Demyx's character:

Character Name:

Naoko Kinamaru

Mortal Parent:

Chinatsu Kinamaru

God Parent:



She is a rude girl. Very full of herself. Always the popular girl she believes herself entitled.


A brunette. Always wearing a jacket. She has a pleasure for wearing skirts and other short bottoms. Her hair is long and usually let down though in combat she ties it back. (below picture)
Naoko Kinamaru

History: Chinatsu Kinamaru was a kindly woman who worked in the Tsukiji fish market selling her wares to the people who went there. And one day she met a young man. It was a very windy day when he showed up. It was very warm in the market as well. She talked with him as he tried to make small talk. He eventually gave her a location to meet up after she was finished at her stall. She went there and found it to be a lovely Ramen shop she had visited many times. She walked in and there he was sitting there with a bowl of soup for himself and her. She sat down and they ate chatting animatedly both very happy. They agreed to meet there again at a later date. When they did meet up Chinatsu was sure of it and said she would like him to come to her home. When she got him there she swiftly started to kiss him. Her affections were well recieved and they soon made it to her bedroom. They spent that night together. But when Chinatsu awoke he was gone. Some two months later she learned she was with child. She loved the thought and easily accepted the fact. She missed the man but knew there was nothing she could do. And some seven months later she gave birth to a young girl whom she named Naoko. Naoko lived a normal life and went about her days happily. Although there seemed to be a lot of wind wherever she went. Her grade school years were normal and she made lots of friends. She was one of the popular girls. But she had a bad habit of being rude to people. She made a few enemies during her 4th grade and caused lots of rumors to spread. She easily squashed it with a rumor of her own against them that spread easier as she was at the top of the popularity chain. She never really had problems with people starting after that rumor because her opponent was so crushed she left the school. She continued through school living like any popular girl. And then when she turned 12 she met a young man.==Xerxes' character:==

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