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A new name, A Fresh Start....

OK, so if you're reading this, you may have already suspected, or may be not and you just clicked it cuz you're curious what I have put here. This user name is a new user name that I plan to use on this wiki only, on all other wiki's I will still be using my other user account, The account formerly known as Bach. The thing is, I don't want to be the Bach that used to edit 48104801 times a day and that users were too intimidated to role play with and that ran the wiki. I just want to be Bella, a user that has fun, hangs out with you guys and role plays.

I didn't make a big deal about coming back because I didn't want it to be a big deal, no fan fares, no blogs, just me, hanging out and chilling with my friends. (By the way, I didn't break the rules at any point because I'm not using more than one account here and my other account wasn't banned, so this isn't a sock. I just didn't tell people it was me, but I didn't lie either and say I was someone else. By the way, I don't care what people call me, Bach, Bachles, Bella, whatever floats your boat! Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet, damn right if f*cking does ;)

Weekly Goals, Plans, Etc...


Demigod Characters (4)

16 Major Character Spots
(4 extra for 4 years on the wiki)

Camp Demigods

  1. Celandine Goold (child of Themis, Camper)
  2. Colum McLoughlin (child of Zeus, Camper, dating Paige Morris)
  3. Lazarus Gein (child of Limos, Camper, plot with Alex/Ben)
  4. WIP
  5. WIP
  6. WIP
  7. WIP
  8. WIP
  9. WIP
  10. WIP

BC Demigods

  1. Jotham McCoy (child of Techne, Civitas, plot with Gruff/Oisin, rp planned with Slay)
  2. WIP
  3. WIP
  4. WIP
  5. WIP
  6. WIP
Other Characters (6)

Camp Minor Characters

  1. Tuppence (Animal Nymph, Guardian of Lynx, dating Hanz)
  2. Bastien Snowe (Dream Spirit)
  3. Rhys (Animal Spirit, Guardian of Sheep, single)
  4. WIP

Characters Not Being Used Currently

  1. Conor Fames (Dead)
  2. Fynn Schönberg
  3. Jorah Tennant

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Planned/Future Characters

Planned chars being worked on, no clue when I'll put some up.......

WIP Chars

Name: Her real name she was born with was Zelda Bramble, but due to the curse she often thinks she is someone from a story. The one that seems to come out the most often is Alice from Alice in Wonderland, though that is by far not the only one. Gender: Female, though there was that one time she swore she was Prince Charming and was furious that she was "trapped in the body of a weak little girl" Current Age/Birthday: 15 - 3 February 2000 God Parent: First choice: Mnemosyne (Alternate choices) 2nd, Hecate; 3rd, Melinoe Mortal Parent: Salem Bramble Appearance: Elara-Dark/Aleksandra - DA Artist Alice in wonderland by elara dark-d71cxoc.jpg This is how she dresses when she believes she is Alice.... Personality: If she were diagnosed by a real mortal doctor, they might say she has multiple personalities, though for her it's more curse related than anything she was born with medically. There is really no telling who she might be day to day when she wakes up. She could have clear moments as herself, Zelda, or she could wake up believing she is any number of characters out of books and fairy tales. Because of this her personality is sporadic and impossible to know how she is going to be day to day. Alice is a persona that seems to be the most dominant when she isn't Zelda, and by Alice, yes I mean THE Alice from Alice in Wonderland books. History: Salem Bramble grew up as a prodigy when it came to languages, and he also had a passion for stories and would often spend his time translating various stories into various languages. He'd travel all over the world searching for old legends, myths, fairy tales, folklore, anything he could find and learn and translate. By his late 30's he was quite well known in the academic circle, and eventually word even reached as far as Mnemosyne. She was intrigued at a mortal so adept at languages that she had to meet him, and posed as a post-graduate student at Cambridge where Salem happened to be at the time. She spent as much time as she was able shadowing him, listening to his lectures, watching him work, though it wasn't always easy with her godly duties. Mnemosyne did manage to spend enough time with him that a brief love affair ensued, and after a few months she left a baby with him, Zelda. He promised he would try to be a good father, though he was sceptical of his daughter being a demigod, he also felt he could trust Mnemosyne, at least she had never given him a reason to doubt the truth, so he decided to not to call her a liar and just file the information away for later. He figured the idea of monsters and scents and some training camp was years away and not something to worry about while Zelda was just an infant. Though Salem wasn't entirely sure he believed all the things Mnemosyne said about being a goddess and his child being a demigod and some future special training camp, he did start to do more research on the Greek gods. He could read ancient Greek well so he opted for original texts versus things that others had already translated. He wasn't one to take risks even if a story sounded absurd, the Greeks believed in them once quite passionately, so who's to say their gods were any more or less real than the Christian's singular god. The first few years as his daughter grew he kept a stationary job at keeping tenure at Cambridge. The more he researched old Greek texts, the more he thought about the things Mnemosyne told him, and the more his mind wandered to other myths. If the Greeks were real as Mnemosyne had claimed, were other myths real, the Norse, the Roman, The Egyptian, etc. Where did reality end and fiction begin, what was real and what was imagined, the more he researched the more obsessed he became and his career started becoming his entire life, consuming him. By the time his daughter was 5 and ready to start school Salem was determined to start travelling more to do even deeper research into all sorts of myths and legends, always wanting to read about them through the ancient texts and translate them himself. For the next four years or so, he put Zelda in a boarding school in Oxford, England. He tried to make sure he was always home for holidays from his research expeditions, but as Zelda progressed in school there were constant reports of her getting poor grades and even detentions. Her father just kept throwing money at the school through donations to placate them and allow her to stay. She did do well in languages, which made her father quite proud. When Zelda was around 8, the school could no longer be placated by donations and such. Her father wasn't sure why she had a problem paying attention in class, or why she acted out, especially when she seemed to do so well in any class that had to do with languages. Based on this, he decided to have her travel with him, and that he'd just have to homeschool her or hire tutors. Zelda preferred this very much, she loved travelling with her father, and her talent with languages became even more advanced now that she was able to put them to real use, not only by helping her dad with his translations when he would allow it, but by actually using them in the countries they visited. The more Salem thought about Zelda's problems focusing in all those schools, it sounded vaguely familiar of something he had read once, so he dug back in to some old Greek mythology research and found a bit of info on what the Greeks had called 'demigods', and that started to bring more things into focus, maybe the mother of his child, that Mnemosyne woman, hadn't been lying after all, maybe she was telling the truth. Which if that was the case he figured it was probably a good thing he kept the chest that she had left with him to give Zelda when she was old enough to need that camp place she had spoke of. For two years things seemed to be great, Zelda was finally learning, her father loved having her travel with him. The more Salem studied myths, the more he was convinced that things could be true, so he started to watch out for warning signs of the things Mnemosyne had said, monsters when Zelda became old enough, though no specific age was given, she did say it would most likely be somewhere after age 10. Salem decided it was time to show Zelda the chest her mother had left her, and the letter, it was hard for Zelda to accept, though it sounded like something out of a storybook that she'd always dreamed about, but her father felt it was possible enough that it was better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately, for all her father's careful forethought, for all his caution even if he didn't completely believe Mnemosyne, monsters wouldn't be the first thing to cause Zelda harm, and there would be nothing Salem could do to protect her. Shortly after Zelda turned 10 a particular mischiefmaker and powerful Norse deity decided he was......*thought train derails* WIP History Notes: Please keep in mind, the rules regarding other mythologies pertain to the actual character, for instance roman demigods aren't allowed to be active characters that users roleplay/own. There is nothing that says, or has ever said, that past histories for characters that only get touched on/mentioned in the history, or even quests for that matter (though it's always been assumed there is a rule for this, but news, there isn't). Also, Rick Riordan made it quite clear that all gods are real in the universe of his books. Weapons:

