aka Becca

  • I live in The Magical Land of Me.
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Being a Magican
  • I am Beautiful, Awesome,Dr Who lover, PJO loving girl who eats bagels :)


Hello dear <insert name here>! I'm Becca528 obviously that's not my real name so you can call me Becca. I have 7 charcters in total. 4 majors. 3 minors. IM me if you want to RP with one them :)Here's my Sandbox :D

Well lets see...

  • I like bagel a lot.
  • I love Dr Who i mean who doesn't?
  • I am a directioner :D
  • I love Frozen it's favorite movie.(Let it go, let it go)
  • I love any Disney movie
  • I love to roleplay

Things I like=


People who are nice and are lovable.

People who don't bully others

Peolpe who eat bagels

Things i hate, want to kill and just annoy me=



My badges


We are now guinea pig friends! I know you will always have my back in sticky situations. Keep being an awesome guinea pig friend. So how about sharing a carrot?

Guienapigs Guienapigs1

Thanks for being a friend, Becca.

It seems like i gave you the gift of my friendship. What ever it was it was awesome. So what do i want you to do? RELEASE THE FRIENDSHIP...

My little pony My little pony My little pony My little pony

Thank you <insert name here> for being a an awesome friend. You are so bagel worthy.

Level Up!

You are now at level five


This entitles you to twelve demigod spots. This means you have been here at least five weeks since your first character was claimed, and that you may now vote on more as well as run for things like chat mod or rollback. Please do read the wiki policies or contact an administrator if you have any questions.

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This badge is for the most awesome, best, truest, most helpful friend ever. And you, my friend, have earned it. Thank you!


Fairy Gym Leader's Support Badge

Hey there! I guess I'll support Becca! Since you are a great person!
Giving you this Badge because...

You're the chiz. c:

I'm not about to get all poetic, but just know that I think you're awesome af.

PS: I'd totally murder you in that pillow fight. >:3


Katnip's Badge Of FandomnessTumblr ml72yc305F1s0cs5fo1 250

The first person I can go fangirl to, is you! Your so special for me! Oh no, the feels. Anyway, before I cry, I promise not to forget you.


Name Person who gave it Can you use it?
Becca Self-given Sure, go ahead
Bee Chaser Nope nope nope nope
Beckie Self given Close friends
Beccabear Sandypig No just no
Bagelbecca I have absolutely no idea >.< chu have to ask first


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