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  • I live in Southeast Asia
  • I am a very tired young adult

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My Nickames

Here is a list of names I go by in and out of chat.

For the GS Dept:

  • Create or move the Infirmary to a new location. Update it as well (as suggested, add in sleeping rooms for on-duty workers)
  • Update the Infirmary workers (Apollo children and Healing nymphs/spirits). As suggested, include children of Hebe and Hypnos.
  • Update the Nymph Sanctuary photo album.


Badges & Awards

Character Spots: Received

3 for being on the wiki for 3 years 2 from Broken 2 from the Adopt a Newb program Other Prizes: Turned into Minor

Layla Collins (Prize from Epic Roleplay Contest) Kylie Shay (Prize from Survival) Koreen Trent (Prize from the Letter Writing contest) Early Power-up

Reena Burgundy (Prize from Survival) Lyle Mouri (Prize from Adopt a Newb) Unused

2 god rp (Phase 1 Prize from the Training Program) 5 god rps (Prize from Adopt a Newb) 3 early power up (Prize from Adopt a Newb) 1 prize (either char spot OR early power up) from the Award Ceremony

Current Newb: Past Newbs:

Vanished into the Mist

  • Desiee Me14 (Level 3)
  • Ellie123 (Level 2)
  • NarutoTheHokage (Level 3)

other info=

  • Trained A Son of Hades, Enalais, and DrXax


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