Name: Arabella "Jinx" Belisimo Current Age/Birthday: Immortal, looks 17, became a huntress in 2001, born 17 December 1983 Gender: Female God Parent: Hunter of Artemis, child of Nemesis Mortal Parent: Jarvis Belisimo Appearance: TheCelsaga - DA Artist Like a ghost by thecelsaga-d749mom.jpg Personality: History: WIP Weapons:

Name: Morwenna Current Age/Birthday: Immortal, created fully grown in the late 1800s Gender: Female God Parent: Sea Nymph Appearance: Sacha Kalis Sachakalis3.jpg Personality: History: WIP Weapons:

Name: Cordelia Haven Current Age/Birthday: 18, born 3 January 1997 Gender: Female God Parent: 1st Choice Dionysus, (Alternate Choices) 2nd Choice, Zephyrus; 3rd Choice, Notus Appearance: Yara Khmidan Yara-khmidan-06.jpg Personality: History: WIP Weapons:


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  1. Huntresses are natural masters of archery, tracking and survival.
  2. Huntresses possess heightened agility and dexterity, beyond what their bodies would otherwise be capable of.
  3. Huntresses have enhanced vision that allows them to see clearly across long distances or in low lighting.
  4. Huntresses are resistant to the effects of extreme air temperatures.
  1. Huntresses' powers come from their vows to Artemis - "I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt." If they violate the pledge, Artemis can revoke their abilities.
  2. Huntresses are issued blessed silver bows, and other silver weapons they request, that are effective against all forms of monsters and spirits.
  3. Mortal huntresses gain clear sight through the mist, if they do not already possess it.
  4. Huntresses stop aging upon joining the Hunt, remaining eternally young.
  5. Huntresses give off a subtle silver aura.

Personal Journal



Despite being the child of Anteros, she can be remarkably dumb when it comes to her own love life, though after turning huntress recently, a love life is not something that will be in her future.

She doesn't deal well with pain, so if she gets injured, she's less likely to be able to fight through the pain.


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Basic Details
Owned By: Bella
Language: English, Greek, Spanish
Species: Born Demigod, turned Huntress
Birth-date: 15 March 1997
Model: Nishi Munshi

Titles: Hunter of Artemis, Child of Anteros, Daughter of Love Requited, Love's Avenger
Nationality: Cuban
Accent: Cuban
Current Status: Alive, training at camp before going out on the hunt
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“You can't have it both ways. Love is too powerful to hide for very long. Deny it and suffer the consequences. Acknowledge it and suffer the consequences. Revealing it can either be shameful or it can be liberating. It is for others to decide which it will be.”




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Lida Soledad Delgado ~ Child of Anteros, Huntress of Artemis
Owned by:: Bach

Post Time:: 17:19, May 10, 2015 (UTC)

"A veces es los mismos momentos que quitan el aliento que respira propósito y aman de nuevo en su vida. "

Age: Eternally 17
Status: Alive, at camp, single always
Accent: Cuban
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I realise the temp seems like a lot, but I'm currently sorting through all my old stuff under my old category so once I'm done I plan to really sort through and think about this. I also find models easily so if someone wants to use one I have temp reserved, just ask and I can just find another.

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|title       = Child of Themis
|age         = 16
|status      = Alive, at camp, single
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Sandbox for Coding

Note: I work on most of my coding fun stuffs on my Guild Wiki here, but at times it may be easier to work on some here instead. If you ever need custom coding, please feel free to message me at my Bach account on the Guild wiki (even if the coding is for here, a bunch of users I've done coding for over there brought the coding here to use). Thanks!

