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List of Probable Character Names

  • Kimberly DuBois
  • Chlora
  • Slavica Markovic - daughter of Nemesis
  • Valdis Ozolins - son of Iris?

Reserved Pics

Character History Sandbox

Slavica Markovic

Image: I'm Not Afraid Anymore ~ Lukas Sowada Photography

History: Slavica's father, Marko was a child of Tyche. He was a favoured child of hers and had went on various quests for the goddess. Sometimes, he appeared to have a large amount of luck on his side. It was not really helping him with Nemesis who hated him. Tyche repeatedly persuaded Nemesis to not do that. Trying to distract Nemesis, Tyche requested Eros to step in. 


Species: Automaton

You versus me, Holmes versus Moriarty, Aristole vs. MASHY SPIKE PLATE!

–Wheatley, Portal 2

Personality: Wateley's or WatELey's as he wants to be called (although the difference between is actually up for debate) personality chip was originally meant to hinder an automaton's decision to make them become less intelligent and generate much stupider decisions. Wateley second-guesses his decisions and would usually try to act smart. His sense of humour varies from acting smart to dry wit. WaTEley appears to adore boy bands...not that there's anything wrong with that.


Adrian Chaste

Image: Stars in My Eyes

Character Conception: Adrian comes from actually my former and very FIRST charrie, Adrian Hakai and Chaste came from Abigail's last name. They both were given up for adoption so I decided to revive them in a form of new charrie...complicated.

Personality: Adrian tries and appears to act cool and aloof most of the time. Despite this, he is actually really lonely because his monotonous life and having no actual friends. He's also quite monophobic and wants to actually belong. Despite being aloof, he doesn't really become angry and would rather keep old grudges aside. Adrian enjoys writing comedic stories and sketching fanart from his favourite shows.

History: Adrian's father, James Chaste met Asteria on a cold, rainy day. The goddess herself was not really in a great mood. She had a fight with her daughter, Hecate over some petty issues. However, the goddess was soaking wet and decided to stay for shelter in James' home. James pitying her, offered her warm coffee and a plate of cookies. Asteria enjoyed it. James helped the goddess calm down. James and Asteria had a nice chat about literature and the stars. James told Asteria that he enjoyed her company and told her to come back if she had time. She did. Asteria and James were soon falling for each other. They finally consummated their love a few months later. 

Asteria completely disappeared from James' life afterwards. For James it was tragic since she was the only one she had known and loved. James lived in recluse afterwards unable to come out. Asteria appeared again and gave him a baby. Asteria tried to gave an excuse for her departure and told him that this would be the last time he would see her. Asteria disappeared from the road and James was left with a baby. 

Quests Ideas...

The Muse Quest (Redone)

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Azalea,

Oh hi..there, I'm Calliope, the leader of the Muses. Your mother, Erato disappeared yesterday after the Elderly Muses insulted and tore her love poems. Understandable, they are really frustrated these days because they were not really known by mortals. Your mother is a really sensitive goddess and she felt so ashamed. I understand that your mother left you on your own since your birth and even after you became a huntress. I want you to find her. I'll provide you some aid before you leave for the quest.


Before Quest Plot

Erato was saddened when the Elderly Muses, Melete, Aoide, Mneme criticized her poems and tore it. Humiliated,, the goddess of love poems left Olympus. Melpomene, Clio and Calliope have tried various times to contact and bring her back but she was nowhere to be found. They decided to ask Azalea Marquis, the only known daughter of Erato to bring her back. 


  1. Camp - They receive a letter from a dove sent by Calliope. It instructs them to find a compass made by Hephaestus...



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