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Oli's Chingu~!
By having this badge I now deem you my chingu~! And you have it because you're obviously worthy in my eyes and Taeyeon approves~!!

Oli's Gratitude~!
By having this badge it means I consider you to be one of my close friends, someone who I can trust with whatever. Someone who I'll value forever.

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”
You're my friend, and you deserve this badge.
- Riri ツ


Hello There!


Powers of a Child of Starbucks


  1. Children of Starbucks can make somebody feel the effects of caffiene for a short period of time, making them vulnerable to attack. The longer this power is used, the more energy is drained
  2. Children of Starbucks can create and manipulate a scalding stream of hot coffee or a freezing burst of ice coffee.


  1. Children of Starbucks can conjure a very long lineup of coffee craving customers, blocking the movement betweent he user and the opponent. If the user tries to cut through the line, they will get hit by lady's purse, shoes or any thing a regular person would carry. 
  2. Children of Starbucks can cause others to spill their beverages all over their shirt.


  1. Children of Starbucks can make coffee appear of of thin air. o.o
  2. Children of Starbucks can change the flavor of their coffee.
  3. Children of Starbucks can smell coffee form a mile away.


  1. Children of Starbucks must go around with a Caution: Contents Hot warning label at all times.
  2. Children of Starbucks may combine their powers with children of Eileiythia to secrete any type of coffee related drink. They must be opposite gender and physically touching. 

3 Month Power

  1. Children of Starbucks can make a forcefield of coffee which can block attacks. But, the user is immobile in this state. The bigger the forcefield, the more energy is wasted form the attacker.

6 Month Power

  1. Children of Starbucks can turn themselves into pure coffee, allowing them to fly as long as there is wind to push them. The longer they are in this state, the more energy is wasted and they must rest longer between transformations.

9 Month Power

  1. Children of Starbucks can turn into a barista, which enhances all of their powers for a short time. This power can only be used 1 time per battle and wastes a significant amount of energy.


  1. Children of Starbucks are born hipsters
  2. Children of Starbucks tend to have outgoing personalities
  3. Children of Starbucks tend to always be very photogenic




With this badgie it's my way of saying: "We are one!"

~ Bai bai exotics from my happy virus and CHENcing machine!
Owlzie's Besties
Harry potter pusheen.gif
Just like this Gryffindor Kitten here, you have earned a place in my heart.

Love: LittleWiseOwlz
For being an amazing best friend a Shady could have, a true brother, I give you the rank of mah brother. You have been there for all the ups and the downs in my life and I will always remember you has my brother. I shall never forget you.
- Love Shady :3
For minxy's user page.gif
Minx's Honorary Badge

You have earned Minx's badge for being a hero!

You're my superhero, you're always there for me and I love you lots! Keep in mind only special people get this badge, and you're one of them! You're amazing! Keep doing what you're doing, because it's what's making you all the more better!

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Dear Lord/Lady,
If you somehow manage to receive this badge of royal recognition from the Queen you are hereby known as Prince or Princess <insert name here>.

I love you very much and you will be part of the royal family of Wikia and all things fabulous for eternity and yes I do indeed love you very much.

Queen Wonder, xoxoxoxo
There's only 1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

Rise, my Guardian

You are like the Sandman who sent me dreams to help my wishes come true, for a wish always begins with a dream. You used your dreamsand to whisk away all of my nightmares and turned them to dreams. Thanks you for all of this and always remember that from this day on and forevermore, you will always be my Guardian.
225px-Stitch KHII.png
Miggy's Ohana
I thank you for making me laugh, making me want to go back here every single day, for making me feel accepted and for making me feel like I found the one true place I truly belong. I love you.

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten."

Tomodachi! Chingu!

It could be called a Tomodachi by japanese, chingu by koreans but all in all. In any language i call it a priceless treasure.

Aishtemas! Sarangheyo!~

KYEOPTA.gifAoCatrene KYEOPTA.gif

"True Friends are never apart. Maybe in Distance but never in the heart."

고맙습니다, for being a great friend who always listen to my pointless dramas, Over and over again.