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Owned By: Bella
Species: Demigod
Model: Denyse Tontz
Current Status: Alive and at camp
Birthday/Age 16 December 1998
16 years old
Relationship Single but interested in Dimitri
Title(s) Daughter of Law
Truth Teller
Child of Themis
Nationality American
Accent Neutral-Alaskan
Sexuality Undecided, probably straight
Currently Cella is 16 years old. She is interested in Dimitri, although nothing official has happened yet beyond hanging out together a lot. She is still upset about how she left things with her father before coming to camp, and is desperately worried how he is getting on without an arm that he lost because of her. She'd like him to come to camp with her, though because he is a Roman Demigod, she realises that's not allowed. She's begged him to take some time back at the Roman camp, but so far he refuses.
Cella's Life Story

Theoden grew up as an orphan, and the only life he remembered or cared about was the one that started after going to the Roman demigod camp and being claimed as a son of Vulcan. Years passed and he became really good at forging weapons. In his late teens he was on a mission for his camp when he came across some Greek demigods who were given the same task. They ended up working together, and this is where he met and fell in love with Anwen. She was a beautiful child of Themis, strong, intelligent, caring, it was practically love at first sight. The only problem was they were on opposite sides of the country once the mission was over. They wrote and stayed in touch, and when they were both 22 they decided to leave the safety of their camps and get married.

They were happy for a few years, deliriously so. They were even starting a family, Anwen was pregnant with their first child, but their happiness wouldn't last. When Anwen was 7 months along, she was faced home alone against a couple of giants that had tracked her scent. The stress of trying to fend them off sent her into premature labour, and once that started, she couldn't put up as much of a fight against the monsters. Theoden came home from work that day to the body of his wife and unborn child. He was devastated and sunk into a deep depression. He stopped caring about anything, including his safety. Themis had been keeping an eye on her child, not being able to interfere and having to watch both the unborn child and her own child die at the hands of giants made her sad as well. She felt so bad for Theoden she decided to pose as a new neighbour that worked for a law firm. She thought about just telling him the truth, I mean he was a Roman demigod and knew his wife had been a child of Themis, but something about him made her hesitate and come up with a cover story instead.

For a couple of years, as often as she was able, she visited him, became his friend (though she claimed to travel a lot for her company, in order to explain her frequent absences). At some point she realized she was in love with him her self. She knew she couldn't keep lying to him, but she thought maybe if she could give him something new to love and care for, maybe she could leave and know he'd be OK. So after a steamy weekend, where both Theoden and Themis gave in to their more carnal desires, she hoped above all else that she would be pregnant. A couple of months later (17 October 1998) Celandine Goold was born, and Themis brought her to Theoden. She finally told him the truth, he didn't seem entirely surprised, though he felt a bit awkward considering Themis was the mother of his wife, but something about the baby stirred something inside of him, a paternal instinct that longed for a child of his own to care for.

He took the child without any arguments, thanked Themis for being honest with him and promised her that he would do his best to raise their child. Theoden was paranoid though, the love of his life and unborn child had died because of monsters, so when it came to Celandine he took precaution and safety to insane levels. He decided to move off the grid, which meant Alaska, middle of no where. Living off the land was hard, but there was a code there, what few neighbours people had, no matter how far the trek, they stuck together, and the rail road supplied anything he couldn't grow or hunt himself. Because he was an excellent smith, people came from far off to get things fixed or made. He bartered with a neighbour that was 5 miles [≈ height of the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest] by snowmobile to come in once a week and help home school his daughter once she was five years old. Another neighbour that was only a couple of miles away would watch little Celandine when Theoden had to go to Fairbanks for supplies or if he had to stay out hunting for longer than he felt was safe to leave his daughter alone. Really there wasn't anything overly eventful about the first 11 or so years of her life. She lived in what was a small and spread out, but tight and caring community of people living off the land in Alaska. There was limited technologies so it made monster attacks few and far between for Theoden. There weren't any other kids around except the neighbour that would babysit her had two much older teenage sons. She was home-schooled by her father and another neighbour. The only fun and adventures she had were in her books, which her father never denied her anything when it came to books and by the time Celandine was 7 he had to build a special room off their house just to hold all her books she was collecting.

Celandine would read and read anything she could get her hands on, and she dreamed of going out into what she called "the real world" where "things actually happened" so she could have an adventure, but her father always told her to put such nonsense out of her head, adventures were dangerous, she was safe in Alaska, the monsters were fewer, he never wanted her to leave his side. At 10 he realized he'd have to start training her, he started slow at first, basics, but when she turned 11 he knew it was time to see how she would do against a monster. He decided to take her out hunting. It had been awhile since he'd been attacked himself, as it usually happened when he'd been in town recently for supplies. The monsters would pick up his scent in town where all the people were, and follow him home. He'd just been back from town a day earlier, and felt this was the perfect time. Celandine was ecstatic that this day had finally come, as she viewed hunting and a possible monster attack as finally getting an adventure. While out hunting for deer, Agrius & Oreus found them, which was a bit more than what Theoden had in mind. Things might have gone better had Celandine not been so over zealous about facing a monster, by the time the fight was over it was clear that Celandine was not prepared for this yet, and they both barely made it out alive.

