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Hello and you may know me if you have talked to any of my Characters (listed below) or if you happen to stalk me. As of right now I have read all of the Percy Jackson series, I haven't read the latest series yet though (I'm getting around to it) And I am thoroughly enjoying life in Camp Half-blood, even if I'm only living it online. It would also appear that I have a thing for names that start with 'b' and gods/goddesses whose name starts with 'e'. That is purely confidential I assure you. What is also coincidental is that both Brennan and Braelyn have the same amount of letters. But it gets creepy when you realize that the two guys that the both of them hang out with the most both have 'A' names with the same amount of letters, 5, in them. I'm starting to worry that the numbers are taking over my life... IT"S LIKE LOST! NOOOOOOOOO!......

Well anyways.... once again chat is not working for me so if you need to see if I'm on for RP purposes just look for me posting on things or just leave me a message on my talk page










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