~ 아이레네~

I wuv chu, so you get this badge to prove it <3
Jasmine's Badge of Approval

You have been given this badge by the legen-wait for it-DARY person named Jas, for being legen-wait for it-DARY yourself! You may now continue your awesome life. Brover, Stinson, and Jas, away!!
-Jasmine Campbell, and Brover and Barney Stinson >.>
Sherlock's Badge of Approval

Just like this adorable man named Benedict Cumberbatch, and the character he plays, you are adorable and awesome.
-Jas/Sherlock, which ever chu wanna call meh
Unu's Badgiekinz

Hello, new bearer of my slightly infamous badge. This means you are a complete and utter dork, and, I love you for it! To me, you are as fabulous as Chris Colfer doing the Single Ladies Dance, which, is pretty darn fabulous. Less Than 3 You~

-Unukinz =3

Unu's Rating!

Know who I think is the worst person in the world? You! On a scale of 1 - 10 with one being the worst and 10, y'know, the best, I would give you an 8. Pfffft. 8.5. Or, a 9. Not, NOT over a 9.8. Not everyone's perfect, like me. That's why I'm holding out for a 10. Because I'm worth it.

-Unukinz c:

Hydro's badge of approval

Th (18).jpg

YOU ARE MY NAKAMA! (friend) You’re a great friend! You’re fun to rp with! It’s great chatting with you! Basically I’m trying to say your awesome and deserve this badge!

556140-la storia della arcana famiglia 01 large 20.jpg

Xer's friendyness

I might be as dangerous as nova. ready to scold you at anytime. I could be as foolish as liberta.
looking at things the way a fool would see it. I don't know if i am as merciless as felicita. but heck i know i could be.
I might not be as reckless as natsu. ready to take you on at any time.
I might not be as crazy as elfman whenever he goes beast. but i know i am half as crazy. I might be as psycho as cheshire. but not that psycho on you. i might be as peaceful as Oz. hoping for a better day. but i know that i am happy to be your friend everyday.

Oz master.jpg

geogre GEORGE

Tumblr mk1ddaWTwZ1rgpyeqo1 400.gif “How am I always happy? Like this black cat, you keep me happy”
You're my friend, and you deserve this badge.
- Dead ツ
Astrid's Badge of Friendship

You are one awesome person thanks for being my friend!
Wolfeh's Badge of Approval

Concrapulations! You have received the Wolfeh badge of approval, and you can keep it! That means your special. But not as special as Coldplay, no offense :3
Template:Fallen's Badge of Approval{{Template:Fallen'sFriend}Template:FallenomgFriend
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Katnip's Badge Of Fandomness

Best Friends Are Like... Besties! Your My Harry To My Ginny. Except, you know, in a friendly crazy "blushy" Ginny way.


La Explosion by YounisAMAX.gif To: Finny La Explosion by YounisAMAX.gif

"Best friend the one you can get mad at only for a short period of time because you have important stuff to tell them."

"A true friend is the only person who never gets tired of listening to your own pointless dramas over and over again."

Okay so I don't want to get soppy but I feel like I need to so this might be awkward and I've probably left out 1000000 things but w/e ok.

Okay so when I first met you I had no real desire to speak to you (it sounds bad but like I was talking to Mia pretty much everytime you did come on chat) and yeah, when we did speak we became friends. BLAH BLAH ALL THE SHIT THAT'S HAPPENED UP TO NOW. Basically, you've become one of my closest and bestest friends on wikia and you're also one of the few I'd actually want to meet outside of wikia too. I know you did a lot of shit but this is super awkward for me so I'll just leave it at what I've said >.<

Happy *late* Birthday Brocky/Finny/Betch/idkwhatelse/Twinny/istilldontknowwhatelse!!!!!!!

B15 1.gif


B15 1.1.gif

"I think there's something with this day"

B15 2.gif

"OMG! It's Your 15th Birthday!"

B15 3.gif

"*parteeeh >.<"

B15 4.gif

"Happy Birthday!~ ♪♫"

B15 5.gif

"Lemme give chu a hug first ~"

B15 6.gif

"Look what i have :O"

B15 6.1.gif

"A birthday present for you c:"

B15 7.gif

"Thank you for all of the things that chu have done for me~"

B15 8.gif

"Always remember that --"

B15 9.gif

"You are one of a kind person c:"

B15 11.gif

"Don't forget to always smile "

B15 10.gif

"We are always here for you."