Theoden continued to hover and smother and shelter Celandine, and train her. He decided to make his own automaton monster that she could train with, but never pushed it past medium level of difficulty. She trained as much as he would allow, and always pestered him to put it on harder settings. Another few years would pass and besides the automaton training monster, the only other monsters she encountered was some hell-hounds and what she was pretty sure was a harpy, though her dad came in and killed it before she got a really good look. Finally shortly after she turned 16, her father had to go away in to town for what would end up being an entire day. With him out of her hair for a full day, she set to work trying to figure out how to put the automaton training monster on hard difficulty. It took awhile, as she was never that in to building things like her father was, but she was sure she'd figured out how to do it, and prepared herself for what she dreamed as being a more fun training session. Unfortunately she didn't get the settings exactly right and something malfunctioned while she started fighting it. It was cold and there was already snow outside, she was starting to lose and it cut her off from the house, so she ran into the woods towards the direction her father would be coming. She ran and ran, but the malfunctioning automaton bent on killing her didn't skip a beat. When she could run no more, bleeding from some wounds she received, she lay down and waited to die, her only thought that she had let her father down, that she wasn't good enough.

Her father was coming along around the same time, and heard her screams along with the automaton. He bolted in to action to protect her and to try and take back control of the automaton. Unfortunately seeing his daughter bloodied and laying in the snow distracted him at first, and the automaton got in a good attack before he could counter against it, nearly ripping off his right arm right out of the socket. He cried out in pain, and with every ounce that was left in him he managed to get into the mind of the automaton and shut it down, just before blacking out by his daughter. They'd both probably have died, if it hadn't been Thursday, you see Thursdays were important because that was the day that George, one of their neighbours from about 3 miles away, would come to pick up the horse shoes that Theoden made for him. So he was near when the commotion happened and managed to get on his satellite phone to get a rescue helicopter and get both Theoden and Celandine to the hospital.

They would both live, but Theoden's arm had to be amputated which would mean trying to survive in the wilds of Alaska would be so much harder if not impossible, on top of needing to protect him and his daughter from monsters. Once they had both recovered, Theoden decided it was time for Celandine to go to camp Half-Blood where she could train in safety because of the camp borders. Celandine begged him to move with her, to ask Alexander for a job in the smith, but he didn't want to leave Alaska, and he didn't want her to see how depressed he was about losing his arm. He was half a man. Part of her didn't want to leave him like this, but another, much bigger part, wanted adventure, and the thought of being on her own at camp sounded like the adventure of a life time. She'd finally get to interact every day with kids her age, she'd have real friends, cabin mates, it all sounded too good to be true. So she agreed to go, packed her things, and with a phone call to camp, a satyr was dispatched to accompany her on the plane there to make sure she got there safe. So here she is now, at camp, claimed as a child of Themis, 16 years old, and hoping for adventure.

Cella's Personality

At first glance she can sometimes be perceived as quiet, reserved and even arrogant and condescending to people who don't know her well. She's smart and as all Themis kids can always tell if someone isn't completely honest with her. She has a habit of taking every thing very literally and doesn't always understand the most obvious of jokes or sarcastic comments. She doesn't like people who aren't capable of saying what they mean and meaning what they say, double talk to her is just another way of lying without actually lying. If you can get through her thick and sometimes abrasive exterior, it turns out she can be quite warm and caring to those she loves and cares about.

She loves the outdoors but hates the cold. She loves reading but she gets bored easily due to what is probably adhd, though she's never officially been diagnosed. She has had some crushes at her old school, but she's never had a serious boyfriend. She despises labels though and refuses to be marked for anything like sexual orientation. She likes to look beyond labels and sees everyone for who they are on the inside. If she had to be labelled she'd probably be pan-sexual, maybe even omni-sexual. She can be quite the tom boy but she also has a bit of a feminine side that can come out, but that side definitely doesn't involve nail polish, shoes or shopping because she doesn't like that stuff.

She second guesses herself far too much because she's shy and she's been sheltered for so long in the Alaskan Wilds with her dad that she isn't always sure how to approach people, on the other hand it can also make her a bit naive at times and too trusting even though her dad tried to instil in her the need to be weary of strangers.

Cella's Demigod Powers

3 Month Power Unlocked, (see below for more details):

  1. Children of Themis can cause someone to forget their current morals and act savagely for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
  2. Children of Themis, after receiving a wound, are able to use the justice of vengeance to power their next attack. This empowerment results in the attack having enhanced speed and strength.
  3. Children of Themis are capable of forcing everyone near them for a short time into a state of lawful peace, where no one can fight. After the effects subside, it cannot be used again for the rest of the fight. The user is also unable to fight due to the lawful peace.
  4. Whenever a child of Themis takes part in a fight, a law automatically comes into existence, and its' purpose is to forbid enemies from attacking them. After this law is broken substantially, the user can create a field of energy that would imprison the opponent for a short time. The energy field would serve as a punishment for breaking the law. The target cannot escape in anyway, but also cannot be attacked while the imprisonment field is active. This power can only be used twice during a fight.
  5. Children of Themis can see a few seconds into the future; allowing them to possibly predict the actions of others, but also hindering their sight at times.
  6. Children of Themis are able to detect any lie and know if someone's telling the truth or not, though it doesn't always work. This works much better if the lie is directly related to a law or rule being broken
  7. Whenever someone is around a child of Themis, they’d feel at least slightly guilty for their wrongdoings. They can shut off this ability for a long time if they wish to do so.
  8. Children of Themis can sense whenever a crime is occurring in a 10-meter distance, whether it’s illegal or just morally wrong. The user cannot sense crimes being committed against themselves.
  9. Children of Themis can create a rule and can make someone follow that rule for a short period of time, as long as the rule does no harm and doesn't completely stop an opponent from fighting, as well as a suitable punishment if the rule is broken. Possible punishments are substantial pain inducement, banishment (via instant teleportation) from the surrounding area, power/weapon negation (only one weapon or power) for a short time. All punishments subside after a short time; only one rule may be enforced at a time.
  10. If an ally is wounded, Children of Themis are temporarily empowered to achieve justice for them towards the one who wounded them; this effect greatly increases the strength and speed of their attacks until justice is achieved.
  11. Children of Themis are able to turn even the most unordered situations into well organized and properly structured systems. An example would be a chaotic battle, where movements and emotions are wild and erratic: the user would cause the battle to stop or organize it to become more calm, precise and well thought out.

