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Xer's friendyness

I might be as dangerous as nova. ready to scold you at anytime. I could be as foolish as liberta.
looking at things the way a fool would see it. I don't know if i am as merciless as felicita. but heck i know i could be.
I might not be as reckless as natsu. ready to take you on at any time.
I might not be as crazy as elfman whenever he goes beast. but i know i am half as crazy. I might be as psycho as cheshire. but not that psycho on you. i might be as peaceful as Oz. hoping for a better day. but i know that i am happy to be your friend everyday.

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geogre GEORGE


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In a relationship with Calvin Hood

Shane Owl Nymph Ares Single
Colette "Cole" Meyers Demigod Apollo In a relationship with Zach Walter

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