B15 12.gif

"We will treasure the Funny and Crazy moments we all had together"

B15 13.gif

"Happy Birthday! Keep being just the way you are xD "


Paramore Ain't It Fun OFFICIAL VIDEO

"Have Fun~ XD "

Tumblr mwpx7fdP0d1qa8gt7o1 250.gif



Happy birthday! Now you can brag even more about the fact that you're older than me >.< Anyways >.<, you are a really great friend and role model (stop denying it >.<) I can trust you in any situation and I can always come to you to talk about stuff >.< I can't wait for all of the things that will happen in our friendship in the future! :D
PS: If you look at this and act all surprised about the role model thing, I speak the truth >.<


Ermagersh, happy birthday Brocko!

Ermagersh, Ermagersh, Ermagersh, Ermagersh *calm down Kevy, calm down* happy birthday Brocko <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If chu are seeing this, that would mean that I wasn't lazy *le gasp* to make this. Instead of some crappy gif, you get this :D! Things had been bumpy, when "things" happened, but you're one of the people I trust most on here! I just wanna say that I luv chu in le brotherly type of way C:. So, that's all I have to say, hope you have an awesome birthday!

And something you should know is that I typed dog wrong 3 times (god hug >.<), cat 2 times (car hug >.<), and pomeranian 4 times when finding these pics (wanted gifs, but couldn't find any ;-;)! This may be awk, but huggie time >3<.


So I hope chu like this, pretty pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!


Oooh look, a rainbow puked on this template XD.

Happy Birthday Loser!

Escape from the womb.png

♥Love, Birdie♥

BrockyPixelDogLeft.gif Happy 16th Birthday BrockyPixelDogRight.gif
Finny/Finn/Brock/Queen/Bae/Best Friend/Fav/Main/King (nah c:)
Jack and finn harries png 2 by mlhadassah-d8bbcm2.png
My Queen
Tumblr nca0j2PSzS1r84xpoo4 r2 400.gif

Dear Finny/Finn/Brock/Queen/Bae/Best Friend/Fav/Main/King,

Just like your gift to me, if you told me three years ago that I was going to meet my best friend who lives in Canada on a roleplaying wikia, I would've either laughed or be really scared (13 year old me was a pussy ass bitch we know this). At the time I'm writing this, it's the morning - for me anyway - after we've stopped talking when you told me to message you when I believed you. Of course, I believed you right away and I guess I'm using however I feel to type this. I'm not going to change this paragraph come your birthday because that'd take away some of the emotions of this template. I don't currently know how you're going to respond to what I said in skype, but I do feel incredibly sorry and to me I do feel like I have done what I said and I regret it immediately. As I type this I hope you have a conflict free birthday - every single status I did for the six days leading up to this day was to remind you how much you mean to me and to try and prevent any conflict (sorry that didn't happen for Monday).

On with the template though, and I'll start with this (which is the most important thing), telling you that ily, so, I love you. <3


P.S. Your head was at an awkward angle hence it looks boxy, sorry ;-;

A Message For You...
There are many incidents where the unnies and I had disagreements…we disagreed on little things. But I learned a lot through those arguments.
Tumblr n1pj6tpHrN1s3z68no1 500.gif

Whatever I do with my other friends, whatever I say about my other friends, know you're my best friend. Know you're the one who I anticipate the most to talk to, when we fight or not. Likewise with you, if I was going to 'drop' you, I'd tell you. So, if I don't say anything, you have no reason to over think or to worry about it - you're always going to be my number one, or queen or - tbt - queef.

You know how much I wonder how someone like me could have someone like you as a best friend - you're amazing.

When we were 13, I never anticipated that I would have thought that we would speak beyond a couple of months but now, three years later, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Whatever you think of yourself and your imperfections, trust me, I think I'm the luckiest person in the world to have you as a best friend/brother and to have you as one of the most important people in my life.

