aka Drag, Drago, Lord of Epic,

  • I live in Narnia
  • My occupation is Boss
  • I am All of them!!!
This user is officially inactive.
He/she should be back maybe time to time on chat, but never as an active user.


At this point, I have no plans to return. School and some of my personal work has to come first and I have lost interest in roleplaying in general.


Karikamiya- introduced me to the wiki...sorta

Flamefang- At least I consider him a friends, Hes a good guy though we dont always see eye to eye.

Son Of Apollo- Awesome..need i say more, sadly left the wiki though.....

SkyandBray- He may be a bit immature but he was one of the first to welcome me

Ghostman- Good guy. He means well

ShootingStarz-One of the nicest users I know

Moodle- Another guy that was one of the first to welcome me. He is a good friend

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