Hiya! This is me, WingsofLight or Demi to most of you here...I love Fashion, Cute pets and Greek Mythology! To most of you, I may be the I'm-so-crazy-right-now type or the that-guy is-hot-I-wanna-marry-him type...which is really me. Since then, I've had alot of friends here in the wiki and I consider Starz, Kitty, Kari, Bee, Gypsy, Jas and Del as my Bestest Friends! Ciao! ♥

There are people in this Wiki who I only not consider as friends but as FAMILY...Their names are down there in the FAMILY LIST. ♥ Love lots from Wingsy! :D


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  1. A sword swallower through and through. ~ Gruff Tyrell Rose
  2. 2nd to sign XD 2227111-miles super I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 09:58, April 5, 2013 (UTC)
  3. Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ
  4.   Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."16:00,4/5/2013    5,915  
  5. C: But if you close your eyes. . . Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?
  6. Lottiesig2 I call that a web-slingin' ass-kickin'! Shoot a web ☢☢☢ Lotto ☢☢☢16:02,5/4/2013
  7. There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32
  8. PatrickSpread Anarchy “DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!“ - Harley
  9. I'm your granddaughter LOL XD jk idk

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  1. Im chur sisseh? xD My lie in April,brought me to you. あいしてるMusicnotesplz

"Now then, Allons-y!" ~DragonTardis (1)

  1. SISSEH! >:D Cause you've got that one thing. Kookies and Kream
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The Queen's Badge

The Queen hereby gives this for being a wonderful and exciting friend.

A little badge for chu...

For all the funny jokes and for all the late nights. For all the random laughs and awkward silences. For being there throughout my times of trouble, toil and need. And most of all, for being a true friend
-Son Of Apollo

Pers Badge of Approval

You have been an awesome friend to me, so I therefore reward you by giving you this badge.

You have been a very great Friend. I don't know how to thank You..Well Thanks!

Pic for badge You and I are friends

You laugh, I laugh

You cry, I cry

You scream, I scream

You run, I run

You jump, I jump

You jump off a

bridge, I'm going to miss you buddy

Librum legentem

Badge pic Thank you for completing your Focus once cursed and now blessed l'Cie, chosen by the fal'Cie. You have completed your eternal goal of becoming my friend or my chat family relative. Thus you've been been been blessed with eternal life through crystallization and this badge.

The King of Insanity, The Master of Annoying, and the God of Transformers blesses you with this righteous Badge, for being a Friend

High school girl110506 by masateru-d3fp07g
Flamefang Badge of Approval

Tomodachi! Chingu!

It could be called a Tomodachi by japanese, chingu by koreans but all in all. In any language i call it a priceless treasure.

Aishtemas! Sarangheyo!~


Orb's Badge of Approval

Like this kid rocking out on a guitar here, I think that your jams are worthy of my ears. Strum away and play your heart out, because life is way too short to even give a damn.


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