Tumblr inline mvh4f4Gd2f1qbd2zh.gif

I'm not gonna make up excuses, you're my best friend and I want you to have loads of shit so have all of this along with the template c:

Tumblrs I know you did one for me, and I know the thought of a whole tumblr blog dedicated to me was something I really liked the idea of (not trying to boost my ego or anything oops) and honestly it touched me that you'd go out of your way to do this for me so here I link you the two blogs; 1. and 2. I'll give you the passwords when you have finished my tumblr <3 c:
Models With all the issues we've had with models, I wanted to do this to truly make up for it; like with your gift to me, you don't need to do anything in return. I'm giving you 3 models to share and you can choose from one from each tab on this template. (PS. I was determined after our model conversation to show you that I could do coding - not that I think you doubted I could. This might've been a 'simple' code but I was adamant I'd use it bc I know you like using it to display your chars so I wanted to add it into your bday template somehow c:)
Promise This could be a feels tab in itself and at the time I'm typing it (which is before I've finished the tumblr blogs lmao) I don't know if there will be one. But I'm promising you here that whenever you need someone to listen to you, I'll be there. Even if we're in the middle of a fight, you need to tell someone something (even if you have Yuri and Liv to tell), I'll always there for you. You're too special to me for me to see you bottle things up and hurt inside and tell everyone you're fine. My promise to you is that I'll be the bigger one in the relationship and, although let's be real there's not a lot in it, I'll take up the role of being the older one in the friendship because for the past year you've done that. It's your turn to have someone to tell all your feelings to and not be the person to have to listen and be supportive, and I really hope that I can be there person for you.

Tumblr lwpslryjah1r29pqu.gif

I hope this makes up for last year's failure of a present. I know that this year I won't be on when you get on at your usual time - I'll be at my prom and won't be back until sometime in the 7 to 8pm range of your time. I promise you when I get back you can tell me all about your day and, although I can't do anything about it, I'm really sorry I'm going to be missing some of your birthday.

Here's where the pre-feels end, and the real feels begin. Again, from the deepest place of my heart, I love you.

Best friends are people you don't need to talk to every single day. you don't need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it's as if you'd never stopped talking.

(Fun Fact: I wrote all of this before you'd even given me my birthday template so <3 I'm also not going to change any of it and keep it how it is)

Since the last time I gave you one of these, so much as happened. I left, came back, we fought multiple times but in the end of it all, you still remained a true friend to me. Unlike last year, I'll try and make this less awkward but I’ll start off by saying that you're amazing and whatever flaws you think you have, are among the best qualities of you. The first thing I want to say, is that you make me aspire to be a better person - whether it be personality wise, rp-ing wise or coding wise, a large amount of my aspirations come from you. I like how you’re nice as fuck, funny and in general an amazing person. I know you don’t like it, but I think you being protective is a good thing - it proves you care and I’d rather be friends someone with someone who cared a lot than someone who couldn't give two shits. To be honest, there’s sometimes where I wonder how someone like me, can call someone like you as my best friend (and then it leads me to think how you can think of me as the same position but w/e this is about you not me xD) and tbh, thank-you for being that person and just know nobody could ever replace you c: I'd like to think we've gotten closer since the last year. I mean, loads of things can happened (to name a few: the first depression, me leaving from December through February-ish, the whole fiasco about Chen on DARP and Felicia and all the times I thought it was someone else > me), but I feel like each of them have made us closer and made me realise that undoubtedly you're one of my closest friends I've had.

Do I consider you a brother? No, no I don't. I consider you a twin, as twins are meant to share a special bond far beyond brothers and that's what I compare our friendship to. The quote at the top is one that I think really represents us - even after I left and came back, we talked like I had never left. Although we did have some things that were outcomes of it, in general, nothing changed too much. I know I worry too much about you dropping me, but it’s because you’re the best friend I’ve ever had and I always have that feeling in my mind that I’m not good enough for you and that you’ll find someone better than me and I’ll be a burden. But I know now I’m not and I’m really sorry for having you sit through my endless thoughts on it. To commemorate this, let’s go back over our friendship.

I mean, we started out as strangers - on the HG wiki, I entered one of your games and that's how I recognised your name when you too came to here (you joined 6 days after me js <3333), but now you're the one thing that gives me hope through this relapse. I've already told you but you're the reason I strive to get better mentally, it's because of you that I'm becoming more open with my feelings which in turn is getting better and it's because of you that sometimes when I have really dark thoughts I stop myself. I know I might get annoying when I talk about my feelings with you and constantly worry if I'm being replaced or you hate me, it's just that it's happened to me once before with someone I thought was a true friend and I hated it then. If you did it too, it'd crush me even more because you're one of the truest friends I've ever had.