3 Month Power Unlocked

  1. Children of Themis have the ability to lawfully force another person to follow their will for a few minutes, forcing them to follow their commands as long as they are not going to be forced harm themselves. The person will remain under the control of the law forcing for a few minutes or until control is relinquished, the longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains.

6 Month Power will have access to on 29 July

  1. Children of Themis can create paradoxical laws that allows the user to affect reality in illogical ways. For example, they can splash water on an opponent and cause severe burns and get hit with a hammer and it will just tickle. Only one reality-warping law can be implemented at a time and it will only be in effect for a short time. Afterwards, the user will be substantially drained. The power cannot be used to implement a law that would cause severe damage, such as breathing or blinking would cause their brains to explode.

9 Month Power will have access to on 29 October

  1. Children of Themis can become an embodiment of order for a short time, giving them the power to immediately judge a person according to their intentions. They are immune to all attacks. The user can implement up to 5 laws at once in this state, but not those that bend reality. (The laws should be similar to ones created and possess penalties like Supplementary 1) The user emits an aura of duty and respect for authority, so the person will be more likely to follow the laws created. This ability only lasts for a short amount of time. Once the child of Themis exits this form they are drained for a moderate time and cannot move until they are rested. Additionally, the more they do in this state, the greater they are drained, sometimes they may even faint.


  1. Children of Themis are normally able to tell if someone is guilty or innocent and tell fact from fiction easily.
  2. Children of Themis often make great lawyers since they have natural knowledge of law/order systems and tend to be fair and unbiased, whether they are prosecutors or attorneys.
  3. Children of Themis tend to be good at understanding prophecies and thinking about the future.
  4. Children of Themis generally take law and order very seriously, working hard to follow/enforce rules and keep things clean and orderly.

Celandine "Cella" Goold ~ Child of Themis
Owned by:: Bach

Post Time:: ~~~~~

You can't be a unique individual, yet also be pushed into a neat little check box along with thousands upon thousands of other people. You can't want to be seen as yourself, but then carry around with you all sorts of over-used and generalised labels. We need labels because society has always deemed it so, and so ages pass and we cry for rights and to be treated equally, but yet we continue to stuff people in boxes, to stuff ourselves in boxes. When will we learn that a person can not be summed up by a label that everyone uses, that we are more complex and unique than that. My name is Celandine and I am a demigod, those are the only labels I need, beyond that I am just me, I am who I am, I do what I do, and I don't need labels to validate that, to dictate my actions and beliefs.

Age: 16
Status: Alive, at camp, single
Accent: American, Neutral
Denyse Tontz.jpg

Basic Facts

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Nationality American (Alaska)
Name Pronunciation SEL-ən-deen
Name Meaning From the name of the flower, which derives from Greek χελιδων (chelidon) "a swallow".
Family Crest Goold large.gif
Nicknames Cella, Dino, Deenie
SSN 006-89-1312
Theme Song Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Languages Spoken English and Greek
Affiliations Greek Gods, Roman Gods through her father
Native Language English
Where she Grew Up Miles outside of Fairbanks Alaska, in the wilderness (off the grid)
Earliest Memory
Best Memory
Worst Memory
Schooling Home-schooled by her father and George
Personal Motto
Moral Compass Points.... North, though she has been very secluded away from society for her whole life in the wilds of Alaska, and could potentially succumb to peer pressure if she fell in with the wrong crowd.
How She Reacts to a Crisis
How She Faces her Problems
How She Reacts to Changes
Character Alignment Neutral Good
If She Could Have Three Wishes.....


Physical Appearance

“I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but first impressions are often entirely wrong.”

Model Denyse Tontz
Gender Female
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'4
Weight 117 lbs
Shoe Size
Blood Type

Singing Voice: Soprano
Speaking Voice: Soft and mellow (She's rather shy)

Figure/Build Slim, Average
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Style Long and down, sometimes curly
Piercings One in each ear
Scars/Marks/Tattoos Scars on her left shoulder, back and right leg from the accident with the automaton her dad built
best Physical Trait
Worst Physical Trait
Things about Her Looks she'd Like to Change?

Cella's Health

“The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.”

Alcohol/Smoking Her dad let her have a beer once, she's never smoked (refuses to, finds the stuff nasty).
Drugs Never, her dad would kill her
Addictions Nothing serious, but she does have a sometimes over the top urge to touch things that are soft
Allergies Lilies, potpuri, Bleach
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Mild Asthma that acts up with her allergies, her left knee bothers her some from the fight with her dad's automaton
Medications Allergy meds, asthma inhalers

Detailed Personality Info

“Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it...Don't allow his anger to become your anger.”

