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Colby Strong 1

Emilio Crawford -Child of Zeus
-The Lightning Dreamer

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Camille Hyde 1

Genevieve Brown -Child of Aglaea

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Jazz Baduwalia 1

Leroy Reagan -Child of Themis
-Member of the Champions of Othrys

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Liana Ramirez 1

Sadie Gutierrez -Child of Thalia

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Allie Bertram 1

Umi -Child of Kymopoleia
-Sea Nymph

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Taylor Cole 1

Sandra Crawford -Legacy of Athena and Dionysus
-Mother of Emilio Crawford

Iris Message – {{{Signature}}}


Planned Characters

Name Age Species Parent Location Model Ideas
Yume Really old Dream nymph Morpheus Nymph Sanctuary Yume Shinjo Incoming hurricane of dream puns
TBA 8 y/o Animal nymph Apollo/Dionysus/Psyche Nymph Sanctuary Fumiya Takahashi/Hiroe Igeta/Noa Tsurushima Grasshopper/Leopard/Butterfly
TBA 18 y/o Demigod Psyche/Thalia/Elpis New Athens Liana Ramírez/Asuka Hanamura
TBA 34 y/o Mortiad Hades Nymph Sanctuary Daniela Fainus 1985 earthquake
N/A (Cancelled) N/A (Cancelled) Demigod Limos/Plutus N/A (Cancelled) N/A (Cancelled)

Future Projects

  • Creating a Quest (Completed)
  • Becoming Camp Helper (Completed)
  • Earn Bronze Soul badge (Completed)
  • Participating in a Contest
  • Mentoring a Newb

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