There's probably so much more I could write here, and you might find some on the other tabs (who knows with me xD) but I just want to know that you mean so much to me, more than I think you could know and I remember one thing you told me last year and I think I connect to it much more now than I did. That thing being that you interfered with my plans with others because you wanted to be a part of everything I do. A year ago, I thought it was stupid and I couldn't have a connection with it. Now? Now I know what you mean and although you might not do it as much anymore/at all, I'm beginning to do it and I know what you mean. The poem below is something I wanted, and something I found in you:

Sometimes when I say,
"I'm Okay,"
I want someone to look me,
In the eyes and hug me tight,
and say,
"I know you're not."

At the time I found this poem, it was me who I thought needed this person in the poem and for that person to be you. But now this poem has a double meaning - it's new meaning being that I'm telling you I'm going to be that 'someone.'

Tumblr mrgawlX9IA1sr67yuo2 500.gif

Tumblr n8uvhyq1vx1t4u75fo8 500.gif

The aim of this tab is for it to be a place to go whenever you overthink, whenever you're down and you need something to pick you up (though I hope you'll be talking to me <3). Remember this is a tab for you to go whenever you need it, if you want to feel loved or if you want to feel happy - this tab'll be there for you. What is this tab? Well, it's 26 reasons as to why I'm really happy you're my best friend, brother and twin.