Likes Bears (especially Pandas), spring, blue, WIP
Dislikes Things that feel rough to the touch like wool, WIP
Fears/Phobias Large automatons make her nervous since the accident, outer space (she has nightmares about falling forever in space), Cows
Hobbies Reading, photography, cross country skiing
Taste in Music She's really not picky with what she listens to, it depends on her mood, but she loves Maroon 5 she can listen to them any time
One Word to Describe Who Cella Is
Mental/Emotional Status
She suffers mildly from the typical ADHD and dyslexia that all demigods do but having a parent that understood she was able to get the attention she needed to work though it. She's very shy and her dyslexia gets worse when she's nervous, to the point that even he words will come out backwards and out of order. Since causing her father to lose his arm, she's suffering from mild PTSD, this is more evident when she is training or outside of camp's borders.
Things About her Personality She'd like to Change?
She'd love to be more confident around boys....
Things She Won't Do
Bad Habits
Sleeping Habits
Personality Quirks
Social Skills Horrible, I mean just horrible. She was raised in the Alaskan wilds by her dad and only a few older neighbours and was homeschooled.
Most at Ease When?
Colour Navy Blue and silver
Clothing Item

Cella's Skills and Abilities

“...some things are better left in the past. And true things are destined to repeat themselves.”

Any Special Skills/Talents? Her dad taught her some basics about automatons, but nothing like a Heph kid can do. She has her driver's license and is very adept at operating most any vehicle from cars to snowmobiles.
Preferred Main Weapon Dual Swords
Quests Led: 0
Been On: 0
Current Training Status She is currently trying to get better with a recurve bow
Least Preferred Weapon Long Sword
Past Failures
Past Accomplishments

Cella's Family & Friends

“When you love you should not think you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.”

Mother Themis
Father Theoden Goold, Roman Demigod Child of Vulcan
Half-Siblings Other Themis Kids
Full Siblings None
Other Relatives

Debbie Goold: Her grandmother (her father's Mother who slept with Vulcan)
Lizzie McGinnis: Her half-sister that dated her father before she was born, was almost her step-mother
George Dugan: Not a relative per se, but he lived 3 miles from Cella and her father and helped raise her.

First Friend Will and Thomas, George's grandsons
First Crush Tom Hiddleston technically from watching his movies on TV ;)
First Kiss
First Love
Lost Her Virginity To...
Current Best Friend
Current Close Friends

1. Dimitri
2. WIP

Person She Most Admires Her Dad
Most Influenced By Her Dad
Family/Friend Tragedies? Her father lost his arm because of her

Relationship Chart

“All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Love is therefore the only law of life. He who loves lives, he who is selfish is dying. Therefore love for love's sake, because it is the only law of life, just as you breathe to live.”

Name Relationship Status/Feelings
Dmitri Smoke Friend/Interested In They've been hanging out a lot since they've met/she got to camp, and she's really falling for him even though there's nothing official yet between them. They haven't even kissed yet.

Cella's Private Journal

Disclaimer: This is the OOC copy of her IC private journal.

June's Entries

“A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master...”

Date: 1 June 2015
Mood: Twitterpated
Page divider by lithiumharddrive.png
Blah blah I'll write more later when I"m done coding shit..............

Cella's Photo Album

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

Gif by emoxynha-d549i6a.gif

Gif by emoxynha-d54cy1w.gif
Creative abstract divider by toxicestea-d4fsxrx.png

Gif by emoxynha-d549jm3.gif

Gif by emoxynha-d549itq.gif
Dance rhythm by ucurmi-d587lpw.png

Cella's Bedroom

Cella has a small single room in the Themis cabin, it doesn't have a lot of room but she doesn't have a lot of stuff.


Bumbledora Tonks ~ Baby Pegasus

Bumbledora Tonks was born at camp and thanks to Dimitri, after Cella fell in love with the little thing, he worked it out so that she could own her. Tonks was born rather runt-ish with a deformed set of wings. She is very clumsy and the other horses and Pegasi seem to prefer staying away from poor little Tonks. Cella hates having to leave Tonks in the stables and visits her every day.


OOC Info & Plans

“This is love, I think. A place where people who have been alone may lock together like hawks and spin in the air, dizzy with surprise at the connection. A place you go willingly, and with wonder”

Inspiration Behind Creation
Someone raised in the wilderness by a Roman demigod, although some on the wiki didn't think that was allowed, actually the only rule or policy on other myths is that one cannot have an active character be a demigod from another myth. Even that has been allowed in the past, but ONLY for special events and plots for the entire wiki. As far as other myths, demigods, gods, etc being in the histories of characters that is fine. (You could even have a ghost Roman demigod as a character because they'd only have ghost powers any way.)
Love Interests/RP Partners

1. Dimitri, child of Thanatos, owned by Music. It was unintentional but so far I really love these two together. They are absolutely adorable and so shippable, I really want to see him be her first real boyfriend/love. Though eventually once they finally get to the dating stage, I'd like to also rock the boat a bit.
2. WIP

Active RP's (Last Updated 31/05/2015)

1. Here I posted last on 31/05/2015
2. WIP

Page Created On:
Page Last Updated On:
Month Powers Unlocked: 3 Month: Yes
6 Month: No
9 Month: No
Character's Current Priorities
Character's Secrets
Plots, Quest Plans, Etc

1. WIP

Favourite and Important Sites
Places, Sites, Cool Shit, Etc

So I get asked all the time where I find this or that, or images or various types of sites, and really I just use google to find sites and I keep things marked so I can go back later, but I was bored the other day and decided to actually bring my favourites to the wiki for anyone who wants to use. So now when people ask I can point them here. Cheers!


