)
Vices Low Self-Esteem
Bad Habits Apparently I'm really fickle
Sleeping Habits Little sleep, about 3-4 hours on school weeks
Nocturnal on weekends and breaks
Quirks I sleep on the bottomside of my bed
Attitude Cynical
Talents Writing?
Social Skills Developed except for cute boys
One Word to Describe Tired
Hobbies League of Legends
Alignment True Chaotic
Dream Job Journalism, maybe
Current Job Student

Nickname Origin People Who Use It Okay to Use by Anyone?
Minx Suffix of my Username Everyone Default
Minxie Term of Endearment Bachie If we like each other
Minxiepoo Hyu Hyuie Only Hyupoo
MinxCoat Wind Wind's nickname for me Wind only
Ancient Newbs What newbs call older users Anyone
Krissy I made a fake acct. to surprise older users! It had Krystal in it or something.. Chaeseu If you want
Twinnie We love each other Migs Only him :p

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