aka O Rosalie, Mei ,Rivers ko'u inoa. Nicknames: Mei, or Rose, or Rosey

  • I live in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Female

About me:

Well i'm a girl obviously* points down to picture of me :)* I love music, I play flute guitar and piano.I am really big into hippie stuff hippies forver man XD, I just started a band and we have 12 songs that we wright together for fun haven't gotten sighned yet, parents say not untill i'm done with school (go figure) My band and I are crazy,and creative, don't have a name actually for the band yet, were juggling Romance Banchee , and Payback Daydream.( steal any of these and I shall kill you) I started writing poems when I was in 7th grade my friends were so supported, I have a lucky guitar pick and my lucky peacock feather pin XD.I surf all the time with my deaf friend Xavier, you have never called a bad wave unless you do it in sign language turned around on your surfboard making sure your friend can see you. I am also really into fashion/modeling/fashion design. But my real passion's are music, art and poetry. I started painting like real stuff when I was in 6th of 7th grade (Ahh 6th and 7 th grade so many memories I miss it) I plan on going to colledge, my parents woud kill me if I didn't. I plan to go the Oxford university in London, for Law school * hey high paying job, poems not so much :( * I am currently single, so hold on tight to your mans ladis cause i'm ready for the hunt *rawr XD* Not gonna say where i'm from or where I live cause well that would be kinda creapy if some weirdo showed up at my doorstep, just saying my dad would kill me. Besides if I brought a guy home my dad will always polish his guns and scare the guy half-to-death,and people wonder why i'm single. Well the last thing to say is the fact that i'm a pretty hard core vegetarian , I slip into vegain at points in time. I've been a vegetarian since I was 13, yah i'm an old pro I got three years on some of you new vegies haha! Well by peace out and don't stop beleiven I didn't just say that.XD

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