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  • I live in Maine
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

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I'm a 17 year old guy living in New England. I'm a High School senior so you'll have to forgive any random disappearances on my part... it's gonna be a busy year for me. Mainly because I'm looking to attend a Service Academy and there's even more work that goes into that versus the average application. I'm a Boy Scout as well and am currently a Life Scout. I do wish to achieve the title of 'Eagle Scout'. Only about 4% of the one million scouts make it that far. So you'll have to forgive any absences such as disappearing for a weekend as well... I was probably camping :P

I do have a rather extensive list on nicknames. Look at the table below to see which ones you can use.

Nickname Creator Who Can Use It
Carn I Have No Idea Please do xD
Captain Jaye No
Cowboy Jaye No
Sheriff Jaye No
Carnival Popcarn Carnaize Carn Maze Carn Cob Ear of Carn Stalk of Carn Carn Risotto Carne Norte Carned Beef Carned Soup Flour Carn Sweet Carn Yellow Carn Red Carn Buttered Carn Salted Caramel Popcarn Roasted Carn Rick Carnstley Cantaloupe Catty No
Jaune Someone Not On This Wiki You Know If You Can

I've probably forgotten a bunch, so do tell me what I missed please xD

Camp Characters

Anton Borisov
Son of Boreas

Levi Miller 3

Full Name: Anton Tashaich Borisov
Age: 11
Species: Demigod
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Greyromantic
Relationship Status: Too Young
Best Friend: TBD

Ian Moore
Son of Poseidon

Chris Sheffield 7

Full Name: Ian Sebastain Moore
Age: 17
Species: Demigod
Sexuality: Heterosexual/Heteroromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Best Friend: Phoebe Lauritsen

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