2. Goodreads
3. Paperback Swap
4. Aesop Fables
5. Project Gutenberg
6. Scribd
7. Places to find free books online
8. Classic Reader
9. Bookrix
10. The free library
11. Worm
12. The Book Seer
13. Loyal Books
14. Open Library
15. What should I read next
16. Wikia books hub
17. free books


1. DM Guide
2. DnD for Dummies
3. Char generator
4. d20
5. Essentials

CSS/JS Wishlist

1. 3D Shading with Box-Shadows
2. Animated Border Menus
3. CSS Drop-shadows
4. 3D Cube
5. Speech bubbles with box shadow
6. Rounded Menu with jquery
7. Sticky Table
8. Text rotation
9. creative buttons

Char/RPG Stuffs

1. RPG Map Generator
2. Interesting stuffs
3. Ash's Guide
4. Game Map Makers
5. Map Maker
6. OC Bio Sheet
7. City Map Generator
8. Wilderness Map Generator
9. Good/Evil Chart
10. City Generator
11. Big OC Char Sheet
12. Detailed Char Sheet
13. DnD Char Builder
14. drools
15. [ rpg articles]
16. Cortex rpg system
17. cheat sheet for writing body language
18. char profile help
19. signs and symbols
20. understanding motivations
21. signs
22. vampire traits
23. Char creation worksheet
24. Character help
25. rp tools
26. detailed char sheet
27. celtic symbols and meanings
28. rp & char generators
29. profile
30. char chart

Coding Help Pages

1. All sorts of helping goodness
2. CSS Portal
3. Parser Function Help
4. Time Function Help
5. Cheat Sheets
6. Table help
7. MDN
8. 500+ colour names
9. w3schools
10. resources
11. code academy
12. cheatsheat
13. more cheat sheets
14. developer tools
15. css validator
16. 101 free admin tools
17. css shapes
18. colour palette
19. tutorials
20. open source web designs
21. code snippets and tricks
22. free resources
23. css nav
24. tons of resources and links
25. tools to test your website
26. pretty colour palettes
27. code pen
28. Java

Code Generators

1. CSS3 Code Generators
2. 50 Useful css tools and generators
3. Border/Border radius
4. Box Shadows
5. Colour Helper
6. All sorts of generator fun
7. CSS genetator fun stuffs
8. CSSmatic
9. Stuffs
10. Text Shadow
12. Color picker
13. Border radius
14. Gradient editor
15. Animated Text
16. Gradient background maker
17. generators for designers

Quotes and Sayings

1. hater quotes
3. brainy quote
4. murphy's laws
5. quote abyss
6. short poems
7. writer quotes
8. hello poetry
9. quotables
10. all poetry
11. simply quote


1. 25 Most Legendary Creatures From Greek Mythology
2. mythical creatures list
3. Irish faeries
4. mythical creatures guide
5. Monsters
6. Bestiary
7. anthology mythical creatures
8. weird
9. DnD Monsters
10. magical creatures
11. monster gallery
12. legendary creatures
13. magical stuffs
14. Zodiac monsters

Font Resources

1. Pixel Curse
2. 1001 Free Fonts
3. font palace
4. urban fonts
5. font space
6. dafont
7. unusual fonts
8. metal fonts
9. best fonts
10. create your own
11. 100 free fonts
12. fab fonts
13. dd fonts
14. fonts by theme


1. Skyrim Mods
2. Godville Game
3. Curvy
4. Murder Mystery Party Games
5. Epic Mafia
6. Hearts of Iron4
7. Oregan Trail
8. Typing Tests
9. Mystery Games
10. Murder Mystery Game Finders
11. Nationstates
12. Open Source Games for Windows
13. Games
14. Shiritori Game
15. Chain reaction
16. Game of Thrones Ascent
17. Choice of Games
18. Hogwarts
19. Free rpg games
20. Top 50 rp sites
21. RP Nation
22. DD Online
23. 521 best flash games
24. akinator
25. free online rpg games
26. Lotro
27. neopets
28. 10 Greatest Free MMORPGs To Start Playing Now
29. Iron Kingdoms
30. word game
31. all my faves
32. old pc games
33. alter ego
34. old ms dos games
35. watch movies online free
36. free pc games
37. games for designers

Game Ideas

1. Games for Forum Boards
2. More Forum Board Games
3. Fun Forum Games

General Images

1. Amulets
2. Free Avatars
3. Steampunk Backgrounds
4. Gimp Brushes
5. More Gimp Brushes
6. Weapon Images
7. Free Gifs
8. Free icons
9. More free icons
10. Find Icons Free
11. Colourlovers
12. Pretty icons
13. Polyvore
14. Flickr
15. Photobucket
16. Avatar Abyss
17. free brushes
18. gif maker
19. symbols
20. Heather's animations
21. Animations A to Z
22. wallpaper abyss
23. black cat closet
24. favim
25. funny gifs
26. animated gifs
27. tons of animated gifs
28. fun scrape
29. gif animations
30. animate
31. amazing animations
32. best animations
33. gifs
34. magickal graphics
35. animated gifs
36. Artsy weapons
38. guild knives
39. cb swords
40. cool
41. fractals
42. fractal recursions
43. free vectors
44. free alternatives to photoshop
45. gimp plugins
46. textures
47. gimp brushes
48. fantasy
49. dragons
50. free icons
51. cool vibe pics
52. odd pics
53. free stock photos
54. free wallpapers
55. flat icons
56. carbonmade
57. logos
58. designs
59. vector art
60. replicas
61. dragons
62. surreal images
63. textures
64. beautiful nightmares
65. free collections
66. free brushes
67. desktop wallpapers
68. epic illustrations]<br /. 69. armour
70. cool patterns


1. Overlooked Mysteries in History
2. Automaton ideas
3. abandoned bldgs
4. bizarre disappearances
5. Glass Delusion
6. funny twisted story ideas
7. under water cities
8. weird places
9. 12 cool mental delusions
10. 10 lesser known mysteries
11. 10 most iconic swords
12. funny animals
13. funny stories
14. disney on acid
15. story ideas


