aka Bella

  • I live in The earth (Don't worry I'm not an alien)
  • My occupation is Beeing alive
  • I am So damn awesome

Welcome To My Page <insert name here>!

Species: Panda

Gender: Female

Rights:Regular user

Joined Date: 2 April 2015

Level: One

Hobbies: Singing, Working, Reading, Schooling, Pianoing

Favorite Greek god:

Favorite Greek goddess: Well, shes a Titaness, but Mnemosyne - Titaness of Memory and inventress of language

Favorite Book: PJO and HOO series. And then all the other books like Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, TFIOS and stuff like that. But favorite is definatly PJO and HOO

Least Favorite God:

Least Favorite Goddess:

Favorite Singer: Agnes Obel and Ed Sheeran

Favorite Music Genre: Erhm.. Children songs lol xD

Favorite Movie Character: Tadashi (BH6) and the blind guy (TFIOS)

Favorite Book Character: Grover (PJO)

Thing That I Hate The Most: Bitches who looks bitchy at me

Thing That I Love The Most: Nice persons who smiles at me

Oddest Thing That I Own: A Swiss watch. You know those who says "Click-clack" and have little people outside. And under the clock hangs a large round plate that swings back and forth. It is not particularly large.

Why Do I own that object?: Because I was in Switzerland and I wanted one.

"Children of Muzen have the ability to strangle someone with a giant bear cuddle, this leads to bouts of adoration and snuggles for all affected." - Fate :3

Briona poop

Briona Kjær -Child of Apollo
-Gender: Female Age: 14 Status: Alive and single

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Nickname Chart

Name Origin Can you use it? In service?
SuperBellaMuzen Username Yes No, not really
Belarus Raaab :3 Yes Yes
Bella Can't remember Yes Sometimes
Super Sparkie :3 Yes Yes
Muzzay Yorkie :3 Yes Sometimes
Muzzy Yorkie :3 Yes Sometimes
Muzz Yorkie :3 Yes All the time xD
Bellzen Can't remember Yes Not really
Mella Omnia :3 Yes Yes
Bluebells Oli :3 Yes Yes
Bell Can't remember Yes Not really
Bells Can't remember Yes No not really
Muz Yorkie :3 Yes Sometimes
Muze Moo :) Yes Idk o.o
IzzyBella Potato :3 Yes Yes
BelBel Colors-of-Fire :D Yes Yes
Muzen Yorkie :3 Yes Sometimes
SuperBella Can't remember Yes No

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Pixelmango Blessing of Friendship Pixelmango

You, the mortal known as SuperBellaMuzen, have been given the blessing of friendship from the mango goddess herself. This means you have gained her favour by tolerating her... strange behaviour and she has deemed you worthy of her friendship.

The handwriting changes starting here. It looks more cheerful and less stoic than the message above.

Haiii, IzzyBella~! Sorry for the straight-to-the-point and stoic message above. One of my more sour mango servants wrote the message and yeah. >.< But you're a really awesome friend and I love chu. Sure this message might not be unique from user-to-user but my wub for you is def. special and only for u.

____________________________________________________________________Love always,


Love Ansimov


Jon Cozart

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