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About me

I'm not going to say much because you never know who reads these things. But, I will say some. I am a huge Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus fan, I love the books and characters. My favorite character's are Leo, Percy, Jason and Annabeth. I do love all the others though apart from Octavian. I also love Marvel, my favorite superhero's being Captain America even though I'm british and Daredevil. My favorite X-man is Ice-man or cyclops. I also am a massive potter-head and proud gryffindor! Lastly I love a quite unknown book series known as gone, anyway one day gone will have a fandom.... I hope.


Favourite food - Pizza or fish and chips

Favourtie drink - Flavoured water or orange juice

Favourite colour - Blue and red

Favourite book - The Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series

Favourite PJO book - The Last Olympian

Favourite HOO book - The Blood of Olympus

(Do I like last books or something??)

Favourite Avenger - Captain America

Favourite X - man - Cyclops OR Ice - man

Favourite superheroes - Captain Marvel, Captain America and Daredevil

Favourite pokemon - Charizard

Favourite video game - Lego Marvel Superheroes, Sims or Minecraft

Favourite show on netflix - Once upon a time or Daredevil

Favourite god - Apollo or Athena



Lorcan Harding -Demigod
-Son of Apollo

 – 14/09/15

Quinn cropped.png

Quinn Beecher -Child of Athena

 – 09/10/2015

Alex croppped.png

[[|Alex Beecher]] -Child of Athena
-The Party Queen

 – 09/10/2015

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