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john milnor

gender: male

godly parent: Asteresus(thing i wrote it right? star god)

2nd option: themis

third option:athena

mortal parent: if Astreseus: Lydia milnor of themis or athena: David milnor

current age:13

apperance: curly brown hair,brown eyes,tanned(but Caucasian) skin,small,unmusualer.

personality: to be short the guys a nerd. spent half of his life trying to learn myths amazed with any fantasy book obsessed with comic cons. to be sure you understand the guy calculates statistics to win a bowling game! hes amazed to find the demigod world but a bit cocky as he thinks he knows everything about Greek myths.


Lydia Milnor was an astronaut known around the world for finding a life form that proved the existence of bacteria in other planets. in one astronomy conference she met astronomer Gregory powel an executive in nasa. offering here job the two worked and were one off the lucky people to find life on mars. in the project the two fell in love. However "Gregory" was not who he said he was. in fact he was a Greek god Astreseus.

when the two Married and had a child named john astreseus knew he was waiting too much time. But he count leave. he loved Lydia too much. he survived three months Until Zeus called him telling that if he Didn't leave the moment He will remove his Godhood. Acting quickly he made up project in the moon. when Gregory milnor's mission to space failed no one suspected what he really was.

John felt Overshadowed like anyone would be with such brilliant parents. bu john learned until he Excelled at probability fantasy and astronomy. Everyone thought he was weird and kind of sad but he wasn't. Not even his mom or his best friend Jerald knew why he was so obsessed with fantasy. When he was just 3 months, before his dad went to that cursed project he gave him a star shaped compass, telling him that it will always find him.

one night he just ran. it wasn't that he didn't like his life because he did. but he really wanted to see his dad. in his second day out he found a cyclops out. not knowing what was happening he summoned a giant wave of plasma at the cyclops, killing it. he passed out for three hours until he was found by his friend Jerald and he was pissed. "wgat are you thinking" he said "the camp was so upset!" "what camp?" john asked with a start "was that i cyclops how did i kill it? what just happened?"

Possessions: enchanted star campus; a composes that leads to Astreseus

Signed, bookworm1111

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