1. Learn free on BBC
2. Dothraki
3. Russian Accent
4. Elven
5. Elven2
6. elven phrases
7. pig latin
8. British V American
9. British v Canadian v American
10. Briiths words
11. British slang
12. Shelta Tāral - Everyday sayings in Kant
13. Illunse
14. latin phrases
15. latin proverbs
16. latin jokes
17. more latin
18. French phrases
19. Irish phrases

Model Links

1. Images by Sergey Kotelnikov
2. Game of Thrones Cosplay Models
3. Hawt winks
4. Lookbook
6. Cool
7. tv rage
8. my fav DA pics
9. BDM
10. Scene models
11. fresh face
12. male models
13. Giant models
14. Model mayhem
15. girl wallpaper
16. Alex
17. pretty
18. pics
19. skyrim armour cosplay
20. pretty
21. both models and reg images
22. blonde
23. brunette
24. red head
25. talented artists

Misc Cool

1. Neon flames
2. Silk Weaving
3. free radio
4. day of birth
5. death trivia
6. did you know
7. Holday trivia
8. French Kitty
9. potion ingredients
10. potion recipes
11. magic spells
12. Mystra spells
13. charmed spells
14. Wiccan spells
15. Magic
16. free tarot reading
17. palm reading
18. Tarot cards
19. piratebay
20. unsolvable philosophical questions
21. private notes
22. listen to a movie
23. 20 creepy wiki pages
24. heroic last stands
25. just try it
26. learn stuff
27. write upside down
28. fun
29. fun and games
30. CIA world factbook
31. site down?
32. screenplays and movie scripts
33. 50 cool sites
34. free tv
35. haunted places
36. sites to download free music
37. unexplained mysteries
38. username availablility
39. psych tests
40. free full length movies
41. music websites
42. cool sites


1. Roman vs Greek Names
2. Interactive Greek Gods Family Tree
3. old symbols
4. theoi
5. Egyptian gods
6. goddess myths
7. Paleothea
8. Greek and Roman myths
10. folklore
11. Irish Myths
12. top 10 irish myths
13. Mythology, Legend, Folklore, & Ghosts
14. Myths online
15. god checker
16. god finder
17. list of deities
18. Japanese Legends


1. 20000
2. Angel names, magical words, and names of God
3. behind the name
4. Elven names
5. think baby names
6. Fantasy Names
7. the bump
8. nameberry
9. irish name generator
10. name gen
11. place name generator


1. 3-Ingredient Recipes
2. 2-Ingredient Recipes
3. Easy Nutella Brownies
4. Nutella Hot Chocolate
5. 3 Ingredient PB Cookies
6. Easy PB Fudge
7. More 3-Ingredient Recipes
8. Find recipes by ingredients
9. Foodgawker
10. Saltine Toffee Cookies
11. foodlily
12. food hacks
13. 2 minute chocolate chip cookie
14. Pierogi recipe
15. kitchen cheat sheet
16. lazy recipes

Random Resources

1. List Management Sites
2. 100+ awesome free and open source applications
3. 101 useful websites
4. 115 useful websites
5. lots of free things to download
6. list of useful websites
7. freebies
8. free college courses online

Random Lists

1. List of Religions
2. List of common misconceptions
3. List of pre-modern combat weapons
4. Language of flowers
5. list of psychic abilities
6. Ideal height/weight chart
7. paranormal anomalies
8. spells
9. phobias
10. free stuff
11. ways to save money

Tumblr Themes

1. Dashboard Themes
2. Harry Potter Stuffs
3. HP themes
4. HP Themes2
5. themes by eris
6. themes by pistachio
7. All sorts of tumblr goodies


1. Supernatural Encyclo Wiki
2. Dragon Age Games Wiki
3. Destinypedia
4. Star Trek Wiki
5. Trek Wiki
6. God Wiki
7. Sword of Truth Wiki
8. The Shadowhunter's Wiki
9. Memory Beta Wiki
10. I Love Writing Wiki
11. Nationstates Wiki
12. Shipping Wiki
13. Elder Scrolls Wiki
14. Superpower Wiki
15. Greasepot Wiki
16. Writing and Roleplaying Guild Wiki
17. Westeros Wiki
18. dev wiki
19. html/css Wiki
20. wizard 101 wiki
21. bbc wiki
22. Wiki Quote
23. Doctor Who Wiki
24. Game of Thrones Ascent Wiki
25. Harry Potter Encyclo
26. Have I got news for you
27. CHB Encyclo
28. In the flesh
29. The Graham Norton Show
30. MASH Wiki
31. Broadchurch
32. Falling Skies
33. Game of Thrones
34. Robin Hood BBC
35. Sanctuary
36. Smallville
37. General Hospital
38. Lost Girl
39. Stargate
40. Supernatural
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44. Mythology wiki
45. Creepypasta
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47. Mythology Encylo
48. Warehouse 14
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50. Bucket List
51. Recipes
52. Once upon a time
53. forgotten realms


1. Old English Words
2. Wordy Goodness
3. Rhyme zone
4. 96 over used words
5. Visuwords
6. Anagrammer
7. synonym finder
8. words to use instead of said
9. 100 fancy adjectives
10. 100 beautiful words

Writer Resources

1. 45 ways to avoid using the word 'very'
2. Creative Writing Exercises
3. Poem starters
4. Creative writers desk
5. writing contests
6. writing prompts
7. 25 helpful websites
8. Novel Writing Resources
9. Stronger writer
10. 10 minute exercises
11. story starters
12. writing games
13. tips from masters
14. writing resources
15. activities
16. typing
17. seeking writiers
18. search engines for writers
19. 102 writing resources

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1. WIP

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1. Harry Potter Clue

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1. fan fiction or armour
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