Hiya!!!! my name is Chloe! you can call me Coco, or Chloe, or whatever you want!!!!

About me:

I LOVEEEE One Direction!!!!!! I'm soooo obsessed it's ridiculous!

I am IN LOVE with One Direction!!!!

I am 14 years old.

I like Harry Potter! and I like bacon!!

I'm crazy cause I hang out with my crazy friendies!!

I love exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I am the asker of many questions.

I am a singer. I record music from my home. I like to keep my music in one place, so the only place my music is, is on my computer. (If that made any sense.) If you have any music suggestions, such as which artist i should cover a song for, let me know! Two of my friendies, (the two craziest ones!) got me to try out this site. Their users are,




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