  1. You're kind: I know I say you sometimes do this but honestly, you've never been mean to me outside of an argument. You've always been one of the kindest people I know and I'm honoured that I can experience this every single day because it's one of the best things ever.
  2. You're caring: You care about your friends, whether they're your best friend or a new friend, you care for them. It's because you care so much that people love you and it's because of it that people want to be around you because they know if they need someone to care for them, you're there.
  3. You're funny: You're one of the funniest people I know and every single conversation we have you always say something that makes me laugh - I don't think there's been a single day in our friendship that I haven't laughed or been reduced to laughing like some crazy person because of you. Again, I'm glad I can experience this every single day.
  4. You're imaginative: You come up with some of the best and some of my most favourite ideas ever. Every single idea you've come up with I've loved in some degree (even the Chinjae kid). It's because of your imagination mixed with mine I think that our collabs are always so amazing and why I want to make them really quickly.
  5. You're loyal: This is perhaps one of the qualities I've come to really love and appreciate in the past year. Through the past year I've put you through some shit, I've said things I don't mean and I know I've made you feel things I couldn't forgive myself for. But through every single thing, you've forgiven me and loved me and been extremely loyal to me and for that, I thank you. Despite what you say, I can never thank you or your loyalty enough but know that the largest amount of gratitude wouldn't even be enough to convey how I feel.
  6. You're open-minded: Any time I disagree with something you want to do, or want to change it slightly, you listen and don't get mad. You take on opinions well and you can change to make whatever you're doing perfect. To me, that's something everyone should have - it makes you accepting, loving and caring. You might think at times that you're not open-minded, but believe me, you are.
  7. You're supportive: This is another thing I've gotten to experience and see in the past year and again, I thank you so much for it. Whatever problem I went through or whatever obstacle I faced, you were there beside me supporting me. To me, your support means so much to me and I value it deeply.
  8. You're a role-model: I know I say I'm jealous of you a lot and I am because I want to be just like you. Whether that's personality wise, coding wise or even character making wise, I want to aspire to be like you because you are one of the most amazing people I've ever met. You make me want to be a better person, to improve my flaws so I can be a better person and friend not only to you, but to everyone.
  9. You're ambitious: If you want something, you'll strive for it. I already knew it, but the Nationstates' endorsement challenge really showed me that. Whether it's something small or big, you know how to get to it and that's again something I admire.
  10. You're smart: I can't remember the last time I've said this to you, I know I've said it, and you need to know that I do think you're incredibly intelligent and I bet that science test you were worrying about went extremely well and that whenever you have your finals that you're gonna do amazing in them.
  11. You're fun to be around: There's not a day that goes past that I'm bored when I'm with you. You brighten and make my day fun in so many ways that I couldn't name just one thing. You're like your Exo-K bias to me; the 'Happy Virus.'
  12. You're honest: I don't think I've ever met someone who's more honest with me than you are. If you dislike something I say, do or think of, you tell me and I love that more than someone who lies to me. I know with your feelings you're not as honest, but I can see why and that doesn't make me think any less of your honesty.
  13. You're protective: I know you think this is a bad trait of yours, but trust me, it isn't. I love that you're overly protective of your friends. It shows you love them and that you care for them and that they mean the world to you. I love it personally because I know that because you think of me as yours, I have someone there for me. So stop hating this thing about yourself boo <3
  14. You're loving: You love people for being there for you, you love them for being your friend and you love them for so many other reasons. You give people you're close to so much love and I know that I'm appreciative of it. You're love means so much to me (as you know, when I feel like you don't believe me or whatever, I get really sad) and again again, I'm thankful I get to experience it.
  15. You're patient: Especially towards me, you've shown incredible patience throughout this past year and even further whenever I took too long to finish something or I was being difficult with what I said or did.
  16. You're confident: I don't know if you know this or not, but you're really confident in my eyes. I love how you're so outgoing on chat and I really wish I had the ability to do that.
  17. You're selfless: This point was really shown to me in the past few weeks when you didn't come on for a few days and you said that you hid your feelings and said you were fine but you weren't - however you continued to listen to my emotional shit and it proved to me that you're just as selfless as you think I am. You always listen to other people's problems and in all friendships became the bigger person. I know I've said this a lot over the past few weeks but I will be the bigger person for you, that's a promise.
  18. You're emotional: Whenever we need one, you do a heart to heart with me and it's good to see you be so open about how you feel in that time. I know you hide your feelings a lot but don't, please, it's not healthy. As I said before, if you ever ended up like me, I'd never forgive myself because I know I could prevent it. Let your emotions run free all the time like you do during our heart to hearts.
  19. You're genuine: You always try your best to live up to your words and you will, unless major problems occur, keep it. I know recently you haven't kept it because you've been tired and stuff, but it doesn't take away from my opinion that you are really genuine with your word.
  20. You listen: You listen to me whenever I have a problem. You listen when I'm acting stupid, you listen when you know I regret what I'm saying. You've listened to me so much in the past year and this is a trait of yours that is deserving of large amounts of my gratitude. You listening to me is one of the best things you can do for me because it does honestly make me feel loved.
  21. You're trustworthy: I can trust you with my deepest and darkest secrets. There's nobody I've been 100% truthful with and I know you keep all of them and not tell anyone. I know I can rely on you for anything I need because my trust in you is the biggest anyone I know has received.
  22. You're amazing: There's not much to say on this one other than the fact that you are, and always will be, amazing in my eyes and the eyes of so many other people who you're friends with.
  23. You're inspirational: You inspire me to do well in everything I do - just like you. If we both do the same thing, you inspire me to be on the same level as you because that's the effect you have - you inspire people to be just like you.
  24. You're fair: The Chenyeol model situation brought this out for me, stronger than it did before. Even when it fucks you over in some way, or it's more unfair on you in the short term, you remain fair. You've been fair to me throughout our three years of friendship you've been nothing but fair, even when I was unfair on you and the ability you have to keep that fairness is admirable.
  25. You're passionate: If you love something or someone, you'll fight for them no matter what. When people make fun of me on chat and when stuff you believe in is mentioned have taught me this is among a big trait of yours. Your passion for coding, being a good friend, making amazing characters and being a good person is something I've only seen on a few people and I'm glad that you, my best friend, are one of those people.
  26. You're focused: If you need something to be done you'll get it done, no matter how long it takes. I know sometimes I complain about this (I want it all what can I say :P) but I do honestly think it's an amazing thing you do. Sometimes I wish I had your ability to focus because then we'd get shit done quicker.

And there's 26 reasons on why I love you. Of course, there's a special 27th that deserves to be separate from the rest and, well, here it is:

Whatever imperfections you think you have Finny, know that I personally love them and I wouldn't change them or you for anything in the world. To me, you're nothing short of perfect and I hope this conveys it to you. For all of my life I wanted the best friend people say about in books, films and TV shows and I never thought I'd find it until November 14th 2012 came and I began to talk to the person who'd eventually fill this role. It's in you that I found this seemingly mythical at times best friend and I wish that my parents did make the move back in 2013 because then I'd be able to speak to you in real life and potentially see you everyday. Another promise I couldn't make on the table is that I promise one day we'll meet and I'll tell you from my own spoken words how much you mean to me. There's not a day that goes by where I don't think I'm really lucky to have Brocky292 as my best friend who loves me no matter what and who always is, and always will be, there for me. So, from the most deepest place of my heart, thank you Brock for being my best friend.

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